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Murzahmetov Balgabay

Brigadier Tobolsk road race Tselina railway

Murzahmetov Balgabay Piercing trill of the telephone calls slashed by a fragile silence sleeping room. Murzahmetov groped in the dark tube, said softly, his hand covering his microphone:

- Yes, sir.

At the end of the road came a familiar voice master Bapasha Isabaeva:

- Good health, Buck. I'm sorry that you picked up in the night. Here is the deal. In the second picket the 223rd kilometer point of the fire. Bands, please, someone from your team to see ...

- What's the point?

- 24 th.

- Got it. Then he'll call you ... Trying not to wake his wife, a soldier Balgabay quickly got dressed and grabbed his boots, stealthily moved into the hallway - his boots. But Ainagul not spend.

- Where are you?-Wife whispered, raising his dark head from the pillow.

- Isabaev called, in the second picket red lit.

- Sam go?

- I will go. And you sleep, sleep-four no ...

He stepped into the frosty night, shivering in the chilly sheepskin coat and sadly thinking, "Oh, rejuvenate at least a dozen, I suppose not throw a trembling in the wind, and rejoiced in the fresh weather. Maybe it really sent a picket of the guys who, while very old man's dream to go to inspect? What does not deserve to thirty-five years? "So he reasoned, and between his legs as if themselves were carrying him past the silent dark houses straight to the steppe, where every mound and every beam of his son, grandson, and shepherds are familiar from childhood.

... Likes Balgabay occasionally jokingly noted to himself, I was half the working class, semi-working peasants. Well, the way it is. He lives with his family in his native village of Karakalpak that four kilometers from the railway station Kazanbasy. In this village of more than one generation of shepherds left their mark. Brother and is now tending flocks of collective farms. And he, Balgabaya, is not only home but also economy. Garden available. Livestock keeping, cow, sheep and even horses. All the roots it in the desert. His father, Murzahmet Kulpeisov once grazed Bahia flock. Bent back to the grown fat-rich forbid, Allah, to lose at least one sheep, the owner before his death to score.

When it came to the steppe Soviet power, most of all she enjoyed such poor as Murzahmet. The Bolsheviks organized the farm "Kyzyl Tu" ("Red Flag"), and a former laborer Kulpeisov happy to give a total benefit of the most precious thing he had, a couple of skinny-Bulls, for whom paying for years to Bai.

Balgabay the age of fifteen became a Komsomol. I read books, newspapers, learned to recognize a typographical lines tight and powerful rhythm of new life. It was not easy, this new life. Not all have believed in it. Collective farmer often succumb to the individual farmers. From MTS fuel to the few while the tractors on the bulls had to carry, where to get them, the cars, then? But at school the teacher-Bolshevik conviction, saying the boys: "Soon, other times will come. Heal the country rich and happy. However, in order to bring this time, we all need a lot and work hard to acquire knowledge. "

Balgabay often undernourished, nedosypal, but studied and worked for two. Do not just put it in the example. Old Murzahmet, happy for his son, in his soul dreamed that maybe someday learns Balgabay to a veterinarian or animal husbandry.

No, I did not have to be a son or Murzahmeta livestock expert, or veterinarian. His generation had the other's share. Like millions of their peers, put Balgabay army greatcoat, picked up the rifle, and went trehlineyku to protect their homeland from the Nazis. Kazakh land is not Nazi planes bombed, not tearing it treads tanks. But the war did not spare the distant village Caracal-pack: the front left 37 people, and returned only five of them one-Assad Baimukhambetov-without both legs.

Balgabay brigade fought in the self-propelled guns. Thousands of kilometers of fire, he crossed with his friends. When a holiday on the chest Balgabaya tinkled battle honors on it is possible to study geography. Crossed the Dnieper in Kiev, took part in the Iasi-Chisinau operation took Bucharest and Budapest, Vienna and Prague, stormed Konigsberg, denounced the Japanese Kwantung Army in Manchuria. After the war he served three years in the Trans-Baikal region.

When a spring sunny day in 1948 demobilized sergeant Murzahmetov got off the train at the station Kazanbasy, his head spinning and my heart ached with a sweet half-forgotten heady spirit of a steppe grasses. Fell down a dark weather-beaten face to unsteady feather and whispered, "Hello, steppe, I'm back!"

Hands soldier yearning for peaceful work, dragged to the ground. In the farm waiting for him, but waited and in the construction, and transportation. Fate would have it, was working Balgabay Tobolsk distance path.

