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Gennady V. Suslov

Brigadier enlarged integrated brigades of dockers-machine operators Novorossiysk Commercial Sea Port

Gennady V. Suslov The city was asleep. Suslov was walking through the deserted streets all alone. Faintly rustled the leaves of the acacias, and chestnuts. Somewhere on the outskirts of the desperate screaming roosters.

Prior to the change in time was a lot. It's the counting Suslov. He strode along the pier, concrete slabs, trying to walk easily, so as not to wake the slumbering sensitive gulls. The walls of the pier licking lazy light-green wave. He could walk this road with my eyes closed, and probably never would have stumbled. Hozheno much on it for many years, in any weather, at any time.

However, twenty years ago, everything was different. And the port and marinas. And he was different, not so experienced, but young and strong. Gennady involuntarily smiled, remembering a recent conversation with a fellow traveler on the train, when he traveled to Moscow for a meeting of the collegium of the Ministry. The Hitcher man of his age, a little swelled fat, cheerful and talkative. Comfortably lounging on the bottom shelf, he kept talking about himself, about good and arranged life, asked Suslov. And when he learned that foreman working in the port dockers-machine operators, did not immediately understand.

- What are you doing there?

- Court of Georgia, said the Suslov.

- Loader, then?

- So true.

A what are you ... a fellow traveler-shifted, trying to find the right word, and hesitantly said, 'what-it is not very powerful?

Gennady then laughed and said that now in the physical port that is now required. If the mind, because without it more convenient to dispense. The Hitcher is somehow realized in his own way, because he laughed too, and more to talk about the professions they have not returned.

Now, walking on the pier, Gennady V. Suslov thought that perhaps there are people in the world who think that the loader must be sloping seven feet at the shoulders and playfully pull mnogopudovye bags and boxes. Only there for a long time in the ports of athletes. They live only in legend, cunning and good old bikes, reminiscing of his youth in an appropriate and legendary heroes, while working on the quays.

Of course, the slit should be healthy, after all the year round has to work outdoors. But it is not physical strength now the main thing for him, and skill. Good docker, for example, must have all equipment available at the berths in trains, in the holds. Its a lot of cranes, truck, tractor, electrical and mechanical loaders of different brands and systems. And not just to be able to manage them, and to possess in perfection. Not to mention the hundreds of other skills.

After thinking about it, Gennady inadvertently added step. He has published a notice Krutko figure sitting at the garage door on a wooden block of wood. At first glance, Krutko the impression of being slow, even sluggish. Suslov worked with him for many years and knew that this impression is deceptive. Krutko never really fussed, does not seem to hurry. It was reasonable, laconic, grounded in business. But for whatever the team leader took up the best team, all he came out efficiently, right, and much faster than the rest. Therefore, Suslov, and invited him to the case, which is planned.

Krutko has not risen to meet them, stretched out his hand.

- Hi, namesake, said the Suslov. Krutko was, like him, Gennady, not Vasilyevich, and Roerich.

- How long a rest?

- Yes.

- It is necessary to check whether all the walls were demolished, we were in chains, or where.

- Checked. All demolished.

- Well, good. Then come along or something ...

Krutko threw a cigarette in a metal box with water, rose heavily. They went into the cool silence of the garage and in a few minutes to smithereens destroyed her clang of metal, piercing whistle welding.

That for which they worked and what appeared in the port at an inopportune time, it was not their direct business. Actually, the port is a special service and the units that were supposed to do. And with the necessary perseverance you can achieve this. Perseverance have always had Suslov. Only then did things differently evolved.

A team from the early days of his engaged in processing a variety of goods, usually time-consuming and inconvenient. In general, the nomenclature of goods boundless: from a box of canned food to the crushers. And for each type requires its own technique, his gripping device, but a lot more then required. Special efforts with wheeled vehicles. And the weight, then it is all different, and dimensions, and center of gravity in its different forms in different places situated. In general, continuous darkness to deal with it. Every time we have all the snap, all gear changes. And during this time. And it is idle vessels under loading and unloading.

Gennady tried, not once bring up the issue of port engineers, and engineers. He was listened to attentively, shrugged their shoulders in bewilderment. Processing technology, "wheelwrights" has long been developed, adopted in all ports of the country, the rules for it are calculated. What more? Suslov had seen that it does not understand. He himself represented, how can I solve this problem, even saw a solution. But when I started to explain, somehow came out pale and not very clear. And again, in response seen bewilderment.

