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Peter Tarasenko

The garbage vessels of the plant "Lenin's smithy"

Peter Tarasenko As escort ships? About a thousand times already written. Sung, and separation from loved ones, and the creak of the anchor chain of a farewell, and the melancholy cries of the seagulls astern, and a long whistle the steamer, leaving a long distance. Always a solemn, significant time. Moreover, if a new boat and sent to the first flight. At this time, so it was, we saw off the new boat. Cost, but without the orchestra, without protest, without whipping a bottle of champagne on board. This is the front side of the case has already been observed before, when the vessel is lowered into the water. Now, after filling it with everything necessary, after testing, it swims away. And sailed not by itself, but in the dock, pontoon, otherwise it with his marine sediments along the river to the sea is unlikely to reach, too small.

Pontoon dock, but still with the ship-building is impressive. But a little dumpy buksirchik pull their socks up, foaming water in the bay, and tore it from the wall. Then, slowly turned around in the bay, lift with pontoon began to skirt the peninsula Rybalskaya who persistently refer to the island, and headed to the big water.

And we stood there, looking after him, and a long silence. It was in Kiev, at the "Lenin's Forge", or "Lenkuznya," as he used to call the people of Kiev. And escorted the workers were in canvas overalls and helmets, engineers and, of course, Peter Tarasenko, foreman ship-fitters dostroyschikov.

- In this procedure, he said, seemed to sum up what occurred when the tug and pontoon dock with the ship was already far away, beyond cape, and stood with us at the pier began to disperse, was just the end of the day.

- How many ships do you like that carried out? I asked him.

- Ships, 'he said.

- Courts, decided to show me the sea-gramotnost. ships is in the Navy.

- If it is absolutely correct, the orders, so we say. Or objects. But as I built them, and spent, I do not know, do not count.

- And after all?

- I'll try.

And he began to figure out how many years he was here, on the "Forge" is working. Then he began to multiply these years on ships of various types, refrigerated trawlers tuntselovy, dredges and brought the balance:

- About five hundred.

Five hundred ships, I started calculating it very much. This is a whole fleet. Twenty-seven years, Peter had built and, like today, accompanied them, brought forth the result every time a piece of his life. And suddenly he spoke as follows:

- A lot invested in them. Maybe it's because, frankly, do you remember about each. We had got out of the gate "Lenkuzni" and headed for the bridge connecting the peninsula to the right bank Rybalskaya part of Kiev, with the hem. Why in the name Kiev Rybalskaya island, although it is the peninsula? From romantic feelings? Because if that was part of his first inwashed by artificial means? Or, by analogy with Vasilievsky island in the Neva, where he built the court? I do not know. Yes, it does not matter in the end. But the important thing is that "Lenkuznitsa" in Kiev, the company is not ordinary. The scale of it, of course, more modest than, say, the Neva and the Baltic plants. But here, build ocean-going vessels. Build here, in shops, on the stocks of the plant, before it was called the South Russian mechanical, referred to in Lenin's "Iskra", who wrote, as the local workers staged a "dark" nobody Pilippovskomu, master, a notorious bully. It was one of the first steps of a protest against the tyranny of the autocracy.

This factory workers who, upon learning of the death of Lenin, gathered at the memorial service and decided: let now the company is called "Lenin's forge."

Exact image begotten in the hearts of working people, was struck by Mayakovsky, who wrote:

It runs the factory set

Here is tempered in the forge of Lenin.

This plant, which is already on the second day after the liberation of Kiev from fascist invaders November 7, 1943 his first buzzer lifted Kiev to work.

This factory will translate the conversation in a slightly different plane, whose team has for many quarters comes out the winner in the competition sector workers.

In short, the company known, with the traditions.

- And for me it is more than the factory - says Peter. Native to the village, above the Dnieper.

For years he was a youth in battle did not participate, but past the village, they have not passed, and forty-first and forty-three. Two years between them remembers now. But it prefers to talk about the pore, a later and happy. Happy that he came to Kiev. What is put on the black, like sailors, overcoat and cap, uniform, new shoes, with a creak and a belt with a buckle, siyavshey large letters "RU". Proud of it all, proud of his title, the future working class, a clear system, that is, again, as the sailors went to school, a factory with a sonorous name of "Lenin's smithy."

They were purified from the gravel courtyards, streets, Kyiv rose from the ruins. It's time amazing. It seems that she has given his whole life attitude.