- What can I say about those days?-Balgabay Murzahmetovich stares out the window, where the wind tends faded over the summer grass and seems to not see this simple landscape, and its far-proshloe. Though I was young but healthy, and no skill. Before the war, the railroad only admired from afar, and then rarely. In short, had to start with the simplest of things. Well, good friends were there. I am particularly grateful to my first teacher, foreman Yakov Lukyanovich Ignatiev. This is his light hand I became a real railwayman.

Lukyanovich Jacob was one of those humble but knowledgeable, skilled people in the soul which shines a light indifference. This light and warms the other. He had a need to share everything he knows and is able, with the young. Well, I ask that the greed of the foreman to mess around with all day long with a clumsy novice, show, explain, advise? It seems that everyone in the team their specific duties. Show me a man of his "maneuver" and ask them to perform in good faith. So no, Ignatiev was not enough. Have noticed the ability of a novice, he "were pressing in" to it, gradually trying to develop his skills to help quickly learn the business. Lukyanovich Jacob, he had to admit, it was interesting to see how increases in the eyes of the maturing young worker becomes a real expert. It is possible, and its "greed" had a team leader: with intelligent assistants to better organize work and achieve every day with excellent results.

It is not easy success was given. Ways of Communication Technology in the postwar years, the roads were sparsely. All basically done by hand. But the road was kept in good condition. And how could it be otherwise? This is because the railroad! And it is not so important, that there was no electric and diesel locomotives running on rails, and the old, battered steam locomotives, which are in a war and rear, and front rescued.

Work railwaymen was heavy, at times exhausting. Ties to replace the line is usually carried several miles for travel trailer, which is pushed by hand. And if you meet, or after a train caught by hand is unloaded trailer, dragged him to the sidelines, missing part. And so every time, because the delay will not become a passenger or freight traffic on the highway. Sometimes, until you get there in the place, so Nama, one might as well relax. But the brigadier in command: "The adjustment gap gets!"

Once Jacob Lukyanovich during a brief respite Balgabaev sat down, put his hand on his shoulder, he asked for a father:

- Is it hard?

- It is hard, 'replied simply Balgabay.

- Go you want?

- Where to go for?

- Well, at least in the farm to his father and brothers.

- And here, that the same could not do it, you think?-Balgabay proudly raised his head.

The foreman looked reproachfully and smiled:

- Hot you, young man. I mean this conversation started, I believe in you, know that to cope. And I especially would be a shame if spasuesh the face of difficulties. You have to learn, that's what. Not only the basics of our master, and the entire organization of Ways of Communication of the case. I think it is useful to you ...

Murzahmetov Balgabay From these words seemed to have Balgabaya wings behind his back grew. Was not spoiled by praise shepherd's son. I decided to myself firmly'll do everything I will learn and work like that Ignatiev was not ashamed of me. Hit him in the memory of a winter cold day. Ignatieff then went on vacation, it Balgabaya, left for himself. Murzahmetov took over, checked the progress of repair work on the stretch, checked which of the lineman should be on the site. One was not there. Balgabay went to his house and saw the following picture: lineman sitting on soft cushions, tea drinks, bliss, the sweat from his hail. Balgabay asks:

- Are you sick?

- Who are you to say such nonsense?-Eye made known genuine bewilderment.

- Then why are not on the site?

- Well, what has stuck? Foreman is on vacation, so you can not look back or something, to indulge some tea? Nothing will happen. Would you like to sit down with me ... Balgabay felt that was about to fail.

- Well, that's what. Now get dressed and on-line. Waiting for you five minutes. Dissatisfied grumbling lineman began to gather.

They walked in silence along the way. And the bursting of the rail noticed almost simultaneously. Lineman confused shifting from foot to foot, his eyes lost the former self-confidence and complacency.

- What shall we do? He turned to Murzahmetovu as a senior. Balgabay looked at his watch. Soon to appear passenger train. We must not tarry.

- Hurry put firecrackers, one-thou-I have two. Got it? Run!

The engineer saw the engine in a timely manner and preventing railway workers stopped the train. There was a brief "meeting." Now the driver asked Balgabaev the same question: "What shall we do?" Balgabay, realizing that a long delay for a long time will beat the train from the graph, over in the mind possible. Just like in the ill-fated joint of locomotive and cars do not miss-wheels can fail. But what if you try to insert, at low speed?

So they did. The train moved slowly, and none of the passengers probably did not even realize what had caused a brief stop at the bare steppe. A lineman, after the defective rails replaced, went to Murzahmetovu and, hiding his eyes and muttered:

- You'd forgive me, the foreman ...

- I have yet to brigadier-mechanically Balgabay said.

Lineman looked at him askance, sadly waved his hand and walked along the embankment.

