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Borovikov Gennady

Brigadier smelters Kama association for the production of heavy vehicles

Borovikov Gennady Even a dozen years had passed since then, when in Naberezhnye Chelny, Tatarstan provincial town, famed for its farmers' markets but only a grain elevator, there were builders. The first "landing" of builders, who arrived in Chelny in December 1969, opened the annals of the auto giant building, and in 1973 was put into operation the first-born of KamAZ-repair-tool factory, built a huge database of construction industry and the settlement Gidrostroiteley. Three more years passed and came into operation the first stage of giant factories that produce heavy trucks. For it was soon followed by the second phase, the dam across the Kama River and the Kama hydroelectric ... In the open field has grown a beautiful modern city.

Hard to believe that all this is created in such a short, truly fantastic time. Yes, the building was unique, unique! She gave birth to their characters, completing the feats of labor. Each of them is not a legend, where the true facts sometimes seem like a fairy tale. Therefore, when the chairman of the trade union KamAZ Nail Fatykhovich Galiullin spoke of brigadier smelters Gennady Borovikov, I routinely asked

- What are the feats listed with them? What I go to KamAZ, for the first time I hear his name. Galiullin laughed

- Nothing else will hear. Mushrooms from Serov, beyond the Urals ... That, you know, a typical Russian man. However, you better go to the foundry, to see him, talk to people. And then to meet and exchange, as they say, impressions.

With this brief parting words, I went to the Foundry, more precisely, in the PSKCH, which means "the production of gray and ductile iron," the heart of the KAMAZ "foundry."

SCORE Grand Master

I just caught him in the shop. Borovikov continuously moving from one furnace to another, from person to person, from the melting furnace to the furnaces exposure. Another moment ago Borovikova seen in a wide span. But while hurrying to him, he had to turn to one of the furnaces and tossed wide shovel in the fire-breathing mouth of additives.

I learned it by rusomu Chubu, vybivshemusya from brown helmets. Talk, however, did not work, he walked at a brisk pace in the stockyard, where sorted out, there will be enough raw evening shift. But he was already at the stove, holding an oxygen jet burns a frozen tap hole, the metal could have a free stream flow into the bucket. Then he had to follow him to go to the foundry, and from them to obrubschikam - and all these transitions in the rate of march-throw.

To the reader understand the meaning of his work, you must tell a little about KAMAZ "foundry." More such plants in the world. Even the King's Road Ford were not available. The most advanced smelting technology, the displays on the control furnaces, the latest equipment ... However, the main feature of the local "foundry" that's not a single production, but five: Color and steel casting, iron and steel accurately, repair molding, in a word, all that may wish to KamAZ Metallurgy. And it begins with the charge preparation of the yard. For access roads rolled into the shop freight cars full of iron ingots. This is the first line of cast iron production. In the stockyard is the second line-melting furnaces, ovens behind them holding the line, where liquid hot metal is waiting to take his foundry. On the ring rail heavy truck go with the forms. When the metal fills out a form, trolley departs, it takes place two, three ... Such molding lines PSKCH-six. The process is non-stop for an hour manages to cast a line to 170 of cylinder blocks, crankcases, gearboxes for high-speed and KamAZ. Next set the same pines for casting smaller parts. Foundry pipe connected together as well as assembly. Perhaps even harder ... It dominates the solid technological discipline. Assembly line is stopped only when at some stage, it does not have enough pieces. Pipeline comes to this site and stop!, Subsequent assembly operations are not possible. Metallurgists have KAMAZ is not the case. Of course, they may stop "down the pipe": if the stockyard does not supply raw materials, followed by furnace does not melt the metal casters do not spill it in the form and obrubschiki not knock the tides. But it works and technological dependence on the inverse: it is necessary to stop obrubschikov site as units are forced to lock the casting foundry, and immediately begin to constrain melting furnaces in the smelters, and cranes are suspended Raw material area. conveyor stops "along the top." And this circumstance gives rise to special problems of brigadier.

