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Lisiecki Michael Antonovich

Draegerman Komsomolsk Mining and Processing Plant

Lisiecki Michael Antonovich From Pevek, a small arctic town, the streets which stretch for several kilometers along the coast of the Arctic Ocean, to the town of Komsomolsk, where he lives the foreman of the northernmost country in the dredge Michael Antonovich Lisiecki, I went along with the director of the plant Anatoliy Nikolaevich Prudnikov. He was returning from Magadan, where the board of directors was held. The path to the village, not a short one hundred and fifty miles, and I hoped in my heart that I can learn more about the plant, its people, about Lisiecki. And I'm not mistaken. Prudnikov, lively, middle-aged, gray-haired man, was talkative and open. On the Komsomolsk ore-processing plant, he was twenty years after graduation. He started as a private engineer at a time when both the village and the mine had just settled in a remote tundra.

By that time, the question is no longer standing: to be Chukchi gold or not. Even before the war, geologists have proven reserves for the first tin companies. Soon far from Pevek have mine "Valkumey" tin mine "Red Army" in the lower Amguema began to build Iultin tin mill.

Along with the tin parties are more often show signs of gold. Confirms the predictions of the expedition KI Bogdanovich that the precious metal may be hiding in an ancient watershed of the North Anyui Ridge and in the mountains of Chaun Bay. In the fifties, geologists have discovered zologye placers in the river basin Rauchua. Golden trail passes left for the North Ridge Anyui.

So on mine grows Ichuveeme "Komsomol", on behalf of the rattlesnake-mine the XXII Congress of the CPSU, on the southern slopes of the North Ridge Anyui-mine the Yuri A. Bilibin.

- Established our mine, 'continues the story Prudnikov, with a handful of people-mine "Red Army". In the summer of 1957 three bulldozers, loaded with tents and 12 people under the leadership of an unyielding optimist, a talented director Nikolai Sergeyevich Levin arrived in the valley of the creek Ichuveem average. They also were among the first head of the mining site Anatoly V. Selivanov, and the first oprobschik Polezhaev Fyodor Kuzmich, walking past with a tray on the streams and rivers Bodaybo, Indigirka and Lena. Soon Chukotka became the all-Union prominence. Only one plot was organized in the tundra, gave the country three annual plan. The Order of Lenin and the first award in the history of the plant, which was handed Selivanov.

In winter 1958, in the valley Ichuveemskuyu brought about two dozen mobile homes. A decision on the organization of mine, and Magadan Komsomol appeals to young people to: "The new mine-willed, hard-working." At the end of the year Chaun-Chukotka takes first messengers ...

Our "jeep" was running slowly on a bumpy gravel road, battered by heavy machinery. Now came the autumn, a busy time for the Chukotka region, where through the Arctic ice to Pevek broke boats that brought food, spare parts, fuel, equipment, clothing, in short, everything you need to master the industry-mining region.

The bright sun shines. The sky is blue and clean. Old-timers say that these days, very rarely, because even in summer the sun does not warm permafrost ground. Far ahead are seen covered with a blue haze of the mountains, to which we are approaching. Gradually the road on both sides of it, a great many large flowered daisies. Right-leaning randomly telephone poles, wires were broken in many places, and hanging helplessly over the land: trace frequent in these parts hurricane winds, called Chukotka Yuzhakov. Phone line not recovered, so the left side, a hundred meters from the highway, communications pose new posts.

Soon the valley was over, we descended into the valley and stopped at the first creek. The water is clean, every pebble at a glance. - Give me, Volodya, a glass - Prudnikov refers to the driver. Scooped up water from the brook and drank greedily. Again scooped up and offered me. The water was indeed delicious. From it radiated a pleasant coolness of the mountain.

Director of the bent to the water, scooped up a handful, refreshed the dark face:

- There's still quite a bit to shake. Soon, Crane's pass and see what we have at home ...

- And why Crane?-Asking.

