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Vershinin Denis Ivanovich

Turner Gorky Automobile Plant

Vershinin Denis Ivanovich Hitch came at the most that on is a crucial moment. Solemnly opened on the square in front of the monument plant management. Vershinin showed dernesh of the cord and veil itself subsides. Gave the command, he wants to pull, and the power in the hands was gone.

- Well, what are you?-Push it to the side.

- Stuck, you see ...

- Harder to pull. The forces that a no? He wants to pull even closer, and the power-that, and indeed, the excitement was gone. Maybe open the monument is not just Vershinin, which hoisted the famous green Avtozavodskaya "jeep" pre-war production, and all his life, his destiny. Because his name was a direct relation to this "jeep" ... Sometime in the spring was Denis Ivanovich Vershinin letter from the village of Kirov region Medvedkovo from Uncle Safonov Kuzmich. Vershinin, too. They are there, remember, before the war, the whole village a hundred and twenty yards, and was only three names. One of them, the most numerous - Vershinin.

And so he wrote his uncle, Honor, I'm here from a family-tribe remained, and I was under the eighties, came to visit. I've heard, you were given the Gold Star, or whether at all proud? You better come. Only addition, Golden Star, Rejoice, they say, old man.

Last Vershinin traveled to their homeland with his wife on a motorcycle. Two days traveled. At this time, Zoya Ivanovna did not go, she finished the to retirement, and Vershinin decided to go alone.

Gold Star, he took with him. But the nearer he drew, the more persistently struggled in his thought, he will meet any of his old friends or just acquaintances villagers and someone will ask: what are you, Dennis, committed heroic? And tell us about yourself, not to look in the eyes of fellow bahvalschikom? Do not know how to tell Vershinin. Able to work. Creatively, competently, without looking at the "authorities", he did his job. And at the plant know that it is better to make it unlikely that anyone will be able to. And here to talk about it Vershinin did not like - do not know how to talk good about themselves. Blame themselves is please. A compliment, thank you.

Before we go into the house of an uncle, Vershinin wandered through the familiar places. The same was spacious and bright meadow to the bottom of a river Loban. But all was as it were smaller. And the river is smaller, and smaller houses. From his old acquaintances he met bosom-friend Savely school studied together. Denis Ivanovich knew, sincerely rejoiced:

- Heard, heard that you became a hero, Denis. cringed inwardly, Vershinin: Well, now, about the hero asks. And Savely went on, I've been a fireman on the farm. Also, I will tell you, work is sometimes downright heroic. Just do not know us, to submit documents.

It was all in the same joker, this friend of his Savely, like many years ago, when he and a cucumber climbed into the neighbor's garden. Savely went on:

- Remember our pozharku before the war? Now I have a brother, machinery hoo. Whether such in those days, maybe because you're in the Medvedkovo remained. However, remember how in the thirties once burned Vershinin, somehow rose to his feet, the new home cope (his father was a carpenter). The next year, as an evil, once again on fire. The family then-six, the eldest, Dennis, for eight years. Look, do not endure. So pogoreltsami and left in the bitter ...

In the evening sitting with his uncle Safonov Kuzmich, who doled talked about how he lives, all came back to Dennis:

- Ah yes well done you, Dennis! That's my father would have rejoiced, be alive. He himself was a first-class carpenter. No one is better th could not cope wheel chaise, or arc, or there is a barrel of cabbage. And what was making the dishes? And what is interesting. I remember one time salt shaker Sitnikov asked a neighbor to do. Well, he cut it: instead of giving, keeps for himself. Grandma him, Ivan, let's salt shaker. And he said, no, wait, it can be done better Well, as you will be unprepossessing, the people will ask: Who did? Vershinin, they say ... That's it. I think: well, that the salt shaker, she was in those days, the price is worthless. And he is in a ... It is interesting to find that the salt used, Vershinin thought, well, where there was a few years ...

And another thought, then, leaves, roots, then how. During the war, when they were already living in the city of Gorky, obrubschikom father worked in the foundry at the car, and Dennis went to trade school, they sent three of them the best of crafts in the shop, to the machine: there was no turners. Sharpened shells. Copes. And they had in stash pobeditovye chisels for cast iron. Dennis suggested:

- Boys, and if the blades are used?

- And so coping with the norm.

- Let us give more. The guys in any: how does it without permission? But Dennis had already caught fire and was unable to stop. At the end of the shift came the master, and clutched at his head, he saw a mountain of details:

- Well, napahali!

- It is better to like.

- Better-able to have. What was measured? Dennis sheepishly showed a homemade bracket: calipers were not. They called the Comptroller of the TCI, checked all the size. It was then that he received her first prize: a cotton dress, jacket with shiny hammers in their buttonholes ... Hmm, and yet if Dennis did not know anything about his father's salt shaker ...

In the forty-third, in May, his father was drafted into the army. I remember how Dennis went to see him (part shaped by Gorky), took him to the buttons on the epaulets.

- Look here, punishing father-in charge to stay. Well, I briefly-war, you see, would soon be over.

I did not think Dennis and wondered what would come after three months in the house of funerals, of which it becomes known that his father died heroically in the Kursk ...

A year later, after graduating from college, Dennis Vershinin came into the shop and cold forging dies and stood at the screw-cutting lathe. We were in the shop.