Then the brigadier gave up on all the talk and decided to think out the matter himself. He cooked the rest of his and said this Krutko, realizing that one can not cope. But Krutko was a master of all trades and master-class. Together they could do anything. Krutko listened to him and smiled:

- What is it? Hi they then miss. They all decided to do it yourself. Here are the necessary cables booked workshops, but it was not uncommon. Two remained after the change, we catch the morning hours. No they do not interfere. The guys from the team, even eagerly awaited the results, but do not ask, as getting on the case.

Thus was brought to the team from the outset. Idle curiosity is not encouraged. In addition, there was an unwritten law that if someone needs help, he always says about it. And then the team will decide who and how it will help someone. No one has ever applied for assistance from the team for nothing, but nobody ever hesitated to ask her if it was really necessary.

This usually happened at them long ago, when seventy-fifth year of the first port of Suslov decided to create an integrated team aggregated with payment by results. In this venture while a few believed. Over the years, evolved a system of work organization in small groups in which one vessel labored for three or four teams, and in two shifts, and six to eight. And besides, there were still a separate unit in itself crane operators, drivers, mechanics, repairmen.

And they all converge on a single vessel. Small teams dokerskie tried to take the job povygodnee. Crane operators and drivers do not care attitude to the way people work on the docks and in the holds. They had their own accounting system performance and accordingly its own payment system. And it turned out that groups of all port departments and teams to work on a monthly basis with a significant over-fulfillment of targets, which, of course, encouraged by the material, and idle ships at the berths without any objective reasons beyond all norms.

Many people understand the industry that untangle the complex knot that can only be by means of a qualitatively new organization of work dockers. He was soon made, and the first step in this direction. In Illichivsk seaport foreman Anatoly Baranovsky has created the industry's first integrated brigade of the enlarged, which, except for dockers, crane operators and machine operators were included. And it is not created by a simple arithmetic addition, and based on careful analysis of necessary expenses actually work and technology and the future possibilities of the collective view of its new structure. It was found that the largest team of Baranovsky was significantly less than the total composition of the teams on which was created. It was released in this way more than ten people. A first experience of her work has shown that the enlarged group carries a much greater volume of work and, most importantly, in a short time. The secret lies in the fact that the team took to process the entire vessel entirely responsible for all works regardless of the "beneficial" or not. Material well-being of the brigade, too, depended not only on the now unloaded or loaded tons, but also on the length of the ship at the pier. The method of Anatoly A. Baranovsky were disputes. Particularly active objected to those who get the hand "dial slime" due to "favorable" goods, providing its own without much hassle decent income. It was they quickly realized that the material welfare of the enlarged team will depend on the overall effort. Personally for myself it was nothing, "you pick" and difficult, unfavorable work on the shoulders of his comrades did not shift. But many liked the experience Baranovsky, among the latter was Gennady V. Suslov.

Gennady V. Suslov He decided to lead the enlarged integrated team in its first port of Novorossiysk, and one of the first in the industry. He liked the idea of collective labor. It originally met him kindness and justice. If there is a lot of work at all, therefore, will not be hard feelings, misunderstandings, which constantly arose between small teams. At the same time, he realized that not only production issues will be in this team the most important. The new organization of labor force dockworkers to learn to think differently, take a different attitude to their work and to each other. Uniform dress requires a psychological adjustment. It is necessary that in the minds of every member of the team concept of "mine" has grown into the concept of "ours." And administrative measures are to achieve anything. Everyone has to go this route, which seemed the most difficult stage of Suslov formation of a new team.

They fit and grind to a friend of a friend a few months. Gennady is not particularly trying to demonstrate its power to brigadier, when it did not apply directly to production. He wanted the team and felt their power and their responsibility for everything that happens within it.

When there was a first truancy, Suslov gathered general meeting. Do not scold the offender, not reproached, not frighten him. He just said that now the entire team loses the premium and out of competition, victory in which he was assured, because the production rates are very high.

Gennady often thought, what a silence after these words hung in the red corner, where they sat. And slowly, one by one, the guys turned in the direction of someone who was guilty. And as contracted, trying to leave behind the backs of his comrades, the guy who later became very good docker. But then he was the first to blame their failure, their failure, and the back dock parted and parted, and although the slacker sitting back, he found himself face to face with the entire team.

They silently stared at him, and silence every minute grew thicker and heavier. Then he stood Wild Alexander, one of the most experienced and respected people in the team, and said:

- There is clear everything. We have a common boiler, and a dirty spoon to climb into it worthless.

He cleared his throat, hoarse voice, and went to the door. Behind him in silence up the rest. Suslov also gone. In the empty room was still sitting a culprit of the incident.

