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Khabibov Ismail Nurovich

Brigadier Mobile brigade complex mechanized column number 1 Trust 20 "Buharaoblselstroy"

Khabibov Ismail Nurovich And no plummet could be seen that the wall is lined with crooked, and the angle of the house of the future is clearly displayed an unsteady hand.

- Are you enrolled in the Inspector - The voice sounded irritated foreman: - Come on, get down, without you there is someone to check on us.

For stimulation of the reason was. The boy, the first day of the team, and the nose sick. However, the money made when one of the perpetual wound up required:

- From each according to his scar, and with you, a beginner, troyachok!

But to drink with all refused. I said, I thought for a gift to someone collected.

- I will not work for you, Ismail if he wanted to consolidate the prevailing opinion of him. Recovered: moonlight-that is, ...

- Go-Go, manage somehow ... He went to the office of the trust, in the course of writing the text of the statement. "Please lay off because of a hack can not work." Or not, it sounds indiscriminately, people in the team is different. Better way: "Please dismiss the fact that the builder was by chance."

- A locomotive engineer will be - my father insisted. He liked to imagine, as the son rushes shrouded in steam and smoke edifice of steel ruts. A legitimate profession, a good wage.

And Ismail after school hours lost in an ancient palace of the Arch, the former Emir of Bukhara, his fingers touched crumbled stucco walls, pressed his hand against the cold tiles, poring in strange patterns caused by the master's hand. Destroyed monuments eventually cried for help. And somehow, he made up his mind, said firmly: I will restorer!

Father did not argue, he took him to the master-magician Abdujabbarov Ochildievu. Without interrupting the work, listened to usto request, looked at the skinny boy, with the nerve in the palm of thin fingers, nodded

- I'll take.

Soon, friends started talking about a new student Abdujabbarov-ota, promises to be a worthy successor to the old foundations.

And now City Party Committee requests it, a young communist who worked at a construction site. However, serving in the Army in the construction battalion, received a fifth category of a mason. But he is a restorer, his soul is still sensitively responds to the frozen music of the ancient white-tie, which has come down from time immemorial.

Month of doubt and hesitation. And so it goes with the employee of the city committee of the city, at the close streets of adobe houses, including two towering panel.

- Only two, you know? And have a hundred thousand and not only in Bukhara. - The interlocutor of his excited, like all people, experiencing for the cause: - A construction site over there "frozen"-people are missing. And here the whole neighborhood will be. And there is an industrial school. Yes, you look at the city in ten or twenty years, does not know. And all with their own hands. Cool, eh? So what shall we do, Ishmael? Communist Khabibov, what shall we do?

- To build, 'he said. On the first day of his resignation. Not in a hurry Are you, Ishmael, is currently not looking for favors? It is, of course, the reason for the retreat is: does not work, there is a vocation ... And just all ready to go crazy-large do not.

- Not going to resign, 'said treste.-But this team does not come back. Important to me, with whom to work. A salary is only then.

So he formulated a rule, which later became one of the first commandments Khabibov team of Ismail.

But the moment the brigade was not there, and perhaps his fate would have been slightly different, will not meet the current manager of the trust number 20 "Buharaoblselstroy", and then the head of commissioning Akhmadjon Makhmudov. Speaking of Ismail in the personnel department, he heard and invited the guy:

- If the matter with whom to work, come to me. The very people and podberesh sozdash brigade. Going?

Paths of these two men tightly intertwined at the moment, and when I arrived in Bukhara, pribolevshey Akhmadjon Yahyaevich muffled talking into the phone from his hospital bed:

- The employment success is not to take away with Ishmael. Golden hands of humans. And another note: the golden shower. A warm shower and wide. I am proud that so many years go along.

As for the soul, as if to explain it ... A lot of good things happened to hear of Ishmael Nuroviche Khabibov. This is for all that he himself with an embarrassed smile constantly interrupted speech about himself, strongly smoothed storytellers delight. His very presence of the disposal of modesty and tact: the gift of such a person, creating an atmosphere of trust and emotional understanding. It's there from birth. And consciously strengthened on that memorable day when he saw the corner covered with masonry, when I realized: look to each person his approach, cutting its reliability coefficient. That's because any newcomer in the team Khabibov begins with the fact that in front of everybody takes a right angle. Middle of the case, but the team sees that a man came to them.

