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Dondua Sergei Levanovich

Captain of the ship "Maxim Gorky" Black Sea Shipping Company

Dondua Sergei Levanovich On schedule "Maxim Gorky" was coming to the wall of the sea port of Leningrad August 28 next year, at exactly 8.00. Such was the accuracy. In the year ahead.

It was November, damp wet weather. Moscow-on-wet asphalt, the not yet completely frozen puddles of chalk first barbed drifting snow.

How can we plan for arrival of a ship like this before up to a minute, I thought, because the roads on the sea and storms, and storms occur, and the fog? Marine rail road is not highway, there is a schedule of, say, does not always fit into trains, buses, and now ...

- So, on August 28? Are you sure?

- Yes, of course, eight zero zero - they told me.

- If nothing happens.

- What can happen?

- Well ... The sea, the element still.

- True, the element, but within certain limits. "Bitter" is from Helsinki, Leningrad, two days, then the 31st Stockholm.

- And where is he now?

- Just a minute ... He was in Madeira - said the voice on the telephone, and it was done not for himself:

circled at the bottom, the snow was tossed under the wheels of trolleys and under the feet of rare passers-by, shivering in the hidden face raised collars, but somewhere quite close, so easy it was said: "He's in Madeira," in the Atlantic Ocean off the northwestern coast of Africa, the warm sea breeze rustling laurel forests and on the roads in a blue haze was white, elegant ship. A wave of quiet, gentle flop on the high side, illuminated by bright sunshine, and, of course, introduced to the captain's cap with gold embroidery on a heavy visor in a white tunic with wide straps on the sleeves. Captain smoked his pipe and, squinting, looking keenly into the distance. Before him stood a cabin on the edge of the binoculars. And so it really came suddenly, all together, Madeira Island, the ocean, the sun, the captain, snorkel, pair of binoculars that when you first meet me for some reason was surprised that the captain, "Maxim Gorky" Sergei Levanovich Dondua not smoke. Cast. And it seems a long time.

Dondua very little corresponds to the romantic image of a seasoned skipper, how he draws the general public of land representing the captain of an ocean liner that kind necessarily salted sea wolf, a discoverer of new lands.

Captain of low growth. His voice is quiet, with no bosses intonations. In the motion, it can be surprisingly sharp, and when the runs down from the spar-deck (the ladder is always running!), Knocking his heels on the steep stairs, he could not give him sixty. He looks much younger.

The Captain was born in Yalta. In their quiet street all the boys dreamed of being sailors. Sailors and airmen. And my mother, Elizabeth Moiseevna, a senior fellow of the Yalta Institute of Tuberculosis, wanted him to become a doctor. In my dreams, my mother saw him in a white starched coat, as he is in the hospital corridor, bathed in natural light, warm, ready at any moment to help someone in distress. Of course, he had to learn to heal, go to the medical! My mother brought from the library of books about Sechenov and Pasteur, taught French, so he could read the scientific literature in the original, and his passion for the sea looked indulgently. The sea, it was not serious. The son had to practice medicine, but because Elizabeth Moiseevna Dondua-Romaskevich did not pay attention to the fact that her son disappears for days on end at the pier and get rid of that summer vacation was arranged as a sailor on ship "Spa Visitor" drait deck, sleeping in a cabin close to the overhead bunk . "It's okay, my mother said, 'for the physical development of young man who is preparing for a long study, it is even useful:

sea air and exercise. " But it was too late. Sergey has chosen the sea. Tenth grade Komsomolets Dondua Sergey graduated in June, forty-first and twenty-second volunteered for the worker-peasant Navy, became sailors. Andrew F. Demin, captain of the ship "Spa Visitor" immediately transformed from a recreational vessel in the civilian trawler, took him to his crew. Oh, they were familiar. Swam together. Prior to the war. This was a milestone, like a knife cut off all that was before the war.

At the peace of their boat set up two machine guns on the wings of the bridge, then a gun-sorokopyatku forward, and they went to carry out combat missions.

They delivered the ammunition to the battery and the Sebastopol docks submarine fleet, shot fascist mines trawled the fairway, evacuated the wounded. They bombed the "Junkers" and "Heinkels", the submarine went out to them in the attack, and black peg periscope above the sea looked into the face of the future captain, "Maxim Gorky" dispassionate eye of death. They were among the last ships leave a burning Sebastopol. Gar, black ash from the shore lay on the faces of the crew, the charred add their humble ship, honestly fulfilled his soldier's duty.

In the Navy Sergei Levanovich served to the forty-sixth year, was awarded the medal "For Military Merit", his first award, received the rank of sergeant second article in which to hide, very proud, and even in the military correspondence began studying at Odessa morehodke. then demobilized, went to the fourth year is already full-time and finished the navigation faculty with qualifications, "the navigator long voyage."