But above all it must be very high-class smelters, which simply has no room for error. ... We walked along the line of Borovikova smelter, one of them casting coming to an end. Gennady dropped a blue piece of glass on his helmet, and looked through it to the spray of hot metal, and said, as if in passing, the young goldsmith:

- Done, you can wash away!

- Wait, P., 'replied cautiously tot.-analysis soon bring ...

And indeed, when the laboratory has issued an analysis, it confirmed the correctness of the recommendations of brigadier. What is this intuition? Of course. Experienced founder, up to a tenth of a percent determines the content of additives in metal-to-face, in color, thousands of subtle signs, which he did not even hold in my head, feeling them subconsciously. Such a habit of accumulating years, five or six ...

Borovikov did not neglect the data of the laboratory analysis. Immediately, without departing from the oven, he explained his decision to a young goldsmith:

- Look, here is the last analysis. So ... Additives are almost the norm, the metal is about to "cook". Count up now, with what speed the process ... Give the previous analysis. Now aware of? For half an hour, from sample to sample, supplements burn at a certain speed, it must be taken into account. Then you will save energy!

But Borovikov endowed and other talent-manager team. He knows how to relate their solutions to the state of affairs in other areas: to hold or accelerate the melting, to inform about the needs in the charge, in supplements to know the state of the metal in all furnaces, holding on these problems are mainly concentrated Borovikov during the shift.

But, as in any factory, it is not only to ensure that the correct decision, should have to carry it out, to organize the people to execute it, to make sure that everything was done in terms of technology provided, finally, to take part in its own implementation.

Smelter-manly profession associated with the overcoming of many difficulties.

- In our shop, many know their business thoroughly, - says Foreman Nikolai Romanov. - Borovikov able to see the situation in the neighboring areas, it is a very valuable asset for the team leader. But this is not enough: it is always where it is difficult, requiring a personal part of brigadier. Malfunctioning occurs furnace Borovikov not shift the case to the repairmen. He is involved in troubleshooting. It is necessary to supplement the pop-it will rise with the shovel. We stop the oven on Saturday at the prevention of first-Borovikov climbs inside, pulls out a scorched lining puts a new and pick out the frozen "goats", the remains are not drained from the furnace of the metal.

Foundry Director Nikolai Beh so appreciates the work of Gennady Petrovich Borovikov:

- The manager must always rely on his subordinates, to know that they will not let you down. It defines a certain degree of reliability of the whole plant activity. We trust the goldsmith powerful and the most modern technology.

The state, the plant should be aware that it will be in safe hands. Mushrooms is the standard of reliability. If working his shift, I worry: it will be optimal in all respects. Smelters must decide, providing them grand master score.

In fact, his work has something resembling a situation where GM makes a simultaneous on multiple boards. And if the director himself puts it in this daily work of the highest score, that means it copes with it very skilfully.


Everywhere on the KamAZ felt the spirit of competition. It worked out in detail the system of labor competition teams on complex plans-commitments. As summed up the competition every day, it comes with unrelenting fervor. Everyone knows how he "looks" on the background of others and the place was for the last shift. This habit is to compare their work with that of other well established in the industrial life of KAMAZ.

Borovikov Gennady It is clear that the first thing I looked into commitments on Borovikova team in 1983. This comprehensive plan is written quite a few items, including these: over the plan to issue 188 tons of castings, perform an annual plan of December 29, 1983, to master the smelting of cast-iron, to work out together with the employees in the computer control system mode, the smelting of high-strength nodular cast iron; save 225 megawatt-hours of electricity; save charge materials by 12.5 thousand rubles to bring the length of the furnace on the gray cast iron up to 200 hours without repair, Forging, up to 112 hours to reduce the marriage ...

- Perform?-Ask Borovikov. Gennady heavy sigh *:

- Must be run ...

- Maybe it should not take such a high commitment?

- Oh no! If all goes according to plan, then do it. But with the control system ... There may be a catch! Perhaps, again, have to lose.

And he told me of a somewhat paradoxical situation: just when the team is working well, we can say enthusiastically, the outcome of the competition are not in her favor. And here's why.

