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Kovalev Petr Kupriyanovich

Locksmith Gomel Agricultural Machinery Plant named after the 60th anniversary of Great October Revolution of the production association "Gomselmash"

Kovalev Petr Kupriyanovich Melody wonderfully blended it with simple words, as if Kovalev once again felt the heavy blows of the waves on the steel hull destroyer.

Farewell, rocky mountains, in a feat Motherland is calling. We went out into the open sea in harsh and long-range cruise ...

The record must be from the frequent use of much hissing. But this extraneous hiss, and even the voice of the performer gradually ceased to be perceived. In the ears of more and more distinctly heard other voices, fellow crew warship Pacific naval fleet.

They loved this courageous song more than others. And when they sang the whole crew in the rare moments of relaxation on the beach, especially sharply felt his blood ties with the characters while still quite recent war and readiness as well as they do before the end of his military duty. And the war itself, most of them knew, not only from the stories.

The song ended. Pickup slid to the center of the disk, and then gradually returned to its original position. Peter smiled at the sudden recollection Kupriyanovich the summer of forty-four, after the liberation, the whole village gathered around the village council, where he was the only one in their Zabolote loudspeaker to listen to a summary of the Soviet Information Bureau. Kovalev was then fourteen years old. In the autumn, after a forced four-year break, went to third grade. Then graduated from high school factory training, short-FZO, worked on the construction of a tractor factory in Minsk. In 1951, the Young Communist League on the set was sent to active duty in the Pacific Fleet.

Neither childhood nor his youth, who came to the war years, can not be called easy. But military service was to challenge that remains in memory for a lifetime. Minder was then foreman machine command on the destroyer. Reliable warship, but the sea-threatening element. In any weather, not just stand on my feet it was necessary, and serve, retain full combat readiness. That's when people are tested for strength. Each post becomes the principal, every-man indispensable. And no one at the time, nor after did not ask for a pardon.

Thoughts returned to the shop floor, to the urgent problem of the "expert". Memories are not just distracted for a while, but allowed to look at the problem from a new angle.

In general, tool making, and in this large, as in "Gomselmash", in particular, can not do without the group masters class that can do the work of any complexity. These workers form the core of the team, his pride and support. But whether the master and guide shop overzealous in promotions, or just some of the luminaries of conceited, but they came the view that they do not work like everyone else, have a factory shop and great service.

Kept looking down on others, chose a prestigious job at the special request and with the appropriate rates. Most were working at low pressure, allow themselves to come to the shop later, before leaving, and when, a hundred grams of beer for dinner. And it's all in the eyes of the team, even calling him. The ratio of the "expert" as they called themselves, from the majority was hostile, but some, especially among young people, even tried to imitate them.

Here are today faced with one of the "experts." Lunch was long over, and he was in the smoking room, surrounded by admirers seated. Tells how at the end of the month in one shift, "flying" earned. Did, of course, the remark, and answered, "You do not worry for us, the trade union. Need us, will call. "

By handling "union" Kovalev is not used or if only a few weeks after the reported meeting, where he was elected chairman of the shop committee, or after, although the stretch carrying out these duties in a period of ten years. With the thought of hostility "expert": used to look at the union as a feeder. With prizes such vouchers never bypassed. And why, for what merits? I tried to talk with one master site, but understanding is not met:

- Tell me why you Kasyanovicha premiruesh each month? He does not reward, and punishment should be. Late, drinking. And running, in my opinion, the strength of two weeks per month.

- The life of forcing, Petro. I Kasyanovich five days to do what the other can not do either one month or a year.

- But you're not trying hard work of others to try.

- And I do not try, I mold have to do.

Some advised not to complicate the life of yourself and others. Reflected simply:

it was so, so be it. But not all happy with this logic. Mark Victor Osipov, and other skilled repairmen. They are from any work not refuse, if it is needed. And are not forced to beg, and no pre-conditions for a quote do not put. Well, in terms of personal discipline, never had no comment.

