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Alexander G. Bardin

Moscow factory grinder cutting tool, "Fraser," named after Kalinin

Alexander G. Bardin - Grandpa! Grandpa! I found a mushroom - child's voice rang out among the forest sounds.

Lukashenka came to the granddaughter, who was sitting in the grass. Before her blushed pileus, robust fellow.

- Well, and vigilantly you have me. I walked by, noticed nothing. And you need some handsome discerned. Aspen said.

Most mushrooms that day were not included. And the sooner more mushrooms. But the trip was a success. The end of summer. The air is clean. The birds are singing. Beauty. Likes Alexander G. weekend here so walk with her granddaughter in the forest, listen to the voice of the trees and breathe the spicy smell of the forest glades in the pleasure or dig a small summer cottage. Once upon a time and a few hives were. His father, Gregory Klementevich, had a great fondness for bees. Ever since childhood in the small village of the Tula region wanted to start an apiary. But fate decreed otherwise. Difficult those years were the mid-twenties. That leaned to the Bardeen-senior industrial Moscow. So was in Perovo. In the early thirties came to the plant being built, "Fraser." It was not up to the apiary. It was only many years later, receiving country house, set about bees

Son of Alexander helped as I could. Several times they took the honey from the hives. However, a little bit. But the gulls with the fragrant gift of bees still drank. And then, when his father died, his case was hushed up. It brought a lot of trouble, took a while, which Alexander G. for this activity was not.

- In retirement, and bees on his father's example loan-thought-Alexander Grigorevich. And while the once.

By the end of the second weekend he is increasingly turning his thoughts to the plant, to shop, to his friends so many things: the development of new products, unfinished in the manufacture of highly complex tool, reporting and re-election party meeting, the factory trade union committee will re-elect. Yes, and other seemingly small problems, without which the plant can not live. For forty two years, as Alexander Bardin came into his checkpoint.

... World War II. The Nazis came to Moscow. His father disappeared for days at the plant output for the front, the team was preparing to evacuate in the Tomsk and Orenburg. Had to be dismantled and removed to the east more than a thousand machine tools from 1630 available on the company, to send several hundred workers and their families.

Work on the evacuation continued day and night. The team lived strenuous lives. Many were sitting on the sites, collected a long journey, in the cold, often starved.

In the cold January of 1942 is almost empty shops, "Fraser" seemed lifeless. However, the plant lived. Every day, went away ammunition was metal-cutting tools. Next to older stands on a specially made machine tools were boys and girls. At twelve o'clock. Most home after a shift does not go away. Yes, and what to do at home? Fathers and older brothers, most of them fought, mother and sister worked for twelve hours. Take imaginative boy a metal disc, to stoke the furnace glow, prizhmut close to her and wrapped in a sweater, laid down for the night. Gathering the will and strength into a single kunak, showing the organization and the heroism of Soviet soldiers, workers stopped the enemy's rear and pushed him away from Moscow. And immediately the team, "Fraser" was to restore the factory. Prepared in time to send machines to collect railway stations, returned them to the shops. That's when my father and said to Alexander:

- Come on, son, at the factory. They needed manpower ...

So Bardin, Jr., was in a group of Moscow factory cutting tools behalf of Mikhail Kalinin, the famous "Fraser." The workshops were uncomfortable and cold. Not enthusiastic standing forlornly foundations on which the machines shipped to the east.

- What do you stand the guy? Take the crowbar, shovel, help ...

Only when these words came to his mind, he drew attention to a small group of people, establish a foundation for the returned to the factory loom. Thus began the life of the factory for Alexander. You can tell from the ground up.

My father worked in the shop rezboshlifovschikom taps. I wanted to be with him. Doing the same thing he does. But it was taking question: whether to cope with difficult work? His father encouraged: Do not be shy. He promised to teach the tricks of the trade of Alexander. And the trade union committee of Alexander supported, encouraged, it may be said to work in the new case from the outset.

The war lasted. But the threat had passed over Moscow, and it affected the mood of people in the general atmosphere in the team. And if only a few months ago, the party committee considered a mandatory evacuation of every Communist, and the refusal violation of party discipline, but now it was strictly forbidden to voluntarily leave the factory. Its products are needed the army to the front.

But the boys wanted it to the front, in action. They are sixteen or seventeen, were smuggled from their superiors, and the factory to the military.

"Still have time navoyevat"-with these words they returned back. Went. to the military and Sasha Tolia Fomin, his close friend. And also with the same "success".

- Guys, opened in Moscow School of Navy communications. Walk into it and from there, the front-shared with them the secret of a "loser." So we decided. However, there hurdle. The plant could not let go of the workers and gave them the characteristics for admission to school. Alexander asked for help from his father. Had a serious talk. Gregory Klementevich son better understand what is and what the front "triangles" missives come to the family and friends. But as a patriot, he understood the spiritual impulse of his son. He had no right to dissuade him. I could not leave without his support. He procured for him a characteristic for which the road was opened to the son in the army and navy.

