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Miracle THREAD

Baysobaeva Kulgaky

Frunze winder cotton mill of 50 Years of the USSR, Hero of Socialist Labor

Baysobaeva Kulgaky As soon as the light began to dawn in the east, went through the city, rattling buses, the first buses and trolleybuses. And that was for Kulgaky better than any alarm: she got up, dressed, slowly brought herself up, breakfasted, and went out into the street. Today, as always. And in the spring, summer and autumn and winter. Get up with the noise of the first driving past her house buses and trolley buses and go to work is a habit for twenty-five years of work in the same factory. A quarter-century, what period of time! Over the years many have been misery, labor, purposeful, struggles and joys. But the years have passed is not in vain. There is something to remember, there are many light moments in her life. Again and again come back to these memories, inspire them and to schedule new tasks for the future, as it is nice to ...

Kulgaky riding the bus. The first rays of the sun had already crushed and melted in his glass. In human life there are many joys and successes. But the joy is the top, to reach which she had the honor, much, much higher than all others of her happiest days.

Kulgaky invited to sit down, but she refused. Too much boiling in her heart with joy that she could sit down and calmly cope with them. She was thrilled. And anyone who watched her at this moment, be sure to notice what her dazzling black, slightly elongated eyes to the temples, which remarkably thin and delicate skin on the face of what apple blush on her cheeks blazing. Colorful scarf covered half of her pure, high forehead. Clinging to them like a little girl, the cool glass (so that others did not see), Kulgaky looked around and smiled. Before her eyes shining in the morning, in all its green glory of the Central Asian city of Frunze rose. Relatives of the streets were filled with the fragrance of apricot and apple trees.

- Congratulations, Kulgaky-eje-suddenly turned to her young girl. - Congratulations to the rank of Hero of Socialist Labor!

- Thank you, darling!-Kulgaky said, looking up from the window. And then he

She knew many of the views that they pay more attention to her and was confused. Repeated confusion:

- Thank you, darling!

Yesterday and today, those were the happiest days in my life Kulgaky. Looking for a fun, well-dressed workers, traveling with her on the bus, she thought: "How nice to feel in a rapid stream, nice to keep up with people, nice to work with them, overtaking one, concede to the success of others as nice that they work with you in the same enterprise. " It happened yesterday, only yesterday ... Motalschitsa Frunze cotton mill named after the 50th anniversary of the USSR Kulgaky Baysobaeva, as always, came to work early, and sitting in a mobile chair, proceeded to the usual operations: removing the reel, put the ears, skillfully and deftly removed the thread breaks. She was so fascinated by his work that he did not notice it approached the people: the factory director and secretary K. Ashiralieva party bureau of the company B. Kramarova.

- Kulgaky, congratulations, 'they said in unison.

- With what?-Kulgaky was surprised.

- You become a hero. Hero of Socialist Labor.

- So, wait a minute, wait a minute-Kulgaky jumped up and hugged the Secretary-partbyuro. You say the truth?-How hard is it to just poverit.-Who told you?

- Here is the newspaper. It published the Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR-handed newspaper K. Valentine.

Taking the paper with trembling hands, Kulgaky barely read his name. Yes, all right: her name:

- For what is such an honor?

But to herself she only thought:

"I will work even better! Give more time and effort favorite work! ".

Since then, she had no rest. In it, a simple woman from the mountains, seething joy, like a mountain stream. She congratulated all. And now the young worker did not fail to congratulate her high rank.

Smiling, Kulgaky again pressed her cheek to the window bus. The orderly and under the rustling of tires under the multilingual voices of workers filled the bus, she remembered the next morning, too, spring, too sunny, happy, loud ...


While the coaches did not go to ailah. Kulgaky out on the road and became a "vote" to stop a passing car. His father, shepherd, was fatally ill and his mother was unable to leave their younger children: they were four smaller than the other. I had to say goodbye at home. Father, as always, was laconic, even severe. He said. Pretended indifference to leave the eldest daughter. But she then saw how much effort is father to hide the excitement.