- From the day I'm here, Honour, for forty years, we can say on the spot. But no. My first machine was here, two meters. - Vershinin laughs, turns out after all these years, I moved just two feet ... But this, of course, a joke. Far advanced in life Denis Ivanovich Vershinin. It would seem, at first glance, monotone, monotonous work, smoothly humming machine runs glittering chips. And so, day after day, for forty years in one shop in one place. Here we often say, creative work, inspiration, search, burn. And what an inspiration here, in front of you, if multiple shifts in a row, the same item and you're already accustomed to doing mechanically the same movement. There are, of course, craft. Well, the good word: the man he has mastered to perfection, he does his job skillfully, honestly, soundly, but no more. The essence of the character of Dennis Vershinin is different: he wants to do better. And because it does not work is a burden.

Maybe it began with the case when it is, remember pobeditovy tool set, when the war sharpened shells. And after that was taken or used to do, what b charged any detail, even the most simple, certainly thought: what would be faster, more economical, more? It has become a character trait, habit. This was already forgotten by the monotony of work, interesting case proceeded. Immediately after the war, the factory began to use high-speed cutting of metal. For him, carbide cutting tools were needed, and there are not enough. Issued only to experienced masters. Those have to try and work something new, just not talking. Old experienced turner Vladimir Shiryaev pioneered. No matter how beat-does not work. A Vershinin interested, asked Cutter.

- Here, take it, 'said Shiryaev. Vershinin had just started, the engineer comes Sokolov.

- Who is allowed?

- I have allowed, said the Shiryaev.-This guy, Vladimir Alexandrovich, the grace of God turner, believe me, old man.

Vershinin stuck in the shop shift after shift. He has mastered the tool, but it went on. Realizing that the blade at high speeds is unstable against the attacks, he offered to put the machine on the foundation to eliminate vibration, fitted shield and things got better. It is in the same year he was awarded the badge "Excellent automotive industry." He firmly believes that life is worth, and that man is not just lived day by day, and thought about what he does.

Vershinin Denis Ivanovich Of course, I do not build BAM in space somehow I do not send ...

- But look, he explains to-me-so I came up with a quick stop. It seems to be easy. But unlike conventional spindle stops it makes it possible to quickly fix the workpiece in a lathe and cutting to make ends without intermediate operations. It allows you to adjust the depth of call details in the chuck ... You are probably clear-technique. But, can you imagine how this has been due to the increase rate of output. I, for instance, has already fulfilled the annual target. Figured and decided that the five-year plan and the plan does not conclude in 3.5 years, as outlined, and a month earlier ... A continual steady rumble filled shop smells like sparkling chips burnt-machine oil on the table close at hand with Vershinin stands ready to slide parts. I noticed while he was talking to me, he has one facial expression, funny, eyes gleaming, but now he wears glasses, presses a button, wildly spinning the spindle with the workpiece, Vershinin slightly bends over machine, and it's a different person. It seems that nothing can tear him away from work. Perhaps this is an inspiration.

We sweat a lot and talked with Denis Ivanovich pro shop, about work, about the fact that here they are here on my site now manufactures four stamps for stamping valve and handle, provide the entire plant. Difficulties? There are, of course. Here are 70 machines only one mechanic. Not controlled, of course. Minor repairs for example, I myself do: well, there is friction or something like that to pull. And what is the other?

- But why are we all about jobs and about the job?, Suddenly snapped Vershinin. - The work, then who does? Here they are, he took his hand around.

He says that as a teacher has prepared fifteen students. Some are still around. Alexander Sido, for example. That's it in front of my machine. It is now a true master. He has been a student of Sergei Kornilov from the same vocational school, which graduated many years ago, Vershinin. Even Alexander Gulyaev, Vershinin's favorite pupil. He does not hide this:

"The correct word is God's grace turner!"

And many went into the foundry: it gives higher level than us. Perhaps it is understandable: it is necessary to increase a person can not be without it. Vaughn Kuraev, Alexei Ivanovich was with us here as a mechanic for the cliches seem to be recent. He studied by correspondence. And now the manager tool production. And Boris G. Krutov also worked as a mechanic with me, his deputy.

- Do not covet? I asked, and ashamed of tactlessness, corrected: - The good envy?

- What is envy? Vershinin. replied, I have an interesting job, too. Approached a guy in overalls, wearing a beret, saluted:

- Evaporated, Denis Ivanovich.

- So you're throwing it away on a cart uphill forgings. You take the single-girder.

- Most like.

- No, Jack, you're more careful too. When away, Vershinin said:

his mother works cloakroom. Met Vershinin asks: strayed from the hands of a guy, shaped parasite, registered at the police station, help, they say. Vershinin to the police. "If you want to take?"-Speak. "I want to do and a man." "Oh, look." Dali's direction. Vershinin with his mother, with the most Zhenya Kuritsinym to the head of department:

or so they say. He looked at the documents, said the mother and son: you go out, and you, Denis Ivanovich, stay. "Flyer is he, Denis Ivanovich." "I see. So what? Before the police has come, if we do not take, where is he? "" You personally undertake to him? "" Personally, I presume. " And gave to his site podsobnikom.

- Works, said the Vershinin and, sigh, completed:

- But, oh, how much work will have to put it. That, my friend, do not grind on the machine parts: a man put on his feet.

That his last visit to his native Medvedkovo, saying goodbye to Safonov Kuzmich, Vershinin said:

- Do you happen to know, maybe where there is an artifact which father?

- You mean the salt shaker or something?-Guessed uncle.

- Well, yes.

- I doubt it. The old-all porasteryali. Stables on the farm was sixty-two horses, as I remember. Today one in the whole village ... Yes ... And about the salt you do not worry: your done. He Vershinin, will do. And he did not, so his grandson. Togo is also called Dennis.

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