In the school context the military orders. But here, too young at first not be cut off from the problems of civilian life. Almost every day, here came the director of Moscow enterprises and asked to return the children to the factories to their machines. "With whom are we going to produce products for the front?" - They are distressed. Only when the students took the oath, visits, reopen the soul ceased. Soon, the radio operator Bardeen, Alexander, said goodbye to Moscow, the factory and the house goes to the Baltic. It was spring of forty-third ...

Oddly, Alexander wanted to serve a large combat ships, it graduated from college with excellent grades, was sent to a special unit, which provided the movement of the advancing Soviet fleet in the Baltic Sea. The Nazis, leaving destroyed the beacons indicative onshore facilities. Without them, navigation was dangerous, and in a short time destroyed the economy does not recover. The functions of lighthouses took the people. Groups of three people landed at certain places on the coast and keep in touch with the military operations taking place on the ships.

How many ships and military vehicles, are due to secure swimming in the waters of the Baltic orders for special purposes, one of which served as Alexander Bardin.

And when the navigational structures have been restored, Bardeen was sent to serve on the trawler. Five years after the war he went to the famous "plowman" sea. Ships tirelessly scoured the Baltic Sea, detecting and destroying German mines, which, having hidden in the depths of the sea, waiting for the moment to do its insidious work. Seven years have not been home for a sailor. But his turn came, and. As a volunteer he was discharged early.

What was his return to Moscow, the team, "Fraser"? It was a joyful and promising. And not only for the Bardeen. His arrival did not go unnoticed, not weathered over time, from memory. - Opened the door and walked into my office a strong young man in a sea jacket. Through the unbuttoned collar visible striped vest - says Chief toolroom Abram Silberstein. - "Leading Seaman Bardeen returned to his native" Fraser ", presented moryachok.-work there?"

Head shop remembered him a boy who "escaped" from the factory to beat the Nazis. Now, before it was passed through the fire of war, military experience wise man. But for seven years, he lost badly rezboshlifovschika skills. I had to take shape war veteran student. We see strong long for the peace cause, Alexander Bardin, so zealously took up the study. A month later he was transferred to independent work. And soon the foreman said:

- You know, Bardin, here we saw Circular been freed. Particularly accurate. Unique. It a great master of his art work. Entrust this machine can not for everyone. We decided that you can.

- Can handle it?

- You are the father. You could do. Since then, Lukashenka is not separated from a wonderful machine. This machine if there is no moral or physical deterioration. It is as accurate and high performance. It works like a clock. Much credit goes to its owner. Enjoys the golden rule people dealing with technology, - "Man loves affection, and the car-cleanliness and lubrication." One had to make a special custom measuring tool accuracy. And at that time were rare cutting tools with artificial diamonds, in particular grinding wheels. So no choice but to apply the terms of the natural stones. Another way to handle the item was not.

- Circles, studded with diamonds, are very expensive, 'says Alexander Grigorevich.-kept in the state-owned banks. To the plant came banker. In the form of a briefcase. In it, diamond wheel. I'm working, and he is sitting at the bench, reading a newspaper. I finish work, the employee neatly wraps up the circle and in the portfolio. Until next time. So we, along with bank employees responsible job done.

Alexander G. Bardin The strict relation to the accuracy, to work with sophisticated instrumentation, the ability of whatever was to "catch" in the metal-thousandth of a millimeter brought up in the grinder, Zinaida A. Alekseev-Controller Department. She is still working on "Frazier", although advanced age is a long time. It is not without reason, Bardin says his teacher, empathetic, patient.

But is she alone? How much interested in its success people met Alexander Grigorievich the labor way! They rejoiced at his success, proud of the achievements.

Once enrolled in the plant-order term to produce a large quantity of very precise drills. To measure the diameter of each of them, the so-called ring-caliber diameter was not necessary. Bardeen was asked to make a ring-gauges. And then he again showed himself a real versatile virtuoso. To begin with tiny devices designed by applying them to new technical solutions, and then made them. Gauges allow deviations of up to three microns, more than ten times thinner than a human hair. But in order to verify the accuracy of these rings, gauges grinder manufactured with a tolerance of one micron. The famous Lefty from Tula which was already a master, but he probably would have praised the craftsmen with the "Fraser".

Here is another case. By order pencil industry had to make a pen for processing faces special cutters. Although not apparent simplicity, they are difficult to produce specialist with the "Fraser" went abroad, wanted to get acquainted with the technology of manufacture of cutters. A foreign worker who produced them, refused to share the "secret." So with nothing and returned to engineer. The secret to a foreign firm has solved Bardin. Today, one of them made incisors stored in the shop as an example of excellence of the Moscow toolmaker.