My mother did not try to hide their feelings in the end a woman

there is a woman, mother and all the same. She sniffled and wiped the area long after an old shawl her tears. Oh, it's the completely failed attempt to smile. The last time the hard pressed to his daughter, looking into her eyes, her mother whispered:

- Well, our tender, we fontanelle, it turns out that is really in your share. Oh, there you will find ... Oh, it's hard you have to. Here's your girlfriend Begim and out of bed yet risen, and you go ...

Going along the paths among the gardens and ditches the outskirts, on the road, Kulgaky the last time looked back to his ail Karakol. All around the glistening at night flashed a refreshing shower. His father's house was no longer visible behind a wall of Lombardy poplars that swayed in the gusts of warm wind, and also shone in the rays of the early sun.

And if someone had said about her Kulgaky off today, it would, perhaps, a bitter laugh.

That morning, she was not joking. How to meet the city? What is there waiting for her, yesterday schoolgirl from Karakol ail? Unbidden tear slid down his cheek Kulgaky, and she angrily brushed it. She did not like and do not know how to cry. Simply stir the mother. Let the cry of these herbs, flowers, and that the slope to her feet. In each cup, shimmering drop, really like a tear.

And she read aloud to herself memorable line of the Kirghiz poet:

See, the grass glistens in the rain

How many of each greeting smile!

It seems the world just now-born

Look, look how much light!

In Frunze it, despite the innate courage, confused: "How do I find the very same share was talking about his mother? Maybe it's better to get a job? But who will: a specialty, there is no ... "Did council living in Frunze friend, the future of her husband, Maiman. Sometimes this advice is able to push for independent step, to influence the destiny of man, especially the young and inexperienced man.

- Just try, go to the cotton mill, said the Meyman.-factory was commissioned only recently. I heard that there are not enough workers. And Kulgaky is in the personnel department of the factory.

Glancing cursory glance at a low, frail figure, the chief said:

- You, my dear, need to grow up.

- I was twenty ...

- Twenty-something and twenty. But the specialty, then you do not. Stand behind the machine is not playing with dolls.

- I know, I did not stay on the farm back.

- Really! Here and go to his farm, work there.

- Well, well, as if Kulgaky agreed, but then, having collected all his resolution, said desperately:-Good. I'm not going to work for you. But just let me go to the shop, I'll just see how others work.

The chief leaned back and laughed silently:

- Oh, yeah, you is not just stubborn. You are also tricky. Look at what came up! -He was obviously prefer such persistence. Yes, indeed, the factory was badly in need rabotnitsah.-Okay. Go to the shop. Do you want to watch, see, for the benefit will go.

In the workshop, it is clear Kulgaky not going to be in the role of observer. She remembered, she assimilated all that showed her more. And worked hard to become a student-motalschitsey. A year later, it is far ahead of other students.

Kulgaky was motalschitsey. Why not? Again, someone's advice has influenced? No, it has attracted the mystery of how a miracle occurs motalschitsy fingers flicker, and it in turn is a thread grafted out of nowhere. And it is capricious, this thread, it requires constant attention.

Motalschitsy hands like two tiny ballerinas flitting. A miracle! And here is an independent Kulgaky motalschitsa in the spinning shop. His steady hum of buzzing bees looked like the girl in the hive when they make their way to the fragrant nectar corridors close to their homes. But the first feeling of confidence to the secrets of mastering the skill was still far off.

Baysobaeva Kulgaky Who to consult? And Kulgaky decided to apply to the master Nina Fyodorovna Pakhomova. She showed the young motalschitse how to resolve common problems. They have Kulgaky was smaller than the other, yet they are often led the girl into despair.

- Nina Fyodorovna spoke Kulgaky-worrying, is the same trouble, trouble. I can not believe is that I really mastered the profession. Loss of a cliff, the plan does not always perform ... Or am I inattentive, or talent for this work is not ...

- Experience no-short-Fedorovna. replied Nina takes time.

- But how can you expect? Time itself is waiting ...

