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Zorichenko Tamara Fedorovna

Brigadier plasterers specialized management "Otdelstroy" trust "Dzerzhinskstroy"

Zorichenko Tamara Fedorovna The faster the work progressed on the construction site, the more it pleased plasterers foreman Tamara Fedorovna Zorichenko. Slide the scarf from his head on his shoulders, putting the spring sunshine your beautiful brown hair, she walked silently on the "Piglet", which is now preparing a team of installers his farm-tap, mixer, a bulldozer, a few pumps to move to another site. Installers have done their job: here it is, a box of a building is gotovenkaya silently looks at the world with empty windows. Well done guys, I thought the foreman, the object passed in time, and the quality of what to-plate fitted to a single, rovnenkie seams, as if they were pulling them in lace. Hence, the plasterers will be easy to operate, no need to waste time correcting other people's flaws.

Here it is, scope of work, waiting for you, dear women plasterers. Yes, just for the benefit of that, suddenly, she thought. Tomorrow will still be lost, the foreman said that the electrical and plumbing for a day or two on another object linger. After all, the technology before the plasterers will start work on the construction site must come carpenters, electricians and plumbers. This is for technology. And what else happens in practice? The carpenters say, "Come can not, we pass a different object." They echo the electricians:

"We have no cable or wire is not given." But the most whimsical, of course, plumbing. One thing they have, the other not, the pipe, it turns out, did not project the size of the bend-not for these columns. You have it.

What plasterers? No window units plastered interior slopes? Keep finishing the walls, where they are well aware, must pass electrical cable? What some people do so. Then, of course, all on account of the new remake, except that it is not their concern.

However, this practice in their trust "Dzerzhinskstroy" has long been over. Then the economy of construction works mostly clear, smoothly, but now came a small glitch.

Tamara Fedorovna furrowed brow, thinking about things, wiped the perspiration from his face, treads on the waves, and decided that tomorrow it will be necessary to place the girls in those areas, where then do not have to redo anything. So, perhaps, be able to easily work out the day before the plumbers and electricians, and then you put pressure to the graph does not break out.

"But at the next meeting as this will have to say, call to order the right one," she thought and walked to the shed to the girls.

The next day the team started to work at the new facility. But the point is, unfortunately, just does not matter: haywire pump, plasterers feed solution. An hour or two should work. Tamara Fedorovna has decided not to wait for the mechanic, and together with randomly dropped in on the scene technician from the trust to get to a fault, debug the pump so that worked perfectly.

Fourteen women in her team-dedicated management team of plasterers' Otdelstroy "trust" Dzerzhinskstroy "Dnepropetrovsk region. Seven veteran with thirty years experience and more, and seven graduate-city vocational school 24, who worked for the team who counted three, and from whom, and seven years. Fourteen of dissimilar character, habits, hobbies. Fourteen different and the skill and diligence of the people. "And to have to try on all, 'said Tamara Fedorovna.-After-work it together, elbow to elbow." That team went to the new object. First of all, we must arrange for all jobs. It would seem that it is hard? Everywhere the same people are the same, used to work. But no, says team leader, on whom to associate with anyone in a couple, much depends. If not all ...

That looks Tamara Fedorovna, where the most difficult for the plaster, the most intricate in configuration space. There, of course, put any of the veterans, for example Praskovya Borisovnu Chernenko, and in a couple of the young worker. Then determine where the most inconvenient to work, in some small compartment where not turn, they will entrust plaster-Gal Lanovenko. Galya, though young, and the team for ten years, almost a veteran. Conversely, where the area is large, open, and where speed is needed, will work Kirenko Val-deputy team leader, and with her young Koshevaya-Lena, Olya Maslyuk other girls. On Valya foreman can rely just on yourself: it will do everything correctly, will not allow any flaws in others and, if notice that someone has done the work ugly, would be "cut" as long as the employee does not undertake the remaking . This conscientiousness and intolerant attitude toward careless it, of course, like Tamara Fedorovna.

Routinely flashed deft hand, not looking up from the case, women talking, "Gal, what are you doing today is silent, anything happened?" Or, to Lena Mishka: "Well, how are your Alyosha, perhaps, is promoted to general?" Do not interfere with anyone in the general conversation, and her foreman, hushed comments: "Olga, you got wrong, now will prevent Nina Nikiforovna", "Girls, do not expect a solution, let us do we go after him", "Pasha, last corner in the next room zakos bit, go and redesigned, please. "

On the fly, without interrupting work, Tamara Fedorovna time to point to himself, "Galya Lanovenko something not too upset, the kids if she were ill? Nina Nikiforovna lately very tired. "

She knows how to carefully and indifferent, to look at each team member, to listen to his state of health, people set to work, and therefore the case in the brigade Zorichenko ladyatsya. Not for the first time in the first place team in the competition is struggling. And wins.

