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Chih Michael P.

The foreman of the mine stope miners "May" Production Association "Rostovugol"

Chih Michael P. At the bright August morning, the day before the Miner's Day in the conference hall of the Ministry of Coal Industry of the USSR was unusually loud and festive. Lobbies, sun-drenched, seemed even more spacious, and lyrics that miners go down into the earth to the people, die hard on it, it was bright and warm, could not be more consistent with the mood reigned here.

Much has been years since formed the words of this song, and a lot has changed since then: oil and gas, nuclear power occupied a leading position in the energy sector of the country. But be that as it may, and now famous words of Lenin: "Coal is the real bread for the industry" is not a loss of its original meaning.

For people with bread and a symbol of life, a life-coal industry. Maybe that's why Nikolai Bochkarev, notable rural farm machine operator Don "Moscow", once said to his fellow countryman no less eminent Mikhail Pavlovich Chihuahua: "We, Michael, paving the grooves together in their native land: I am the bread in the tidy, you're in longwall coal plane ... Each is its own, this furrow, but not the point. It is important that the harvest was good. "

Long ago it was said, back in those days, when a delegation of Rostov 'area, they participated in the XXV Congress of the Party. But somehow, suddenly, now once again reminded of the words Chihuahua: Boris Fedorovich Bratchenko, Minister of Coal Industry, spoke about the prospects of the industry, on the tasks that must necessarily be addressed to successfully complete the eleventh five-year period.

Actually, it was a traditional meeting at which the Minister has invited the country's miners Guard. She was a solemn and yet the business: congratulations, awarding marks' Miner's Glory ", honorary mining titles. And more importantly, sharing of experiences, a collective search for reserves for increasing production efficiency.

For nearly twenty years, no meeting of this kind do not go without sneezing. And yet it seemed Mikhail Pavlovich was something special, something more than business.

Yes, the five-year period from the beginning it was produced about two billion tons of coal and shale, more than four million tons exceeded the plan of coking coal, is increasing faster pace opencast mining, have made a significant step forward shahtostroiteli ...

And yet the minister did not speak much about the successes, but about how big reserves are still increasing productivity, which are rooted in his skillful organization and strengthening of production discipline. Mikhail Pavlovich knew the value of these reserves, and yet the figures given in the speech of the Minister, have been very, very instructive.

It turns out that carbon complexes and harvesters because of neglect half the work is laid, on some days because of the indiscipline and disorganization productivity reduced by 30-40 percent, resulting in the industry annually loses ten to fifteen million tons of coal.

- Of course, criticism is not in your address, comrades, and do not seem to work before the holiday to dig into their own sins, 'said Boris F., ending vystuplenie.-But I have to ask you: will return to their business, talk with people in teams once again see their socialist commitments now, given the reserves that we have fought it, think about what to do to ... Minister pressed his fingers into a fist, struck him sharply on the table and raised his hand up. - Here Chih knows what to do, added on.-Yes, and you now know it.

Later, I asked a sneeze, which meant the minister, addressing him with these words.

- Probably one of our first meetings with him, 'said Michael Pavlovich. Then on the ministry's board asked me how our team for all other things being equal is possible to reach such a high record results every year, so for nine consecutive years of giving lava a million tons of coal. What do they say, why? I said then, as he thought: "The desire and discipline." And I still believe that he was right.

It was hard not to believe in the rightness of the famous team leader, especially because of its more than thirty years experience of working in the coal industry was the best proof of what was said.

But in practice this has happened is that I know is just hearsay, would take a beautiful legend that rumors are usually surrounded by so generously of their heroes. But as they say, the words of the song can not erase ...

In the next section worked plow lava. Like everything the same way as the team sneeze: a layer of the same capacity, the same plow installation, in short, everything, but not because the performance of the lava did not exceed three hundred, four hundred tons a day. The director decided to conduct an experiment of mine, asked Mikhail Pavlovich:

- Take about twenty of his crew, guide for a week to the next lava, I do not walk, to appoint a senior, let's see, how are they themselves will show ...

Twenty people have moved to a neighboring site, they were divided in shifts ... Now, there are few who believe in miracles, I do not believe it, but on the first day choosy lava issued out to the surface eight hundred tons of coal, on the other, eleven hundred, the third-thirteen hundred tons of coal.

In short, the guys from the team sneeze can work beautifully: the result speaks for itself. But I want you to give here two, maybe even not the most important episodes of the working life of the collective, to show the general attitude of mind, peculiar to him, determining his attitude, from which depend largely on the production and performance.

