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Zavialov Yuri D.

The foreman of logging crews, mentor Novgorod production forestry association, the Hero of Socialist Labor

Zavialov Yuri D. - Are you going to write an essay? Do not come, I just got out of there. Your hero is ill and it seems hard. Taken to the hospital, I was warned fellow editors.

That's really the news because news is. It is ill-Zavialov, iron, unbending Dimitrievich his respectful styled in a team? They are all there if chosen one another: healthy, ruddy young. Forest air and daily physical labor are doing their work, form the heroes (among other things, the most powerful man on the planet Alekseev his career is just beginning to lumberjack near these places, only in more northern logging enterprise).

Now imagine such a thing: a year or two ago zavyalovtsy decided by the general meeting, the brigade does not hurt. Wait a smile. Specifically recognized in the local clinic: unbelievable but true. Over the last year they did not take any sick leave! Health & thinking, innate? Maybe ... well, if you remember the stories of fathers, both during World War II, they were lying for days in the trenches in the icy water and did not hurt, did not take even a runny nose? .. It follows, then, will a person's health is stronger. However, Zavialov, seemed to be healthier all. One day after the end of the day, waiting motodrezinu, they started to fight for the Olympic system: put on the blade-out of the game. I have asked, "then, not all puny strength given to the work poskromnichali? '" And overeating can not even be at the table, so as not to spoil your appetite, "said, it is reasonable for this Zavyalov. So in that fight (which, it turns out, is often checked in this way, is there a shot in the locker) Zavialov again easily made it to the finals. And then he got sick? It can not be. And if so, immediately on the road.

The route from Moscow to the Small Vishera most that on is a straight line. Yet in the very fast train is not less than six hours, you can think about many things. Just why would I have started, always returning to Zavyalov. Destiny is not spoiled by Yuri Dmitrievich. School education, he was so harsh that should tell you about it really. Travel back to 20-30 years ago is still useful for two reasons. First, we will open an extraordinary character of the future hero. Second, pay tribute to Alexei Ilyin Arsentievich, Zavyalova mentor, perhaps the chief instructor of his life of the school.

... His father died in the war, the elder brother in the army, his mother is ill. There was a cow on the farm, and she fell. The first postwar years, we hardly getting any ...

This is a very brief excerpt from a story about his middle-class family of brothers Zavyalov, Valentin Dmitrievich. And had even tighter, and when Valentine was the turn to get under arms. At thirteen he went Jura "employed in the service" in the local timber industry Pestovsky (he is a few hundred kilometers from Malovishersky).

- Youngsters do not take, he said, stern-kadrovik. And to you in the forest? We have two trees in girth. Hard to say what would have happened to a boy, is not it appear close to the road master Ilyin. Sam began his career as at the same age, he took the boy under his responsibility, defined tamp flooring for horse traction.

Now Zavyalov said that he was lucky in life to good people. But if you think about it, it was lucky he was because he tried to bring people good. Did not fail him the sponsoring master, tried as best he could repay his kindness. And man, did not quite an adult, can very much if he wants. Therefore, whenever came Ilyin, or any other chief of-way on the site Zavyalova was always in order. The work will never be concealed, of itself declares.

Soon transferred to the master of the forest Ilyin, reached for him and the student. "Take the boy will not regret it," asked Alex, Arsentievich one of the logging crews. Veterans, thickset peasants, grumbled, hare, they say, has led, but have not wanted to offend the distinguished masters. And again, Yuri seeks to repay the good, to be as useful as her new friends. Volunteered to get up in the morning before anyone else, prior to the change of warm water tractors. And in the afternoon waving and waving an ax, cut the knots on the felled trees. "Clockwork, or a two-cord?"-Old men were amazed at him. But only my mother knew what her son is his job ... Asleep, not having dozhevat meager supper, from fatigue and heat. To his parish house was ready a bowl of hot water. It immediately became the Jura booted straight to the feet of thawed primerzshie puttees. Here is how a shoe-tops were lounging on the boots but bolted to them twine criss-cross the old shoe ...

Selfless labor, especially about the child, could not call respect. Stood not before him, and bearded.

- I go once a forest plot - that the attack: the side of the tractor paces, and the machine itself is, as if by magic. When looked carefully, with the arms seized by Yurko, slender hands, as though for the life of keeps, 'says Ilin.-I rustled on the tractor: how dare risk the car? Then, in the forest industry has just started to receive first gas generators trelevochniki have replaced horses. The car was new. "So it is no worse than it already knows me," tractor-justified. And what is this hare-day not only warmed the water voluntarily, but also used every opportunity to help the tractor drivers during the repair machinery. Yuri Ilyin made a cursory examination, materiel know. And driving just saw it myself, very bad. He waved his hand, but warned that, if the machine that happens, the demand from the older.

However, Alex Arsentievich have forgotten the details. He did not gave up on Zavyalova attracted to technology. On the first Sunday went to the district center and took a pile of special technical literature: "On, Hare, shtudiruet. When ready, horn. In the courses you still will not age, but externally, I think, will not give up, somehow persuade the commission to listen to you. "

And the commission does not only listened, but because of the exceptional knowledge of the theory and practice of trust Jury recommended a tractor.

