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Krutikhin Arkady S.

Installers foreman of the construction management of the Bratsk aluminum plant Bratskgesstroy, Hero of Socialist Labor

Krutikhin Arkady S. Fitter Arkady Krutikhin quarter of a century spent in the nine-known not only in the country but also abroad construction projects: hydro on the Kama River, Volga, Angara, Yenisei, Zee, timber industry and the aluminum plant in Bratsk.

In a production biographies Arcadia Stepanovich Krutikhin seen a feature. He never belonged to the pioneers! About tents, he only knew the stories of friends, witnesses, and the joy of final victory, the ringing of the symbolic keys, he also saw in the newsreels are usually already.

Krutikhin always "got it" the middle of that sort would not have made the construction dignify "the most intense stage." Here are the most routine of building and brought the foreman installers medal "For labor valor" Order of the October Revolution, Order of Lenin and Hero of Socialist Labor, so step by step work evaluated Homeland A. Krutikhin. From the observation deck ... offers an impressive panorama of the Bratsk hydroelectric. Elegant concrete dam in the canyon rose, which Angara polished by centuries. Dams, clad in marble and granite machine hall, the town of openwork "houses", open distribution devices and pines, the pines. Absolutely nothing is no longer resembles a giant panorama of full-scale construction.

- Can you imagine how all this looked like then? - Asks Krutikhin.

- With some difficulty, in general terms ... - And I can see and hear, as if with the change does not go away.

This image is a difficult and famous building on the Angara River, its rhythm, the heart and soul Krutikhin always carries with him. They can not leave, they are so deeply seated in man. Therefore, there is evidently a vital need regularly visit here. Itself and developed a rule: any thing to compare, "And this is how the power plant was ..."

Installers Krutikhin ... went through all the basic structures of the Bratsk Hydroelectric Power Station. First, choose a rock, driving it under a future concrete "clothes." Then came the turn of the small and large betonovoznyh bridges, cranes, "Crane", which have long been represented in the photographs of the Bratsk hydroelectric dam.

In heaven, in the fullest sense of the word, down to the bottom, to equip the special gate opening left by the right side of the river bed of the dam after the final floor of the river.

Like many involved in this building, most of all remember Krutikhin January 9, 1962. Fifty-eighth section of the dam. Metallic multi-ton shield gate on one of the bottom holes cracked. Krutikhin was among the first who examined the damaged panel. Crack with the hair grew wider. The water arriving from nowhere, was already on the belt. But it's not so bad, for a shield - a young sea: 18 billion cubic meters of water, the thickness is equal to dvadtsatietazhnomu home.

Possible consequences of the accident, frankly, it's frightening to imagine. How long will the shield? Minute, hour, day?

The first desire, is it possible to boil, immediately fell off. We decided to continue the concrete, lay the hole tightly. And Installers have given way to concrete worker who fought (another word out of place here) for three days.

Then write about it, true heroism. But Krutikhin made in this battle, and more. He watched the (very asked to volunteer, but got just enough failure-forces teams, concrete workers) attack, but that is not desperate, but quietly and efficiently organized. Concreting of the brigade were the usual replacement, no one was collecting aces from across the construction site. Only here for lunch concrete workers did not stop, but a smoke at a time. That's when the foreman Arkady Krutikhin made to a conclusion: the staff, who are you to lead, to be ready for anything. And to be able in any difficult situations to work as usual. Without losing speed and tempo.

The team ... Throughout the life of the building Krutikhin there were many, sometimes going to a man of 60 and 70 as required.

The last team Arkady S. "took" three years ago. It happened in the construction of the Bratsk aluminum plant.

Of course, in the construction of hydroelectric plant is not, but also from the construction of buildings ... And for Krutikhin transition here has been associated with a certain turning point in his personal fate of the builder.

Neat rows stretched body, each of which - the whole enterprise. Recently celebrated a decade of BrAZ release of the first metal, was a body-was 24, a lot of ancillary industries. In short, the largest in the world.

Many of these pictures may be familiar in-weave designs look beautiful assemblers, especially if the cloud is low. Krutikhin also like these pictures, but the beauty of it, an experienced installer, sees the complexity and thinks to himself, and about the increased risk. Height is always a height.

