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Vinnik Youri

Plumber cables of the Tushino call center Moscow City Telephone Network

Vinnik Youri They had one in the village phone. Black with a wooden handle. In the village council. That he now recalls. Many years have passed ..

The village was called Belik. Now this is a working town, a lot of construction around, put the sugar factory, concentrated milk, had a new road, a bridge across the river Vorskla, blown up during the war, restored, if not all the rules of construction and engineering sciences, that pretty well. And then, in those long ago years, they have a quiet side street, which everyone called Podil, apparently because she was at, at night he sat in the warm, neighborly front porches grandmother, nibbling roasted sunflower seeds, which are not tasty in the whole world, grandfathers poured from the pouch next to newspaper home-grown tobacco twist a fortress, with the first puff Bouncer tear.

Were unhurried village talk. The sun was setting behind the distant sadochki. From house to house rattled tin pail. The herd returned to the far pasture. And the old woman said a vostronosenkaya brisk whisper, to the nodding selsovetovsky phone that's de, it is said in Scripture, the time comes, the whole land of sinful fettered by iron wires and big iron birds will fly over your head and bite people.

As these birds are flying with black crosses on the wings of the fascist, he had seen. He remembers bombs exploded. In a violent rage choked with antiaircraft guns in the neighboring yard, this is one of the earliest of his childhood memories, abducted from Poltava, with Komsomolskaya street, where he was born and spent his first five years of life.

He himself from Poltava. Poltava citizen. Muscovite was not immediately apparent. And his wife Anna Ivanovna says sometimes: "Well what are you from Moscow? You are our, country ... "

In five years, when the Poltava released from Nazi invaders, mother of Alexander Y. and took him along with his sister in Lyuda Belik, in Kobelyaksky district, Poltava region, the most we can say rustic wilderness.

So, going back to the phone first, he represented the ground, entangled in the iron wires, and somehow hurt was done, that the range will not pass. Well, about what will be the signalman and his whole life will be associated with the phone about it, he understood as a child thought, never dreamed of. The first teacher Pavel Petrovich Shustov, Plumber cables of the highest caliber, began working at the Moscow telephone exchange before the revolution. So he told me once that the first Moscow telephone exchange, which came into operation in 1882, has been calculated at the twenty-six rooms. It is clear, "the call" went on air to the subscriber wires dangling over the sudden cobblestone streets of Moscow.

- Twenty-six rooms to twenty-six wires, 'he grins,' so much, in fact it went to, so entangle the earth iron. It turns out that was the right our belikskaya old ...

But the twenty-six rooms is just the beginning. Phone Muscovites liked. And so the time is suitable, without telephone service can not do. Pasha remembered as allowed in Moscow in 1916 most of the time, a large telephone exchange in the world wire connected the city, stood poles along the streets and boulevards, and all because of one channel could carry only one conversation, and in Moscow when Pasha began to telephone a student, there were already sixty thousand subscribers. It is at that time an impressive figure.

- Of course, if the wire communication was performed by air - says Youri-then the prediction of Belikov from Podol was true, I believe, by all means. But the troubles of this achievement we have delivered equipment. That would also depend on iron birds that peck at the ground to find a way ...

Gradually, it is not immediately learned signalers to one channel simultaneously, without interfering with each other, a few conversations, first two, three, and now many hundreds and even thousands. Were created by special cables to the ground cleared, main telephone lines run along for miles under the noisy streets, squares, crossroads, filled with asphalt, and each cable is hundreds, thousands lived, woven certain optimal way, insulated with various materials, and imagine that one of these threads of underground breaks. And, therefore, need to find it. That the task. That's it, then engaged in the exploration and cablemen-plumberi. Such a difficult profession chose Youri Vinnik. But it does not suddenly, one day decided.

When approached the age determined in life, he wanted to go to the construction part, be a plasterer or a carpenter. But then, I must say, the choice had been limited. All of his friends, a boy who dreamed of becoming a driver who is a pilot. He that can not afford: a child suffered a serious illness. Then, after the war, took him to Odessa in Filatov Institute of himself. Filatov made an operation. He said he needed more time to come. It did not work. So sad to think about it, but the choice had been limited.

At the family council decided that he go to Moscow to see my mother's brother, Uncle Ivan Yakovlevich, who worked at an aircraft factory patternmaker in the design office and for the first time he was ready to receive him.