This is unlikely to be called an accident: work is not slow to affect, the team came out with a tractor zavyalovskim in advanced. This is understandable, the rhythm team depends entirely on trelevochnika, which is in the hands of a young mechanic was working like clockwork. And now, an unprecedented event in the forest practice: 45-year-old bearded choose a 17-year boy to their leader! Yurko-Hare became a foreman, Yuri Dmitrievich. It starts with the heroic path of the youngest in the logging practices of the Hero of Socialist Labor.

In Malaya Vishera I arrived quite late, but still managed to knock at the apartment Zavyalova. Almost not at all surprised when the door was opened by Yuri D. ...

At six in the morning lespromhozovsky bus, creaking sides, now and then pulls out of the ordinary night wisps of smoke from cigarettes, and soon the whole crew in the assembly. Then he whistled lokomotivchik NGR, battered trailer-hut of an old man grunted, jerked and immediately banked so dangerous that I sucked in the stomach. Loggers routinely laid out on a makeshift table, dominoes, or at least tried to revive the habit nedosmotrennye dreams.

An hour slipped unnoticed ways. Exactly eight motors zarokotali pyatidesyatisilnyh trelevochnikov so disguised in a grove that had it not roar, they will not find even the bully-boys. First, as always, jumped out of the cover and the steel horse Zavyalova like a tank in the attack, rushed at high speed on the cutting area. The limiting speed of the car is one of the zavyalovskih trumps, not many people owned tractor. The benefits of this method are obvious even to a child: a pack of whip quickly brought from the forest to the loading area, more prepared timber. But go and do you, run away through the woods, where you lie in wait all around the stumps, swamp bochazhiny, dry beds of streams and rivers and the most common, covered with leaves the pit. On this strip of trouble should be able to pass a tractor and, most importantly, do not lose possibility that the 20-meter trunks hanging on the tail of the car. Zavialov on the forest plot-sight for sore eyes. It seems that just took a pack of whip-have returned. Do not have time to dump the gas-is already on the tracks, dragging a cable skidder, ahead suchkoruba-chokerovschika. While suchkorub-chokerovschik, who is also assistant to the tractor, threw on the trunks of their collars covering-checkers, Yuri D. hurries back to the tractor. In the course of time to take down the head ten different knots. At first glance suchkorubu help small, but for the whole day, you see, is incident povesomee additive.

So that's what she zavyalovskaya organizational streak ... About him saying, does not cry, do not command, his whole life had not heard from him swear words, and the production team gives a double, the quality of the best.

Zavialov Yuri D. Labor gives birth to the authority of the person. And so over-the-leader. This Zavialov learned long ago, on a personal example of his mentor, Alexis Arsentievich. How would no sooner left the brigade in the woods, Ilyin their escorts, worries, everything is supplied, are provided. No matter how late returning from the forest, foreman always wait for all, will ask, how are you and what you need for tomorrow. Ready at least until midnight solve urgent problems. Neither the foreman nor a worker could not be said that Ilyin not listened to him, did not take effective measures to help. As he did, and when one knows Ilyin, who always wanted to do as much as possible. According to this principle, and acted Zavyalov.

A month after he became a foreman in a logging enterprise Malovishersky, his team came out winners in the district, and a month later, on equal compete with the best teams of the first month went overseas timber in thousand cubic meters. But all this was not enough.

- Arsentich, give me two more people and a backup for personal use tractor brigade, will work in a half shift, came once a young foreman in the lumber camp office.

- Figured like a tempting offer, I decided to take the risk, says Ilyin.

The fact that the first so-called malokompleksnye logging crews had at their disposal a tractor, which in the current practice of many years served five people. Due to the compaction of working hours, eliminate downtime, a more rational organization of labor Zavialov came to the fact that he stopped a tractor to keep up with the brigade. It took a second, which came to the second shift and picked up what was left of the "diaries". Ilyin, too, realized that he was particularly no risk. Reserve put the tractor into two teams. But as a rule, it did not receive nor those of any other. Tractor in the reserve did not want to sit, and the car remained no man, therefore, rarely serviceable. Is not it better to give this orphan master and put it into circulation? Moreover, it is not asking the whole team, and half less.

The calculation was justified, output mashinosmenu Zavyalova have risen half as much, per person-day, almost 1.7 times. And he was looking for a new, uncharted ways. Whatever you say, but at night, in darkness, to work and inconvenient, and dangerous, and most importantly, do not razovesh high speed. Again, go to the head man up and asks people second tractor, will run in one shift with two links on the basis of two tractors. Perhaps he was right and it is this idea, but he decided it introduced gradually so as not to scare off their projects is leadership ... Whatever it was, once again agreed to Ilyin.