So they and reminded him after the meeting of the previous conversations about the "experts" it's time to finish, Kupriyanovich. So, it was decided. Tomorrow at the shop committee and put the issue of bonuses.

Lists for bonuses, which were presented for approval by the shop committee chairman, surprised the participants that they were not in the names of some of the binding. A small office of the department where the meeting was conducted, has become as it were even less on filling it with noise. Especially outraged some masters: the type of a thing, infringed on their right to decide whom to award and who is not!

Silent only when the foreman stood up.

- Lists drawn up shop committee - said on.-In agreement with the party bureau, administration, and the Komsomol. Why not take into account all the proposals masters will tell you, Comrade Kovalev. Peter Kupriyanovich rose, straightened his greasy overalls, surveyed the crowd. I noticed that some looked with annoyance: behold, they say, was elected to his head.

- The prize is not a one-time payment for work and personal addition to wages. And in the view of some workers and not only working, it recently looks that way. It is necessary to return the bonuses of its original meaning and role. Therefore, when compiling the list we took into account the implementation of production tasks, labor discipline, the growth of key performance indicators, social activity, in short, all the conditions stipulated in the position of the socialist competition. Those who failed to comply with these conditions from the list on the promotion are excluded ...

I can not say that this conflict has been exhausted. Bringing order to the bonuses were just the first step of a new shop committee, who led the fight against all kinds of formalism in the socialist competition, egalitarianism in the distribution of vouchers, housing, places in kindergartens and nurseries, the provision of holidays. Everything was made dependent on the relationship to work.

Dissatisfied were many. Mostly among those who are accustomed to special treatment. But most favorably reacted to the position of shop committee. So the "experts" had to be reconstructed, and some were forced to go far on their own. It also showed Kovalev principles. If the reason for dismissal was personal indiscipline, laziness, drunkenness, then write in the workbook provided appropriate.

- The fact of dismissal, he argued, for such does not mean anything. People everywhere want. Tomorrow we take on another plant, and there they will continue in the same spirit. And who we choose? Workers in the shop is not enough. But which ones? Those who prepare ourselves.

Not much time has passed, and change for the better in the team noticed it. More was the order, discipline, reduced staff turnover. Strengthened the authority of trade union organization has grown and respect for its leader, accomplished many years of honest work.

To work in the tool shop Kovalev got to a certain extent by chance. After demobilization he returned not to the capital of the republic, where he was called, and in Gomel, on the home. One of the friends suggested to go to work for energopoezd. Power plants there have been similar to the ship, and it has decided to choose from. The train was then given a "Gomselmash", which lacked electricity. Year and a half later, with the launch of a new power station, the train was moved to another location, and Kovalev has remained at the factory.

It happened with a light hand power tool shop Yegorov Dry temporarily worked as a mechanic energopoezda. He immediately noticed a broad-minder, a former naval, judging by the sailor jacket. Actually he was only motorist on the staffing, and worked as a mechanic and a carpenter and bricklayer. Here, too, as they say, who draws on that and loaded. And he loaded the Yegorov. Hard-working, not just the executive, and in a businesslike honest, Kovalev any work done quickly, skillfully and safely. It seemed that all his thick-set, strong figure instilled a strong belief that there, where he worked, he'll be fine.

Yegorov and persuaded Kovalev, and with it, Viktor Sergeevich Osipov and Vladimir Kalinin Mifodevicha, who later became a mechanic shop, go to locksmiths-repairers in the tool shop. Since that time has passed for 26 years. But when it comes to them, veterans of the former power plant remembered with gratitude for his subtle ability to understand people.

Arkady S. Gorodinsky, a former mechanic, and now, the foreman, said about these three, that if all the machines and equipment in the shop to disassemble and pour in a bag, they are without any drawing would gather all debugged and launched into action.

Kovalev Petr Kupriyanovich In memory of those years are condensed so that people sometimes myself wondering: Are many years have passed? But remember the events, people, and already takes place in all its depth. Unfolding joys and failures, hard to sweat, to muscle pain, difficulty with wit, with the creative highs. And nothing, it turns out, is not forgotten. All noted documentary-high government awards, respect for people, students who had grown up in the masters, and wrinkles around the eyes.