On the way home, Gennady thought then that the team is not well received due to lost bonuses. Just in the few months that they were together, people realized that a new work interesting. They had a common cause for the outcome of which they are responsible, without exception, regardless of the position, qualifications, experience. The new system required the boundless trust of each other. And it concerns not only production but also relationships with each other, lifestyle, attitude of people. Suslov knew that this would be difficult to achieve, I was glad that the first step in this direction has already been made, he believed that the only way they will work.

The trust has always generates responsibility. This truth has long grasped the foreman for themselves and deeply believed in her all-powerful force. Gently, but with relentless consistency he taught her and her companions. Today is the first and most important law in the brigade. It extends to the whole of its multilateral activities without exception. Since it first introduced to each newcomer. Violation of fundamental principles of collectivism is the biggest offense.

Masterly workmanship, strict liability is the style of the brigade, the manner of her distinguishing feature. No one today would think of checking whether the slinger donned a helmet and jacket, about to run under the tap. And most slinger would not dream of breaking the rules of safety, because nobody in the team were not violated. Since it is assumed that each does its work as it should, and so well. And you can not skhalturit in, you can not sfalshivit because it will be immediately noticeable, because it's nobody else will do ...

Suslov looked at his watch and realized that in fifteen minutes with them Krutko will finish work on the realization of his ideas. Krutko tinkered with tight, heavy cables, adjusting them to the planned construction. Gennady estimated the remaining amount. Work and was delighted when he realized that today, they probably did not even finish, and it's too late.

- Do you hear me, suddenly said, 'I Krutko. met yesterday to the orderly, who fled from us.

- Where is he now?

- The Shipyard leaned.

- See you ...-Suslov said vaguely. He remembered the name of the dockers who briefly stayed in the team, but left the most unpleasant memories. They came a lot of newcomers, people of different age and character. They were a school of skilled labor, a school of collectivism. Some could not stand. With such conversation, many realized that the demands of comrades - is care primarily about their own well-being in life. The team was able to quietly draw new in the orbit of their collective interests. And the foreman secretly proud of the fact that the guys were able to accurately and cleanly write any character in the mosaic of the team so that the overall picture of the team that was not broken, but enriched with new bright qualities which are able to recognize a beginner. He, of course, apply to this arm, trying to see something brand new every important, something inherent to him alone, to help him open up among the rest, to show all the best that is capable of.

At the same time, Suslov keenly listened to the opinions of the brigade, its mood, its requests, knowing that without the support of the whole team is unlikely they will be able to achieve anything worthwhile. Sometimes guys ask someone to put a number in a bunch of technology. He did not mind, knowing that it would be better for everyone, because people seem to have reached an absolute understanding of the work. Sometimes, that his orders caused protest. More often hidden. Vociferous public debate and tried to avoid discussions. But then came someone, most of the veterans, and explaining what dissatisfied with the team. He remembered every one of these cases, there are not many of them were.

And remember that, as a rule, the team turned out right. She never really rejected his order. She offered another option, usually more successful, and that suits him and the team. And he took that option against his own ego, because he understood that their work and their relationships are built and can exist only on the basis of collective justice.

The guys also understand what it takes to brigadier admit they were wrong. And one day when he refused to accept the proposal team, because if there was such a production environment, and he knew it better than others, the team agreed with him. The boys realized that this time he could not act differently, it means that his decision was only right. So they learned from each other, so their relationship evolved. And newcomers are gradually and carefully initiated into them, instilling in them a taste, and accustomed to the established order in the team.

General meetings to discuss the behavior of his comrades had long been collected, there was no need. If it happened that a novice would come after the weekend or pay a little tired from yesterday's "rest", talked with him on the board of the brigade, or just some of the most respected people interviewed in the brief moments before the start of the shift.

Usually, all this first and ended the conversation, the man did not dare again have confidence in his comrades. I tried to do this only one newcomer, one of which is now remembered Krutko. He was still a relatively young man, but his face wore an expression of such overwhelming boredom and disdain for any work that the team immediately drew attention to it. However, no one has filed the form, and at first treated him exactly like all. Revived for the first time in the rookie salary day and the next morning for work did not come out. Talk to him, he promised to reform. Two weeks later, the new breakdown. Deprived of bonuses. Then a third. Suslov invited him to a meeting of the Board team.

It is believed that a strong working team can re-educate every loafer and the rogue. In most cases, it is really possible. And he Gennady this more than once convinced by the example of his own team. But sometimes that is not possible. In the rules there are exceptions.