He sailed on various ships that sailed again went, now in the top Naval School, which finished seventh in the fifty-seasoned man of thirty-five, to the chagrin of my mother did not become a doctor. But for life saving respect for doctors, people in white coats.

At home, the captain, in Moscow, Rusakovskaya street, lies in an old desk amateur picture in which the captain himself, then a cadet of Odessa morehodki Sergei Dondua, the patriarch of their specialty sudovoditelskoy Mikhail Fedorovich Shapovalov, which all students in the eye simply called Misha, and a number of round- the boy in the bright skullcap, a grandson of Michael's. Passed through the hands of the whole galaxy of Shapovalov Odessa captains. Lean, agile, he taught not so much a specialty as such, but simply living. There are teachers. Then they remember the lessons of gratitude for many years: you have made it clear that the work which you began to learn, does not stand still. Completed higher education does not happen, should be formed for life. Constantly. Continuously. And this attitude to the craft you selected, provides a teacher. He drives a young head in truth, in general, over the years, the obvious, but it is-Well over the years!-Be captain of the honor, but it is difficult if only because the captain is obliged to study all my life. He and the commander, and perpetual student. Mikhail Fedorovich explained it well. Day of August 28 turned out to be rainy. From early morning the sky, how much the eye could see, sucked raw gray overcast, drizzling, and white "Maxim Gorky" arose somehow suddenly, as if emerged from the thick veil, and not even he himself appeared at first, but two blunt harbor tug " The blizzard "and" Volga ", which gently led him to the pier. There was a mooring crew in bright orange vests. Wind reported short radioprikazy from the bridge. Rain is amplified, then seemingly died down. It was exactly 8.00. The captain went down into the cabin.

He has sharp facial features. His eyes looked intently. He sits in a hard chair by the desk, on which stands in a glass vase bouquet of gladioli: the captain's wife arrived, they had not seen for many months and a day later, ie August 29, in the evening leave for vacation. Relax. Has arrived from Odessa courtesy Captain Vitaly Grishin, because home port "Maxim Gorky", Odessa, Black Sea Shipping Company.

The first conversation turns short, is how to put it more precisely, a cursory nature. Eyeing each other. Dondua tells moorings was heavy. The flight went well. No incidents were not. Every now and then through the open door, knocking politely, includes all kinds of people: customs, border guards, representatives of the port, the shipping company. Captain apologizes, gets to meet them, solve their problems, and again sits in a chair, humbly putting his hands on his knees.

- You know, finally, he sighs, 'I feel we do not give a talk: time hot ... I spent two days on the beach did not come down, come at any moment. Meet our friends, see how we live.

Understanding must begin with the main machine, with the energy of the heart vessel. Energy heart ... Chief Engineer Ivan Rotar shows his farm, explains the "Maxim Gorky" in the main machine 23 000 horsepower on two screws, steam turbines, which allow you to develop the speed to 23 knots, that is, if you are onshore, about 40 kilometers per hour. "Everything related to the mechanical parts, farm-chief mechanic. Our concern, "says Ivan. He serves on the 1978 "Maxim Gorky". He came with a "Sobinov." "Marine Service, all naval service, 'concludes the leisurely, but we like to order." And this remark chief engineer, as though casually dropped by, we should designate immediately. So, he first said Mr. Smith, that they like to order.

Dondua Sergei Levanovich What does the procedure on the ship? From whom he depends, however strict, inviolable rules established and regulated? And only if these rules, once established, 'the most important thing in the life of marine passenger ship on which the long months away from home and work lives are not just people of different professions, and the crew?

Starting with the main machine, it soon becomes clear that to get acquainted with the "Maxim Gorky" in two days, until he stands in the port of Leningrad, as hard as if set ourselves the task to get acquainted with the life of a large, modern plant. For two days only used to have time to walk the decks of his twelve, to go down, up to his silent elevators, go to the galley, shiny aluminum and steel, similar to operating a large metropolitan hospital, where 40 chefs in different categories, all in white and starch, prepared food for the passengers and crew. In addition to chefs, immediately run greengrocer, kuhrabotniki, confectioners, bakers, on the "Maxim Gorky" bake their own bread, and commanded all those tricky Nina E. Rozhnova. She began a flight attendant. A little girl came out of technical school to "Shota Rustaveli" and has been floating around for ten years, "Maxim Gorky" Captain Dondua. There was a waitress, then administrator of the restaurant, graduated from the Institute of Foreign Languages, and then courses at the Intourist in Moscow ...