In the tool shop chronicle the life and work of Kovalev and his team can be read, as they say, from nail to nail. For all the time not just machinery equipment was replaced, a new equipment, appliances, auto line. And all in the shop assembled, installed, adjusted and put into action his arms repairmen. The technical level of tool manufacture also define multiple devices, improvements that not only made repairers, but they have invented.

No not now undertake to count all the innovations introduced in the production of Kovalev and his team. Technologist shop Gregory S. Sklyarevskaya when he suggested that on some occasion to make such a calculation, just shrugged. For each proposal will have officially registered for ten or even more than those that did not think to make out. Just made sure that people find it easier to work. Here and in the most rational distribution of machine tools, and installation of an automatic line units not on individual bases, and a steel plate, and dozens of bars, optional equipment, small machines, here and shop, shop-closures for precise machine tools.

On the last to say really. It was necessary not only isolate part of the shop, and a spacious, bright, comfortable space to work with a constant temperature, humidity, providing all other specifications. And all this is done for yourself, from conception to the last screw. If we consider only the cost of the project cost, order his department in the organization, it will be quite a few thousand.

To do such complicated things, we need great skill, knowledge and confidence. The qualities that come with age. But not everyone who has worked for decades, rising in his case to the original height. What do I need to do this, what personal qualities and external conditions? Talent, special diligence, perseverance? This question is not a universal answer.

One day in class workshop training courses after the next example from the practice of Kovalev is one of the young workers suddenly asked the head:

- Kovalev has much work! He is now easy. Because he and Kovalev. And he presented himself twenty years ago?

The question was asked on purpose. They knew that Sklyarevskaya, who conducted the training, working in the shop almost as much as Kovalev. What was the famous Kovalev at their age? We could not answer, not on employment. But the guys watched with undisguised interest. And S. Gregory suddenly remembered an old episode.

He was a young technician, technologist thermal area. Held while the reconstruction termichki was the first serious work for him. It took a move from place to place multi-ton stand. About how to apply a crane or another powerful technique, the question could not have been the site is located at the corner shop, around machines and equipment. Are not going to dismantle them is to clear the driveway. The only way to disassemble, move and stand in parts. According to the most rigorous calculations, all required at least three days. Sketched diagram and the order of disassembly, in the end of the shift Sklyarevskaya turned to mechanics, which are subordinate to the repairers. He sent it to Kovalev, saying: "It is now a senior in the second shift, and you will find in the shop."

I found quickly by ringing hammer blows, who was distributing out of the shop floor, where Kovalev punched holes in the wall mount crane girders. But I had to wait a long time. Repairman over and over again, hard and relentlessly beat a weighty sledgehammer. Sklyarevskaya said to myself that some change is already beginning for the second time a smoke, and it works like a machine. Well silischa!

Finally Kovalev went down the steep metal ladder attached to the wall. Hand, when I took a technician carrying a scheme of the stand, visibly shaking from the recent tension. On the flushed face shone with big drops of sweat. Sklyarevskaya was inconvenient for the comparison with the machine. Before him stood a man, very tired from hard work. He did not give myself a break because they go down for a long time, and at the top, leaning on the stairs, can not relax.

Kovalev listened to a detailed explanation, went to the site, he inspected everything and assured with cheerful enthusiasm Sklyarevskaya:

- Do not hesitate, do everything as required. And to keep the record, I have them memorized.

The next day Gregory S. came to the site, you not believe my eyes: the stand was a new place. Examined carefully, no, not dismantled it. How were able to move a whopper? Later I found:

repairers moved hoist a load-bearing beam span shop and in a few hours did that on his technology would take three shifts. For him, still young worker, it was a good lesson in how easy it may be more effective savvy engineering calculations.