One day, New Year's Eve, the unexpected happened: because of the geological formation of violations of the lava filled up. And the team has decided to celebrate a holiday in the mine to the site has not lost an employment rate is not out of the schedule.

It seems unnecessary to even talk that there was no indication of the fact and orders, but no one imagined that it is necessary to do otherwise.

On another occasion, when I had to replace the already pretty poiznosivshuyusya Plow Systems, a machine shop required to hold the assembly work for ten days, as much as specified in the technical regulations. And the rates on similar types of work miners in the case-it sacred. We are talking about a technique that works underground. The team claims to produce sneeze installers could not. But the "failure" of his socialist commitment had no right. And those obligations were so high that even a painful day of downtime will respond to their implementation. What to do? The question just decided. The entire team of more than a hundred-man-out in the lava with the installers. A total of six shifts, 36 hours instead of ten days it took to dismantle, and raise the plow installation vesivshuyu nearly sixty tons, and then build a new one. Seventh change has commissioned a new plane.

More than twenty years by Michael P. Chih mining team. Over the years, changed its composition: some people were leaving, they came to replace the other, there is little of the lineup too, with whom he had once begun, but remained unchanged over the years worked out by the style of the team, his attitude to be an example for everyone else, do not stop there, not to give up.

Probably because the nature of the brigade is primarily the nature of the foreman.

At the mine, "May", one of the nine largest coal enterprises of Rostov region, Michael Chih came in 1956. Determined its thunderstorms, that is, stope miners, under the command of Brigadier Obushnikova. That it's the first paid no attention. Michael apparently does not differ from others, and adding it was not heroic. When the lava began to divide the pie, the rookie tight puzzled by the foreman with his statement:

- Let me ten chutes ... I thought the foreman Obushnikov misheard, because each chutes is, consider the two and a half meter face. This is not every storm under the experienced force. And so, apparently sparing the beginner (well, sometimes that's enough surpluses, they say, know our) said, leaving him the opportunity to change the decision:

- Not many know, the guy you want? Let's better to get to the point, we will not hold bargaining.

- No, I'm serious, 'insisted Chih.

And in the end of the shift, taking a share, surprised the foreman did not conceal that he was satisfied beginner. "Well, you can work, praise sparingly, are miners. And yet, unable to stand, he added:-The guy that you need. These we need. Yes, see, and your destiny here on mine. " Here he is such a, Chih, what's harder, he tends to do if the danger where there will be the first. It's in his blood, probably since the war, became the school they never forget, no, no yes and suddenly recalling about yourself old wounds.

Nineteen lad followed two older brothers went to the front and Michael Chih. From childhood he was an independent person: parents died early, after the children's home immediately went to work the farm, he knew how to drive a combine harvester, tractor. That identified him as a knowledgeable technique on ZIS-5.

Chih Michael P. In any weather, on the shattered roads, or simply no roads, stuck on the frozen snow frost swept his unfailing VMS into the inferno. In war, the route is determined not by the road, and the combat mission, to remove the wounded from the battlefield, the ammunition to throw at the advanced, provisions soldiers ride on time.

The end of the war met in Konigsberg. Dropped in for a month to visit their elder brothers in the Voroshilovku, a small Ukrainian village near Mariupol, where he was born and raised, and, in Armavir, a wartime comrade Vasya Gurin, who were shoulder to shoulder throughout the war. There he met his love-love Alexandrovna, married the daughter was born, and decided to Michael, while the family lived in-law, worked at the mine that, as will meet a suitable amount to purchase any cottage.

Lodge, then eventually bought it's not that much, but as they say, you can live. However, at the cannery, where he entered upon his arrival in Armavir, he was already interested, he missed mine, vigorously, and soon on the mining nifty common people, according to the present, a difficult but very exciting work that brings him to Michael, a joyful sense of strength and self-confidence.

Relatives tried to discourage it: there is no place to attach a family in a strange city, and have not took very suddenly, with the work ... But Michael with military service has been faithful to the rule: "Do not deviate from the pre-decisions" and stood his ground, going to the mines. That's the second time in the life of Mikhail Pavlovich was a miner. At this time forever.

Less than six months it took for him to get used to combine carbon, complicated machine, which was regarded at the time the last word in cutter technology. He worked in ohotku, the conscience, and when two years have entrusted him to lead the change, and then the first integrated mining at the mine crew, all took it as self-evident: "In this guy you can rely on. Do not let you down. " But Chih was not thinking about how not to fail, always, in all the years of work on the "Mayo", from the time when, in 1957 became a brigadier, he sought to ensure that his team was the best. First, at the mine, then in the union, "Rostov necessity is the mother," and then in the industry. And, looking ahead, I want to say that all this time, Chih was true to himself, he headed the staff has always been one of the best in the country.