Uncle Ivan Yakovlevich, thoughtful man, looked at his nephew from head to foot, sighed, and then came to his decision, so long as the essence of the case, get him to the post office. The work is quiet, the special forces do not.

Jury met at the post well. This, incidentally, means a lot when a novice is well met. "Sometimes it's half the battle," he now says,. Asked where he studied as classes ended, what would like to do, and offered to the radio unit. Will a radio operator. And on the same day drew up a student, as recorded in his workbook. The first entry. It would have become a radio operator, Yuri, but then worked on node linear engineer Victor F. Yankov, a veteran of the war, a young man, he was then, thirty two, but many had seen at that time. The war has its own scope, as there was the year two or year three? So, Victor F. for a long time to Yura Winnick watched, and then they took the male subject. Yankov and persuaded to go to the telephone.

- We had to switch to the fifty Tushino numbers, says Youri - direct - Twenty-six: police, ambulance, fire ... And now in Tushino 80,000 rooms, but actually our site serves more than 200 thousand, Voroshilov district completely, totally Tushinsky, Leningrad and the Frunze part.

So, with good advice, and Viktor Yanukovych became the Youri-apprentice lineman supervisor linear structures GTS-urban telegraph network. It is the position of its young to amuse, "overseer."

- Yes I am, what planter?

- It is an overseer, he Yankov-explained-you to his farm to be ruthless, so that it worked flawlessly. And just like that. Got it?

- I try to understand.

- So you try.

At first, he did install new ones, put in apartments and offices of various telephones. And satisfaction was that he brings joy to people unfamiliar. Thank you all say with a smile, greet and escort them gently. It is pleasant to feel that you need, do not just eat their own bread. Linemen, he worked for four years and would work to this day. Yankov treated him kindly, circuit devices shown and explained the principle of operation of a device, and the work of Winnick liked. But just then came Paul Petrovich Shustov, Plumber cables even before the Revolution experience.

It was a lean, tall, elderly man. It began with what he said to help: one in the well is difficult to manage, help, Yura, whether the other. Hands is not enough! Hold the tool necessary to go into a phone box to ring him in the well, while he is sitting there, solder the lamp to ignite, well fenced ... And Yuri accepted, without assuming that decided his fate.

I think that can happen with the main telephone cable laid under the ground? In addition, laid him then certainly in a dry place, stacked securely, with all possible caution, knowing that such a cable must be more than one year and every time to get to the stump but easy. But just can not foresee.

- Well, first, corrosion, an invisible enemy, Youri-lists, he says slowly, and to this his way of getting used to talk at once. - Then, of course, moisture. Quite literally a few drops of rain, this might get the picture that if there is a marriage work, leakproof. Then the trouble is inevitable. Closure may occur, and not a living, but many will fail. Consider this option. We'll have to work hard to find fault. A failure to find otherwise would remain without a connection hundred subscribers, and this, factories, hospitals ...

- When I started at the Pasha, the cables were lead, with a capacity of from ten to 1,200 pairs. There were a shell of vinyl chloride, but mostly lead - he recalls.

Vinnik Youri No phone life of the modern city is paralyzed. Yes, and imagine it such bestelefonnuyu impossible. Think what would happen if all the phones fall silent? This should not be. That is why cablemen-plumbere responsible for more than an overseer of linear structures GTS, it is Paul Petrovich, the first sitting of the well, in a nutshell explains. And I realized Jura Vinnik, the repair of trunk cables can be entrusted only to the most experienced, most skilled and conscientious master. And he wanted to become such a master.

It is understood, have a lot to know. To be able to solder aluminum, lead and copper brew synthetic membrane so that the flame of a blowtorch went a perfect seam sealed chamber in which at least verify, at least at the bottom of the sea. But that's not all. This is just the most obvious. We need to know your area so that at night and wake will draw a diagram with closed eyes. We must remember all the wells, all the joints, streets, alleys, beneath which lie your telephone cables, or do not find out the reason why the line is out of order. That is such a master virtuoso, which encompasses all the qualities necessary cablemen-plumberu and Pavel Petrovich was Pasha, who asked him one day just to help. Help it. And then they had to say goodbye, but fate decreed otherwise.