For several years in the shop control system is implemented. What is its mission? When it is established, when the pick up in its electronic "memory" of sufficient experience, will lead smelting in an automatic mode and act much more reliable and more efficient smelters. And the equipment will wear out more slowly than with manual control process. And the charge is spent economically, and additives. And no longer break expensive graphite electrodes. In short, the control system are given by tens and hundreds of tasks for which it should give the best answers. It will not take no surprise critical situation, everything will be provided in advance. To do this, the developers expect to advance the process model. But the calculation, calculation, and smelting-refining. The theory of practice should be checked, which is always richer situations. And then the ACS estimator comes to the foreman smelter.

Here in the shop, begins checking and processing models, which are still only on paper. The first stage advice of an experienced goldsmith. The second-staging of the first experiments on the furnace itself, as it were, when the control system monitors the actions of the worker. Third step: PCS has hooks in his administration, and the founder controls the electronic device. And finally, the last step: casting is carried out fully automatically. But for now ... long run experiments, and smelting are overrun with electric charge, supplements. And the equipment wears out faster than we would like it should be according to the norms.

When in 1978 the developers of automated system first came into the shop PSKCH, it is not at all smelters, they were supported. The importance of process control systems to understand everything, but losing it because of the first places in the competition, denied bonuses and sometimes part of the earnings? .. No, thank you!

It was in those days, affected the character of Borovikov, who took one of the first developers to help them in difficult cases. We had to sacrifice many things: the usual pace of work, evening time, at last, peace,-Gennady went to everything.

- It was too tempting a target! - Says Borovikov.-now out of the woods. PCS provides huge savings in energy, resources and labor. And then ... Patty was puff: now everything goes smoothly tomorrow indices tumbling. Because we lost a long time in competition with other teams. Soon the scheduled testing of ductile iron smelting in the computer mode, and I can not vouch for the fulfillment of our commitments. But the current cost overruns during the experiment will result in millions of rubles saving for tomorrow.

- And what about the prizes? I asked, and regretted that he had asked the question. Borovikov smiled tightly:

- So far, so do without prizes for first place, if you can not win it.

A year has passed and it became clear that the team has not lost Borovikov in the competition, she was able to fulfill its obligations to the 1983. That's what it means to reliability ...


Conversation with Galiullina resumed a week later with exactly the place from which he had with him have stopped.

- Well, as you Borovikov? Asked Nail Fatyhovich. KamAZ-typical hero ... Really?

- That's about it and I would like to talk about. Why or why he is a "typical"? I knew this, and others, very unlike him. Galiullin smiled

- New time-certain songs. Remember a time when other than the General Directorate KamAZ had nothing: no machines, no job, no production facilities ...

- Yes, it was, so to speak, the first day of creation: a bare field, the skeletons of future factory buildings, roads built, the old city of Naberezhnye, car camps, hostels ... But, remember, Nail Fatykhovich, KamAZ already started to gain their first job and teach them to future factory occupations?

- It was at that time, in 1972, in February and came to us Borovikov. It is staff metallurgist, worked for the Serov Ferroalloy Plant, has participated there in a new plant start-up, where KAMAZ equipment like furnaces. By the way, with the launch of the equipment Gennady was awarded the Red Banner of Labor.

- And all the left: a native plant, the brigade arrived at the KamAZ-?

- I should add that I came metallurgist, but I had not initially work on a specialty for more than two years he was a carpenter, concrete worker, a welder. Erected including PSKCH own. He soon earned the title of communist labor drummer.

- You have to combine them, incidentally, quite a number. In movement involving more than 90,000 people, a third of them already have this title.

- It is now, today ... And then Borovikov was one of the few. We did not seek to increase the number of strikers.

- Why?

- Do you remember the situation at that time. Often it was that construction urgently needed to transfer ten thousand workers and the general order of the KAMAZ yesterday passed into the category of construction. And then they returned back to the factory. In such circumstances it is difficult to properly study the people.

- I think the opposite: in such situations, people are revealed as never before ...

- We saw one side of the personality:

people can work hard, endure the hardships of the construction. This is true. But no less important, and something else: the motives of his actions. Among the non-production workers, there are those that pursue a "big money" develop standards for two hundred percent. Not going to call these same people strikers communist labor.