Twenty-seven thousand tons of anthracite per month for the result of combine the lava, if we take into account that we are talking about the year 1957, simply gorgeous. But how could this result is very pleasing sneezed, when the next section some new, yet little-known plow install-Union gave a record thirty-five thousand tons per month.

However, it is now quite easy to talk about the benefits and advantages of the plow, as the practice is clearly defined place and harvesters, and Strouga apart, that is, all points of the "i". Then, in the late fifties, it was as much less clear. Someone once believed in the possibility of a new car, others doubt the majority simply do not want to depart from the familiar, where everything is clear, and earnings are high. And with this "plow" is still in can happen to anyone.

But when the "Mayo," another plow mounted installation and offered Chihuahua, along with a team to undertake its development, he agreed without hesitation. It has long waited for and wanted to come a time when its underground pave the furrow, and not just waiting for: trying to learn more about the boats, cut out the free time to look into the next lava, where she worked as a similar setup. In short, inwardly he was ready to make, without delay, to engage in work, and some time to master the techniques, watching others do it, or simply the need to help them. Maybe that's why from the outset everything went as it should, and the production team sneeze exceeded the previous record, having given out to the surface thirty-six thousand tons.

And around it was obvious: achievements, is not the limit. Generation has grown with each passing day ...

But do not chance, it is seen singing in a miner's song: the days of hot, similar to the battles. And in every fight happens. The foreman ran the chain on the plow installation, a piece of rock fell and hurt his hand. So much so that I had more than a month in the hospital rest up. Meanwhile, in the absence of discord began to sneeze team. Clearly, not everyone's liking was exacting, demanding strict adherence to principle, and the foreman. However, for the time being unhappy kept quiet, and seizing the moment, began to demand that they have appointed a new head, freeing sneeze from office.

I must say, the Rvachev and truants (were such a team) had many grievances, Is nice to hear complaints of negligence, drawn-out "a smoke"? With the transition to new technology occurred as a clear mismatch between the capabilities of the team and clearly outdated rules that the new conditions have ceased to promote the fight for increased productivity.

The Communists, the advanced workers took the initiative: to increase the planned target, set more realistic standards. Guide shafts supported innovators. Incidentally, no one lost wages, on the contrary, it has become much higher, but even more significantly increased production of coal from the lava. However, these innovations were not only supporters of the ...

The party committee, the management of the mine, the Communists gave a principled assessment of the site dependency relationship but refused Chih return to the team. It was too upset at the head of Michael P. plot for the fact that he kept silent at the general meeting, would like to pretend that nothing happened. Actually not even offended, but regarded it as an unprincipled, concealment of those who do not want to, just as he and his associates, to work without sparing himself, with full dedication. This position is not taken Chih ever, could not come to terms with it now. And because of the team went to a neighboring site. He left the ordinary miner.

Two weeks later, the chief of mine invited sneeze to yourself.

- The party committee recommends that your team leader in the new lava. I'm such a recommendation for the soul. Guide shaft connects with the hopes of the lava ... - Head of the mine a little paused, moved from the director's chair on one of the chairs closer to the miner embarrassed and quietly, looking straight into his eyes, he repeated, with lava, and with you, Michael. We believe you and trust. Climb team. We need people of principle, strong, with the prospect. In general, the criterion is: Meria on its own.

Perhaps it was correct to consider the day when this conversation took place, celebrated his birthday in the whole country ugledobytchikov team, which has music for nearly twenty-pet of the year to continually improve their performance, achieving the highest, not only in industry but also in the world practice - productivity.

Of course, the brigade changed over the years, but its character was formed it was then, this nature of mining, which merged together the best that was able to see Chih in humans, of which he compl. new team. Some people are already retired, many graduating school, went to raise and manage own team. It is difficult to list everyone and trace the fate of each, and there is no such need. It is important to say about the main point: the team was not only a school of excellence, but also a school of education a young miner's shift. She now wears the title of the Komsomol youth: the average age of miners here twenty-seven years. But carefully passed down from generation to generation the traditions, spirit of innovation, impact of work-that featured a team of Mikhail Pavlovich sneeze with her very first steps.

211-I lava, which came to a newly created team led sneezed, got a record performance, every day giving out to the surface up to fifteen hundred tons. In 1967, Mikhail Pavlovich was awarded the Order of Lenin and to the rank of "Honored Miner republic."

Many team members have received government awards.