- It's generally not my merit, if frankly and with all due seriousness to consider, now, he says, Honorary Telecommunications Worker of the RSFSR, is our Pavel Petrovich was a true teacher. Mentor, how it should be ex-officio, and on high to his vocation. After all, none of the staffing position of "teacher" no. This mental disposition. This is a human warehouse. It is very valuable.

Probably, there is nothing higher than the master, he thinks, any masters of their craft than that of its sacred duty, to pass the skill, experience, accumulated bit by bit, the one who came to you to learn.

He remembers:

- Look, said the Pasha in the day when they had to bow out - boy, Yuri, you're a hard worker. The works are not afraid. And a lot of years to twenty-five. Age is quite suitable. Wind from the weathered head. While it is too late, go-ka you to contact us.

He did not say, "to me." Shustov him in his profession called, in the brotherhood of cable operators, plumberov. But this is not so simple happened.

Youri hesitated. He has experience in line supervisor podnabralsya particular, is about to become a true master. Yes, and work clean. And cable operators dirt, moisture, visits to the accident the night after midnight and often seven days a week.

- Do not be afraid of dirt, 'as if reading his thoughts, he continued Shustov, we do not delve in the mud, in the land. And the earth, it is always a nurse. In general, let's face. And he decided, cable operators more difficult, but interesting. There just new instruments were used to detect defects using new materials, and construction of the telephone moved well, and they came to the PBX distribution list to allocate one person to study at cablemen-plumbera on Dobrininskaya, there is now a vocational context, and then the courses were training. He hesitated.

- Uncle Pasha, said, 'You'll be very grateful if you pay me any time. Show what it is, your job.

- It really depends on you, 'replied Paul Petrovich.-Look. Try to. And he tried, as best I could. Now guys come to him, and he teaches them the skill, takes to his team, where everyone depends on each individual and no extra arms or extra time there. What else? Man must cultivate. And the master himself did not grow. He did not seek for themselves the work easier, cleaner, he was looking for, so that the work was interesting. And that was a close older friend, mentor, mentor teachers only if not named. And mentoring as a mass movement was not there. I remember talking with them on the site that got it in good hands. Now, when it comes to newcomers, he first showed an interest to be seen. To the curiosity in his eyes lit up. Otherwise, well, that kind of journey-work will be no joy to you, nor thanks. Work on. choose life.

And remember the old cable Tushino old, worn, patched it, is not patched, no documentation: burned when the Germans were marching to the capital. During the war, most military communications business. The enemy left the phone is losing the battle.

- In the present concepts, says Winnick, is not the work we had, the cable operators in the old Tushino, and bitter tears. Sometimes you sit in the well-and what is well?-Pipe is sixty inches in diameter at the bottom of a small chamber, the walls are lined with brick or concrete, but the protection it brick or concrete is not always helpful, often oozing moisture, propped up from below ground water and ice stylost, in the cellar, all workspace cablemen fills only a blowtorch and get warm ...

A few words about a blowtorch. It is run by gasoline, and Pasha remembered, when refueled with alcohol. It used to be. Then its easy, and technology: who is not in the know, could easily explode. Pavel Petrovich taught how to make a lamp as light as the color of the flame to determine the temperature. The flame should be blue, and in no case is white, otherwise the lead is melted. And how many of these secrets have cablemen-plumbera, because he has the work manually, with the highest caliber. His car will never be able to replace. Help simplify the work is possible, and replace-ever!

But it must not be forgotten, their work requires more and technically inventive grip. They are armed with not only light but a spade, though it happens to work as one mole-digger in propoteloy robe, calloused hands and straighten your back is not. Most often you do encounter problems in front of them clever, you must break your head before you decide which side to approach.

After all, that's an interesting fact: the Shodnenskaya street from them, in Tushino, two houses, the eighth and forty-second, those residents that residential telephone acquired, largely due to Yuri Grigorievich Vinnik. We can assume that this is one of his innovations, but here, in his opinion, just simply savvy, savvy experienced cablemen played a major role. He knows his place, and this pad to the two houses on his proposal could be done by stand-lived in the existing cable. But such subtleties are not right you approach: it is the experience gained over many years, these solutions suggests.

On his site, he was among those who decided to create a central office renovation, the first such bureau in Moscow.

Experts say it is fundamentally new solution in the telephone sector of the city. For example, they have to Tushino each of the 21 exchanges have their own repair office. Now they have combined into one. It sometimes happened that someone was idle, and someone was working above the head. Creating a single, common office helped to reduce staff, made the work a rhythmic and, most importantly, reduced the time to eliminate the damage. And this is only one solution!

