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Arkady S. Kozlov

Senior Novopolotsk refinery operator name XXV Congress of the CPSU

Arkady S. Kozlov At the entrance to the operator screen hangs competition. Unwittingly drew attention to it: a large beautifully designed stand, striated and colored triangles. The first place Red, Blue, second, third, blue, yellow, fourth, and the black triangle, the last fifth. The plant is working on refining five brigades not necessary all the colors to display the results of their competition. Next to the screen displayed signs with annual commitments.

Read carefully, compare. It turns out that the first brigade, led by Hero of Socialist Labor, Arkady S. Kozlov, most often ranked first in the competition, the fifth-to the latter. But here's the paradox:

All teams taking socialist pledges, they indicate about the same percentage of increase in the selection of light petroleum products. Is this correct? It may be that the same number of obligations for a weak team away, although attractive, purpose, and for strong reach them easily?

- No, here it is more difficult, 'said chairman of the Vitebsk oblast committee my union workers of petrochemical industry, Nikolai Mikhailovich Kozlov Samusik.-team-team, able to work hard, without disruption. Imagine, day after day, month after month and year after year to be the first in the competition, then we need high organization. And something in excess of skill, a special team spirit to win. Take a look at the numbers: in 1980 per worker AVT-6 produced products at 5.77 million rubles, in the following year, at 5,806,000, and in 1982, to 5.909 million rubles. Here's how to work Kozlov and his friends!

And I was interested not so much the numbers as it is mental attitude of winning teams, in that it seemed to me, lies the root of its success in the competition. Therefore, during the whole trip in Novopolotsk I did one thing: delved into the organization of labor in the brigade, AS Kozlov. In its creative environment conducive to achieving the best results in the competition. And as it turned out along the way, which explains the seeming paradox of obligation.

"And a little bit more ..."

The work of Arkady S. always comes for a half hour before the change.

Kozlov slowly changes into work clothes, wearing a helmet. Up to this moment all his movements unhurried, as if he deliberately holding them back. But here it is, focused and energetic, opens the door and out into the street. It starts with a daily round installation, which is called CDU-AVT-6 (atmospheric and vacuum refining units with power elektroobessolivaniya).

The plant continuously employs 50 high-power pumps, runs through pipes oil and its products. Dozens of huge engines twirl the blades fans blowing cold air heat exchangers. The very refining units has risen to more than forty feet up, and strengthened its top safety valves. And in the operator, along its long walls are hundreds of devices, showing how the process in this second.

From good governance depends on all production rates, and hence the victory in the competition. The challenge is to watch out for the installation, ie, to conduct the process strictly on technology and issue for any feedstock as many costly light fractions. In addition, it is necessary to save energy, to monitor the absolute serviceability of each piece of equipment. Oil and its products are chemically very active, they gradually erode piping. A temperature of distillation is that the leakage did not want to spark an outbreak occurs herself instantly, and the fire does not spare the surrounding metal.

That is why the operators on the lookout: you can not replace all relax for a moment. And the first is drawn into the pace of a senior operator. During the shift, he makes two or even three full inspection of the installation, which occupies several hectares in area and even extending upward. Each floor has its own installation technology devices that require a master's eye.

Ten minutes before the start of a change in operator Kozlov sits and reads the log. By this time, going to the team. All of this huge complex machines, technical and chemical devices, instrumentation serves to shift a total of eight operators! It is clear that their organization is in such circumstances is crucial. How did they manage to achieve such high productivity? For, according to Kozlov, "every lecturing their creativity to the bottom and top of that add a little bit more?"

Of what consists the moral and creative environment, providing brigade victory? The first term is: "Try to do everything myself."

This is perhaps the most controversial ... In fact, where does leadership and begin the limits of performance? For the older operator is important. After all, he and the team leader, responsible for the entire installation, so it is a workplace in the operator, in a warm and a roof. But at the same time, it is not just a leader, he himself is working! Then a thin, barely perceptible line that refiners feel good.