As Borovikov, I would say one thing: he survived the great test of the construction site, proved that he is highly qualified metallurgist, is able to be present and working at a construction site. Thus was laid the foundation stone of its authority, and if you want fame at KamAZ.

- Second, obviously, is associated with the launch of the first stage of the plant?

- You guessed it. Borovikov mounted in its foundry furnace and batons. This is the time required from all of us, especially the workers, the vast creativity stress and physical strength. People did not leave the clock of the shops ... Smelters sometimes sent home almost by force. The competition then reached such a pitch that seemed to come down to the melting point metal and cast iron can be viewed on enthusiasm alone. During this period, revealed indeed the best traits of the people, was a test for the personalities, the character.

- And Borovikov ...

- ... Stand it well! Revealed one of the best sides of his character: the ability to carefully prepare and calculate success. He participated in the first melting and was awarded the Order of Lenin for the launch of the first stage of KamAZ.

- And then Nail Fatykhovich when builders and puskoviki gone, the tension eased somewhat, is not it?

- Perhaps, on the contrary! Increased ... Next came the production building. It is necessary to carry out the plan and also introduce new objects. In these circumstances, engineers and factory workers required to demonstrate the highest degree of organization ...

With the launch of the first phase has begun to integrate their solution time, vnutrikamazovskih problems. The team was supposed to unite, stabilize, to direct their main efforts to increase productivity. It took, as they say here, three types of stability: the bands, the rhythm of production, high quality work. People like Borovikov, in these conditions have become indispensable. They bore the brunt of new challenges. And they have coped with it. I remembered that Borovikov told me that during the start the second phase, when the control system was adjusted, his team had sometimes played in the competition, although it was in those months, she worked with great energy and enthusiasm. "Did this fix the problem today?"-I asked for Galiullina. - I think it can not be solved only within the organization of competition. Here, the action must join other incentives associated with the introduction of new technology. The competition attracts competition, rivalry, when his work is compared with the work comrade. When introducing new technology other motives. But the important ethical conduct and community is in a different case: the actions are determined by high moral purpose.

Mushrooms and his team-students movement for a communist attitude toward labor-became his own beacons. That's why I think it is a typical hero of KamAZ. He passed with flying colors all the tests, all periods, from the creation of workshops prior to the equipment of higher performance.

ONE OF THE shifts

This change, unfortunately, no luck. Summed obrubschiki. While they were repairing their machines in the line of a large casting and turning truck jumped the rails. Spent on repairs and a half hours. I had to hold heat. And then raise the temperature, a pop-additive change in the shift does not like. And that day is particularly heavy. And eat something once. Borovikov decided to drink hot tea with sandwiches, which are captured from the house. He jumped on the furnace control board, these booths are called "restaurants"-there are always hot pots with a strong brew ... Then the dispatcher, and declared:

- Everyone meet in the auditorium of control! All meet in the auditorium of control!

Well, I thought Borovikov, once a state of emergency. And he was walking at a brisk pace to the plant. Work gloves laid the belt on the course had finished sandwiches.

The hall has brought together people talking. Nobody knew what was going on. Party secretary, the chairman of the trade union committee, director and secretary of the Komsomol committee went to the scene.

- Comrades, loudly asked direktor.-I want to report important news. The newspapers published a decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR. Many builders and manufacturers Kamaz awarded orders and medals for the launch of the second stage of the plant. By the way, Borovikov here?

- Here I am, then, what is it for?, Said Gennady, hastily munching the last sandwich.

- Well and good. Let me announce the decree ...

And suddenly Borovikov heard that he was awarded the title Hero of Socialist Labor. He, of course, secretly hoping that it will not pass your reward. But that hero! .. He even choked. A room clapped his hands vigorously, expressing their agreement with a fair decision, which marked their labor companion. Gennady blushed, embarrassed and barely managed to squeeze out a few words:

- What am I, boys? Factory photographer took a picture of him and realized at that moment: standing on the platform of the working people in overalls, embarrassed, confused, happy. His hands pressed to his chest, one of them clamped hardened canvas gloves.

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