- The nature and work, says Ismail Nurovich.-U and the angle of the direct human line, at attention. Purely personal, of course, usually, but we do not let down.

- And yet, 'adds,' remember the physics: the angle of incidence equals angle of reflection. What gave the case, as it returns to you. How many people have given you, as they take back, no less. Or not?

- Do you, then the angle of reflection to a higher-deputy chief says mobile mechanized column number 1 Musair Gulyamovich Yuldashev. Khabibov laughs shyly and happily, waving his hand: not perehvali, he says. But, perhaps, here it is, the key to the argument of my interlocutors about the emotional warmth of the foreman. Take all that you brought another day of hard work and hassle, and give more, adding a particle of personal warmth, personal concerns about the close and personal kindness. It is not easy? This, if forced. And, if the conviction is to give more than he received, it is a necessity.

Here it looks like once again displays the angle adopted by the brigade Hayot Ramazanov. A guy from a modest collective family, accustomed to labor, neat. And masonry paints his character: brick by brick, as on a thread, a thin seam of mortar, economy, the angle of the line is not a reproach. This will be the team Ismail Nurovich sure. And left, at the urging of Khabibov go to college, get a labor merits apartment and arrange the first-born in the kindergarten, will rise to fourth-class mason, drums production, master, and related building trades. And one day will apply for admission to the party, the first recommendation would write him a Ismail aka. How many of his students have already passed this way! That's the same age Ramazanov, a young mason Bahshillo Avezov. The first clutch he performed with a deviation of half a centimeter. Acceptable, and besides the first one. "For the life of the so-obliquely pass not" - says the foreman, but leaves the beginner. He utterly delighted a few years in the construction, excellent salary, but is ready to start all over again, only to have Khabibov. And he began, with the laborer, it is now possessed by several specialties, four degree behind.

- Two high school finished, govorit.-No, except the laugh or two. One-Polytechnic, the other - Ismail aka. Which book teaches how to work with people, how they combine and direct ... And our foreman and superintendents masters go for advice. I was taught this ancient arch put-who else will teach?

Here he is with his friends in the Crimea, on vacation in the resort. Head Romitan PMC-126 Ghafoor Sattarov surprised to look at fees Khabibov:

- Where a suit in this heat? Come, plunge ...

- I can not. It should be the pioneers in the Artek look, asked.

- You're on vacation.

- Peace to us only dream about - wink on.-I'll tell you guys about the profession of a builder. Or maybe there is trowel-time show.

- You have only to teach, gentle fellow grunts. Khabibov laughs. Learning is its need. Do not preach, but to get there, take on the most difficult. When the PMK-1 by a new deputy head of the column, few people knew that his appointment to the post he took a life drama. Because after 29 years of teaching at the school was broken by disease and the doctors have forbidden him to return to teaching. Today it is difficult to judge how justified was the focus of his work on leadership in PMC, as a construction business from Musaira Gulyamovich were then the most distant knowledge. He was sent, and he had to justify the confidence, although sometimes I would drop everything and go back to school.

- Looking for pallets, demand-planning session for team leaders, and blushed Yuldashev, simply because he did not know what it is. And have heard the quiet hint Khabibov: "These are the metal bars that are stacked bricks."

- Again, AAA is not delivered to the object! - Worried someone. "Slate frame is used for the construction of factory farms," Ismail-whispers. The school Musair Gulyamovich hated prompters, and now very grateful to such volunteers.

- He masters me a little, and Ishmael, and - when requested briefings.

Khabibov nods his head.

And so, day after day. Then the question of supply. Oh, it's a delicate thing, did not immediately comprehend.

- The plant gives us today and twenty thousand bricks! Yuldashev-face glows frank pride knocked out, again, granted the application team. Khabibov raises his eyebrows:

- Where a brick, then?

- Driven!

Khabibov Ismail Nurovich Driven to the end of the shift-and not bring. A thousand reasons to justify the result, will be referenced to the objective difficulties and re-certify ... That is what can not stand Nurovich Ismail, here is fighting against what and how to best work, and as a deputy city council, the secretary of the party bureau, finally.