- The rest of the hill cranes, when the autumn returned to warmer climes ...

Bypassing the numerous hills, the tops of which, like a guard, decorated kekury, arrived at the foot of the pass. He towered over the desolate tundra and seemed impregnable. Only in the summer but the fall of the machine serpentine road with difficulty reached the top, and in winter all have to go around.

Below stretched ... colorful, the carpet, tundra. She wither. There, among the grasses, on the marshy lowlands blushed cloudberries, loomed small pea-sized berries Shiksha. Far below gleamed white houses of the village.

Here almost twenty years ago came after the army Michael Lisiecki and was immediately determined on the dredge. Man, he was able, on the fly grasped all the nuances of a new business. During the year, went from seaman to chief engineer. Not everyone is a force so quickly in fact learn a second profession. That it stood out among their peers, so it is above all the seriousness and independence.

- I like this more than a year watching those who come to us from the mainland, - thinking out loud Prudnikov. - Some come for the big money, they think nothing in the Arctic state pays double fare, and can not withstand the first winter. Tundra is weak, does not accept. Lisiecki-person strong and laconic. No wonder the team saying, "Antonovich does not repeat twice." He said that it is necessary to prepare the dredge to the permutation-everybody knows their roles and try to fulfill conscientiously all provide. Not because they are afraid of the foreman. No. Just a shame moonlight beside the man who in the case and refers to people with all my heart ...

Four years Lisiecki team working on a team contract. Many of the plant did not believe in the success of initiatives. Repeated, as it is known to all motive: we are in the north, there other conditions, remoteness of damage and at the first dredge consecutive Lisiecki will crack. Perhaps detractors and waited for this moment, but four years have passed, and the dredge is working, always ahead of the schedule. Improved organization of labor and, consequently, increased the net during dredging, which promotes the growth of labor productivity. For credibility, a few figures: in 1982 a plan for labor productivity is made on the 109.4 percent, operating costs decreased by 49.1 thousand rubles.

The village is situated on the Komsomolsk compact canopy of the gully. In the center, near the house of culture, a large obelisk of granite stone in honor of the first builders. On both sides of the main street, two-story house in which they live miners, Home life, school, shops, office. Just below, workshops, barrels of fuel, but on the opposite slope-animal complex. Recently, working on their own MCC built a pig farm and barn, in 1983, rehabilitated 29 hectares of land and planted with a mixture of long-term: to be your food. Working dining room is open around the clock: the busy time of the season wash the miners are working in three shifts of twelve hours.

Lisiecki was not in the village. He was on the ground.

The landfill is located about forty kilometers from the village. Workers delivered there by bus.

Dusk, soon to be come a polar night. Dredge is almost invisible from a distance. She hid the high hills of waste ground. Just add a little played with waving flag. Near this floating factory ship of gold, like an ocean, which seems to float over the ground. This feeling arises because the slaughter, in which the dredge was working, was covering a deep pit filled with muddy water.

At the edge of the bottom lay a long wooden ladder and through it to us a leisurely walk toward the young, smart, in a colorful shirt, man.

- Lisiecki, 'he called himself and held out his hand ...

He had a night shift, and I love to stay with him.

Strained humming engines. Dredge starts, finely vibrate the floor dragerke where the control panel. Squealing, crawling slowly filled with wet sand buckets. Hand-Michael Antonovich on the lever. In all the movements felt skill. No wonder he was the sole representative of the miners in the Chukotka Union competitions dredger in the Amur region. Northerners were not mistaken in the choice. Lisiecki has brought award-certificate for second place, and several innovations used Amur gold miners.

Lisiecki Michael Antonovich But the foreman not enough to be master of his craft, if he wants to achieve results. Drago maintains a crew of 21 people. All the characters are different and the skills are different, too. The crew is constantly infused new strength-school graduates, in what probably has merit and teachers and factory workers. Teachers meticulously and with great interest to collect documents, photographs, memoirs, relating to the history of the mine, and to ascribe this finding children. Operating the plant not only assist in equipment rooms, and meet with the guys, talk about labor progress, listen to reports about the students learning.