Krutikhin BrAZ came for the construction of "the tradition" before the onset of a large and big changes.

The remaining cases (more than half) had to be built more quickly than the first.

By that time, after the completion of the hydropower plant it has mounted the Bratsk Timber Complex, went on long trips to the Krasnoyarsk and Zeya hydroelectric power plants. The last two constructions were very interesting, but parting with the Brethren is usually easy to lift Arcadia Stepanovich was suddenly painful. And returned home (and now only the Bratsk Krutikhin thought the house), he decides: go from "Gidromontazh", which was connected all his previous nomadic life, "Bratskgesstroy."

- I come home, 'recalls Krutikhin-but my eldest, Alex, faster accordion in his hands. Dad, I'll play you a song and sing the new. Pakhmutova, Dobronravov and Grebennikov wrote. He listened, very good song, but kind of sad. I ask: what is the name - "Farewell to the Brethren." No, my dear hereditary bratchane from Moscow, the sooner it is done. Goodbyes will not!

A few days later a friend and assistant Peter Krutikhin Zagorodnii, a former sailor, said: "I see Stepanich throw the anchor in Bratsk, an eternal parking shvartueshsya."

Some "human" bratchane, prikipevshy to gidrostroykam, looked down on the construction of timber and aluminum smelter complex, "exchanging the pit? No way! In this age of HPS is enough. "

Krutikhin the first time addressed the meeting "is not the case" (such was their opinion).

- I specially prepared to say to all who have gathered in the way of what it means for us, I repeat, for us, the construction of timber and aluminum smelter complex. Let us remember: the last pre-war year, our country produced 520,000 tons of pulp. That means half of what will give the Fraternal complex. Patriotic cord cellulose needed for aviation and automotive industry, we do not. But it will soon be in Bratsk. And now Brazil. Perhaps not everyone knows, I've only read about it recently, there was a time when the capitalists we have established an embargo on the sale of aluminum. We got your own. It to us every year it takes more. And what is the desired metal, knows probably every child.

If anything I said, you will find guys, higher matters, then ask yourself a simple question: What do Bratsk hydroelectric plant was built? It is not for itself, and to fuel the energy industry, which will develop in Bratsk!

The first day of ... in his new team Krutikhin worked alone. He brought a tractor trailer, neatly written and hung up "business cards". The next morning came from the "old" Peter Alexander suburban and far-chief assistants in the construction of the anode paste plant BrAZ. Two weeks worked for three. And so what was the foreman Krutikhin mastitis, no one else from the "golden fund" had not been received. Yes, in fact, did not ask. On the contrary, he invited a team of people who for one reason or another not transferred well to the construction site.

Here's Sasha Puzikov. The boy belonged to the category of difficult, the school "graduated" the seventh class. Minor son led to the construction site's father, Victor Puzikov installer. I thought Sasha would be there, grow up, and learn the cause. But overestimated his chances Senior Puzikov not my son. Watching this, Krutikhin suggested: Come on, Victor, I'll take Alexander to himself, the new brigade.

Claudia A. In the evening, coming home from work, my husband found a book from their libraries of.

- Are you Krutikhin, pedagogy decided to study?

- It is necessary, Claudia, with a smile replied Arkady S., and asked my wife, 'I need your help, share experiences, twenty years in a school teacher.

Krutikhin Arkady S. So there was a clear plan. Sasha picked Krutikhin Puzikovu on building the most interesting and increasingly complex work. In the evening went to school, where his client was studying in 8th grade. Yes, and just paid the guy his free time. Of course, not suddenly, but gradually changed its Puzikov Sasha attitude, acquired the real work hardening. It's time, the team solemnly carried to the army of Alexander. Arkady S. said goodbye to:

- We are confident that will not fail. Write about your business, and we to you about his. Do not insist, but after waiting for life to him.

