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Terekhov Viktor Nikitovich

Test motors of the Yaroslavl Motor Plant Production Association "Autodiesel"

Terekhov Viktor Nikitovich Among the congratulations on the official letterhead, postcards, and simple pieces of paper exercise book kept by Terekhov very short text, not intended, apparently, neither response nor the well-publicized: "Dear Victor Nikitovich! Congratulations on the title of Hero. I wish you new successes for the benefit of our country.

Teacher Bychenkov Mironovich Ivan. "

During these succinct words, devoid of the usual in such cases, and in general, justified, pathos, I opened up the true student-teacher relationship. The relationship of which we speak and read, but which sometimes do not reach the consciousness that's so simple and clear as revealed in this brief news, towards the old master of the Smolensk region in Yaroslavl, Smolensk where he cast anchor man, his disciple Viktor Terekhov.

What's in those lines? What's behind them? .. The joy of a man convinced that his work, the work of his colleagues was not in vain. With a small group of rural school in the Smolensk region has brought this man. Man with a capital letter.

Terekhov, I thought, talks about his message of congratulations to Ivan Mironavich some special inner tone. It is guessed and thanks to standing firmly on the ground an experienced man for what he received in his time from school, from teachers. And the unspoken explanation for them, which can be expressed in simple words: "Your hope Terekhov justified."

It is as if responding to this suggestion, he said to me quite unexpected:

- In general, I have not met expectations of my teachers. All of them, and my school friends are also predicted to me a different fate. I have had the ability to physics and mathematics. "You told me, in jest, that and look, Lobachevsky replace."

Mathematics teacher Vasily Sergeyevich Lisichkin, really, I put an example to others. Lagging behind in physics and (math, I always willingly assisted. And [Vasily Sergeyevich strongly evident figured that I'll change it. In school, he returned from the front without a right hand and we had the unquestioned authority. War veteran, one word .. .

Maybe Ivan Mironovich Bychenkov my mathematical career of others. But I do not go that road. Hyperbolic of me, of course, would never have happened. But then the teacher did not meet expectations. Test engine was. Terekhov, and briefly wondered how it seemed sad. And then with a sort of very boyish enthusiasm, as if accustomed to answering to their long-standing ideas, summed up the doubts:

- Why, then, and mathematics and physics needed! ..

And I thought about something else. The fact that he had met the expectations of their teachers in the main: in the sense of high civic duty, which has a strong personality. It is from this breed. From hard rock people clearly know on which they turn this place. Of himself he once said:

- One-third of his adult life, I worked the night shift. Night Watch on the submarine, while serving in the Navy, the night shift at a coal mine where miners worked stope. All this before 1965. And since 1965, here in Yaroslavl. At the testing station, engines of Yaroslavl Production Association "Autodiesel."

Where is simpler, more complicated, where according to such criteria do not measure service Terekhov. Each of the three major segments of his life remained firmly in mind. And if so, it means that every road with something special. And I'm not interrupting. Listening to the relation of man to life, to his duty.

- ... Mina, you know, ever since the war sailed. What we do porasstrelyali. Torpedo we had Nicholas Tropin. He's only point-target. He will cover it all at once. Was a dashing fellow. Yes, it now 49 years old, no more. So that if anything else could shake starinoy.-I smiled slyly. And then seriously, with the pride of belonging to the fleet:-sailors will be able to stand up for themselves. And now somewhere Tropin works as a mechanic.

He sits in front of me a man, and calmly, businesslike talks about service in the Navy. Recalls Hitler's mines, which are met out of the caravan roads and marine who shot the dashing young man, Nicholas Tropin. Terekhov proud of friendship with him. Maybe not even friendship, but the fact that he served with it, which is that the other person talk.

- ... At first, I fear mine was, 'continues Victor Nikitovich. - And then remained cautious. Sometimes, after podorvesh mine, think: "What if the ball on the fairway is issued? How much trouble he could make some! It is not only trade but also passenger ships go by the ways ...

Terekhov kneaded belomorinu, brushed the crumbs of tobacco in the ashtray, and concluded:

- Well, enough about that. That would be such a thing happened. I somehow came to Yaroslavl. Thus, passing a couple of days late. Oh, and of course the case, met with Nina Alexandrovna. Then, wherever he is, only two addresses had sent a letter to his, Smolensk and Yaroslavl her.

After the Navy I was in the mine went off in the Rostov region. Coal mined. The fate of what is this? The Navy recently served on a submarine, everything under water, even under water. Discharged, and again on the surface did not stay: the ground was drawn.