But yesterday a teacher new to the situation. He promised to plant on-brigade. And, it turns out it led.

- Aida, Musair-aka.-Always calm and good-natured marches Khabibov now widely evil.

Manual brick factory assures that now too, when they were personally asked the famous brigade, they will not let you down. Khabibov inquisitive stares as the car is loaded on a brick-bulk, noise and crackle, and then sent to the shop, from there to the shipping area. Evening all painted in blue, but Ismail Nurovich home is clearly not in a hurry. About interprets something with factory workers, argues draws on pieces of paper schemes. Now, in the City Party Committee, where he was greeted like an old friend. Carefully listen to, agree to offer:

- Carry out a joint status meeting at the PMC and the plant construction site.

A planning meeting for the factory workers take the initiative: to load bricks directly on pallets of 200 pieces, with no loss of supply to the construction site. Heard the numbers: so many would be saved by avoiding a fight bricks, so much time, are preserved by reducing the loading and unloading cycle ... The bands have all possibilities to rebuild a new way.

Khabibov sits in the corner like a person not involved, only a thin smile, no, no yeah, and then suddenly on the lips. He, of course, no matter what, he just gave a seed. It is important that the common cause of winning, so you can see that smile. For the new deputy chief of PMK are now needed more lessons every textbook.

- We would swap places with you, joke-sigh Musair Gulyamovich.

- Can not - shakes his head Habibov.-My-place in the team.

Those events for five years, and today Yuldashev called in the number of the individual initiative and leadership. Take credit for it is not, however, puts more and more touches on the experience Khabibov who borrows today.

- Here is our week-daily schedule material requirements, 'explains on.-commodity specialist, senior merchandise count, I check back, as if planned correctly, all provided. Ismail Nurovich come, and always will glyanet adjustments. Here, say, you can request a cement less, save, and precast concrete, in contrast, require twice as much as the scope of work was opened ahead of schedule. He looks forward, because downtime does not know.

Shy and negovorlivy in life, Habib is transformed as soon as it comes to business. Not whining, demands, not a pose, stands for the assigned radeet not respected presses, calculation and master's sobriety, not the benefactor of playing live, human concerns.

There is a house, or rather its foundation, the foundation walls with a slightly derived. It should be under the sun and rain for several months. "Frozen" object: people do not, do not have enough materials and everything else. Forty-eight failed Housewarming. Khabibov Requests: Give the object of our team.

But she worries her a sort of low-weight on your neck? But Khabibov persistent.

- Well, take it, we will recover the full measure, without discount overdelivery work, finally agreed in the trust. He takes, but it do not move: no need throughout the Bukhara building and construction designs. By the way, a weak planning and perpetual change of title lists of objects, poor supply, frequent movements of people from one job site to another Nurovich Ismail told me the pain and anxiety. Not everything here is, unfortunately, PMK, and depends on trust, not all economic levers are in full force.

Good, let's say, Nikolai Zlobin method by which a team works, but it is effective only when the building has all the necessary and timely. This is not just a spoke in assets, in conversations with leaders of building trust.

That's about a 48-apartment building, he decided to speak at the plenary session of the Bukhara regional party. Decided to consult with the communists area to ask for help. And assistance was given. From Tashkent cars come with reinforced concrete floors, there were provisions for quarries and factories, there were bricks and building materials. The handsome house decoration was a wide avenue, and among the lucky holders of the keys to new apartments were two teams working Khabibov: bricklayer and carpenter Rabieva Rahim Mahmoud Yusupov.

- Are the quality of work - made fun of settlers Ismail Nurovich.-Maybe there is a claim? Then their own show.

Settlers laughed: "The house with the assessment of" excellent "was adopted, Ismail aka!" Do they know how eloquent was at a meeting of the silent postroykoma foreman, showing how children need an apartment: large families, living far away from the city.