At the end of the working Friday I went into the wagon-shed, and saw at once all her girls, she and her older and younger brigade of the calls. Sitting at a long table, behind which, when given a break from work and had tea and lunch. Women are all different: some have already grandchildren to school and then went into the institutions, but among them is the elder-Praskovya B. Chernenko and Nina Nikiforovna Monakhova, consider, from the first day brigadirstva Tamara Fedorovna with her work, the other girls are still unmarried.

I started to talk about the work of plasterers, about his life and times. The first thing that din that the team they love and friendship reign. Well, nice to hear it, and sociologists have noticed that on a good psychological climate in the team increases productivity.

Second, the fact that they all hold each other, do not allow that the composition of teams varied. Sometimes, of course, that someone is leaving, but more often for good reason, she married a girl, well, my husband leaned over. Roar Of course, when parted with the team, but just what can you do if her husband can not stay in place, like, in distant lands to visit. In recent years, only three of them for that reason left the team: Gal Viktorov, root, and Naumenko Zina Marina. And the staff is quite stable and strong.

Of course, the main contribution in the team leader Tamara Fedorovna Zorichenko. It is on every girl, every newcomer is shaking, and teaches. Taste it instills this to work, to working the debt. And the girls on it just do not pray. Everything that can, have learned from the foreman and the other veterans who also skill and experience with them does not pose, and seek to give young people.

- They are in college for three years taught a paint, plaster, tile operations, and in theory of course, they understand better than us, 'says Tamara Fedorovna.-A is still to master them is far from practical skills, in fact no. That has re-named science brigade to pass. And then of discounts and concessions, we are not doing anyone. Because if you did not immediately learn to work well and will continue. And this is a great sorrow Well and evil big-skive life. That's a moral in the team and work pedagogy.

Tamara Fedorovna herself Zorichenko came on the scene in 1946. Go over to the memory of the canvas biography zorichenkovskoy and involuntarily stop to the surprising fact: she became a foreman in nearly 17 years.

However, before this was a war, and war, as we know, our boys and girls growing up fast, difficult childhood, talking about where Tamara Fedorovna is often silent, trying to remember anything of it at my request. And then the loud laments that so scant her childhood memories.

She was born in the village Pankovka that only a few kilometers from the Dneprodzerzhinsk. Do not remember Tamara Fedorovna, planted there by her father on his knees, stroking a careful hand on the braids, just remember that every day wake up to it had the crack of dawn, my father worked as a senior at the rolling-mill Dneprodzerzhinsk Metallurgical Plant. Leave, when everyone is asleep in the house, and return from work, sleep, too.

His mother, struggling out of power, as she could, ran the household, and the twelve-Tamara on urban concepts of a girl, and in a rustic way of life is quite an adult, it all helped.

The tragedy of war is not just touched their families and villages. Father, a member of the party, was drafted into the army for eighteen days before war was declared, and he, like many at the time, died in the same bleak year. As if it happened overnight. His mother, Tamara, collecting few worldly possessions, left the village, not to be under the Nazis, in another district, and lived there in the dugout with the fathers of her sisters. When our troops under the blows of the Germans began to retreat, they burned down Pankovku.

Zorichenko Tamara Fedorovna Tamara became an orphan at 43-m: need, hunger and disease without the time and the mother broke down. The girl grew up with sisters, mothers and fathers. Went to school in 4th grade, and after-school help with the housework, chopping wood, picking ears of corn. So they survived the war, buried, however, to its end a few relatives. There was one old, impotent aunt, Tamara, and so had to take on the duties of a breadwinner. In its 46th year, she leaned in Dnipropetrovsk to go to work.

My aunt, we have decided that the father of Tamara Communist remember at the factory, went along with it, the Factory Committee began to explain, whose that girl and that it ought to be an orphan, attach somewhere, but to explain something and there was no need: it and so just said, that was in the craft at the plant construction trades to learn.

With excitement recalls Tamara Fedorovna trade school of the hungry, cold and gray pores. Yes, it prepared for the labor reserves of the country that has taken out of the ashes and destruction. Pupils were thirteen and Fourteen boys and girls, many as Tamara orphans. But, after finishing school, they were no longer a reserve, but most that have a real working class, let an ambulance past, but the correct and safe school life.