And it was so. Before demobilization announced that the miners need help. And we, the sailors, the easy way, as they say, are not looking. That gave way to the miners. And then there's my boy with me the places he served. With him and waved ... Well, studying, of course, every technology out there and all that. Miners group, by the way, I gave a good school. He has become a naval crew and in partnership, and to help who need it. In general, do not leave in the lurch ...

Here Viktor Nikitovich and went, in my opinion, a very important topic: how to adapt the young man in a working team. By the end of military service who have not thought about where to go after demobilization. Of course, home of the first pull. After all there, and relatives, and acquaintances, and the very way of life, from childhood accustomed. And be it business or farm, they are next at home. There's the familiar work guys, before you graduated from school and military service. And you know that you in this venture, or a construction site, or on the farm waiting for. They need your arms, your hard work. They need you, need more be the same as you! And like not very nice not to justify those hopes. But now you say that you're mine now more necessary. Begins to fight with yourself, when in addition to your will verify the validity of your beliefs and you start to weigh on the sensitive balance of his own conscience level of citizenship that its potential, which is located between the poles of opposite concepts of "necessary" and "want."

He wanted to Smolensk, and went to where it was necessary to society. And the miners was passed and went to school there is reciprocity when one can expect that hard to happen, the next will be a reliable friend's shoulder.

A letter was still in the two addresses had sent. And, apparently, Yaroslavl target more took the upper hand. Having spent three years in the mines, he decided to go to Yaroslavl, where he waited. And here once again manifested itself in nature. He could not be at the forefront. He had to assert himself and make sure that every member of his family name Terekhov could wear with pride.

Of all the possible cases, he chose a highly skilled profession, which is difficult to learn to "Autodiesel." In principle, with the engines VN Terekhov had known for a long time. More on the submarine had to deal with them. But here, in Yaroslavl, the problem was different. He had to learn how to correctly make a start in life diesels that go to "KrAZ", "MAZ" - powerful, proven machine. And last but not least thanks to engines, service life which is constantly increasing, and the reliability increases. There were also new customers from Yaroslavl 'Avtodizel "Traktorostroiteley-Leningrad, producing one of the most powerful wheeled tractors" Kirovets ". Here is a family of these giants had let in the light adjusted to the test bench motors. When Terekhov came into the shop, it had seen all, literally stunned specifically organized production, which should get used to. At a testing station for a limited time "cold" and "hot" running minder must examine and evaluate the quality of the finished engine to make the necessary adjustment to work and start in life, to sign a checklist that allows the output of the consumer. All these maps are stored in the TCI, in which case to know who to ask for negligence, for the marriage.

I asked Victor Nikitovich: how many of these cards with his signature. He thought, and scrolling through the memory any combination of numbers, he replied:

- About 18 thousand ... Not so much. I think this is how to count ...

Terekhov Viktor Nikitovich Terekhov ... stood up to the night shift. It begins in 23 hours. He came early. Found out the latest production news, stood with interest rates at the stand of socialist competition, changed clothes and headed for the booth number 22 and number 23. Here his job, here he will take the baton from the kind of night shifts.

To know the nature of the engine, find out with his friends in all the values of operating parameters is one of the conditions of high quality test. This taught masters Terekhov apprenticeship, when he had just entered the "Autodiesel." This rule should be Viktor Nikitovich all the years of hard work at the test stands. With him in the cross-cutting team, working round the clock work, Yuri Buchin and Vyacheslav Lebedev. They all test for calling. Others are simply not the case. There is a work shift. Qualified testers at their workplace, in the stands. A trained ear catches the slightest "outsider", a freelance sound.

- And in the headphones as a 'catch it? They are the headphones, completely cut off all sorts of sounds. Eyes see, hands are doing, and his ears do not hear. Do not hear what your eyes can see that the hands are doing. That's the trouble! And he admits that he wears headphones when everyone will listen to the knocking. And I wonder how you can catch the "extra knocks," the test engine. It turns out you can. And then, it appears, and the puzzles arise. This is Victor Nikitovich says:

- There is cold running. Everything seems to rank in rank, or a knot or hitch. What is a "cold"? This is no fuel in the engine. Everything is in motion is driven by an electric motor. Rolled "in the shade" to the hot-starts, ie, the fuel supply. And then a knock. So you begin to "cast": where, why, knocking? Once an entire change of beat. It seems, went through the whole engine. Run on the "cold", no knocking. Fuel is fed-knock. Thought: the fuel pump is junk. When he takes the working position, corresponding to "exhaust" at this point is fed fuel. There is no synchronization in the fuel system. Good look, again and again checked. All exactly the pump. And when the cause determined, corrected minor matters. It is important to establish the cause.

