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Gavrilov Nikolai Emelianovich

Brigadier Mobile brigade complex mechanized column N 16 common building trust 18" Lenuniversitetstroy "Glavleningradstroya

Gavrilov Nikolai Emelianovich It turns out that the builder of the Leningrad Nikolai Gavrilov brigadirstvuet nearly all his life. But the path does not begin here, at a construction site, and on the farm. He's just going to go to school, when he received the first payment for the work-collective farm workdays. Their seven-year Kolka accrued during the season of the shepherd on the farm. The first-born in a large family, Chuvash, he was probably the first time felt like the eldest son, assistant in the house.

Private in the collective farm system, he remained, and all the war years, for which his father had to battle to master the various systems of small arms, and his eldest son all village-occupation of his father. Each of them went his way to victory. And when in the 45th, father and son met, spacy joy Kolka saw his father's chest rattling series of military decorations, and tired to fight his father, with tears in his eyes for a long time held in the palm of Medal of 15-year-old son, "For Valiant Labor in the Great Patriotic War ".

- Would you believe it?!, Proudly exclaimed his mother, explaining the price Kolkinoy nagrady.-In da bull riding plowed 97 acres. And then another, and planted! "Remembering the rules of peasant labor, the father of disbelief shifted his gaze to the person grown up son, wondering what features to look for it now, boyish stubbornness or obstinacy of courage a man? But that day it was just a big smile lit up.

Life had just begun for the guy. But as it is now, after almost forty years, according to Nicholas himself Emelianovich, major life experience for him to fifteen years have been left behind: his most bitter and hard feelings he associates with a military childhood, and most light and joyful, with the award of the medal and a return to front of his father. But later in his life had such vivid events, like meeting with Leningrad, happy marriage, the birth of daughters, the awarding of the Gold Star of Hero of Socialist Labor ... There were a lot of grief ...

Native village Tansalino that twenty kilometers from the Volga and in the forty from Cheboksary, Nicholas must be another important acquisition, without which it is impossible to imagine his life. Even as a young villagers saw in him not only commendable diligence, but also the adult judgment, concern for the common cause of independence in decision-making. Countrymen are not embarrassed if any young Gavrilova, Jr., or thinness of his figure. They gave the guy a part of nineteen cases and collective power over the other: was elected foreman. In this capacity he went through life.

The last 27 years, Nikolai Gavrilov Emelianovich integrated team is headed in the mobile mechanized column number 16 number 18 building trust Glavleningradstroya.

He arrived in Leningrad, with a modest soldier's case and with no very definite plans for the near future. Just suddenly crossed the interests of the demobilized sergeant and the Commissioner for orgnaboru: one ambulances were needed, without delay search and earn money to dress up after the military service, and other strong-arm, persistent.

Whom work in construction? Such a question before Nicholas did not stood: Of course, a carpenter. Who in the post-war, the village did not know carpentry craft? Of all the expectations one is still not fulfilled. He rode in a big beautiful city and appeared in the village, a cold northern country with a working hostel. Waiting for a meeting with world festive Neva ensembles with their palaces, bridges, granite embankments, and met with the prose of building a brick factory in Tosno district, Leningrad region, where, at least for the pipe climb on a clear day, even before the gilded spiers znamennyh not reach out and look.

Management does cupola was in Leningrad, and scope of work of building trust, which determined Nicholas, captured mostly suburbs, porushennye war. But, apart from rural everyday life in the life Gavrilova was also the weekend that could be called a city: Sundays Tosnensky builders boarded a train and a couple of hours have already been on the Nevsky Prospekt.

On the visitors a man who always ends up in a new place, say, rooted, became her on this earth. Nikolai Gavrilov, too, remained. But not the grace of the Northern Territory held him back. He went on for years distant suburbs of Leningrad nomad-builder, as there were at Rus seasonal carpentry cooperative, leaving behind a log-huts, bridges, churches church. But they were free to choose the next contract, and bound hand the need to return to the beginning of agricultural harvest. Gavrilov also worked hard in the mode of the production plan of the trust do not always know the address and the nature of the next object, long duration of construction projects enabled him thoroughly to find a new place and time to start a family, with whom he did not leave a long time.