The team gave a start in life for many types of mining equipment and progressive forms of labor organization.

There was a time when the work is in the lava was built on a cyclical schedule: mining and preparation operations were carried out in different shifts. Chih offered to do all four shifts mining code, so that the plane was working a full day without a break. I had to prove the reality and highly cost-effective innovation, working to train more allied professions, shake down various organizational inconsistencies, which are often inevitable in a radical restructuring process ... Now it's working everywhere.

For many years, the bottleneck for management thought strugovikov roof. She was supported by heavy steel pedestals that are at least face advance had to manually drag and drop from place to place. Another thing in the lava of combine equipped with a hydraulic bolting, a convenient, reliable, and is far more easy to manage.

How to connect the plow and hydraulic roof supports? This issue is constantly worried about sneezing. Because technically it is a completely solvable problem. 'Yes,' answered the demands of scientists shahterov.-But first you need to create a prototype and then test it in an industrial environment. And there is the hunter to make his lava in the test site? For-and this is quite natural prey, and with it and earnings may go down ... "

Almost a year the team sneeze with scientists experienced one of the options for lining plow installation. Generate new solutions, right there on the run, to eliminate defects every member of the brigade took part in the moderate engineers and scientists, and with all this lava has worked smoothly, without reducing the rate of extraction. Well, the decisive, launch day is best tells himself, Mikhail Pavlovich

- We have waited for this moment of hope: because the work of many miners will be easier, safer, more productive. Imagine what we in the lava had these metal cabinets roll. This is on the surface of a small pleasure, and at a depth of nearly a thousand meters in thickness of the reservoir and a half meters when stand-in full-length is not possible to move the cabinet is much more difficult.

Hoped for, well, worried, of course. All of a sudden will not go, then suddenly left out, not podrasschitali ... Finally waited, as if everything is ready. Put the lining under the planned load, and from twenty-five I jacks exactly half of the building went out. I had to test one more day to push until the damage is not eliminated. Week worked, more or less normally, and then a new trouble, "stood up" section of roof supports, do not want to move and that's it. Many have already given up his hand and an empty, you see, Michael, the idea. On paper, then, they say, you can draw beautifully, but just a sheet of Whatman instead of lining does not deliver.

And yet I believe we are: we walked mechanical roof. So in our opinion what happened. We had a guy in the team gold-Jura Rakhmatulin. In hydraulics professor. He found the rub ...

So, in the daily activities and concerns have been resolved major technical problem. Of course, for different geological conditions needed other options and, hence, new designs, and new challenges waiting for, but the team of Mikhail Pavlovich had made the most important thing: it is proved that the mechanical lining for plow installation is possible in principle that it works reliably and what it means for the movement of one section of the lining, weighing about three tons, only enough to make working a little effort.

Practical impact innovation has not kept waiting long: the daily production of coal has increased by several hundred tons. And as a result of lava daily production rose to two thousand tons.

Commended the achievements of Don Homeland miners and foreman Michael P. Chih was awarded the Gold Star of Hero of Socialist Labor. And on the right the first time the team produced a half-million tons of lava.

But the foreman was very clear: not reached the limit for the growth of reserves has not yet been exhausted. This is eloquently and the result of team A. J. Tatsenko from the mine "50 years of Soviet Ukraine," with which they competed for many years. During the 31 working day plow installation Ukrainian miners issued 187,585 tons of coal, bringing the average daily load of up to three and a half thousand.

The brigade long and carefully weighed the opportunity and decided to get the plow set the maximum to get the best of what it can do. Preliminary calculations have shown, in thin layers for data mining and geological conditions of plane can give a six and a half thousand tons of coal per day. How to get more?

Came to the aid of mechanical engineers and economists. They suggested the only possible way: extend the lava and to the extent possible, increase the thickness of the chip. Most importantly, avoid failures, downtime, not to break the record chart ... The bold solution, combined with the knowledge and experience accumulated over the years on the skill paid off: in the first day the team has given out to the surface seven thousand tons of anthracite. But in earlier times, not so much lava, not a single mine can not afford these rates were four thousand tons were considered as the limit.

The results exceeded all expectations of the month, 237,000 tons. Record team Tatsenko was blocked by nearly fifty thousand tons.

Then, in 1974, having increased socialist obligations in honor of the upcoming XXV Congress of the Party, the team decided to sneeze bring annual production of fuel to one million tons.

Since then, over ten years now, this illustrious group does not reduce momentum.