I remember all the good that has been written in the newspapers that said the drivers of the Yaroslavl diesel engines, and ask the question:

- And yet there are complaints on the quality of ... Does not yours, testers, including wine?

Terekhov crumples new belomorinu. He smiles.

- No, our guilt can not be. We are renting motor nameplate data corresponding to the state standards. What does this mean? And that's what. Our task is to ensure the pressure in the oil system in the range 4,7-5,7 bar. This is the time. Ensure that at 2100 rpm engine developed an installed capacity. Let's say, 180 horsepower. It's two! To ensure reliable lubrication of all nodes. It's three. Well, once or twice to the thirty-three, so that the valves do not knock, so that the cylinder head had been "tightened" in technical terms. In short, that no node in the engine below its level did not work. To ensure these requirements, is not easy. Here we must thoroughly know what it depends on. And not only in theory. It is important to consider and practice, make adjustments not only in build quality, in general, plays a pivotal role. But also on the quality of parts, material. But here the lack of not immediately manifest. It shows the time needed. And it manifests itself most often in the period of operation. Here then, is happening, and scolded us, avtodizeltsev.

- But Terekhov test card signed.

- I am responsible for my measurements are always ready. But who will be responsible for the quality of, say, textolite pads, which sets the Yaroslavl Diesel Equipment Plant? Our ministry also works. Fail a gasket, lose its quality before the term-count, that of diesel, for which I put a signature, no longer exists. And water pumps. From Tutaeva (also, incidentally, in this city of Yaroslavl region), they come to us. They are also often problems. You look at him and think he survive the warranty period, which gives the engine, or do not survive? On the stand, he himself seems to be well led. How to use show? I believe that with subcontractors must be more active lead. And above all, to ourselves, the workers, the collective. By us, a new law on labor collectives oblige.

Terekhov understands responsibility to consumers is clear: produce diesel from the factory, the driver did not know the hassle. And I must give credit to, claims on its fleets of engines is not received. And put 'his' diesel engines in the timber, and working in the North, and on machines that do not meet the uncommon in hot and humid tropics.

- But here's what you write about, all of us. Because each of us can write a book. These guys. Selfless, you might say. From our test, by the way, a naval crew of a can. That call only a few at least. For example, Sergei Sharonov, Viktor Borisov, Yurii Kupetsky, Dmitry Sokolov. They are all at different times, served in the Navy. Different roads to Yaroslavl came, and in a team, were at a testing station "Avtodizel."

What's not to say about Sasha Havanove. He was fourteen years old at the stand motors listens. Or take Alexei Kuznetsov. It's Motorostroitel the highest class. Though the years, he is not rich. But a delegate at the XVII Congress of Trade Unions elected. Our union was represented by ...

I see that the memory Terekhov and more new names of his comrades, whom he rightly considers worthy of lofty words. And in this desire not to miss someone comes through vividly captivating feature of the equity in the assessment of the labor of those who shares with him the difficult burden test.

I did not know all the social duties of Victor Nikitovich Terekhov, but felt that the team pays him the same respect. And it did. The testers chose him as their shop steward and member of the trade union association. Now even more obvious was the interest with which he studied Terekhov before changing the "Display of socialist competition."

We now dizelestroiteley special task-to create a more economical and reliable engines. These problems stem from decisions of the Party for saving fuel resources, and in particular diesel fuel.

Designers are addressing these new challenges, not only in design offices. They are frequent visitors to the testing station. This is especially noticeable apparent strengths and weaknesses of manufactured engines, their potential: at a lower cost of fuel to develop more power and do more work.

Adjusting the engine fuel-efficient test case. There are strict requirements, and he Terekhov and his comrades are required to meet these requirements, or better yet, exceed them. In Terekhov it turns out. And in the process of "hot" run-saving diesel fuel, set to conduct the tests. This means, the engine will save him, and during operation.

Here Viktor Nikitovich makes a reservation:

- Unless, of course, a driver and mechanic at the fleet will take care of him, as it should. And then sometimes you see, is a machine with our diesel. And from the exhaust fumes of such a yoke, a black lumps that I have as much heart breaks. And think: how did the driver for his professional skill does not hurt a soul? Bring me, behind the wheel of a car or in life is not got to. Got to make all regulation of Mechanical work. Sam would have rolled up his sleeve after all. After all, the engine-body alive. Already since its launch, he is constantly in motion. And operates individual components and parts, razreguliruyutsya. For them, the constant care needed. If I can, I would have stopped the car with a poorly running engine, and the entire penalty for failure to perform the work in the service of motor transport mechanic attributed. If you want a kind of self-financing introduced. After all, we at the stands or soot, no smoke from the engine will not see. If they both worked, we would have gas masks, perhaps, the change does not have survived. This means that you can adjust? You can. The responsibility should be. And control during operation. From the traffic police first. Once the engine smokes, then he is not working properly. A car with a faulty engine can not operate. It turns out that the traffic police inspector in this case condone irresponsible people.