- Hey, girl, you will learn and adjust. And out of the air have no one worth getting a specialist.

- And yet, Kulgaky looked into the eyes of Nina Fyodorovna, among the workers is unlike the others, champions.

The master raised his eyebrows in surprise, and her eyes began to play deceitful lights. Putting his hand on his shoulder Kulgaky, she bent to the girl's face:

- Look what you, flower. Champions, winners, heroes ... Listen, you'll open a secret-Kulgaky nastorozhilas.-These people are the same as all the other girls, like you and me. But like his job more than others. They give themselves completely to their work until the end ...

There was a lot of conversations. No master, that is not the only master, bound, as it sometimes happens, the only productive relations with subordinates, was Nina Fyodorovna for Kulgaky-older sister.

Their duet is often woven into a united voice Lyudmila Ivanovna Weaver instructor inservice training. And she stared at quite a while capable, grasping things on the fly worker, and she was able to see the girl's passion, perseverance, and desire to do everything as best as possible. The two women, and other skilled factory workers Kulgaky helped in its formation is not only good advice, but also by example. Seeing as they completely rejected the narrow-minded principle of "from and to" devote themselves to the production and social work, young textile workers, including Kulgaky, became the working people in the truest sense of the word.


Thousands of workers are daily through the doors of the factory. Thousands of workers spend a third day in a factory, a third year, will, perhaps, as well as Kulgaky Baysobaeva, even a third life. The vast majority of workers are female. Among them are nursing mothers, students in schools for young workers. This requires the administration of companies and public organizations to think about the problems of leisure, labor education, advanced training.

It happens that someone is late for work, and even to confess, even skips without good reason. There are textile workers, who do not really value the quality of products. And here is the most loaded word in the team. Factory workers are not indifferent to the shortcomings, take the initiative in addressing that prevents normal operation, the struggle for self-discipline, for accurate assignment. Plays an important role mentoring. And among the best educators of young people in a factory called Kulgaky. It is a really considers himself personally responsible for every young worker, especially for beginners. Many of the textile workers who work in the shop, her students. And how many there were, the students, she has a quarter of a century? Fifty, one hundred, two hundred? Was not considered. Just teach it. And now she has five students studying at the same time. But there is one feature: they are all close to her people, her daughter-Altyn Baysobaeva lentochnitsa, niece Burush Adigineeva-raskladchitsa, sister-Zhumakan Maylibaeva transportirovschitsa, cousin Almakan Sasykulova-igolyschitsa, a relative Gulyaim Sekenbaeva-motalschitsa. And remarkably, four of whom live in Kulgaky in her apartment. Not that it was "seduced" their good work in the factory, they instilled a love of labor, but also gave them shelter in the home at first. The whole care of them claimed. But, of course, not always in the shop all goes smoothly and perfect.

It would not be difficult if and mentoring, fine art. Once Kulgaky Baysobaeva, looking into the adjacent aisle between machines, I noticed a young worker absorbed.

- What are you doing, Shakira?

- Do not see something, defiantly turned the girl-trapped-in the hands of zerkaltsem. navozhu beauty. Do not disable?

- For the sixth time today ...

- Do you already have counted?

- Reminds her beauty at home, leads to a break. And here our business odno.-Kulgaky nodded at mashiny.-Do you also solid breakages. How many spindles is not moving?

Young motalschitsa wry smile:

- Master teaches you teach Kulgaky-eje. Do not you ashamed?

- It's a shame? I?

When the shift ended, Kulgaky again for all to come to the girl. She immediately bristled. But Kulgaky not raise his voice.

What are the two talked quietly motalschitsy-elder and the young, known only to them. The surrounding is seen: "Beauty" blushed, heard that she loudly asked pardon Kulgaky Baysobaevoy ...

It was a small moral victory.


Baysobaeva Kulgaky During the Ninth Five-Year Plan Kulgaky Baysobaeva assumed heightened obligations to perform two-five-year period in one. On her initiative recognized by the Ministry of Light Industry of the Republic, and later, outside the Kyrgyz Republic. Learned in Moscow.