Every year a team of Michael Lisiecki included two or three of the freshman high school graduates. They come as young people from different parts of the country. On how they will meet in a working team, what kind of atmosphere in it, depends on their fate.

Four years ago, came to dredge Sasha Maslyuchenko. In Chukotka, he arrived from the Ukraine. The foreman spoke to him.

- Married? Asked Lisiecki.

- Yes, sigh, the boy replied, and added, wife, child, and you say, the housing tugovato ...

- You did not call until seven, he tarry in the dormitory, start working, and we'll think of something. He had not yet given promised, although at first glance it attracted a beginner. With the team talked and they decided together to help cut down the house of Alex. Director of Works went to meet them: helping timber. Soon the house, which was built by working in their spare time, was the housewarming.

Caring for a person elevates it promotes initiatives that expands the boundaries of thought. The team, which got Sasha Maslyuchenko, helped him for two years to learn the secrets of the profession and become a qualified technician. But this is not enough for Lisiecki. He sees his task is wider. He is convinced that a new form of subcontracted work aims not only to increase productivity. For it is much more important to people to think creatively, independently, that he valued the honor team. Brigadier himself, his master-grip a good example to follow. Once Lisiecki saw during the wash water enters the deck electric vibrator. Maslyuchenko called:

- Look, Sasha, will lose the engine. Flood water and closes ... Maslyuchenko listened, then offered:

- Maybe it into podstavochku, Antonovich?

- Think, think. Do not hurry. After some time, Alex meets a foreman again:

- There is a right decision ...

- What?

- We will raise him up. And then he was not scared. Dredge sink, and the engine will run. The foreman smiled contentedly and stretched out his hand:

- Go to Ignatov and act together. That's the way things were born on the dredge. And not only on the dredge. The team Lisiecki, exceeding the daily cleaning plans, shouldered the additional burden: undertook the construction of the landfill workers' canteen, agitpalatki, elegant site. Undertook a case in which a vested interest group of the site. Weather in the Chukotka region is unstable: in the winter-cold forty-degree da blizzards, summer, in June, can go to the snow. Where warm, eat or listen to a lecturer, working to a meeting? The village far away. Do not just remember the good word on the site are built on a sledge. Were it not for them, no one knows how to time everything was over ... In the director's office gathered the heads of departments, deputies. There was talk about the outcome of the day. In the winter, as a rule, the miners are busy repairing equipment. Campaign is no less responsible than flushing season. Prudnikov laid on the table maintenance schedule, to say something, when suddenly there was a sharp blow to the window glass rattled. All jumped from their seats and rushed to the windows. There is already in full raging snowstorm. Wind raged, furiously throwing large flakes of snow drifts in front grew. Located fifty meters workshop for repair of mining equipment had disappeared, as if it there never was. Snowy shroud surrounded the office complex.

- The situation, as you see, is changing. I ask all heads of departments and shops

immediately check the availability of people - quickly gave Prudnikov and grabbed the phone:

- Dispatching? Urgently send orders to the heads of sections: one at home, no go. Hold together ...

The bell rang.

- Fast? I listen to you, yelling into the phone Prudnikov. Writing something on paper, looked puzzled at the sitting to the right of chief engineer Vladimir Alekseevich Nikitenko.

- In the Fast three buses were stuck with people who did not have enough fuel. Merged remnants of gasoline into the tank of a bus, tried to pass, could not. The road to continuous drifts.

- We need a bulldozer-thought, suggested the chief.

- Not one but two. So reliable, - said the director.

Soon, two tractors left by winter road in the direction Fast. To go through the pass was dangerous.