After graduating from college, Peter worked for the paddle steamer "Minsk", sailed down the Dnieper, the Desna, reached the Black Sea. Passing Rybalsky, gave the ship horn, bass and respectful. In whose honor? In honor again, "Lenkuzni" because "Minsk" was her son.

So seems to be a lifelong Tarasenko predetermined path, swim. Soon, and called him to the fleet in Sevastopol. But that's precisely here that was the end of his voyage. The service was held at the compressor station.

Here, in Sebastopol, he was accepted into the party.

So talking, we reached the bridge over the Dnieper. And now the island, and the plant left behind us, and we opened expanse of the river, who carried their water freely into the distance to the sea, a panorama of islands and cities. Peter lit a cigarette.

- We are what, about five hundred ships counted? He asked.

- Exactly.

- So it's only when I built. And since they did before the war. And in our war on armored Spree reached right up to Berlin.

As if to confirm his words to the left of us, in full view of the city on a hill, standing, and when viewed from afar, it seemed, was sailing warship. The name was familiar to him, "Zheleznyakov" in honor of the legendary sailor. During the war, the crew of "Zheleznyakov" fought at the Black Sea, on the Danube. In memory of this ship, and is the eternal lot.

- And then there is a trawler "Zheleznyakov" - said Peter Petrovich.-current. With crews of ships that are built with us, sometimes we will contact. Last year, the radio operators helped us connect with the trawler, "Ros." He had just been fishing in the South Atlantic, can you imagine? And hear, as if very close. Well, I'm the captain, of course, the question: what are the claims to us, shipbuilders? No claims, said thank you. Nice to hear, right?

We were now on the bridge across the Dnieper. On our right was the original place of Peter Petrovich Kiev shipyard where Tarasenko came after the service in the Navy. The plant is not from the small ones. But it the "Forge" said respectfully.

Anchor on the "Lenkuzne" helped his former colleagues, Sevastopol. Here, in the company, they are many. This school friend Pyotr Pavel Ivanovich Shkindel, and Hero of Socialist Labor Nikolai Romanovich Molodchenko and Nicholas Berendey.

- Consider a team of Sebastopol, 'said Peter Petrovich.-mark and the hero-city hold tight. And he holds her, Tarasenko. ... Whether from a novice to an expert, it is often seen with his very first steps in manufacturing. If you climb all the holes, if it is said, more than anyone should, it is not fool-men, "our people". Tarasenko was just like that. He went into the assembly hall staff to quickly and easily, and since then twenty-seven years here.

And what is the assembly hall? This is the place where the Court has already assembled saturate the machinery, equipment, being finished, and then carry out tests of ships ... But the shop is a lot of shops, offices and kontorok scattered across the territory. Go to the shop and include marinas with access roads, and the court has lowered the water and subject to completion afloat.

Peter Tarasenko The whole process worked out, put on stream, is divided into the position. Finally, and most importantly, the shop is a people group. They are from month to month, year after year, improve the process of finding and realizing more and more reserves. As a result, if used at each position required twenty days, and now this period is compressed up to fourteen. How exactly is this done? A story about all the improvements would take a lot of space and time. But it must be said about the major.

At a time when Peter first started working at the plant is the 56th, 57th years, the stake on the enlarged, several dozen people, teams, workers united various specialties. It was like a distributed recently brigade method.

- The method, no doubt, a good - thought Peter, 'but it requires conditions. When building a house, for example, everything is clear. When a dozen machinists and they are all concentrated in one area, in front of the master, too, no questions. Imagine a team of fifteen to twenty people in our shop:

people of different professions, and skills, not to mention the respect of the matter, dispersed, so that the team leader or monitor their work, or, if necessary, to give, in a timely manner to help people not able to. But the ship is a plant, besides still floating.

With this in mind, the center of gravity at one time suffered from large to small mixed teams of four-or six people, highly specialized. So Peter, who first in the enlarged team had to deal with mounting auxiliary ship machinery was put in charge of all four fitters dostroyschikov. They instructed the installation of the so-called individual things. This is the handrails, railings, ladders, covers and doors. This also added guard rails, remote drives.

Already mentioned Nicholas Molodchenko with several highly qualified fitters specializing exclusively in the installation of the main engine and shafting, others in other parts, or as they say, "areas" of the ship. In general, the shop and the factory is given a considerable advantage.

Another way, which uncovered a lot of reserves, it is easiest to explain with an example: what would have begun if the ship began to collect both the main and auxiliary engines, refrigerators, trawl, electricity and electronics, pulled a pipe, ladders, and put to lifelines, would make thermal insulation, performed carpentry work? Abraham would have made. Disorder, in which all would prevent each other. That, incidentally, is starting some construction sites.