Episode old, but Kovalev is characteristic. In general, he had to solve problems and more complicated. Especially when he became a foreman. It's one thing to work himself, the other labor-organizing numerous staff. But the handwriting is the same. However, it is now also known as hand crews, most probably the well-known and honored in the "Gomselmash". Since 1964, every year, it confirms the status of collective of communist labor. Constantly holding high places in socialist competition among the crews of association and the ministry.

Production is not a sports arena. Stability of employment rates it is more important than the individual highs. Especially valuable when once attained is fixed forever.

Plans for the last three five-repairers have completed not less than one year before the deadline. At present, the eleventh, five-year job four years, met for three. Over the plan of work performed more than thirty thousand. Incidentally, this figure is not quite accurate. It does not include nearly 300 man-days worked at the farm, and almost the same after school on the reconstruction of the shop. For a team of 20 people is a lot. Hence, given the tight rhythm, taken the "extra" days?

Not long ago, Peter was asked to speak at Kupriyanovich urban scientific conference. The theme of close-to talk about the role of the team to strengthen discipline and organization in the workplace. But forced to accept yet another consideration. Brigade organization of labor in recent years has become something of a fashion. Organize them everywhere. The number of teams is growing fast, but nothing new, except the name, for it sometimes is not worth it. Therefore, many of them are only formal ones, without affecting production results. On the "extra" days, about where they come from his team, and decided to lead the conversation Kovalev. The staffing of repair services are provided almost all the major professions: plumbers, machinists, electricians ... But if this practice and to adhere to a narrow specialization, we organize work and no downtime will be simply impossible. This is the specific work. Today we need to throw all incoming power to the installation of equipment, tomorrow or eliminate unexpected problem. In such cases, their very professional team turner performs locksmith job locksmith can be electric welder, electrician, concrete worker. Versatility, possession of related professions, a quality that allows you to greatly increase the potential of teams, broader reveal the capabilities of each worker.

Next - the discipline, organization, and accounting. If all this will take the team leader, it is hardly possible to expect success. First of all, it will be difficult to combine work with their own control functions.

Get the tool shop. Only in the area it occupies a huge building. People work in different teams to the ends. He graduated from one thing, switched to another. Sometimes, a day not only replace several times jobs, but also a profession. How much time would be lost in vain, if everyone just waiting for special instructions foreman where to go and what to do.

Its main base-board crew, the most experienced and respected workers. Their opinion is authority in the team, and they organize the work of colleagues, and control it. But all the main issues of developing a plan to determine the winners and distribution of earnings, decides the whole team. That is progressive and the contracting method, that there are no such rules, by doing that you can relax. There is a total work contribution which is determined, and man's place in the team, and his earnings.

Collective responsibility is not a mutual responsibility. Friendly relations should be combined with mutual exacting, and support and revenue, with the labor competition. Without this, it is impossible to achieve high results. Twenty years as the team was not violations of labor discipline. No one remembers the case of the assignment of low quality. One man, even the most diligent, can prevent the marriage because of random error. When combined the probability is much smaller.

Peter himself Kupriyanovich believes that no special methods of working with a team he does not. We need his help, intervene, do not need, the better, is engaged in its affairs. Others are convinced that such methods are. Once, when we went about it, one of the workers said, clutching a black engine oil from his fingers:

- Kovalev of his brigade, holding in his hand. Because he and discipline, and above all to develop.

Everybody who was around, looked at each other in surprise, not expecting to hear such. In a conversation interrupted Victor S. Osipov, profgruporg repairers foreman and friend '

- What do you see in our team, except for high income? Remember when you were sent to the foremost gathering, so you have two days in the shop and tie walked, way to approach to the machine could not. And Kovalev ever walked in the shop right? It is when the deputy of the Supreme Council was, in the morning from Moscow came back from lunch to work is already out, and after the change with you telling us what and how to decide on the session. When you work with him, just a shame to run worse. And you, in your fist!

Any product, whether it's crystal vase, or a steel gear, if it comes out of the hands of the master, always bears the imprint of his personality. It's a cold, heartless stuff. The more noticeable effect authoritative, respected man, be he a teacher, leader or fellow-workers on the people around him.

