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Bamuratov Aslon

The operator of oil and gas factory "Gazli Neftegaz" Hero of Socialist Labor

Bamuratov Aslon At night, on top of the minaret of Kalyan, reigning over eight centuries Bukhara, glowing red lights, a warning signal for the aircraft. It was not until recently, and now they do not burn on the sorokashestimetrovom minaret, and the more high television tower. New and old in ancient Bukhara clearly delineated between the attributes of an era.

The new, modern building-Union Industrial Association "Uzbekgazprom" stands at the turn of the historic City. So one of the windows you can see the flat roofs of adobe houses, the shape of mosques and madrassas, but from the other, a vast area of flowers, crowned by high-rise silhouette of the new hotel.

Chief engineer association "Uzbekgazprom" Anwar calls for Hodzhaevich Nadzhimitdinov selector Gazley.

- Askar Mansurovich, he asks, chief engineer of the Control "Gazlineftegaz" Mansurov - find out, please do not come back Bamuratov?

- Arrived?, After a pause, he nods his head. - Well ...

What kind of Bamuratove question, it is clear, that the minister who was invited to Moscow for the Day of workers of the oil and gas industry. "Last name, first name, Bamuratov Aslon.

Job title, profession, rank and place of work is the operator of oil and gas fifth level ... "(from the award of the sheet.)

From Bukhara to Gazley-hundred and six kilometers. The first twenty-five miles-an oasis. First are the well-groomed, long mastered by man of the earth. Along the edges of road stretch the field with mature cotton, with glimpses of plots harvested corn, rustling leaves, mulberry plantations. Floating settlements in orchards and vineyards.

Progressively poorer fields, among them are beginning to peep gray virgin bald patches. The gardens are thinning and retreating to the horizon like a. Spies run through the sandy wastelands first Haloxylon bushes. And for the collector of the "North", bearing in their waters salt washed from fields, opens a desert.

"Time and Place of Birth-August 10, 1938, p Romitan Romitan district of Bukhara region of the Uzbek SSR. Country-Uzbek ". It's right here, right across the river Zarafshan, ten or twelve miles from the highway. As usual, the family were all cotton-growers - father, mother. And their parents were cotton-growers, and the parents of their parents grew cotton.

And the children Bamuratovyh, all but Aslon also inherited the "family business" and work the farm "Romitan." Brother Gardens, mechanic, sister of Mubarak, so to speak, an ordinary cotton growers. Yes, and Aslon, although staffing has become a qualified worker, lives and works in the same home Romitan area.

Aslon his father remembers. In the 41st went to the front and was killed in the first year of the war. Raised three children, mother, Ekut Hadjiev. In a village just seven years Aslon graduated from high school, at the time the school was not. And to learn more, we had to leave the house.

In the summer of 1956 was Aslon matriculation certificate and returned to the village to the narrative, from his childhood friend to work the cotton growers. But there was in the Army. But only after her boyfriend chooses his destiny.

One autumn day in a village on the road in the desert was a column of heavy vehicles with the equipment for deep drilling.

People tend to remember only hindsight that day or hour, which became the turning-point in their lives. And Aslon realized only years later that it was then, in essence, determined his whole future life.

And in the desert were all new cars, and soon the first time sounded a loud word Gazley.

In the place before there was nothing, only occasionally stopping shepherds with their flocks. Yes there were the old beliefs about the poisoned wells, of which, instead of water was an unknown gas. And now there is a unique open gas field with reserves, 470 billion cubic meters. Then Aslon have not thought about their future work in Gazley. His life was his own way. In 1957 a young man drafted into the army.

He served away from home in the Ukraine. He served as a tanker, was in the carriage all the way the soldier's skill. He served as a well-kept since his mother a letter of thanks sent by the command.

And in the meantime acquired Gazley known throughout the country. A new field, writing in newspapers, broadcast on the radio. Aslon informed about it and in letters from home. Among the soldiers no one knew about the village in which he lived Aslon, and knew very little about the distant Bukhara. And on the largest gas field in the east of the country have heard everything. And soon began to show itself Aslon come out, "Gazley out." He did not mind. In fact it was so, because the reference point has changed: instead of ancient Bukhara, young Gazley.

When it came time demobilized, explanatory soldier offered to go to military school. But he has already made a decision. The way it was in Gazley.

Now Kyzylkum laid a good road. And not only Gazley. And in Urgench, and Zarafshan, and Uchkuduk. And the buses go to Gazley, of Bukhara, five times a day.

But the desert is, of course, remained a desert. Far, far to the edge of the earth, merging on the horizon from the heat with a whitish sky, extends beyond the car window a vast dead plain, grasped tight in some places, like a fixed, Haloxylon bushes. The severe world-a world without water, without shadows, without motion.

As in the old caravan routes, peremetaet sand road, but instead of blackened bones of camels on the side of abandoned tires.

- Well, now is not the hot-notes-Nadzhimitdinov. But the summer came to forty-eight in the shade. It was hard to live. Well lived, however. And lived and worked ...