Was three hours of anxious waiting. The director, his deputies, the chief engineer were waiting for the call. Finally the bus told the people in the village quickly, people have placed in the hostel. On the left Ichuveeme Stepan Kozanyuk, section chief, with fifteen men. Waiting for transport. That was on Ichuveeme, it is better to listen to fishermen.

Anatoly penny dredger:

We have brought new jigs. I worked with Nestor Fomin their installation. Suitable Michael Antonovich and says, "Tolia, finish their work and can go home." We did not go to dinner, managed a little earlier. Not far from us, water tower, where the cars come to fetch water.

I mean Nestor: "Go, look, maybe the machine came up ..." He comes running, "Tolia, let's go, there's a ride" - screams. We reached the bridge, blew a ... We rode the wind gusts whipped, so nothing is visible. Somehow I got to the village, and then blizzard broke out in earnest. I've been in the Chukotka region, but this is not seen ... "

When Kopeiko left, soon after it left the bus with the people, the second bus was not yet. The remaining workers were sitting and talking in the dining room. A gust of wind sweeping the snow dumps. Lisiecki entered the trailer to the Kozanyuku wearily sat on the bench. He felt a weakness in the legs: impacted a recent operation. Probably should have been more at home lie down. Tired of being alone within four walls, the wife of Zina in the work, persuaded a doctor today and that's just walked out.

Kozanyuk appeared. Hat, collar in the snow.

- Bus, for sure, do not pass, it is helpful to get out somehow, 'said the chief of the site and looked at Lisiecki.

- What says the director of the plant -

asked the foreman.

After a pause, Stepan Kozanyuk


- Relationships with the Works not ... Probably broke the wire.

- Well, if we catch the trailer to the bulldozer and go ...

They called Misha Litvinov, the bulldozer of the brigade Gordiychuk.

- Come on, Mike, backwaters his bulldozer. They went out three. Behind them, Sasha Bogatyrev, an electrician with the dredge.

- While you're cooking technique, I will light a bulldozer from the cockpit into the van. Not in the dark as to go ... Soon moved on. Wind rapidly gaining momentum, the blizzard was making curtains, lights and radiator is almost not visible. Tractor, opening cockpit, often pops out, looking forward, trying to guess the well-trodden track. In the face of a hard hit, as sand, snow. With every step was more difficult to move. Through a stream of white snow is no longer see the road, surrounded by snowdrifts. And what it meant to make a mistake at least two or three feet: the flight from the blade, and vanish into thin air. The tractor is stopped.

With some difficulty opening the door to the trailer, Kozanyuk was in a deep snowdrift. As soon as he got up, the wind force of unprecedented hit in the face, knocked to the ground. And then Kozanyuk crawled forward to the tractor. In a subtle noise machine got to the cabin and, after talking with Litvinov, returned to the trailer.

- We need two more volunteers in the reinforcements ...

- Come, 'said Lisetskiy.-What is there to do?

- Sit down, Antonovich, not swaggers. Again, the hospital wanted to? 'Said, getting up, Bogatyrev.

- Right, right. Manage without you, a voice-Drobyago Grigory Vasilyevich, a senior engineer dredge.

Threesomes, tightly holding hands, crouching low to the ground, they went ahead of the bulldozer, seeking yellowed clumps of snow. Strength dried up, the sweat from melting snow flowed over the faces immediately turned into an icy crust. They tumble into the van, then warmed and then went out to meet the disaster. Day continued this unusual contest. Within 24 hours they went 12 miles and ran into the village ...


The polar night is a combination of the monotony of colors and sounds. Everything becomes monotonous gray, through which the little yellow autumn breaks tundra and white specks of snow, surviving in this hot summer. It seems that the moon disappeared forever. And there is the polar night the stars?

But it did not last long. Soon the distant hills to the east are gradually covered with gold paint, and if you feel that you are on the ground and not on a desert island. The north wind blew in dragerke was chilly. Lisiecki closed transom and turned electric. Beside him, on the table, the kettle was boiling, lay slide caramels.