A personal example of brigadier-major, one might say, the means and leadership, and education. It is not limited to the manufacturing process. This is an example of an active life position and in terms of production, and in public affairs, and domestic, human relations. No one could recall a case that Kovalev dismissed the case, which could decide their principles for his own peace of mind.

For many years he worked in the shop milling Zharkovsky. Experienced, qualified personnel. But notice him, that hurt unsociable, he became gloomy lately. Some joked the character of the old spoils. One spoke to him, Peter Kupriyanovich, said:

- What are you, Ivanovic, like the whole world mad.

- And you would be angry at my place. I have a family or five people. Wife sick. And where I live? Have you seen?

- Wait, do you even filed an application for housing? Do you long to give the apartment.

- I will not give. Do not be! I am also a homeowner. It seems like from another state.

Kovalev has chosen the time, looked "home ownership" Zharkovskogo. Little house, outhouse makeshift. The walls on the stilts. From what have blinded his boss back in the days when even a room in a temporary hut for years waiting for. Since then won what povyrosli palaces. The people are great apartments. And he goes, is not allowed. Why not?

Appealed to the trade union association. They parted hands: we have long given Zharkovskaya apartment, but City Council did not approve. In the executive committee on the status of the order referred to housing is not supposed to give the state apartments for those who own their own homes. Sympathize, however, all but one can not help. Is Zharkovskaya of this provision? It's about those who have habitable homes. Not once, not twice appealed to the City Council Kovalev, put his feet on the trade union and management association. Did not give until it was decided that emanated not from the general instructions and the specific situation.

The fact that the issue was finally resolved favorably, a role played by the Member of Parliament Peter Kupriyanovich. But participation in Zharkovskogo he took not on the job duties.

We often talk about social work, forgetting that she, like any job, takes time, costs, physical and spiritual strength. Only the people are really generous soul can bear it, not noticing the weight. Sometimes, a good production worker zasyplyut different missions, but after a while it starts and confusions in the substantive work and in public. Over the years, Kovalev was elected a member of the union committee and party bureau, department, chairman of the local committee, he was a member of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR. Now a member of the Party Committee Office Association. Many people wonder how can he in any case be yourself, thorough, thorough. Free time he had not, but enough time for everything.

When a mentoring workshop consolidated farm, the main job, as a matter of course, lay on the fitters. Assisted in the preparation of equipment, the mechanization of farms. But the most trouble was at the time of harvest. Sometimes at night he would wake Kovalev collective farm chairman, asked urgently, immediately go to the factory, carved a broken part. Kovalev was raised, went to the factory, making parts. Understood and fall of one day per year feeds, you need to bail out farmers.

But all the time so could not continue. It was not the level of work have come to expect in his team. So the next time "emergency" collision sponsored Kovalev, in response to an urgent request to carve a broken gear on imported baler went not to the machine, and shed the brigade, and immediately made ready thing.

- Where from?!

- Go look, he invited representatives of the farm.

In the cabins on wooden shelves were stacks of all the details, because that often came to the factory sponsored. Guests feel awkward factory foreman did what he had long since done themselves.

But the matter does not end there. At a regular meeting of the Party Committee, Peter Kupriyanovich proposed the creation of a permanent supply of the plant parts that have need of sponsored services. It is possible to improve efforts to assist growers and largely eliminate the so-called unforeseen situations that have made a lot of confusion and disorganization. And then Peter Kupriyanovich proposal was further developed is applied to agricultural machinery, manufactured by "Gomselmash." In the manufacture of complex forage systems, harvesters and other machinery that produces the union, involved dozens of companies. Not the same technical level is so different nodes. So the decision by analogy to stockpile those parts that fail more often, and give them directly to the collective farms and state farms.

This is one of the many measures that formed the basis of the initiative group of association for the deployment of socialist competition for raising the technical level, quality and reliability of manufactured equipment for agriculture, supported by other companies in the sector.

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