But even more results are obtained by the technical service center, testing has already begun.

From this center with the latest electronic devices to the operator on duty will see a glowing screen, where the failure occurred, and immediately decides to call the brigade on duty. And this team will be the same as that of Reshetnyak, complex.

Previously, in fact it was? One team dug the ground, reaching out to the alleged "breakdown." Then, over time, the team came plumberov, restored the link. And finally, the third team or group bombarded the trench, led all in order.

Now, all these works is an integrated team of Reshetnyak. They cope with all the operations quickly and reliably. This is the work of the final result. All together are responsible for one thing.

Tushino ... All his life here with the first record in the workbook. The entire life around the case, selected because time is a good man suggested.

His wife began to apprentice electrician here in Tushino. Now Anna Ivanovna, the foreman, has been repairing phones. The same communicator. That is if you have a daughter Olga, finishing school, going to the parent path, the whole of their little family on one thing will work.

There is an indicator, the percentage of damage liquidation by the due date. His team this figure is twice that of the cable around the shop.

- Well, of course, the qualification is felt ... Then he team work, picked up by time. And each has its own qualities.

He is referring to the skills, especially in the personal work, which, when assembled together, and make the crew team, a team of associates, aimed at addressing the overall, big problem. He knows the strengths and weaknesses of each. Well Klopov Evgeny he was a foreman. Experienced Cable Guy. Youri was once a Klopov assistant. Learned a lot. Evgeny graduated from college, and he was transferred to the engineering office. Winnick was the team leader, gave him the fifth digit. But Klopov missed work and returned to the team.

Even in a complex team Minulin Bakhtiar, also Cable High-level, a strong-willed person, cheerful. Minulin no work, and it is not afraid to know the details and, more importantly, feels it. By age, he is older brigade, but it is in their relationship does not make any difficulties.

The brigade is easier to work when everyone knows everyone at a glance, not because of the same age, same age as the people crept, or housemates, or even relatives, most importantly, when both time and experienced craftsmen, and young people all working together, such as it is fun, and my rhythm right there, and the desire to convey the experience.

Here's Andrew Vatutin came to the team recently. He was asked:

Want to try a real job?


- I want to.

That was the cable operators in their integrated team now, and does not regret not going to change the profession. Preparing to take the highest rank.

Nikolai Smetanin fixer-phone signal, there is such a position. His duty, dig, dig, tighten the cable ... In the army he served as a driver, loves technology, but in their team, no one obligation is not limited to and fro. Can-do. So that Nicholas is not only the hatch and put the phone cleans well.

Volodya Samarov-meter. Merit the damaged device, but can perform other work, if necessary, so they began all together: one for all and, if necessary, all for one, is mandatory.

And they Brigadier truck. This is a GAZ-66, cable car, equipped with a winch, a fan to drive the well clean air and supply electricity. Behind the wheel-driver, Volodya Timahin, but it is not a member of the team, just the driver of the carpool, and sometimes, sometimes you get embarrassed: he wants to help, to take part in the work and skill is not, and awkward, like it is not laid out cab to go.

There are two options are possible - says Vinnik, or a guy to take, to teach the craft. Or anyone behind the wheel of his plant.

They proposed to make the driver and a member of an integrated team. But this question can not decide: different departments are involved, or simply inertia, it is difficult to say. And the hurt that his plan because it formalities in general, to its logical conclusion you can not bring.

On that day, when the Decree was published on assignment Vinnik Hero of Socialist Labor for ".. outstanding achievements in the implementation of manufacturing jobs and high quality work," the phone in a linear cable shop Tushinskogo host rang incessantly. Phoned his former colleagues, friends, acquaintances and strangers, first learned the name of the cable manufacturers, plumbera Reshetnyak Vinnik, the first Hero of Labor of employees of the city telephone network. He came to the phone, thanks, good wishes to listen. And his heart was glad. And suddenly, quite unexpectedly, with an anxious expression, hanging up, so right there and raise it again, said:

- So that's on the line will not be able to leave today ...

- Youri, after a day-to try to calm - because of you also knew the whole country!

- That's right, 'agreed Vinnik, but the work is worth something. Who will do it? In this response, the entire Youri Vinnik, Plumber cables. Signal Corps of the Tushino.

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