Suslov was sorry for the person sitting in front of members of the board. He understood that life has not worked with him. Some moral catastrophe he once lived. Then, on the advice they have something to try to understand, explain, to arouse the man at least some interest in the case of the case. And he sat there and was far from them.

And then there was another violation. Then the teams gathered the council general meeting. We talked to him a bit, but differences of opinion were not.

- The port to do nothing, 'said Peter Nikitovich Petrachenko.

Gennady V. Suslov had the same opinion. All that he remembered now, something beyond his control, it is by itself, while he worked with Krutko on his idea.

When they finished the case, came to the berth, the team had already gathered. While the lineup with Gennady, stevedore, and assorted kargoplan technologist, and is easier to say, the plan and scheme to replace the cargo handling, dock workers talked quietly. Suslov keenly listened to the conversation, knowing full well that for them, as the barometer, we can accurately determine the mood of the brigade. All was calm, clear arrow pointing to "clear". Talk swirled around yesterday's football match, televised, windy weather, as well as the intricacies of making the young wine from the grapes early.

Lineup began to spread to dock workers jobs. Brigadier loved those moments. He did not fight, but he thought that, perhaps, because preparing for the attack squads. No fronts, no armies, namely the platoons in which people know each other, know the capabilities of each, its strengths and weaknesses. And they distributed their combat operation in accordance to these qualities. And it helped them win the fight, and fight the army, because any work to be done well, in a businesslike way. Though the military, even though peaceful. From the outset, Suslov sought to ensure that everyone in the team not only know their own responsibilities, but also a common problem that everyone was on the spot where it is most needed, perform the work with which he could best handle it.

Lineup procedure for filing of goods distributed from the warehouse on the pier and in the holds. And as soon as dockers, assigned to the warehouse, or wagon of employment, to towing, pondered what would be required gripping devices, slings, as it is more convenient to serve. Pondered, conspired with each other on the order of priority, on the approach. Then there will be no time, then it will work. But that's a result of these dissections, they no longer spend time searching for and preparing the necessary equipment and rigging. And they have jobs directly to the freight operations was due to this rule steady 95.9 percent. This, if you want, utilization of working time. However, not only the rate was the glory and pride of the brigade. The productivity of labor they had almost twice as high as the one used to reach the small brigadki. And most importantly, that the vessels which they worked, went to sea early. Always ahead of schedule. Ultimately it was the most important result of all the work crews. Suslov incorporates and skill, and experience, and work organization, and vnutribrigadnye relationship.

Alexander went to link Pereboeva today wheeled machinery. The children of his own pogaldeli little to soothe and first came to the dock.

Sasha, wait-called team leader Gennady. He paused, and the door, looked blankly, mentally already being in "his" hold and placing it on the heavy machinery identified sites.

- You do not drive the wheels today.

- How not to chase?-Surprise interruption.

- And so, work quietly, without fuss.

- Yes, we always ...-he interrupted himself and asked: What's the matter, then?

- Dark something, V., - smiled a passing another team leader Alexander A. Krasnopolsky.

- That's right, 'said Suslov-dark for good people ...

- I believe that we are good, said the outage and ran to catch up with their own. I went for the crew and Suslov. On the way Nagaytsev educated youth. Michael G. was considered a driver-mechanic, but was responsible for virtually the entire fleet brigade equipment. In the perfect knowledge of all port arrangements, he loved them devotedly and selflessly. I could spend hours digging through them, debug, adjust and lubricate. Treated them gently and carefully, and demanded the same from others. Therefore, the technique worked flawlessly in the brigade, and never rooted for her in the head foreman. Any negligence in Nagaytsev perceived as a proper insult. Gennady is always sent to him for training beginners, who have manifested the same tendency. And then they came out of the top-notch professionals who have worked in many teams.

However, in one degree or another school of IG Nagaitsev Michael held the entire team. Accuracy and integrity in the work to which they're accustomed, faithfully served and then, in any case. But to gain these qualities, the guys shed a lot of sweat. Who gave the lesson Nagaytsev Schelgunovu Misha, a young very dockers, diligent and hardworking guy.

- Do you yesterday on the hold loader work?-Asked Michael G..

- Well.

- Not well, but you. Why leave in such a way?

- What?-Asked Misha wistfully, as clearly represented a further course of events.

- And in this, that in the pig sty best pose. I watched yesterday. Then knocking, there dangles.

- What is hanging?

- And that's that. Well, today it is not needed, and then do a service to anyone. After the change, and all bring a stay in order, get it? I'll go, I glance.