I did not interrupt the argument Terekhov. In them, visibly show through in the character traits of a person in public understands the duty.

It does not eliminate, of course, share, and its responsibility for the performance of the engine. Describes what "battles" are testers with collectors when they find a marriage when there are tight due to the effort of the cylinder head and the other compounds.

Test such products with the release of the stand has no rights. That has to finish that poorly done at the finish-operation in the assembly. Mutual demanding. It brings up a Terekhov. And his comrades. Educates by example is first and foremost. Generously shared work experience, which he did enough for all students. In 1981 he was awarded the honorary title of "Best in Profession". The meaning of this formula to explain the working man is not necessary. Many are fighting for the right to earn such a high and honorable certification, which is expressed in everything: professional excellence, and respect the collective, and how generously you give your own people. Terekhov has earned this right only in 1981, fifteen years after receipt of the factory, which created the glory of many generations of great engine builders. Fifteen years, a considerable period. And this once again points out how tough requirements on the level of skill "Best in the profession." How highly the skill of all those who contested in the competition the right to wear that title. It is not only the recognition of industrial success. It is our assessment of personal qualities of the worker. Can not be called "Best in Profession" person, not the interests of the collective lives, no matter relating to the successes and failures of their comrades.

And I was not surprised when he learned that the branch trade union congress Terekhov elected a member of its Central Committee. Enrolled in the asset and do not work actively, not in the character of Victor Nikitovich. And he chose the most suitable form of participation in the governing body of the trade union branch. The transfer of best practices, highly productive labor is the main line, the main public service commission, and he performs in good faith.

I am interested in: how to manage to do everything? After all, he has in the day, like all of 24 hours. But, like everyone else, they are divided "on weekdays and holidays." In fact Terekhov three shifts of work.

- That's why, and have time, that the replacement ... In fact, nothing to take time nowhere. I do not know, according to a "trifle" Victor Nikitovich teen romp with an old outboard motor on a motor boat or not, but throughout our conversation, listening to his hopeless tarahtenyu. It can be seen, he did not start in young craftsmen. Catching that I noticed his interest, briefly explained the son's somewhere to dump the old engine brought, and now with his friends trying to recover. Already by little began to rattle. Do you hear? It seems that launch ...

Andrew graduated from eighth grade. And how can we explain how a sense of "caught" it is for the engines. In it, even though informal, has been the record of the first application: collected from various parts, most of the recovered-, bike "Java". Once the motorcycle is the number of traffic police, it means that the machine complies with the requirements of safety and reliability in operation. The machine gathered with his own hands.

An example of his father? Father's occupation? What moves the boyish energy? And he was not alone. Around his followers, set a goal: to run someone tossed a motor boat engine. Viktor Nikitovich says:

- They dragged him from somewhere. And, frankly, I would never not come from him. Then look up all the screw-apart, something grind, drill ... In general, the engine performance is obtained in the manual. And now, hear? Began to rattle. It seems that launch ... And it was in these words his father proud of his son, for his comrades, who, like himself, was nothing to take the time to nowhere.

We went with him from home. Gone are the garden and went to a neighboring street. This path is shorter than the bus stop.

- Here in the diesel buses, too, must be translated. Yes, and for cars it is time to create a reliable dizelek. No matter how much fuel would be economized the live transport of oil! Do not counted? A quarter of fuel consumption is reduced as soon as the diesel engine will place instead of a gasoline engine. That's it! Hence, savings in this case, some looms. And he continued to develop his idea:

- After all, with the growth of diesel engines will increase demand for diesel fuel. So, petrochemical plans with our need to poprochnee link. To the prospect, and one and the other to work ... This is all we need to think together. What is the range of his interests?

I began to figure. And it turned out that the orbit of his interests, and stands the test on diesel engines, components and quality of parts and components, and the success of his comrades, and technical, full of self-searching work of his son and his friends. And at the end of the meeting, the development of diesel engine problems and oil refining complex in their inseparable.

These interests, does not look the part. Terekhov not only feel their importance. He is doing his best to translate into practice the tasks arising from the course of the party to increase efficiency, accelerate the rate of intensification. These tasks Viktor Terekhov Nikitovich decides armed own experience, based on the experience of friends. He does not reject anything from the arsenal accumulated knowledge, enrich the forms and methods of its innovative search.

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