A year later ... Tamara Zorichenko graduated trade school and became a self-working. The first in her working life to this building project was uglemoyka plant named after S. Ordzhonikidze. Then she got a work hardening, watched, absorbed, it is a profession, a plasterer-finisher. It was built back in the early postwar years, a lot and quickly, the experts were in the price, and her seventeen year old, prompt, accurate and hunt for work, soon noticed and was appointed a brigadier to be the same as it is, recent graduates of craft.

This is tricky science brigadier Tamara had to learn on their own, it did not happen at that time meet good mentors. It was a textbook-building yard here, and she learned to do it, and people to lead.

- In the city when a single building was left intact, it was destroyed by war, says Tamara Fedorovna.-So, perhaps, the entire city with our own hands and built schools, kindergartens, apartment houses on Lenin Avenue, the street in Leningrad, the standard 350 , the oxygen-converter shop ... Of course, in the early years, when more experience or skill is not enough, had a hard time. Especially at the finish of houses. You just judge: drankovy ceilings, wooden partitions, so it three times it was necessary to sketch the solution. And then dub to any Gorbikov or pits was not noticeable. Now, it has become much easier to build, brick, and plaster it to the stick quickly.

- By the way, Tamara Fedorovna, smiling, 'I'm here recently, that's what I thought: it had when we started to rebuild the city, is the slogan we have been the chief? "The pace, tempo and pace!"-That's what. And now changed the slogan: "Give us the pace! Give us money! "See the difference? Build learned quickly, the city is no longer recognized by comparison with previous years, so now we have to think about beauty. Or something like that is significant: in the past were the main objects of our houses and all kinds of industrial structures, and now they added something else, known as community facilities: a new supermarket, the Sports Palace, the hospital and end up finishing this now the city museum. Handsome is a museum! Our Aunt Pasha Praskovya B. Chernenko directly not wait when it opened. He said to me recently: "You know, Tamara, as will our museum, take the grandson by the hand and lead show, where his grandmother worked. Let him first to admire the pictures that immediately after the war had been and where we had to put his hands, and then lead him through the streets and reality show in which the beauty of our work resulted with you. "

We sit and talk with Tamara Fedorovna. Suddenly, she interrupts a conversation takes up the handset. I briefly:

- Wait a minute, one thing I almost forgot to settle the trade union committee. - Dials the number:, Anatoly, hello! What have you got there with Nina Monakhovo Nikiforovna happened? Like what? Well it is in the trust with 47 years in my team for more than thirty years, and you went around it ... How does it know nothing about? The title "Hero of Labour" it is necessary, as the best worker, but not in the list ... Oh, have already made? You see, and could get ugly. It is unfair ... Well yes it is not a gift, a gift she buys herself. The point of attention to the man ... We set up the phone.

- That is, we sometimes, in a voice-tone flashed sozhaleniya.-Well, that time realized it, and yet which might cause offense to the deserved worker. What if the young to think about us if we, the veterans, to each other so we will treat ...

- We continue our work. That's a problem for us: the solution. His delivering us from the mortar site. Bring dump truck, a fetch-sand, a little lime. You will begin to plaster it all, falls to the floor, spray hose clogged, stop work, sit. And so my task-work was done. I walked into the office, call, call the lab to take the analysis to swear rastvorschikami.

- Or. Gave our team the next month plan. It states it all: and at what site will work and how many square feet should be plastered, and even how to get the salary, if the task is executed. So, I'm the foreman, pre-gu can have something to take care in advance figure out which of my girls where to work. It is time to move to a new object, but he is not ready for finishing. We were transferred to another facility. And now this: according to plan team should work in the clinic, and working in a museum ...

- Tamara Fedorovna, and when you are easier to work with-in the winter or summer - ask.

- Summer in the winter can not be compared with the ever - is responsible, shaking golovoy.-winter, a thousand times more difficult to work. After we visit, it happens in the building, which is nothing: no windows or doors. Hence, by the conditions necessary to prepare for work, warm. Otherwise, the entire team drafts the hospital was packed. And frosts are such that, if a little gape, the solution does not have time to unload a truck, and he froze. Well, what do you do? Hence, we have to run around with buckets, pull into a warm room ...

Then Tamara Fedorovna pauses in the story, as if to show that this all winter and the difficulties are over.

But no ...

Sly looks at me sheepishly and continued:

- In the winter because I still go to school in the eleventh grade. Three evenings a week. And on Saturday, preparing for classes, homework. Well, help daughter, the one I would not have coped: severe pain program, and the memory is not what it was in his younger years.