- I have no doubt, 'said Puzikov Sr., the son will return to the team Krutikhin. But Viktor Shishkin, by contrast, had parted with the team. Hardworking, highly skilled installer has finished college. Krutikhin the first to congratulate him:

- Victor, you know you need a team. But your knowledge is necessary and all our management. So do not hold. Cross the foreman at the industrial base. It's time to become a commander. A example of Shishkin-Krutikhin looked around the brigade, to find followers. Tole Mishchuk Fedorov and wife should also go to college to learn.

Gradually, the characters are very different in people being "Krutikhin Brigade", which is two years after its establishment, the team has achieved the title of communist labor, first place in socialist competition among the builders of Brazil. Almost all of the twenty members of the team today Krutikhin owned by two or three related professions, actively engaged in innovation. Ninth Five-Year Plan installers completed in four and a half years. Current liabilities: Plan-1977 to 5 December. The figures may be, at first glance, quietly. However, they are not easily given, and indicate that the team did not leave "in reserve". Large reserves are long gone in the case were small, which happens quickly, then you will not find. However, there is a Krutikhin "secrets" the organizational practices that are open to them for another hydropower station. It starts with a change, and if the work of small, neat pile gets Krutikhin leaflets, prepared ahead of time. He sat on the job foreman, he thought, all distributed. Fifteen minutes, and the links are working. "The current status meeting correspondence" so-called-adopted and other supervisors. Once a month, construction management supervisors BrAZ going to a meeting of the Board of supervisors. Here they are seated at the table: docile, even-tempered George Ilyin, Victor Fenev rapid, direct in judgment Ivan Sotnikov, Anatoly Sutyagin bluff ... And the chairman of the board builders for four years now Arkady Krutikhin. Who, if not foremen, tampering with the huge facility? In an open conversation born of principle important decisions.

For example, questions of socialist competition.

In construction, to measure the productivity of labor, is commonly used so-called ad valorem method. At the same teams the outcome of the estimated percentage of completion of work norms. At the end of the month in reporting of almost all grass-roots units flaunt confident 120-140%.

But in reality ...

Division of labor and wages, "gave" (computer thinks!) Data, the construction summarized: "Krutikhin-third." For a young team well, but Arkady S. uncomfortable. The percentage of over-fulfillment of that month does not illustrate actual amount of work.

Almost in the structure of the operations typically account for 20-30 percent "not volumetric work," such as the movement of structures and materials from place to place. About his team Krutikhin knew exactly what went on the design of more land than flew up, and asked why, and how things have concrete workers? A similar pattern - a few dozen stacked cubic meters, the rest is "warehousing". A percentage of all for a hundred!

After discussion, the Council decided: we must consider the volume in physical terms. The competition came a clear, definite landmark, now for "interest" can not hide.

Natural meters have become the main indicator for assessing the results of socialist competition, first in linear units, and now around the 70000th team "Bratskgesstroy."

Construction BrAZ in five-year period underwent a radical restructuring reserves were sought in the consolidation of structures, connecting them to the blocks. Dozens of original fixtures came from builders of all specialties.

Take the usual work-mounting installation of crane tracks in the shops. In the first corps of mounted element by element, portions of six meters in length. At the same time had to perform 180 different mounting operations pyatnadtsatimetrovoy height, using all kinds of ladders, cradles, etc. The creative team of workers and engineers, which included Arkady S. and developed a new technology-mounted crane girders enlarged sections.

Now the day began Krutikhin team-based configuration, which produced a special stand on which both installed 66 meters crane girders. It also strung fasteners, site fencing, attachments. Technical inspection checked the quality of on-site assembly, and in fact had earlier inspected at a height of up to 800 elements. And then there was only enlarged by powerful cranes to lift the block and install it. Helped in this case a special mobile stage with welding equipment and lighting.

Let's compare: a device stand-adaptation was spent 4000 rubles, 11 cubic meters of precast concrete illiquid, 2.5 tons of metal, a few cubic meters of sawn timber and 49 man-days. The efficiency of the new method of installation (only one shown Operations) gave the following results: in eight cases savings of 25.6 thousand rubles, 250 person-days. Labour productivity in comparison with the elementwise assembly increased by 2.6 times.