If the map of Leningrad region to identify all construction projects, which put his work Gavrilov, then Leningrad, will be in their ring. The icon will appear even from the sea-island Kotlin in the Gulf: there, in Kronstadt, Nicholas built homes. In other places, after it left the village, ceramic plant, wastewater treatment plants. But most of the Gavrilov-agricultural facilities erected stables, poultry farms, pig farms, kapustohranilische, vegetable base, calf shed, kartofelerazgruzochny complex. Each object is one or two years of sedentary life, and then again to change location. On receipt of an apartment in Leningrad family life Gavrilova gained the coveted stability, but the head of the family started and finished the day on wheels, which in the early morning a couple of hours brought him to the suburban construction site, and late in the evening as much rolled back.

Of course, these costs that turn out to considerable personal inconvenience, Nicholas could easily be avoided by changing the construction company, and many, by the way, and did. But he could not explain the reason for dismissal in his trust? Far from going to work? It seemed frivolous Gavrilov, and come up with a more suitable occasion was not in its rules. Satisfied with the fact that sometimes he "selhozniku," fell a purely urban construction sites, panoramic cinema "Leningrad", the new campus, renovation of the Palace of Culture in the Vyborg district.

So it's not the Leningrad land and facilities of city life while stuck with a former sergeant Gavrilov. Like many young, he captured away from home new business. And not in a "far north", which became for him the Leningrad Region, the men come, it would seem, at times, but since then, and remain northerners. Different forces and interests keep people in distant lands, and cool. Gavrilova, hooked craft builder with its famous creative principle which carries both the architect and the worker. He himself admits that the greatest satisfaction in the work he brings to construct the entire object, from zero up to the roof. Why not? In order to feel more acutely the creator!

According to documents of the personnel department the first time Nicholas was listed as a carpenter. It is one thing, staffing, and another - the practice of flexible construction, which adjoins a lot of specialties and a dependent on another. Gavrilov and he no longer remembers how it happened, "out of interest, probably," but, three years later he could, if necessary, and replace the carpenter and mason and fitter, plasterer, rigger, fitter. He mastered and easy welding. Later, when the combination of professions has become widespread as one of the most progressive methods of labor brigade, for him it was already a truism.

Three years Nicholas was in the rank and file builders, and then was appointed foreman. Since that time, and became "Emelyanychem" - laughing Gavrilov, who was at work all just so called.

Select comparison foreman duties? Who is the chief, his father, a strict guy? "Perhaps the sergeant position, suggests Nikolay.-himself a soldier, but the duties and responsibilities of more than ordinary. Right? If they like the discipline of the army lacks, while industrial democracy, they are not so noticeable. "

As they say, it is more visible from the hill: in the army commanded by Gavrilov mortar branch, was an assistant platoon sergeant positions are the most occupied. Yes, and the current position of brigadier in 27 years time to comprehend.

Work team leader directs his comrades on the basis of units of labor law, business knowledge, life experience, a sense of justice ... The mere fact that, without fear of consequences, with the foreman, and you can bet on the one hand, it complicates his life, and on the other makes, creates conditions for the adoption jointly worked out a solution. Nevertheless, the foreman is the head of a new type of team. The head of the workers, has the right to dispose of, ability to listen to his comrades. In the guise Gavrilova, these features are present clearly and convincingly. There is something in it and the experienced soldier, and the pilot, all held in the school work of the builder.

This is the third. Year the team is going Gavrilova in the morning in the office trestovskom bus, driven by builders in the village of Ioannina, in the twenty kilometers east of Leningrad. There, on the vacant land of 36 acres, built a greenhouse plant, and is essentially a giant garden under glass for the city on the Neva. The team is assembling greenhouses and is building blocks for a variety of services combine.

Gavrilov Nikolai Emelianovich Build facilities similar profile Gavrilov had never had, but too much trouble building it for his team did not call. However, there is still tension starting period when the winter greenhouses it is imperative to pass before the arrival of winter and summer, before the summer, but the builders, the situation is just the familiar.