Kiev is one of the initiators of the shipbuilders more progressive, modular assembly method in which the equipment in advance of the shops, workshops, collected in large blocks, and the vessel is placed in the assembled and almost ready-made. It also gave a prize. So, alone, it stimulated Pipeliner forty people. He told the foreman, and that's what:

- It has long been thinking about how to use icebreakers to the Dnieper navigable throughout the winter. This would give us the opportunity to send ships to sea without interruption throughout the year. But it has not. With nature to be reckoned. In these circumstances, the staff came out with this initiative: to bring the final trial, the fourth quarter of the year until fully cooked here at the shipyard. And send them to surrender to Kherson to freeze. That is almost complete, the program for the November holidays. It gave, in addition to winning over time? No longer need to send along with the trade-ship a large number of people taking a long time from their families. And how to use the fourth quarter, scored shipbuilders? During it they manage to create a reserve, just in time for the opening of navigation, to the first quarter of next year.

The necessity and benefit of all appreciated. And who was one of the initiators of this and other valuable initiatives? Peter, longtime party leader of the team for several years. Commissioner of the guild, his name here, who knows how to reach everyone affected by personal example, the authority.

... Peter lit up his latest belomorinu. We had turned off the bridge to the left and is now slowly walked along the waterfront to the river station. In this evening hour on the river boats scurried, pleasure boats, fishermen along the coast with fishing rods patiently waiting for good luck.

We mentioned earlier about the affairs of the plant, plant. On participation in their character, his influence on them. But, besides these common causes, concerns, it were more specific: his team, the scope of its tasks is quite narrow-hull fittings. To be honest, on this area, I heard the reviews and condescending: well, that, say, a-"to put fences?" Whether business-engine installation, the work demanding, mentally. No doubt, she is responsible, and mental. No motor boat, of course, will not go.

Well, it would be no ladder, no lifelines? Without the fuel valve? Without the dozens of other "little things" that are mandated to put dostroyschikam? Nothing good will. Because in a sea of little things do not happen. And here at the shipyard, once there are stairs and a rail, then work on the vessel safely and electricians, and painters, and carpenters, installers, and the same engine, they all pave the way to dostroyschiki holds, in the engine room.

We call and figure. Only the first year of the current five-year labor productivity in the team Tarasenko grew by 11 percent. How? At what expense?

- We seek and find answers, brigadir.-Life forces. What else?

Here are the search area, at first glance seems to be narrow: when installing the individual items, the same ladders, lifelines, so adjust them so that when you worked as a welder according to the book. But it is not feasibly once and not for everyone. Missing man is not skill or effort exerted is an experienced eye immediately notice: the gaps between parts. What they are, the greater the need of the electrodes, the energy for their termination, but the strength of this will not be higher. And drove and accurately, you see, instead of the loss of economy turns.

"Trifles"? And this, incidentally, hundreds of meters of metal blanks for each vessel, and if, by weight, tens of tons. A little less effort, heart, abilities, and provided tons of rules can easily overspend. The brigade also save them permanently.

- Try to measure at once so that no one meter do not have to throw, to this-from the earliest days of the team trained Basil Kruglik, Leonid Yuzvak, Nicholas Lobas. As a result, only the third year of their five-year saved, as recorded in liabilities, 245 linear meters of pipes of different diameters.

Look and think, learn to organize labor itself, so that there was no time loss, do not expect that someone will create your ideal kind of organization.

Initiating creative approach helped to reveal a number of bottlenecks. Take, for example, installation of guard rails at the portal of the vessel. In the past, on sailing ships was the prototype of the portal yard, and now it's fenced playground. As soon as protect it? Previously raised the portal stands, tubes and, at the height, tried on, cut, chased them in place and then welded. The idea, but not better on the beach, shops, make a jig, just copying platform, cook it, and the entire fence, ready to deliver with a crane to place the portal. It only remains to be welded. So they did. Savings in terms of installation was half out of every two, and also became a more reliable safety.

Another rationalization-installing guard rails along the propeller shaft. This was on the trawler did not last, and the previous series.

- And here is why it is imperative to put a rail? Asked the designer Valentin Petrovich Tarasenko Parfenova responsible just for the binding of individual items to the object.

- What do you mean?, Did not realize that.

- Awkward, every time you need to work with the shaft, rail is not in the assistant, and a hindrance. There, indeed, in the tunnel, and so crowded.