They all, of course, is no stranger to wander on the objects. Ismail Nurovich remembers the first day became a distant newly formed brigade drove over 100 miles per Gazley, to build two dormitories. Around Sands eye does not catch hold. He was afraid that the team will fall apart, people flee. Gone are two of the fifteen. Now the team 36 people, cases of dismissal could not remember one. This is despite the fact that there is in this point, no matter where a hand crew.

Ismail took Nurovich was counting on his fingers, but laughed and threw a useless venture. Amu-Bukhara canal, branch Vabkent cotton mill, the village Afshona recognized in his time the best apartment complex in the country, an industrial college, GPTU, homes, schools, factories ... In the most remote area of the field-Gijduvan, where I happened to be quite different matters, he heard: "Our general contractor, the 20 th Trust." Spinning factory here recently passed by 570 jobs, build weaving. Here, too, about the team Khabibov know firsthand. Chairman of the farm-millionaire "Zarafshan" Vabkent district Kudrat Temirov Nurovicha meets Ishmael, as a guest expensive. He likes to build the chairman, is able to turn around: the school, kindergarten, housing, house and club life, the collective farm museum and field camps ... Next Khabibov at Bukhara land.

- And the next best, I think, a significant - and then tell the deputy manager of the trust number 20 Bakhrom Khaydarovich Haydarov. And take a pencil:

- Let us estimate. The annual volume of construction work of the Trust, 25 million rubles. The share of PMK-1 accounts for around 3 million-plus. Of these, again, the brigade Khabibov-400 000. Large amounts of any one team does not have. Now multiply this figure by two ...

- Why two, Bahram Khaydarovich?

- What else? 'He looks at me, If every day or two of the plan and if the two five-brigade-per ... The first has already been done, at the very zenith of five-year report, go right on schedule. Two million fifteen thousand rubles at the expense of the trust placed. This was the beginning of 1981. Ismail Nurovich to tell the truth, long mayalsya before making a decision. Weighed, felt-like convergent, and there is no certainty. From the hundreds of reasons for construction depends on the rhythm, dozens circumstances dictate her pace. Sobeshsya, catch up with you? And like Khabibov to the entire team met for two five-year plan Five-Year Plan.

- For us not to worry, pull - briefly expressed the general opinion mason Ochilov Barat. The veteran knew the people better than the foreman.

- Support in all-assured control of the trust Akhmadjon Makhmudov.

- Not for fame, for the cause and a good example, so you need to understand the initiative, Ismail aka? - Secretary of the Party organization of the trust Manzoor Merzhanov, of course, most of all cared moral sense initiative.

- Glory to him and so do not hold - jokingly threw someone to.-he was her only on holidays, it seems.

Alluded to the Order of October Revolution, Red Banner, medals, which is a foreman on solemn occasions, and known to all Khabibov shyness. Togo did not know that within days will shine next to the former winning the Gold Star of Hero of Socialist Labor. The glory is not to be found, thank myself who have to find it.

- Have you heard how we awarded the Trust, the Hero made?-Naive he asked friends, read the decree in the newspaper.

- A hero who is that? He puntsovel even through the dark skin, muttered something in reply, giving a vow no more to boast of. This can and should understand: the earth-shattering event for a long time people watching distant gaze, even if it relates to them. And Khabibov initially thought that's someone else, an able and strong, capable of extraordinary things, isolated from the general order and noted the country. High reward and still in his understanding is given throughout the trust. This he said with conviction of a man accustomed to the principles of collective, collective work and collective results. It is he, a former craftsman single, seeking silence and solitude once in a workshop restorer. And now his every action, every action and decision should be edged and approved by the collective opinion. In another may not.

"Conversation", as they marked the weekly meeting of the brigade, which could be described well-known proverb: "Who ... what hurts." It is here that the team takes the most important decisions, during the "conversation" can be said about everything. About that, for example, that a mason Kalandar Ismailov comes to the All-Union competition of young builders must meet in Leningrad. Or that the gang received by the "Moskvich" have to offer Bachata-oglu Soumanou many years, he commutes from the suburbs.