- But you, Arkady S., a senior operator. Nor should you replace operators who take care of large blocks of installation. If you do everything yourself, then no time to lead the team. Is not it?

Ask the question, knowing that other senior operators believe that their place only at the panel. If something happens, you have to send a subordinate, as most remain in place and monitor devices. Kozlov holds a different opinion: he first goes to the solve the problem, showing by example how to work. And his team knows that the "senior" working together with them, but it accounts for more cases, he is responsible not for a single unit, but for the entire installation. This attitude creates a business atmosphere in the team contributes to organization and coordination. As a result, there is the necessary integrity in his work, which largely determines collective moral climate, helping to drive the first places in the competition with others.

Equally important, the second term: "Do not stand over the soul, when the companion is working!"

- Worse than not, as the stick behind his back and give advice when someone is doing something-I believe-Kozlov. is annoying, I just can not do anything when someone stands and tells ... Do you know how to do? Stand yourself, do not bother me tips.

Strange but true: Arkady S. does not like to check how the work is done. In his opinion, it should always be made in good faith and masterfully. In this confidence I had doubts, too. In fact, if you're the foreman, then supervise the work of each team member is included in your direct responsibility, is not it? Instructed, the operator reported that the job is done, not lazy, go and check how the slave worked. But the team Kozlov resort to such testing is rare. And above all, because there came the master of his craft, valuing honor teams and their professional skills.

- Show and teach the operator is, I consider it my duty, 'said Arkady Stepanovich If he is not sure of something, does not risk its own decision in a difficult situation, I must help him.

- And is that the operator comes to you for advice?

- When a difficult situation ... On one of them told me Mitrofan S. Romashkevitch. The operator of high class, he is also a jack of all trades. Wood carving, jewelry crafts, homemade furniture, a caravan of "Moskvich" for the boat-Romashkevitch fond of fishing, even a small house on the site in a collective garden, all designed and made by hand Mitrophan Semenovich. He counts more than one improvement suggestion, and, most importantly, it not only to offer an innovation, but to fulfill itself in the metal. his locksmith skills highly valued in the brigade.

And once Mitrofan S. got into a blind alley: accepting change, he noticed on one of the fans back a little crack. What should I do? High speed, centrifugal force and pressure air jet on the blade can break the metal. The fan failure.

- Well, if the crack crap?-Thought-Mitrofan Semenovich. No wonder I raise a panic? We'll have to stop the installation of the same or at least slow down the process, fall behind in the competition. Is not it better to wait for scheduled maintenance? Perhaps endure the blade. I thought and thought and ... went to Kozlov. What Stepanich says it will. He solved it, the foreman.

Kozlov took a decision: do not just put the fan on repairs, but also check the blade all the other fans at the facility. Management agreed, the fans have been checked and are rectified the defects. Here's how to solve complex problems in a team of Kozlov.

But there is another reason why Arkady S. does not like to talk about the test.

- So, I do not trust my friend? I can not hurt a man! Just as it does not hurt, do not fail me. Again, there was doubt: check-in Romashkevitch only time to lose, it's true ... However, not all like him? But the more people recognize the brigade, the more clearly understood that it was all so! Long-term studies, unity, integrity, and the habit of striving for mastery of the forged statements of its highly skilled workers. Who may ask for the factory-all well-known not only because of the team Kozlova, but themselves as different operators.

Arkady S. Kozlov This applies not only Romashkevitch or deputy team leader Alexander Alexandrovich Borovitsky. Alexander Antonovich Zinkevich, for example, is responsible for multi-unit furnaces, he once took part in the "stokers" refinery and emerged victorious. Ivan Kozlov, namesake of the foreman, a few years ago, completed courses in rural machine operators, and since then no one crop or harvesting is not without its participation. He was followed the same profession has mastered yet another team-operator Boris Kolesnichenko.