For the first time in the capital of the Soviet state the name sounded Kulgaky Baysobaevoy.

At the end of five-year summed up the socialist competition. What are the achievements of women of ail Karakol? Whether it has kept its word? Yes, it has kept. A good start has Kulgaky in the current tenth five-year period. Setting the first year Baysobaeva performed even on August 28. It is expected over the plan to 8000 kilograms of yarn, gave 11,300 pounds. Prior to her no one to step a milestone. Recognized as an excellent yarn quality. Almost immediately after record Kulgaky factory was born a new movement-movement "odinnadtsatitysyachnits."

Kulgaky no idea that in fighting for the fulfillment of the commitments, it will be one of the best motalschits country.

"Merited Worker of Industry of the Kyrgyz Soviet Socialist Republic"-a title she was awarded. ... The autumn wind shakes the branches of young trees standing along the concrete fence. He drives for a dazzling blue sky is white clouds, they almost touch a high pipe mill, her body, windows, throwing millions of women workers to meet the holiday glow, and these reflections are falling down on the living river motley women. How bright their blouses and dresses! How sweet smiles. And one by one, dozens of dozens, hundreds of hundreds of quenches their passage.

Extinguishes? And do not bloom if they are even brighter and more beautiful!

In the shops of the factory knock machines: one-porezche, in the other softer. Buzzing shop, rotate the spindle, swelling in your eyes, spools, cops lose weight. The sun's rays, punching right through the glass windows of high, pierce hall, fill it with golden light.

- Kulgaky how do you work? How do you get?, Ask her first question.

Responsible for her hands, quick and agile. To imagine Kulgaky as it is in life, you need to see her at the car-low, with a surprisingly good eyes and a pleasant face. She has a captivating smile. It is necessary to see the car, at work, as in any other place you would have admired and eyes and a smile Kulgaky, but could not have imagined that before you one of the best motalytsits country. She often leans on the "keyboard" spindles lentoprovodnikov, runners, for the "keys" thread their nimble fingers.

The factory carries out a systematic operational plan for the production of yarn, increasing labor productivity in spinning and twisting. Price of every minute here, tens of thousands of rubles. Price second, only a second to tens of rubles. - Fulfill and surpass the norm, says Kulgaky, can-primarily due to increased productivity, due to compression of time.

At first, as if there were no changes. It was only after she has fulfilled every movement, every gesture, bringing all operations to perfection, preserved seconds were wrapped solid savings in time. Now replace the bobbin Kulgaky produces eight seconds instead of fifteen, eliminates thread breakage for 3 seconds (standard six), and cobs changes in 6 seconds at a rate of 8 seconds. Not? There are many, very many. Let's count: Kulgaky serves 50 spindles on which a shift operation to remove the thread breaks regulations provide more than a thousand times. Multiply this number by 5 seconds and see how they are powerful.

Kulgaky believes that all production should be the first. The experience of innovators, in full view of everyone. Learn, adopt, was equal to, overtake, if you can. This is the principle of socialist competition.

... In the evening I went into a spacious apartment on the fourth floor of a large house. Maiman came to meet me, my husband Kulgaky. In the room the sound of the TV talking quietly, we had a long conversation the three of us. Their three children and four relatives we have not interfered with, were in adjacent rooms. The children are grown son Oldzhobay turner, the daughter of Altyn, as already mentioned, lentochnitsa the factory, and another daughter Ainura-Russian language teacher at the institute. Most of the family. I said:

- Well, well, you have a nice apartment. Four rooms, right?

For Kulgaky Maiman said. No, in these four rooms live two families. Their neighbors-Russian friend, carpool driver, Peter G. Gushchin with his wife. They live well together, for twenty years. And never had no quarrels, they are not hampered by the fact that they have a common kitchen, common hall, they just do not see each other as strangers. On the contrary. Their house has always seemed a holiday. This fact has helped me understand more Kulgaky the one hand, as a person, family man, as a member of the socialist community.

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