During a collective interview with a laugh, "seen off" the only woman on vacation Brigade "flavor Rakhimov, who somehow came up against trips to and from the resort refused. It turned out a living by simply afraid to leave the new apartment unattended. Such an insignificant reason, but did you go and as long as discover. Watch the whole team decided to flat-for peace of mind mistress replaced the door. It's funny, of course, but nevertheless the retirement age Karomat-ops, even at rest. In the "conversation" may be asked to help teams in, say, on a personal courtyard, garden and kitchen garden. You can work together to outline a plan of the next cultural campaign. Or you may consider this a very serious question: which of the team members jointly prepare to join the party. In the team a lot of Communists, Ismail himself Nurovich 19 years of unchallenged party organization headed by a mobile mechanized column. How many gave a recommendation. Carpenters Sadri Sharipov and Maruf Kilic up to superintendents, Zakir Ibodova was elected secretary of the Komsomol organization, Kalandar Ismailov was awarded the Lenin Komsomol of Uzbekistan.

In short, the range is very wide conversations. And yet, in the heart of their questions-production. The main thing for which come together every day, than live and confide living. Attitude to work, entrusted to the case-sensitive as an indicator that detects the weight of human existence. And well, when one understands it, trying to honest work and good deeds multiplied by his own importance and usefulness to society.

- I will give you an example, a start-from these considerations, says Habibov., came running to me Mavlyuda Khusainova, the foreman of a new team of painters. Just do not cry: the conflict in the team. And had heard that she does not get along with people. I think the girl has surely cool beret, not required.

Figured out: No, that's right. Experience, of course, is not enough, in communicating cutting, but it is the desire to do better, and more. And just does not work.

I am indebted for help to establish such a man, believe in yourself?

He is and does: temporarily dock crews at one facility, and as understudy Mavlyuda, grinds its action, directs gradually. And a team of painters irrepressibly bursting at the best, quiet confidence Khabibov passed a young manager and headed to her team. Today Mavlyuda Khusainova candidate for membership of the CPSU, a skilled team leader and organizer. Rides an invisible arrow of the indicator-person grows, thanks Khabibov.

He generally likes podzadorit, enthusiasm and energy to send people back on track. Recognizes that the site of the ancient and dusty village, the homeland of world famous Avicenna - decided to build a wondrous miracle village with cottages and asphalt, a museum scientist and a school, library and fountains, spacious squares and tea house. "And what a finish, there will be a glaze-ceramics, as in the eastern tale!", He paints, firing in the direction of the team members sly black eyes from snow early in the tread of hair. And one can not help feeling an itch in my hands in anticipation of future work fine.

Afshona meets their surprise: the floating ground, groundwater puddles collect in pits and crane rails are buried in an earthen shaky mess.

What sort of a fairy tale, a meal, have something to throw up. In the neighborhood team works quietly Bahshullo Djumaev Galaasiyskoy of PMC-2.

- You'll give two plans?

- Where there!-Bahshullo desperately waving his hand.

- And we give, face-Ismail Nurovicha seriously, as never before.

- Then we give!

That was processing! "Brick, come on!"-Demanding sound of forests, "besieged" Khabibov team. "Brick!" Is not lagging behind rivals in the competition. And with managed soils, and waters. During the day, each packed to three cubes of brick at normal rate 1.2 cubic meters. Summed up every ten days.

- A cottage already passed, proudly reported to Dzhumaev.

- And we have two-serene Khabibov reported. Took place ten days.

- Two cottages!-Rivals, strained, waiting for a response result.

- And we have three.

Come to hijack this Khabibov. And yet the team did not let Djumaev:

catch up, pulled ahead. That's just Khabibov joy which the soil will stand in front of these people that rock any harder, just podzador them lightly.

Beautiful village Afshona, man-made monument to the great scholar of the East. Openwork bedding marble and ceramics, ringing patterns on wood and copper, weightless snow-white carving, ornate staircases, like the voice of the era of Avicenna come down to our days. The spacious cottages, articulated the will of the architects of a huge house in a single ensemble: a new home of the socialist community. Here, in Afshona, with Ishmael Nurovicha a special account and a special track, trodden the joint work of two shock brigades. Sometimes many miles separate them, and yet it Khabibov then Djumaev carve an hour or two, meet, find out how things are going with friends over the competition, will help.