- We have to install a very strong team. To be the first of our team have put all their skills and skill-Kozlov. said, For this we need everyone to be a master-class. Yes, at that time I stopped to repair a fan Romashkevitch correctly doubted it. But in dozens of other cases, it takes a decision on their own. And this independence of each member of staff largely determines the success of our team. I know I will not let anyone in!

By providing each of the creative autonomy of workers, the team reached an important goal: all are working at full capacity, with a large personal interest. From my point of view, it brought the team and of the Arcadia Stepanovich Kozlov. During the years of working together, it reached the highest caliber, and it helps to take a team has always won prizes in the competition. Operators of high qualification, as set Kozlov picked up his reserves for a long time. And the higher their achievement, the less reserve growth.

The installation Kozlov generation at full capacity with modern technology. That's why its obligations outlined a relatively small increase in performance installation, and it seems a small and a commitment to save energy.

There is also a third term: "Everyone is responsible for his unit, and all helping each other." Interchangeability, when everyone is able at any time to substitute another and do his job, is not given immediately. It requires a long learning, and perhaps most importantly, what we often think, the desire of working to take part in the affairs of a comrade. We have become a principle of industrial relations for the vast number of workers. And because this is not perceived as something unusual. And how do you have to appreciate such a relationship!

- Especially deeply, I realized the moral and economic strength of this principle is not in our team, and abroad - says Kozlov.-In 1982 I was sent to India to help refiners in the development of powerful settings. Almost a year he lived in the distant city of Mathura and hot, helping the Indian operator to learn the installation. They were in front of this practice in Ufa, learned a little Russian. Yes, and I learned a hundred and fifty words in English. Here and explained ... Will show, will draw, he will do so, and understood each other! But what struck me? If there is an operator working on "his" block, then on another block, he will not do anything. Pass by, not his concern. We do not have: we need help priboristu or mechanic, we help. The point is the total! We all help each other. I must say that our presence in the factory not only helped local staff quickly set to master, but also showed how the Soviet worker refers to the business. This is also a considerable capital!

- The roots of this attitude we have, not only in an extra charge for the expansion of service area - continues to reflect Kozlov.-supplement-itself. The point in an effort to help each other. It is necessary to mow the grass on the ground around the installation, take a spit. Required to remove snow in the winter, in the hands of the shovel brigade. Faulty pump to help repair it, those who are not engaged in the conduct of manufacturing operations.

This attitude manifests itself in the master's team, headed by Arkady S., very clearly and immediately reflected in the everyday affairs in the outcome of the competition. Before each scheduled repairs, when all of a stroke and begin to clean from top to bottom on the table in the operator put a notebook in her work, write down what they think should be repaired.

- And, characteristically, says the mechanic, installation and Party secretary Gennady Elfimov Afanasievich, Kozlov, the team always writes the most comments. And they will not be the case, and more. This affects their demands. I recently had a case ...

The designers have created a special furnace to heat the crude oil is not a multi, as usual, and cylindrical. If you look the part, this is a large diameter vertical pipe, it is burning, natural gas, and inside the pipes of smaller diameters, pumped oil. In contrast to the multi-chamber furnace new design is more compact and economical. In it instead of 40 with 8 injectors. Hence, simpler and care for her. One bad: access hatches are positioned so that the operator is inconvenient to observe the process.

A team of Kozlov, discussing the new design, offered to change the location of windows for observation, brought them down. It would seem that a slight improvement, but it greatly improved the service, and designers are still grateful to the team: all the cylindrical furnace, which are created in other plants, are now better place manholes.

It is clear that this term success of the "works" in achieving labor brigades, helping her win contenders. The desire to squeeze out all the equipment that it can give even more, to improve it, enhance its performance, all this largely contributes to credibility, achievement prizes in the competition with other teams.

Thus, all three terms is not much ... But it seems that other "secrets" of the team is not Kozlov. Yet surely only sensible organization, responsibilities, thrifty attitude to give the team installing the energy and commitment to help achieve the first place? Is it too simple an explanation? Do not lie its roots deeper into victories?

So far we have talked about the psychology of the team, it's time to tell his manager. The fact that he personally contributed to the moral and spiritual climate conducive to competitive activity team.