Nina Evgenyavna complex responsibilities. By its very beginning are 203 people, half of the entire crew. She is chief of service. Naval officer. And, talking about his work recalls the words of Sergei Levanovich: "If the officer raised his voice, so he can not truly require." Chief Engineer Oleg T. Simerenko talks about his captain:

- At the skipper duties. He has all the technical intricacies can not understand, and it does not have the time. But Sergei Levanovich-competent skipper. This is already being said, from God.

- Easy to work with him, 'said a senior aide Oleg Shapovalov, who was once photographed in a skull-cap, along with his grandfather and his cadet, who was captain of the "Maxim Gorky."-See, easy and difficult. It is difficult, because the demands are high. Captain Sergei Levanovich hard enough. And it is easy, because he believe he has a huge experience and credibility. And, you know, your style ...

On the "Maxim Gorky" voices no one raises, and it is not one of those rules, which regulate and indicate, as the captain. His calmness and tact in dealing with people sent to everyone too so it turns out, because the life of the vessel, large or small, there is no difference, its rhythm of life and the nature of everyday communication, service and off-duty, given the captain. This is one of the unstated laws of naval service.

- I can fire up, says Dondua. - I can break away, can not offend anyone, but to insult the slave? .. This would not have forgiven myself. In general, there are two styles of leadership, a so-called "strong-willed" and the second is simply intelligent. So I advocate the latter. The captain has to understand that a lot depends on him.

- And if one man can do little, just a man - he argues, 'is having the captain's power and authority, the same man may count on success. The flight must be developed. Limit is not good.

We are back in the captain's cabin. Gladiolus on the table. On a wall calendar, clock, barometer. On the left picture, polar bears are among the ice blocks, the memory of Svalbard. Last year they made four trips there, reached the edge of the ice. In general, it seems, is not on earth, in its seas and oceans, a place where it had not been captain Dondua.

The Bermuda Triangle? Visited. The sea as the sea. And all the rest, for the most part fiction. La Perouse Strait? Passed, the coast of Nova Scotia seen beside a stone's throw, and Gulf of St. Lawrence to the Atlantic coastal waters are all familiar. Gulf of Mexico, where there is heavy traffic of ships and sailing because it requires more attention from the skippers, familiar. He saw, and Sable Island Bank, darkly marked as a "graveyard of lost ships," and the island of Tasmania, is not enjoying the best reputation.

Once upon a time in Yalta student Sergey Dondua enjoyed reading about the adventures of the sea, dreamed of being a captain, but in love with the sea, maritime romance book could not imagine even that navigational difficulties - not the hardest thing in the captain's job. Captain years experience consists not only of the ability to control his ship, to overcome unexpected obstacles and competently deal with the raging elements, this by itself. Engine-steering the ship "Spa Visitor", sailors, foreman second article he slowly came to realize that the most expensive experience, ability to command the confidence that your order will be executed.

The captain is not just a skipper, he led a team of experts, navigators, electricians, machinists, cooks, signalers, engineers, carpenters, waiters, if a passenger ship and every one of his subordinates their own character, his affection, and it should be taken into account.

Learn not just the captain, he began the third assistant on "Alexander Pushkin", in charge of navigational facilities. Then he became second mate on the "Belarus" and there is also a senior assistant captain Emanuel Iosifovicha Solovyov, a man seasoned, shredded, an experienced sailor. Here are the steps to the captain's office.

His first ship, cargo ship, "Karl Marx", he was thirty years old. It was the veteran, the former "Diana", built late last century, who participated in the Battle of Tsushima. The first captain of the "Diana" was Lieutenant Schmidt.

"Karl Marx" black, straight pipe with a high angle and walking on the best course of years developed into twelve knots, and at the end of his life, nearly six. Not any more. In the shipping company said:

- The vessel lagging. Do good, we give a new boat.

- I said, there is! Infinite Leningrad rain pours and pours all without stopping. Wet Leningrad houses stand on the beach, harbor cranes in a delicate gray veil of rain, Vasilevsky Island.

I'm out of the captain's cabin, and again the elevator silently carrying me into the warm depths of the ship in an incomprehensible life, filled with their movements and muffled radio voices: "Comrade Rozhnova, please call ... oh eight" foreign language. Children and wives of sailors who had come with her to see, inspect the ship, talking in whispers. Wet the deck. Boats. Sunbeds ...

The first passenger ship "Beloostrov" Sergei Levanovich received fifty-eighth. Then there were the "Nikolai Pirogov," he took him to France, "Lithuania", "Taras Shevchenko" ... Mean expression of service characteristics:

"Comrade. Dondua SL works in command positions with the Company on ships in '48, in a post-captain in '53 proved himself a competent skipper. The theoretical knowledge gained in OVIMU, skillfully combines practical work in the courts. Strong-willed commander. Disciplined. Demanding of himself and his subordinates. Can mobilize the crew to perform tasks. Skillful work has managed to achieve good performance indicators ... "

- If the captain is responsible, then he really needs to answer - Dondua. said, I do not know, I can not tell you what is happening in every cubbyhole "Maxim Gorky". So you call some place, I would not say I'm not clairvoyant. But I know that I have on board at the moment everything is in order. I can feel it. And if I have worries about, I must immediately find out why, but people do not have to pull right. Need to work safely. Trust, but verify. And calm. I do not like fuss.