- It is true, agreed to the constructor, why, what can you do?

- Guard rails attach to the ceilings (ceiling). And, if necessary, to remove it as a shelf in the car.

The proposal was accepted. In general, a foreman with the designer touch is constant. With this corrected in a timely manner is not an error of design.

- But let me, Ya-curious-What are the mistakes of the project on the product, the waste, the serial?

- Serial project is the foundation - Parfenov. explained, but the design of its continually changing, at the request of the customer. For example, for fishing in the Caspian sprat should be used equipment, other than the fact that acts on trawlers in the South Atlantic. Otherwise, the search is equipped with a trawler. Or, say, put a different engine than the previous series of vessels, less overall. Therefore, something changes in the layout of other mechanisms, sites, or the same individual things. Designers can not always keep track of these changes, which may show up only later, at sea, when it's too late to correct flaws. So, even just by reading blueprints, Tarasenko helped get rid of many of these flaws. Be sure to warn: "Do not get so" or "Do not look." How many times he was right!

Do not safer to live, work, swim on the ship, "saturated", among other things, and so anxiously foreman for each rack, grille, damper? And he is all of this anxiety. On the "hardware"? No, people. Those who are far out to sea, and those who are close by.

I remember that the foreman had shut down due to illness from work for several weeks. But as soon as the doctors have weakened control over it, he set almost every day to visit their children, worrying about whether all the materials given to them today, received a dress, did not have a difficulty with the drawings, there is the right tool.

- Do not worry, Peter, - reasoned his deputy section chief Ivan Krivopalov, the youth is not lost without you. Let accustomed to independence.

Actually, Peter, and counted out. And instead of a left Vasya Kruglik. "Why him?" - I asked. Oh, that Bob is very special people. We are not lazy, but on the training courses it literally made brigadier walk. Not only that, he went almost every evening to check whether Basil engaged in a course.

- He is intelligent and capable, but to reveal, in that he needs help, 'said brigadir.-How? I think often put in a situation where you have the most to make the decision to act, take responsibility for themselves. Even if he does not want to. Without this, there is no work that day. None of the individual.

- I, he says, is trying to preach, and in the sponsored school, where he often performed, and in our vocational school graduates to pass, we practice. What is clear, plus I see in these guys? More knowledge, above the general level. But the attitude toward labor, it should bring up and educate. And if we are to craft a master, and taught the theory and the work checked, but now the theory they are taught separately, and practices-entirely on us. As she goes to school do not know. I am concerned about the gap.

Their favor brought the transition from large to small mixed teams, specialized. Today, we must go further back-to large integrated teams, but at a higher level. And for this, and engineering should be more reliable, and supplies, and one of the main conditions is the level of management teams. That is, a lot rests on the identity of the foreman, leader, organizer of the group. Not everyone is able to monitor the work of five or six workers, can be successfully managed with a fifteen-twenty. One of the most suitable for such a challenging role considered the Hero of Socialist Labour P. Tarasenko. And not just a thought, but actually chosen at a meeting of the three allied teams merged into one. Former leaders of Anatoliy Doroshenko, Vladimir Alekseevich Prokofiev elected to the board of the brigade.

On the advantages of a new Peter says is still very cautious.

- Manoeuvre people, more uniform load them during the day-evident. Young was interesting, because now they have to deal with the increased number of products. I think it will help to accelerate their professional growth.

But at least he is interested, and other growth and moral, which is important, not only as a person works, and why he does it, that motivates him. Once created the team, Peter suggested that they consider it the sixteenth member of the former workers' Lenkuzni "Alexis Fedosov, heroically died in the battle against fascism, and earned money to transfer to the Foundation of the World. This watch memory taken up by other teams.

- Why do we have? But then, not just labor created man, and his work has created an intelligent, spirited. ... Night was falling. Came the sound of music from the park. We Petr Petrovich came to the metro stop, which was called "Dnepr". We had to say goodbye.

- Today was a beautiful trawler, 'I said.

- Ugly ships do not exist, - he said.

The names of the courts usually give the customer. But sometimes shipbuilders asked to name the ship so that it bore the memory of someone of them, about his work. Trawler "Lenin's smithy" is named in honor of the plant. Another former worker was named "Lenkuznitsy" Hero of the Soviet Union Vasily Yakovenko. There is a trawler "Baibakov Designer."

All ships can not be assigned names of those who invested in them the soul. But the memory, it still remains. The memory of the people, their good deeds.

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