"He has character, with interesting"-with his usual brevity, define the dignity of other Nurovich Ismail. A Bahshullo Djumaev say even shorter: "I Khabibov beacon." In the sense that here it is, a specific reference point, which hold alignment. And gently touch the palm of the Order on his chest, smiles: "Once again ... catching up," Lessons in Excellence Khabibov take many. First of all, try to find out: what people in the team creep up a special skill or supply of materials for special status, the authorities Ismail Nurovicha values, and maybe there are secrets of their labor?

- People like people who shrug their shoulders, Habibi, and supplies for each cubic meter-fighting, and no secrets kopim.

Show specific lines between business-invented to infect two pallets of bricks to capture instead of one: it is a secret? Show the joint mortar, small and economical, even after all that under force. And he will show the solution: more lime, cement brand is worse, a fortress of the same. The formulation team picked up, yes unless it's a secret to anyone?

He always looks for and infects other search thirst. What is poured on site? In significant figures: annual savings estimated cost of construction works up to 6000 rubles per brigade, saved by 6000 brick pieces, ten cubic meters of timber, about 4 tons of cement. That's an average, sometimes more.

- At his home, Ismail aka at least saved, in-joke team. In another case, a clumsy joke seemed, but not here: they know that the house is gone Khabibov from the construction site or brick, or a bucket of solution. Long lived with his parents, where crowded but not mad lived under one roof four families. And recently put his house, a solid, accurate, like everything he touched the hands of the master.

Had a chance to stay in the house of Ismail Nurovicha, where even in the great hall is not located all of his relatives. Eight brothers and sisters, all working-class people. Who's knitting factory, who in the sewing association with machines, who turns the steering wheel ... And the children Khabibov: Zainab and Nodira accountants in PMK-1, next to his father, Rosia knitter, Adizov-master in the factory indposhiva, Marziya and Azim while studying. People with a trowel in the family to Ismail Khabibov Nurovicha was not and still do not. Adizov, however, began on the construction site, but after an injury was forced to change their profession.

- All hope for Azim, Khabibov-smiling, posing a secret dream of almost every parent that the children continued to work of their fathers.

- Be sure to become a builder!, Vying with each other baked on the future of the younger guests Khabibov and Azim important freezes with a dish of pilaf in the middle of the room, a keen instinct teen the seriousness of the moment and divining powers conferred upon him the responsibility.

At the very Ismail Nurovicha hereditary labor Relay revealed quite unexpected and unusual. His father was a worker of the plant astrakhan, thence went to the front. Ismail still remembers the long lines of women and children in the twilight at the factory gates, hot cereal with a piece of bread-ration of families of soldiers. His father came to the fights to Novorossiisk, was severely wounded, returned home an invalid. The plant remained for him memories of the early years, the first five years, his comrades. Friends around him until the last day, but the plant he could no longer work. And then one day, Ismail said:

- Begin to build a new plant astrakhan!

Where? What? When the build? Issues were not the end, the eldest son responded in detail, realizing how important his father every detail. The plant was native to him, and though the years and infirmities bowed to the ground, he kept the strength to have time to step into a new plant, built by his son. Do not have time ...

We went to Ismail Nurovichem on huge cases, walked just posed flights of stairs, was in full swing throughout the work. The contours of the plant is clearly visible in the expanse of the steppe, the guys from the shop kvasilnom Khabibov team installed latest colossus, drums, creaking on its own weight. It was obvious, it comes to a close. Already flashed in the shops operating manager, already alert them to the representative of the locked rooms finished on the locks, not wanting to let the builders of yesterday hosts position. However, seeing Khabibov, immediately opened the bolts and respectfully walked in front, Brigadier complement the story.

Here is another start-up is nearing completion. Most probably the biggest, most memorable. Soon they leave the facility. He already knows how it will be.

The team will disassemble the forest, carefully folding the board to the board, leaped patches of sunlight freshly washed windows in all gathered at the construction trailer, waiting for the foreman. And he will have a quiet shop where hollow sound under the high arches of each step will be alone with your thoughts. Throw picky look around, take off from the head skull cap and white patterns that blend with the color of his gray hair. Hold his hand on the rough wall of cool, as if trying its strength and durability. And say:

- Made the father! ..

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