Brigadier defines their duties briefly: "That the staff to establish that under any circumstances, was made a regular job." With the end result is clear: the team Gavrilova works smoothly, the plan performs consistently at 120-130 percent, constantly takes place in the great socialist competition. In the same conversation about the organization of work, most of the team in his judgments appear Gavrilova details and nuances, "It depends on which side of the approach, there is a team, team, team-worker and have a team of individuals in the characters ..." In the early years of the brigadier in the office, Nikolai Emelianovich believed that its main task is to teach the team to work well: to help beginners learn the profession, the right to place people at the facility, if necessary to establish the interchangeability of people in different jobs. Of course, for the foreman in this case it was important to maintain a rapport with the superintendent and chief of the site, take care of labor discipline within the team, in all fairness to evaluate the performance of each. But most importantly, be able organizer of the labor collective. And for many years Gavrilov well mastered this duty.

But here's the standard for the past situation: a good specialist in their field skipped. What the foreman? Exhort the careless, and when the patient collapses, to insist on his dismissal? Brigades, the conflict in those years, as a rule, do not touch. Yes, and Brigadier-Makarenko not to seek pedagogical approaches, it is necessary to carry out the plan ... As a result, construction has lost a man who not so long ago it was useful. Yes, and discipline the offender suffering left with the corresponding record workbook.

Do not want to give the name of one of the members of the brigade, which has recently occurred is the same case: a boy and a spree for two days did not go to work, - says Nikolay Emelianovich. - Misconduct is a very serious, the present emergency. I could talk to the guilty, but he did not do that. Delivers call a meeting of all teams. Prior to his fellow quitter, and explanations. They are, of course, is also said to him in the face what they think about it. And soundly punished: the ruble, a public reprimand, and even obliged to work absenteeism in his free time. I think that if someone has summed team, then let the collective and the answer holds. It's harder brigadier notations. By the way, that guy any more from me, nor the crew have no complaints. "

What has changed over time? Why did the foreman handed the coaching skills team itself? And why it took them?

The explanation must be sought in a new form of assessment and payment of labor, which became widely known in recent years, the collective dress, which focuses on the final result, the completed project. It not only facilitates the work of accountants, but also the most organic way with the principles of collective labor, characteristic of a socialist society.

At the same construction crews are now there are not formally united as a single economic stimulus. The total amount of work performed by a team, along with the prices fixed in the same document. And then, she let the team decide who is and who worked as much for their work to get it. The foreman is required to establish the mechanism of collective attire. Gavrilov, explains his work: "The results of our labor brings the total at the end of the month Board team. It consists of seven members chosen by the workers themselves. When the distribution of wages council takes into account qualifications of each member of the team, his labor activity. It can reduce or increase the rate of labor participation of team member, encourage him to work a premium surcharge. Here counsel and faced with questions of labor discipline and education. Indeed, in terms of the collective costume every absenteeism, tardiness or laziness in the workplace no longer a private matter of a discipline-violator suffer interests of the whole team. And the Council has to protect them. In this situation, he had to take on coaching skills, develop social sanctions on those who leads the team. And I, as team leader decide what issues should be discussed at the next council meeting and, of course, take part in its work. "

Of course, the word itself Emelyanycha still means a lot, his authority in the team is great, but the search for solutions to the most important questions of life, he knowingly provides brigade staff. "Let each one tries his hand at production management, feels personally responsible for the common cause," said Brigadier-Gavrilov, preaching thus one of the pedagogical principles of Anton Makarenko, who now formed the basis of the Law on Labor Collectives.

When it comes to education, and speak to students. It is difficult to say how many builders consider Leningrad Emelyanycha his teacher. Gavrilov, thinking of his students, said that there are more than a dozen. He is referring only to those former members of their crews, who later himself became a foreman at a construction site. And how many people in his life he taught construction trade, or simply in good faith with respect to the matter? But the backbone of the current teams, each of which works together with Gavrilov for several years? Deputy team leader Vladimir Kondratyev carpenter, installer Peter SORM, mason Vladimir Lukyanov, Carpenter, Vladimir Akishin near Emelyanychem they learned a lot, have themselves become masters of their craft, mentors.

A little more than a year had once worked in a team Gavrilov Konstantin Vasilenko young carpenter. And then went to serve in the army. In memory of Brigadier, he was diligent, inquisitive guy. What was the joy Gavrilova, when two years later, Kostya came before him: "You take the brigade, Emelyanych?" I should not take this ... Vasilenko and today is quite young-24 years. But already mastered two majors, the skill of catching up with the veterans. A serious man he is, Kostya Vasilenko.