- And know your school friends, teachers, and that you are now the Hero of Labor? She smiled:

- No, do not know. And even if they knew is the responsibility of me still does not remove. Knowledge of me now, as the air needs. Working with people requires knowledge. This is the first reason. It is impossible to know less than the youth, which is equal to your work. You're an example to young people all over should be. And first of all in the quest for knowledge that never ends. Well, on the other hand, the nature of work is changing. And here, too, is impossible without knowledge of the mechanisms, a lot of new construction comes on, it is necessary Well in all this deal ...

And another problem is very concerned about the foreman. It, this very issue, it is formulated as follows:

- We dream we have to work at least a day full of eight hours, so that nobody can take his or tugging. And sometimes it work? What one object of my people will be asked, on the other. There, they say, an emergency situation, well, you, Tamara Fedorovna, so help me out. True, this happens less often but still happens. Management of the trust has achieved in this case about graphic largely respected. Of course, if without our help someone tight, so we do not get offended. Look at the sponsored farm "Lighthouse" boiler room built, plaster-like need not give the people. We are obliged to help the village, it is because for us, too, tries.

Problems of problems, but the team is working Zorichenko still the best in the trust. And the output is always higher than the targets, and the quality is excellent. For this heroic work, and Tamara Fedorovna was awarded the highest honor, the Gold Star of Hero of Socialist Labor.

In a conversation with me, Tamara F. often said that the team her, no words good, but they have to trust the bad teams actually not. Why then is it more likely a team is ahead in socialist competition, released the results of the general economic performance?

- Puzzles are not any, our conversation began, the manager of the trust "Dzerzhinskstroy" Michael Savich Malko.-you know, when everything works smoothly when the technological system is debugged and running, like clockwork, then these equal conditions shall enter into force something that difficult to mathematically calculate and express the specific indicators. Because it's "something" purely individual, I mean human talent to work with people. I can say with confidence, because I know Tamara Fedorovna Zorichenko more than a quarter century, she had this talent is developed and expressed more vividly than any other of our team leaders.

A Communist, a man of creative thought, Tamara Fedorovna always on the lookout, it is constantly concerned with issues related to improving the efficiency and quality of production. Especially her team showed itself in the construction of complex oxygen-converter shop of the plant named after Dzerzhinsky, where the initiative was introduced by Tamara Fedorovna pozvenevaya progressive system of organization of plastering on small objects.

The point is for us a new and unfamiliar. There have been setbacks, failures have occurred, but she did not abandon the experiment, brought it to the end, gave a new lease on life, a progressive form of labor organization dressers. Want to know the result? On the block and filter pump stations, pump station number 2, Lime Kiln-shop plastering and finishing works were carried out by Brigadier-through contract, thereby reducing the time of delivery of these facilities for 10-15 days.

In 1982, it is the only team in the trust, has made the daily output per 18.5 square meters to 13 in 1976. The growth of labor productivity by 25 percent! You may ask, by what? First, the team full interchangeability. Each of the workers has an outstanding skill and can perform any of the numerous plastering and painting operations. And, of course, important: a high prestige and personal qualities of brigadier-friendly attitude to people willing to help in everything, give them your experience, your knowledge. Tamara Fedorovna herself bears the honorary title of "Master golden hands."

She became famous, but remained the same modest. From it is not often hear the lofty words of responsibility and sense of duty, but in the process of getting acquainted with her convinced: it is this character trait is mixed dog her actions and deeds.

And though after a day, sometimes, legs and back ache are buzzing, for it is not debilitating, but rather the usual tired working person who does not stop to think about other matters, large and small, and not all of his public duties, which Tamara Fyodorovna every day becomes longer. She is a member of the Regional Committee of the Workers' Union building and industrial construction materials, and in his administration-chairman of the Commission for the Protection 1ruda and safety, a member of the national control of the trust. For her performance of all these troublesome and difficult duties, too, the work is also socially useful labor, voluntary and selfless, really communistic.

On the last day of my trip to Tamara Fedorovna, we once again walked through the streets of her native Dneprodzerzhinsk. She looked in a businesslike way around, watching people, admired, and asked me to also admire the buildings, which are built. And this was something of a persistent admiration of a great artist, who wants you to join the world of beauty. I looked at her middle-aged, but amazingly beautiful face with a gentle and good bars and thought about the strangeness, a talent of people like Tamara Fedorovna, their work and abilities of approximating our dreams for the future. Future, which is born today.

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