... In 1955. Hot, restless era pervotselinnikov. The age-old feather grass steppe became boundless grain fields. Happy people are rich harvests, new towns, elevators, roads. It's time to make a one-track and the old reliable double-track high-speed backbone to quickly rushed into the country with gold compounds Kazakh wheat. Balgabay Murzahmetov proud that together with other railway was at the forefront of the mighty rivers of the grain.

When the highway was the second way, it was decided to divide the team Ignatieff. Jacob said Lukyanovich Balgabaev:

- A conversation I had with the authorities, recommended you to the foremen. So accept household.

- Do you?

- In the next team will stay. Do not be afraid, if anything, I'm there. Only after all, and so can go out, do not you have me, and I care so you have to ask the Board. Do not refuse?-Ignatieff smiled slyly.

- What are you, Jacob Lukyanovich! - Blushed Balgabay.-You taught me everything.

- Do not Appreciate a cheap, already-panned Ignatev.-student must go beyond the teacher is the law of life. You and I were lucky. Time, my friend, interesting sets. Look, how the road. A few years later, and instead of steam, you know what the locomotives then rush-sight for sore eyes!

How many years have passed, and tips older friend and mentor Balgabay Murzahmetov not forgotten. Sends his disciples. And they had quite a lot. He loves the youth puteets old, does not give offense.

- Do you like watching guys work. According to the instructions laid to control the way four times a month, and my adapted themselves to do it more often. It is hard? But at heart peaceful.

For ease of maneuver brigade Balgabay Murzahmetov divides in half. One part he leads, the other instructs his assistant Kamysh Begezhanovu, experienced and conscientious man.

What is a good way, or, in the language of railway workers - the "velvet"? This is when cars go through it smoothly, not hanging out and the balls from side to side. To become Rails such a lot of work must be applied.

- The first thing, says brigadier - Asbestos ballast must be clean. We have such an operation, trimming ballast. In autumn and spring are doing it. As floods subside in April, the water abstracted from the rail fastenings cleanse, tighten bolts and accepted for trimming. The work of painstaking and laborious. The two workers usually have a hundred meters per shift. Many, of course. But it is not time-pruning ballast no end of trouble. In winter, so podopret mound, which is the old sleepers and rails crutches zaderutsya curved upwards, and under them nabyutsya mud and snow. This can not be allowed.

This is what I think. It is time our scientists, designers create for us, railwaymen, easy and convenient arrangements for such works. "Iron assistants," oh, so necessary to the railways. It's a personnel issue and is directly connected. It's no secret that the current more difficult to attract young people to work with us. She is looking for work for themselves, well, perhaps, more prestigious, such that the mind could poraskinut, not just "lift, carry, throw." It should be understood!

Here's to our team recently came Komsomol Rahja Baymuhambetova, Kulyanda Nurpeisov Sabigul Temirbekova. Good girls, hard-working. Father Sabigul twenty-five years with me lineman worked. My daughter had known from childhood, how do we Puteiskiy bread. And still no-no but joked: "Uncle Balgabay on our site and the master of sports of weightlifting, probably did not last long, eh, we refer to me, nothing ..."

Once a meticulous correspondent trade magazine estimated that over thirty years Balgabay Murzahmetov walked on foot to his site almost sixty thousand miles, five times from Brest to Vladivostok. Is it any wonder then that he knew every rise, slope, turn. Heart remembers how many bolts at each kilometer.

- And what, 'grins Buck (the Kazakhs call their elders, respected persons), fifteen thousand bolts on the kilometer. And everyone should be lubricated, pull up, to fix.

Murzahmetov "reinsurance" in the best sense of the word. Twice a year, spring and fall, the team must take place according to the instructions for ferrying around and fasten the bolts. But Balgabay believes that "mush oil does not spoil." He has since opened to the team every month left on the way to tighten the bolts.

- Do not resent working, because you need them more than they should?

- Did you ask them.

He asked. And that's what I heard from one of the most experienced railwaymen Zhanat Satmagambetova:

- Honestly, when I came to the team, wondered: why do Balgabay causes extra work? Balnost we have zero, that is excellent, and the foreman all dissatisfied with something, something all the demands on us, looking for flaws. I did not like it. Just could not bring himself to say, but orders the foreman not really in a hurry to perform, including their chief whim. One day Buck tells me: "Go and put the signal at the picket. It is necessary to protect the site of work. " Just think, important. I went waddling and, without reaching a specific location, check box stuck somehow, and even casually opened it to the back of the driver's side. But it is a signal of the locomotive crew that the ways people work ...

When I saw Murzahmetov my "work", gloomy face and made the signal to deliver as it should. And yet another word. Not seem to notice me.