Recently, the guy took the foreman to one side, "I think Emelyanych, to join the party ... As you look at it? "Even though this conversation was unexpected, but Gavrilov did not surprise decision Bones and first wrote him a recommendation. Later, however, when the application is considered Vasilenko Party committee of the trust, and they were on opposite sides of a large table in the office of the Secretary Emelyanych excited: not efface the guy in a formal setting, it would not disappoint, a member of the party committee, as it turned out, suffered in vain: the answers to Questions Communists Kostya pit successfully and vote in the nomination, no one has caused doubts. With a sense of pride in his pupil raised his hand and foreman. Vasilenko was the ninth person joined the party on the recommendation of Gavrilov.

His face brightens foreman, when he speaks of the Coast Vasilenko. He sees in it his youth? Or building owner guesses tomorrow? Anyway, the guy was lucky to have her hand on his shoulder a mentor, as Gavrilov, who wholeheartedly ready to repeat itself in the pupil. Yes, many can share with Kostya Emelyanych. Except for the authority, which gives the human collective. Indeed, along with the brigadier's position has always been a Gavrilova and others that he was at the request of comrades-in Komsomol Committee in postroykome trust, the party committee. Responsibilities for this there have been very different, but remained unchanged its relation to public affairs, in good conscience, in all fairness, quality, credible, and that team. A curious fact: neither the team nor the Trust nor the team leader, no one can recall a conflict situation involving Gavrilova. That this is unprincipled, spineless man? But in this case not to be so many years foreman Gavrilov, a defender of public interests. After Nikolai Emelianovich and now, as a member postroykoma trust, engaged in nothing more than a trade union affairs committee of the conflict. How to explain all this? According to team members, time wise Emelyanych able to pull the plug "when the light of the conflict is only a glimmer, and did not give a spark. Rare, I should say, a gift that sensitively captured, and so naturally adapted to their interest group of builders.

Like any good in his tranquility Emelyanych and prudence, but of course, these qualities are not all-powerful shock-able to mitigate the complexities of construction. And Gavrilov is harsh, and his speech is tough when circumstances so require. He was particularly outraged by ill-considered organizational decisions, the desire of other leaders to achieve a result at any cost.

"Suddenly the team removed from the site and pulled apart by several objects. Save me, they say, Emelyanych, the plan is on. But before thinking about anything? After all, no one ever parses the bars tightly linked to the broom. Why, because of someone else's bungling is allowed to do with the working team, a living organism, which is strong collectivism? Here, and it suffers, and the interests of the viability of the team. The party committee has repeatedly discussed the similar situation, but, apparently, are too old, the disease-rush. And how old is too familiar with it, but I can not get accustomed. It is ridiculous to say, but my family and without a calendar, they know when it's the end of the month - by my delay in the work of spoiled the mood ... ".

And thinking back they ask, when the soul is still working ... But the strong heat of construction: the foreman and the chilled evening bus that takes him to the warmth of family, his wife and two daughters, is not always possible to move away from daily cares. How to get rid of them at this hour? Click TV switch? No, today it is too weak tool. And she extends a hand to the bookshelf, to a small volume of Sholokhov, Fadeeva ... Today we need High-quality fiction to the world of strong character and deep feelings ...

Gavrilov and he does not notice when he says: "I came home after work ... I went home on leave. " For so many years of his life in Leningrad, for it has not ceased to be the home of his father's home village, where, as before, the living mother, brother and until recently lived father. There, in the house of his childhood and youth, he spent almost his every holiday. Easy holiday rarely turns out: you and the home repair and prepare the wood for the winter, and the hay mow. But there is no better time for him out among family and old friends, to whom he remained just Nicholas.

Personal news, which came Gavrilov to his native village, was always happy parents and friends and often evoked a sense of pride for her son and fellow-countryman: joined the party, the daughter left school, was six months in Mongolia, which had built the house for geologists, received the medal "For Labour Valor, "the eldest daughter graduated from university, he moved into a new apartment complex for the construction of svinootkormochnogo awarded the Order of Lenin.

On the last trip home ahead of the news Gavrilova. A meeting with compatriots began with a greeting: "Have you read, read the decree of thy name ... Tell us what Hero was ... "

And Gavrilov told how built near Leningrad Sinyavino poultry complex. It's no joke: an entire city from the nine-storey buildings on the hills grew. A rewarded for having built the complex on a year earlier than planned. Many builders were awarded for this construction project, including Gavrilov.

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