And once again a success. In terms of annual 23,180 cubic meters in the new team structure gave 37,323 cubic meters of timber, or a state task performed by 161 percent. At the sight of all these benefits team also rebuilt their work, and that dramatically won the entire Lumber Station, which covered the remaining three brigades with more than nine former job! I should add that before each small team had to build a separate rail mustache heater house, organize the supply of fuel and lubricants, food. Consolidation of teams facilitated this task. All the timber industry, the whole area went to work on the new structure. Now it seems so simple, familiar. But before that someone had to think of first. And on the Eighth Five-Year Plan submitted to the Zavyalova Order of Lenin. Thus, the initiative Zavyalova established.

And he continues to seek, to invent, to try.

We worked with two links in two shifts. It seems to be a good scheme, but the brigade, on reflection, it was abandoned: it is impossible to keep a tractor cutting area. If it fails, all links will be in downtime. Again, back to work in one shift. The development of multiple dropped, but became more stable. Now, if you went down a tractor, a team rewrites the series, and some time is usually sufficient for the repair, kept at a height of production. Then he worked with four functioning in two shifts. Despite high production, and from such forms had to be abandoned: small logging fund this zone does not allow you to deploy a large team. Now settled on three levels, is specialized for their intended purpose. The latter is a form of labor organization team, the future will show.

All team members, mostly young men, were second, third specialty steel tractor, feller, and even drivers who are ready at any time when necessary to replace each other in the workplace. Recently spun off from the brigade Zavyalova link led quite a young Vladimir Popov, now became an independent team. In the timber industry enterprise in this new team have high expectations, because for six years deputy Zavyalova Popov pretty much took over from his teacher.

But if you saw how hard it came off a link from the old brigade, as opposed to move away from himself Zavyalova Popov. In practice the division has become unprofitable because of its unwieldiness a four-team was back in April of last year. But still a long six months, both the team and to and from work went together, and continued in the woods "huddle" to each other.

- I think the happiness that was in zavyalovskuyu brigade as soon as he moved to Malaya Vishera, says suchkorub V.N.Moiseev., I remember, went to work, and thought all the houses:

Firewood is not in the apartment, two small children. And to say shy, day-the worker, the first one. From nowhere, Yuri's brother Valentin fit: "And I'll have to saw wood." On the same evening, Jura, again, without my asking, it is clear beforehand had agreed with Valentin, organized by platform and the platform he brought the car home to me the wood. Now everyone is pushing me to finish the reclamation technical school, two years ago left for family reasons. I'm not against it, but when I remember that from the team needed to go, his hands dropped. It is better to learn from the tractor will go to just to stay in the team ...

Learn ... but also the team has Zavyalova school. Production logging association Novgorodles "missed" by his team has more than 250 supervisors and technical officers of the association as well as others. In other words, based on his team organized National Workshop on best practices. Of course, the "trainees" and distracting and interfere with work. But nothing zavyalovtsy understand that this is necessary for the case. And it turns out the vast importance. According to the method Zavyalova now work virtually all the loggers north-west zone. Brigades from the timber industry Pesskogo Dregelskogo and led ML Ivanov, PA Coastal, LM Troshkova have achieved output per cubic meter mashinosmenu 52.4 vs. 44.5; per person-day of 11.6 cubic meters, compared to 9, 4.

What else can you tell us about Zavyalova? A lot. Hero of Socialist Labor, was awarded the Order of Lenin, Order of the Badge of Honor, the commemorative medal to mark the 100th anniversary of Vladimir Lenin, a member of the District Party Committee, Regional Committee of the Workers Union of Forestry, paper and wood industries. Over the last five years his team won eight times great place in All-Union socialist competition, she was awarded the title many times the best team of industry. And all this in 38 years that the employee logging industry is a very young age.

Only one I could not find a Zavyalova-his hobby. Especially for this even came home, nothing special. Library of common, perhaps even take care of her son, a graduate of GPTU. Only here a lot of literature on cars of all systems and sizes, all brands. - So this is his hobby. Ready the night without sleep, if the new machine will produce a book on, smiling, his wife Katya. - By the way, in secret, I have for him is always some new supplies,, it reduces the conspiratorially-golos. Sometimes he would come home from work is not your already know, something that is not so worried. I have him now, just a book. Better than any medicine helps. And then, you see, talk to him in the evening, the day will be all the forms.

Zavialov - by the way - the driver of the first class. And not just the city bus station is invited to the intercity bus service. And the salary is the same, and warm, and comfortable: the day of the voyage, a day at home. But the cutting area is his life, and love the car ... Would that be realized in his son Vladimir. Excellent graduated from college, specialty mechanic, and dreams of road courses on the draft board. Mom proudly tells us that once again in the movie will not only be allowed to tinker with his father his "Volga".

Saying goodbye to the friendly family Zavyalov, I still asked the owner of the house where there was a rumor that he is seriously ill, even though, took him to the hospital?

- Ah, it was something to do with a week ago. Twisted so that the timber industry enterprise in an ambulance was summoned. D. Only my wall was: Do not give up, it is sciatica, home remedies will cure. And indeed cured. She stripped, Volodya did massage. The next day was as good as new. And what, after all, we all agreed not to hurt a team!

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