We sat at the Arcadia Stepanovich house and talked, as it is expressed in such cases, "for life". Kozlov lost his father early in the war-mown soldier, his childhood was difficult. His mother, Nadezhda Emelyanovna worked at the sawmill. Its team of eight women, they dragged the logs rolled them to the truck and loaded on the narrow gauge railway. After school, Arkady resorted to his mother, trying to help her here. She drove him to do homework, but she secretly proud of his strength, his skill and desire to work alongside adults. "Well done, my son - she said, 'sticks in the mountain itself is not rolling, it should be podvazhit."

And Arkady tried his boyish strength. Gradually, it developed a habit to do everything as carefully as possible, it is better, it has become a central feature of his character.

- Even then, I realized that everything is given work, to whom I have trained myself since childhood. However, not life itself-made flat out to bottom. And do a little bit more on top of that, it taught my mother. That's why I believe that all good in itself, is laid it in us from childhood, my sister and mom are required.

These qualities are then developed under the influence of teachers in the school. And how many have added service in the Soviet Army, building in Novopolotsk, which he joined in 1960.

When the plant was mounted on the first installation of oil refining, Kozlov trusted to participate in its start-up. He started as an assistant cameraman, "fireman" of the multi-furnaces. But the "fireman", so that all understand:

less than a year, as nominated on the merits of his senior operator. The validity of such a decision did not doubt anyone. He always wanted to become a true master of his craft. This tendency is gradually passed on to his team mates. Kozlov is able to infect others with your attitude. And not just to the point, he imitate in many respects.

- Once we were traveling with him in the mentoring farm, talked about that, about this, 'said Elfimov.-Kozlov And suddenly asks, "Gennady Afanasievich not you know how to quit smoking? I do not like this habit, and help it can not do anything. " Well this is a very simple answer. My father is "tied up" at once: he said, and threw it away. "Is that all?-Asked Kozlov. Well, so and I will!" He took out a cigarette from his mouth and threw it out of the window. Since then, never lit up. But the most important thing is that now he has the team no one smokes, that's the case. It happens, jump in the operator shoot a cigarette, and then change Kozlov. And get away with anything ... They respect him? Of course. But there is something more: they have all together. If Arkady S. participates in sports, you and the team behind it, then guidance is required. They always aim to win. Just some psychological mystery ...

In fact, perhaps, human Elfimov, is not it a hidden clue to successful teams Kozlov? And do not too often we rely only on high-performance incentives work? I'm not going to dispute their importance, but that is no less important, and something else: inspire people, to awaken in him the desire to achieve better results at work. And when it opens, the whole person acquires a special inner-setting to achieve good results. That is, the installation of a victory, ultimately determines the morale in the brigade Kozlov. Hence, I think its success, this is its moral lesson to other teams.

When lit at night ... happened in the shift change. Some have already passed their blocks and went home, while others sat in the locker room. Kozlov handed watch Boris Semenovich Kohanovichu, his old friend, ran to the school together, went to Ufa in practice one day become senior operators.

- It seems to be all right, 'said confidently and clearly Kohanovich brought his signature in the shift log.

At this point the operator flew some of the workers:

- Tar is on fire! Actions in the fire brigade are painted to the second. The main thing is do not lose your head, do not panic. Stop the process, de-energize the power grid, knocking down the flames, to take measures for safety equipment, troubleshoot, a lot of work, each person on the account.

Kozlov and his companions rushed into battle with changer. There was no time for rank-one did what he ordered Kohanovich. He is, after put his signature in the magazine receive shift was responsible for everything. Fire eliminated before the arrival of fire engines. Rapidly blocked the pipeline, which unexpectedly showed a fistula, and began to repair. To eliminate the defect took almost two shifts. All black with soot, Boris Kozlov, S. embraced:

- Thank you. If not for you and your kids ...

- Come on you! Kozlov, dismissed. - It is common among ordinary people. Is not it? ..

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