Two days of acquaintance with the life of "Maxim Gorky" small-time. What can you learn in two days? Learn to see? Only some lines, the individual parts, but they paint a portrait of Captain Dondua, awarded for his work the title of Hero of Socialist Labor. Order of the Minister he was awarded the title of "Best of the Ministry of Merchant Marine Captain." We sit in his cabin. Talk. I'm talking about fifteen captain, about how expensive life experience, he listens attentively, but suddenly his eyes light up.

- You know, yes and no. Sometimes you need to feel very young captain. Shake, as if all that you see for the first time. As if this is your first flight. Not even for himself, but for those around you. After all, the character of Captain sent a ship. I think so. If the captain of the Silent, then the ship had a dark, hilarious, if, on the contrary ... If you can feel myself fifteen years, this is a great happiness!

- What are you doing in free time?, I ask.

- I read.

- What is your favorite author?

- Hard to say. I read everything. His book on the table in different languages. English and French. He smiles:

- No, I'm not a linguist. I can speak and read in English and in French, but I can not say that I know at least one of these languages as I would have liked. Later, a captain who is familiar with Sergei Levanovich, said of him:

- It is a modern man. And a specialist. Understand young people. We have a high reputation in the fleet, the whole school "Maxim Gorky", and he was little. He believes that the limit is not good, you can always work better. Here's a man he is.

Another, also a captain, for many years been floating under his command, he added:

- They have to "Maxim Gorky" there is no rush. Sergei Levanovich it can not tolerate. He teaches that any claim should be recognized on both sides. And by the commander, and by the performer. At the Orientation meeting likes to say: "You argue, proves his innocence as you want. But if the decision is made, it is already the law for the execution. " He was even in a relationship. Do not raise voices. This captain has a moral right to demand.

I heard him talking to delinquent podshkiperom, who came from Odessa to Leningrad, to go into the flight.

- No, 'said Sergei Levanovich even voice, in-flight I did not take it. You went away, leaving everything. I closed the half of your sins. We will give one telegram, another. Back in this form I do not intend to take. Do not behave! That I will speak like a sailor sailor. Do you understand me?

Guilty or not trying to argue or persuade the captain. He turned and walked out. He knew if Dondua decided, then it is not so easy to change, we need good reasons, but they were not. Vitaly Grishin, who was present at the same unpleasant conversation, thought it necessary to explain to me, when Sergei Levanovich out that any serious captain of a high level of responsibility, the feeling that neither day nor night passes. The captain of "Maxim Gorky" responsible for a thousand lives and a great marine structures, their ship.

- If you just have three worries captain - said Grishin, so divide: the commercial exploitation of the work with the crew, navigation safety, the captain of the share of the passenger has a huge number of representative commitments. This meeting with the passengers, ministers, reporters, in short, the people who need attention. - And concluded:-That-Sergei Levanovich this passenger captain. The modesty of his appeals, extraordinary internal culture of the sea and the highest professionalism. It is rightly said, he is entitled to claim. We talked to the captain's cabin. Gray light streamed through the lowered blinds on the ports. At the dock on the left side of bustling people. Drove refrigerator, it filed a ladder truck. By building the marine station hurry leaving for vacation the crew, they were met by family, children, wife. Above, on the Esplanade, there were cars, "Muscovites" and "Lada" with the Odessa rooms. There were a lot of wet flowers, and from the shore came the loud, happy voice. On the starboard side of the tanker came to give the "Maxim Gorky" fuel for the next flight.

- Here's an example, 'said Vitaly Sergeevich.-on board 690 passengers, they must be fed, clean cabins, in short, to provide the service, and at this time 170 people from the team go to the beach and 170 come to replace them, meet with their relatives and friends. But you see at least some bustle on board? No. The fact of the matter. Everything goes on as usual, as expected. And this is the merit of captain in the first place.

We sat at a low table, and Sergei Levanovich did not return and did not return. He has not passed all of his captain's affairs, and Vitaly has not yet accepted, but what exactly: no fuss no, everything went their once and for all approved procedures.

Finally Dondua returned. Sharp shook off his cap small drops of rain. He entered briskly, resolute and calm. And I thought that with such a master must be very quiet swim. Quietly and happily, as if you go to your very first flight.

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