After a few days in the red corner was a collection of our collective Ninth okolotka. Summed up the work. And I must say, we Kazgereya Zhumagalieva team competed, and the fight was very hard. Our opponents worked well on all indicators we stepped on the heels. Senior Road Master Munaytbas Kashkinbaev spoke: "Our whole team worked well in the past month. Brigades are so closely one after another, it is only in recent days it became clear that once again ahead of team, headed by Comrade Murzahmetovym. "

We were ready to accept congratulations from another labor victory, but suddenly the words of Buck asks. I said, I am glad, of course, to hear the kind words addressed to us. However, I believe that this time we are not worthy of first place. Do not worthy, because one of our friends made a mistake, professional negligence, which could do all expensive. And looking at me. And for me, too, began to look at. Or maybe just a thought. So ashamed, even through the ground of failure. After the meeting, Buck came up to me:

- I hope you are to me not very offended?

- You want me to go away from the team?

- Freak-a man, really did not understand?

- Guys Prize lost because of me. How can I stay in the team?

- I do not know how. Stay-and that's it. This is a lesson to you ...

Lesson ... How many years have passed, and all I remember. Here is the answer to the question of brigadier.

... Balgabay runs along the track, posvechivaya flashlight and familiar looking joints. The eastern sky begins to slightly pink, but there in the purple sky, the stars still shine brightly.

Does he remember the foreman of an ordinary mind the day when the newspapers brought the glad tidings to the steppe-Murzahmetovu awarded the title Hero of Socialist Labor? Remember, of course. Always remember, though rarely wears a festive dress with a high reward on his lapel. And always remember, and she warms it a small asterisk, maintains, and in joy and in sorrow. And only if it is a reward? He always thought and believed that without his team, without true friends would not have so earnestly, eagerly and cheerfully to work. One simply does not have enough enthusiasm. And the people in his young enthusiasm and now, like himself and his companions prove that there is life in the old dog yet!

Did the worker Murzahmetovu Gold Star courage and confidence? Balgabay before, of course, was not timid. But, perhaps, hardly dared to ask in person to the Minister. And then went to Moscow for the celebration of railway, took time out and went to the IPU. So, they say, and so, Comrade Minister, I have a big request to you. No, do not ask for themselves. We are talking about transportation for our railwaymen. My then-brigade from the house to walk the site goes live-series. But others have different times and for twenty miles to travel. Difficult, especially in bad weather. Trolley for the full distance one, the car is, but old, not enough spare parts and fuel are in short supply. Most of the truck is idle. Could you, Comrade Minister, do something to help in this matter?

And the Minister listened to the working man, wrote in his request for a notebook, has promised to help.

Yes, a lot has changed in my life. Some things are too stopped to amaze. Nine children have Balgabaya. There are quite adult, and there doshkolyata. The eldest son of a shepherd Dosmurad working on the farm. Well, good thing, has long proven. But my daughter, Azira tenth grade, decided after high school to medical school to do. Doubts were Balgabay, overcomes his favorite wisdom is unknown science, and now nothing, accustomed to the idea that being a physician's daughter. Especially since they, physicians, is not enough yet in the desert.

Do not see him, do not appreciate something new that came in the harsh, beautiful steppe land! As a member of Semiozernogo District Council of People's Deputies and the village council Kazanbasanskogo Balgabay managed to touch many human destinies, to penetrate into many everyday things. And always try to help those who got in trouble or needed anything. Himself for twenty years with his family lived in the barracks, but how many people helped celebrate a new home! Is its contribution to what House Railway gasification, and that a good bath in the village was built, and dug a deep pit. No worries for him big and small. When it comes to people, everything is important.

Now his family is also a good home. And as he had once helped people, now they have helped him to build in the wilderness, to get our economy on a new place.

That ... and got to the second brigade picket. Against the backdrop of the dawn sky burning red light. He went to the signal, observed at the junction of the chain rail-everything is in order. Maybe with automatic discord? Well, of course, that is, the fuse has blown. The point is trifling, and he stomped here, as if on fire.

So in the hearts of Murzahmetov thought, but then he himself and snapped: "What are grumbling, there are no little things we do! Urgent need to call signalers, and tomorrow, perhaps, before the authorities is appropriate to put the question: why not give a railroad at least a minimum knowledge of the relationship? Then during the traversal of any one of us the same fuse could replace another easy job to perform. Save time, traffic safety will raise, and what is more important than that on the road? "

Balgabay hurry home. The sun had risen high above the horizon. A little warmer in the desert. The foreman opened his jacket, hat pushed back on his head. There is a smiling, it seems, now sing a song.

And that, to him and work out songs.

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