In contrast to the self-serving foreign worker Alexander G. harbors no secrets. Next to it is often possible to see colleagues, both young and experienced. Always, he will share experiences, and if necessary, to show how and what to do. The very fit, if the notice that the other is not glued. Dozens of young toolmakers received from him a start in working life. Many work on "Fraser." They speak a good word about his mentor.

Educate the youth on the example of the best, instill a sense of her high responsibility for their work, respect for the results of their labor and the labor of his comrades, order and discipline in the production of Alexander G. considers its duty to the party. He did not pass by someone else's job, if it is littered and dirty.

- Honey, what do you all scattered, - a smile, says he will restore order. Carefully lay down the details of preparation and, to remove excess instrument. tables, you see, has become more spacious, more comfortable work.

Following this guidance will smile and a beginner, because, really, was better. And something good sink into his soul.

Who would say no to the Bardeen-workers or managers, it is always smooth. Even the most ardent and irritable in a conversation with him tempers his ardor, thinks. And may not agree, but not unpleasant residue remains, friendships remain.

The Communists shop for many years chosen by Bardeen to the party bureau. Trust is one of the most difficult and important parts-manufacturing sector. Rich experience, excellent knowledge of the production has largely helped "embroider bottlenecks." Of particular concern for delivering urgent orders. Then shop managers in monitoring their implementation without Lukashenka's hard to do. He does not have administrative rights, but the workers and craftsmen know if he appeared on the site, is a serious matter.

- Guilty-I always find it. Let's think together how best to do the job. Who offers what? Since this usually starts Alexander G.. Involvement of an active solution of industrial problems of the workers, attention to their opinion give good results. A benefit of the whole shop, around the plant and personally to everyone.

Troublesome work with Bardeen and as a member of the trade union committee of the company. One name for this eloquently-member of the Labour Court. However, there is little dispute. But there are. And often they are associated with the struggle for quality products. More specifically, the matter is this. Produced, say, a machine operator details, but they were in fact married. So, work mates on previous transactions went awry, the material is broken, electricity consumed flew up the chimney. However, the losses must be replaced. By law, a married calculate the money.

An honest man, who allowed the marriage randomly conscious of his guilt, is going through. How does he or unpleasant, without objection, he signed a special list that allowed the defect, and deprived of salaries. Dispute in this case does not arise.

But with negligent for causing the marriage of his own carelessness, negligence, are not signatories to the same page, do not plead guilty, the team is obliged to argue.

- Silko's not compel bungler to sign the document - says Bardin.-That has to pay for it the team. The law on labor collectives, passed the session of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR in August 1983, helps put things in order here. Now the final word for the team. And he-you may well find out who is right and who is wrong. Once in the factory trade union committee came to an employee of the thermal plant.

- I've had a calculated the defective parts, with the excitement she said. - But I pre-warned that the heating unit is faulty and can not work on it. And the master says, "not your business, work."

- Calm down, if you're right, we will not give offense, but guilty to ask - is said to Bardin.

The worker was right. The master in turn referred to the sluggishness of repairmen. Those, on the suppliers, do not provide them with the necessary materials. And so the chain.

- All the same chain, we went to the end, says Alexander Grigorevich. Conclusions-commission on labor disputes have been the object of serious discussion in the Party Committee and the Professional Committee. It was opened a number of shortcomings in many industrial links. Soon, the majority escaped. Here's how to help around the factory workers a fair complaint. And she returned the money are calculated, apologized, and even said thank you.

Homeland praised the successful work of the factory grinder "Fraser" Alexander G. Bardin. It was not the year, there were no five-year, private job which he does not completed to advance.

In the factory museum in plain-portrait of good grinder. Honor, too big.

- Has the Lukashenka with awarding him the title of Hero - asked Party Secretary Leonid Fedorovich Chekunova.

- Perhaps the changed-is responsible. - More precisely, the ratio has changed around him. Even more carefully began to listen to his advice, comments and even more high was his reputation. And he stayed. Assume the same as before, the conservative, the late, self-sacrificing worker ...

Day wore on. Nabrodivshis granddaughter in the forest, rustling deciduous, Alexander G. returned to the country. Yet to meet on the road, still a long way in the train, and even home affairs there, but he felt the smell of machine oil, emulsions, heard the noise of machines, human voices, saw the family have long been the face of friends, colleagues. The plant may have occurred, failures, successes, is a private matter. However, in the family awaited him something is not everyday ...

The house is large and pleasant Bardin trouble. Zhannochka granddaughter to school tomorrow, the first class. My grandmother and mother utyuzhat dress, white apron and ribbon. Men collect pencils, pens, notebooks, textbooks. In a vase flowers waiting in the wings. Worried and granddaughter as well be now with the dolls?

- Now read-write'll learn, 'I said.

Zhannochka runs to Alexander Grigorievich and pressed his hand:

- I already know how. My grandfather taught.

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