Why am I such a detailed quote one of ordinary assembly operations occurring in almost every construction site?

I think that it illustrates the modern approach to the organization and construction technologies, scientific and technical revolution in action. Note that "ukrupnenka" became dominant in all phases of operations and construction.

- The draft of the Bratsk aluminum smelter, with engineering expertise, said Arkady S., laid-design solutions that provide high industrialization and mechanization of work. We have reached a ratio sbornosti more than 80 percent. This is significantly higher than the national average. On the basis of a well-developed industrial base, we were able to organize a streamlined industrial stream. He has contributed significantly ahead of schedule input capacity provided by the plan. - That's why I often met you at the bottom and not up to par? - Exactly. Construction went on a broad front, with a high degree of alignment, with strict observance of the network schedule. The technology building was laid by electrolysis task quickly create a base for installation of process equipment ...

And to complete the picture, some more numbers. Over the past five years, an average of the different types of work productivity grew 1,36-2,2 times, and the planned 37 percent ...

Here, perhaps, and all that told me about his life, Arkady Krutikhin, the legendary builder of Bratsk.

And he added:

I've never done anything extraordinary, just trying to always and everywhere, without exception. Do well.


An elderly man came ... to the modest obelisk. Broke off the English and Russian speech, silence, and only, as always, crackling wires of high voltage lines. Bratsk hydroelectric plant worked at full capacity.

Krutikhin recognized him-it was American, Walker Sisler, president of the world-famous electrical firm "Detroit Edison Company." The first time I saw Krutikhin Sisler in Bratsk in the spring of 1959 on the ceiling of the Angara. I saw next to the famous Ivan Ivanovich Naimushin, head of construction, with whom he worked for another Krutikhin Kama hydroelectric power station. Several years ago, Mr. Smith died tragically in a plane crash. And now, nearly twenty thousand miles Sisler drove a wreath on his grave.

- Naimushin, 'said Walker Sisler, was a distinguished-constructors. Whenever I am in Bratsk, I have again and again, convinced that your hydroelectric power remains one of the most remarkable in the world, this is a great achievement of engineering. This is the opinion and my experienced colleagues from different countries, who were with me on this trip. It is important that the Bratsk plant that produces huge amounts of energy, promote social progress and human needs. It is possible to develop this land of aluminum, resin and other industries, has helped to transform it ...

When we were alone, Krutikhin requested that the tape recorder and listened again carefully recording. It was not mere curiosity. After all, he went through all the construction of Bratsk ...

A Sisler did not immediately inclined to just such words.

Krutikhin remembered that in the 59th year on the overlap Sisler came along with his famous compatriot Averell Harriman. Former U.S. Ambassador in the Soviet Union immediately "adopted" and knew Siberia, saying the modern man, who visited the Soviet Union, but not seeing the Bratsk, to assume that left a gap in my education.

Sisler then refrained from speaking. He acknowledged the priority of Russian gidrostroeniya when he arrived the second time in 1963. But seven years later, the third time visiting the Bratsk, Walker Sisler wrote in the book of honorable guests: "... struck by the excellent quality factor of art design and construction." So ended our trip "working the route of days gone by."

It is ... in all its glory Bratsk hydroelectric plant, rose body timber and aluminum smelter complex. The floors of houses, pine trees, sun and sea-modern socialist city of Bratsk.

- Five hundred Communists were the first troop of builders, I recalled a conversation with the first secretary of the Brotherhood Party Committee, delegate XXV Congress of the CPSU Viktor Tarasovym., this vanguard of every year multiplied and gained strength. Five-ton dump truck, bulldozer and pyatidesyatisilny firm belief that creates beautiful, this is what we started Bratsk. Today the company released the young city in the year of production of 1 billion 300 million rubles. For comparison, these tools can be built two such giants as the Bratsk hydroelectric plant. Products of wood chemistry and electrolysis of aluminum available in over 20 countries around the world. It seems that the Communist Krutikhin have every right to be proud of, because he built this company. But the Communist Krutikhin both feeling and responsibility resting upon him. This can be seen on the results of his team, on how it relates to any matter, cast in his hands, the hands of the builder.

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