- Yes, here! Doom-Misha waved his hand and went to the gangway of the ship. Michael G., still muttering something under his breath, turned to the garage. Suslov, smiling, followed him. He knew that nothing in the truck does not knock, and not loose. And all razdrizgannost is that Misha is not a mirror wiped loader. Cleaned, washed, but the light is not achieved. He smiled again, imagining how the evening would bring Nagaytsev Misha, but did not intervene. At the door of the garage he was overtaken by Gennady Krutko.

- Finish it?

- And without you both there?

- Everything will be OK, and we are short.

Affairs, and the truth, had a little bit. Hour and a half, they pulled out of the garage to light a huge wreath frame in ropes and chains. They stood and looked at her. Look not very elegant frame, not in the factory, but impressive.

- To call that a boss, 'said Krutko.

- And what boss? Technologist pozovu.-Suslov went to the phone. For ten minutes they sat and smoked, looking askance at their product. Finally came technologist.

- What name, Gennady?

- Here, Volodya, look what we izobreli.-Suslov pointed to the frame. Technologist Kostenko came closer and touched the ropes with his hands, stood in a reverie. Then he seemed to realize something, because it began to inspect the frame with all the meticulousness. Something was measuring, sketching in his notebook. Suslov did not interfere with Krutko, just standing next to. Finally Kostenko graduated from their studies. He went up to him, too, lit a cigarette.

- So this is about a piece you're talking to me?

- About this, Volodya.

- You should have explained that you want to have a universal frame for wheeled vehicles of various sizes. That freaks!

- We'll explain as well.

- Well, not in this case, what now ... I realized that that's changing these components, you can pick up at least "GAZ", although "BelAZ", although "ZIL"?

- Exactly.

- And a frame instead of the whole set?

- Yeah.

- Well, Kulibin you, Gennady, I promise.

- Do you think it will?

- I figured, like all turns out. Try needed.

- So I have to link Alexander Pereboeva hold a "wheel".

- Then let's go there. I'll go up, only to invite someone.

When the frame was taken to the hold, where the work stopped. Dockers gathered round to watch. What is it, understood at once. The people here experienced. Immediately began to figure out how to sling it, how to deploy in the hold. Kostenko came up, and with it a few more people out of control engineers.

- Come on, what?

- Come on! Shouted the foreman and he stood on the slings. Disruptions commanded his own, they rushed into the hold, to the warehouse. A few minutes later deserted pier. Kostenko, waved his hand. Suslov zastropil shiny blue paint "jeep", stepped aside and showed a hand-crane operator Veera little!

Clanged the chain taut ropes, "GAZ" swung and floated upward. Hovered for a moment above the deck and disappeared into the square hole of the hold. A few minutes later with an empty frame hanging snap, like a huge metal octopus, has floated back. It so happened that on the following kargoplanu was loaded "KAMAZ". Previously, this would require a frame change, losing valuable time. Now, Gennady just rebuilt it, and a short time later he "KamAZ" swam to the ship's hold. Engineering bosses were talking excitedly. It was evident that the new frame they like. They stood still for an hour, looked like go into the hold of one for another car and went to him. Technologist Vladimir Kostenko remained on the dock. Suslov was allowed to test until the end of the shift.

They loaded all the wheeled vehicles long before the deadline. Rama behaved impeccably. Easy was snorovista in the hold and on the dock. The guys have mastered it quickly. After lunch at the slings of the slit has got Pereboeva level. Foreman started his own business. When the latter raised the "ZIL", came up with the first mate of the ship and asked whether many of the remains.

- And there was nothing left, 'replied Aloud-It's the last one.

- How is that?

- Oh.

- Guys! Startled-Mate. - Wharf also must be freed! The rest of the cargo-approved.

- It's as usual.

- I thought, there is another change of affairs, and you ...-Mate waved his hand and ran to the stairwell.

Rama took place. Gennady had time to take stock of the day, talk to stevedore, to meet with the head of the cargo area and is also going home. Emerged from behind the warehouse Gennady Krutko, perched, walked beside him. They walked past the "its" berth, where now two black low-squeezed tug boat from the wall.

- Gone ship, then nodded, Krutko. According to the tradition of the old naval ships of people he called steamers, though the navy of their long gone.

- Consider, per day more than we have previously saved a sailor, but polsutok-on frame. So much for stoyanka. Krutko short-hemmed.

- Nothing, it's better. On the left wing of the bridge mate. I saw them laughing white teeth, his cap. Gennady waved to him. The green stripe between the black foam board and dock all increased. Tomorrow is another day. Seven feet under the keel you boat! Tomorrow there will be a new vessel.

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