- At this time, just pull off to sleep - he says, pouring a cup white enameled hot tea.

Dredge, biting into the ground thawed, slowly creeping forward, leaving mountains of waste mass. Lisiecki presses the red button down the ladder on which a quick step went to the range top engineer Anatoly Lysenko. In front of the dredge when drillers have a few needle-six-foot steel pipes that are used to thaw the permafrost. Anatoly needles collected in a safe place and headed for the stairs. It could and leave, let go to the bottom of the pit and no one of them and not be remembered. Just think, these tubes have thousands of drillers ...

- Each of these needle-Lisiecki said, the mill-cost 50 rubles. If you dig, you will not save enough. They are made of high strength steel ... The same cautious attitude in the team just drag everything: the power (wherever possible, Sasha Bogatyrev replace conventional light bulbs with fluorescent, designed a more economical electric, moved the spotlight and switches, mount them at the panel, so as not to run to the stern each time .) Well, and how to reduce consumption by half a cable?

- It is necessary to look at and correct his mount. So in order to lower the cable rubbing on the ground that "bullies" were not.

They know how to protect workers and time. The secret is simple: Lisiecki knocked at the heads and installed with the guys on the dredge lathe, circular saw, belt sander. With the breakdown of any earlier settlement had to go. The ends do not close. He taught all working crews to grind, cook, soldering, cutting. Now on the site know that if something is broken somewhere, it is necessary to go to drazhnikam, they will help.

Brigadier Sam used to work with a view: in the end of the shift bypass dredge, inspect and fix: where lubrication is needed, where to tighten the nut, and where replacement parts are required. That's a grain to grain, high yield-looking.

Childhood ... in the Belarusian village. To be precise, as a child. There was no. Difficult time of war. Father - on the front, the Nazis burned the house. Mischa in the family was the oldest. Well, that good people are sheltered.

Father returned from the front. The collective farm allocated timber, and they began to build his house. On the morning of his father at work, Mike ax in hand, and also for the work, all taught by his father: planing, sawing boards | board, plank floors. Peers run by and named the lake, playing rounders, he had no time: it is necessary to perform the job of his father. Such were his father's lessons. When the house was built, my father and said, looking at the eldest son:

- Winter on the nose, firewood needed. Take it to a younger and let's go into the woods ...

Such was the father of pedagogy, a member of two wars, war veteran, still alive, in spite of his ninety years.

The line of his father, without saying a word, of course, went on the master in a trade school in Leningrad, Nikolai Polukhin. He spotted a rustic lad diligence and acumen, and began every day to complicate the task for him. First, Michael produced a simple self-ugolnichek, then caliper, and at the final examination is able to adjust the milling machine ... He is one of twenty-five graduates received the fourth digit. The master, saying goodbye to him, said a representative of the Kirov factory:

- Here's this guy you can trust the most difficult task ...

The following year, a locksmith-adjuster Lisiecki was given the fifth digit ... After the army as a volunteer, he went to the Far North. He always wanted the world to see. And here, as he says, he was lucky on a good man, it was Nicholas Zosimovich Anaschenko, experienced dredger, a skilled teacher, a Communist. He Lisiecki and began a sailor ...

Quickly replaced the polar night sunrise. At the bottom of the sailors, two guys, got busy. Including pumps, they began to wash the scoop chain, iron-deck train dredge to pass a new shift. I sat on the sofa, which stood in the corner dragerki and unwittingly fell asleep. Half an hour later I woke up and found his jacket brigade ...


When the dredger Michael Antonovich Lisiecki was awarded the Gold Star, he was not concealing emotion, said:

- This award is highly valued not only my work, but my friends and work: Stepan Stepanovich Kozanyuka, Grigory Vasilevich Drobyago, Anatoly Petrovich penny, Sasha Bogatyrev, Leni Ignatova, Sasha Maslyuchenko ... Thank you, dear friends! In the hall of prolonged applause.

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