And just recently figure of one million tons per team looked fantastic. After all, the best mining teams were a dispute for five hundred thousand tons of coal a year from the same lava. Incidentally, the first mining contract "pyatisottysyachnikov", which is the signature of Michael and sneezed, appeared in the newspaper "Trud". Three years it took the team, headed by Chih, to step on the five hundred thousandth of one millionth milestone. His achievements have been a reference point for many other groups of the coal companies in the country, and some time later, a million production teams advanced to become a reality for many miners' collectives.

Success teams sneezed, his personal labor exploit were noted at the XXV Congress of the CPSU. Inspirational words from the platform of the Party Congress, the whole team took it as a great national recognition of its successful employment as a trust which is needed to justify the new record-breaking achievements. During the Tenth Five years they issued six million four hundred thousand tons of coal. Such a high turn did not take even a miner or a team in the country.

Assessed on merit Homeland Diligence Mine Mine "May", and the brigade was awarded the Order of Lenin and a second gold medal "Hammer and Sickle." Congratulated Mikhail Pavlovich cordially. I wish you health, success, to stay longer in the forefront of mining Guard. And, as if incidentally interested in:

- Bust-a-where we will install in Voroshilovke or mines? On this and the minister asked.

- Of course, in the mines, without hesitation, replied Chih. And where else, he thought to himself. Then, count the entire working life has passed. The daughter has already graduated from the Institute, working on the "Mayo" in the department of labor and wages, in-law at the same mine foreman, granddaughter Innochka too soon become an adult. Sorry, that's a little prihvornula husband had to leave to retire. And most sixty-three. In such years in the mine rarely works ...

From this thought it was a bit sad, and, like driving her away, Chih asked the minister:

- And then, Boris F., talking about future plans to leave and then what? ...

- I do not think so and then - just at the same time, business-reply-Bratchenko. with you now demand special. Twice Hero. Do you like well-trained athlete, a second breath should open. And with renewed vigor, perhaps, and commitments should be reviewed. Oh, and here the word for you. Just because you're you understand and liabilities, which takes Chih, then become a reference point for the entire industry. So go ahead Wait until August. Invite you, as usual, in the Miner's Day on board, here you his word and say.

At the conversation ended. But Mikhail Pavlovich was well aware that the key word is not mentioned. However, before you say it, it was necessary to think twice.

Six months ago, the team moved to a new layer, thinner than half of those who have worked on recently. Had the most difficult - to introduce plow groove on the seams of 0.7-0.8 m. We had to answer:

what might be the maximum production under the new conditions. And the answer is it was important not only for the team or mine, it was important for the industry. If earlier month podviganie lava ranged from 170 to 200 meters, how it could be now? How to make better use of mechanisms, adapting them to the uncomfortable seam? Many questions arise.

A new set of uniform, made Druzhkovsky Machine-Building Plant named after the 50th anniversary of Soviet Ukraine, mounted plow with a new model, the team sneeze with factory engineers and designers to bring, they say, on the fly, right in the face. And the reservoir yielded to the will and courage of the people. Miners have kept the old mining practice, increasing the rate of podviganiya lava. The team as it gained a second wind, again reaching the million mark. Of course, a million million strife. So: the current one million teams sneeze means that every person is a monthly four hundred tons of coal mined (and it's thin, thin layers), which is four times higher than the industry average.

And now, a bright August afternoon, sitting in the conference hall of the Ministry of Coal Industry in the ceremonial meeting of the Board, Michael P. thinking about unfinished conversation with the minister, who held them in the spring. Five hundred thousand tons of decided to get the team in 1983. Well, his word, they may be said to have kept, coming in late August to mark four hundred and fifty thousand. Now we need to go further, to a million. When the minister at the end of his speech, addressing the audience, said: "Chih knows what to do", Michael P., catching his eye, smiled and nodded his head. He really knew what to do: bring on the production team Thin layers of up to one million tons. And he will, he and his team.

The spacious lobby has played the music and the words of familiar songs that charcoal gives people warmth and light once again reminded of his countryman Chihuahua, Rostov combiner Bochkarev Nikolai Vasil'evich. Homes in the library of Mikhail Pavlovich stored donated them to the book "In the name of bread." Is there such words: "We do not choose the land on which we work. And not the point, what is the soil under your feet:

black soil, sand or loam. This is the land of his ancestors, which gives the fruit to you and your children. Therefore, to work on it should spare no effort. Only then, she will bestow the full measure. "

And these words were in tune with the thoughts of the famous brigade. Not so important where we work, one raises the bread, the other lays the furrow beneath the earth, someone collects cars, producing oil, building nuclear power plants and gas pipelines. However, in order to live a happy people, everyone should do their job properly. So that was all light on earth.

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