For Bamuratova desert since childhood has always been close, if not under their feet, then the gate for the last row of crops. And it always should have been deemed to be remembered about it, take it into account in all matters. Who forgot that threatened disaster.

And Bamuratov came to work in the desert, mindful of its laws, armed with diligence, endurance, ability to be undemanding. It is rather high, dryish, and easy. Not so much stronger, much agility and endurance. A person, perhaps older than their years of hard gray in his hair, sharp creases. Probably because the "workplace" Bamuratova year-round in the open.

All four seasons on the air, and almost all the time, on their feet. And so from the first day of April 1961, when he arrived at the passing cars from his village to Gazley. "Brief description of services and, for that is to be awarded. The total length of service or fifteen years. In gazoneftepromyslovom management "Gazlineftegaz" works from the enterprise organization. Combining work with study, in 1973, he graduated from college Kokand oil. "

And so it came out in April 1961 created crafts and Aslon entered the first of these workers. The village then consisted of a few huts left behind by geologists. Water is carried from the Uchbaty, twelve miles. For the water stood in the queue. A year later, began to put the first prefabricated panel houses. After working in the fields all helped to build.

This was the beginning, "heroic" period Gazley, and then all was done the first time. In December 1961 Aslon involved in the commissioning of the first well, which gave the gas to Tashkent. Then the existing wells was six, then seventeen.

Bamuratov involved in commissioning the majority of gas wells, and now they are more than two hundred. And for several years came along and across that piece of the desert, which is called Gazlinskim deposit of natural gas.

Bamuratov Aslon And all this Aslon've done, as I said, "combining work with study." A study had all the time and to this day. There is no accident that the word "necessary", although it is a shade of coercion. The fact that the development of technology in the fields of those long years now, when, according to longtime residents, "all done by hand" to the existing systems of automation and remote control, and really makes the workers, professionals, and ongoing training.

In this sense, dynamic, fast-growing industries, such as gas, themselves produce "natural selection of people": those who are unwilling or unable to learn, he just turns over.

But it was not only an objective necessity, and in the very nature of Bamuratova.

Here is just one of the episodes. In 1963, when Gazley was organized refresher courses, Aslon joined them in the "first flow" smoothly graduated and received a certificate of an operator. But Aslon continued to attend these courses and the second, and third streams.

To the question, why?-Bamuratov said that since then the read-rates are not the same. That is the main content of courses, of course, did not change, but it could be some changes, new items. And I had to have a great interest in the counter-knowledge, for the sake of grains, perhaps even a new shade again and again after work to attend these courses.

Counter interest, the desire to know more, have, so to speak, touched disclose knowledge and reason as to why Bamuratov already mature family man went to study in college. A deal had to be again in the evening, at leisure hours, for five years.

There are Gazley, near the headworks, the so-called zero kilometer. Willing to bring tourists here, guests here, they say, look, from that point to begin the great desert pipelines Central Asia-Center and Bukhara-Ural. And call impressive numbers:

more than twenty billion cubic meters of gas held in the year on these pipes.

But it all begins, of course, with zero kilometers and not with the headworks, where the gas is dried, cleaned and squeezed up to the prescribed pressure, since inconspicuous dots scattered in the desert, where the land out of the silver tube. It begins with the wells, and in this sense, the operator stands at the very source of natural gas basins.

Over the years Bamuratov mastered all types of operator activity, for example, worked as a senior operator at the eight assembled gas points that he had one after the other to float.

But whatever its activity, its essence has always boiled down to one-to provide an efficient, rhythmic and smooth operation of wells.

Because the operator in the oil fields has to deal with the elements and, moreover, underground, and the content of his work is far from a simple contemplation of devices and push-button configuration of the production process.

Now with a nostalgic sigh Gazley remember those old times, when the gas with a force of one hundred atmospheres, they say, "first" from the underground mineral resources. Over the years, the pressure in the reservoirs falls permanently, operation becomes unstable and crafts, drill "capricious." So after the second one has to put a booster station to provide input to the set pressure of gas at 55 atmospheres.

Worries, troubles were added to all first and foremost, of course, the operators. But even in these difficult, stressful conditions, the staff tries not to lower the handicraft production of gas.

"Selfless work in manufacturing, a large private industry A. Bamuratova largely contributed to the service where he works, a plan of the Ninth Five completed ahead of schedule, October 25, 1975.

Produced over the plan: natural gas - 2.3 billion cubic meters of oil, 17,000 tons of condensate, 5000 tonnes. The socialist obligations have been fulfilled for the extraction of gas to 100.8 percent, to 101.2 oil-and condensate-to 104.3 per cent. "

The operator generalist Bamuratov led from the beginning, the team to bypass and maintenance of oil wells.

Perhaps the most Bamuratovu and do not really like that he sometimes used, as it were in the wings. But as it is for business use, it has no objection. Someone has to monitor the wells. This is the most important sector ...

Thus, the owner of the steppe. But why-steppe, and not the desert? Yes, because all Gazley called the place where they live and work, just so-steppe. I guess it from this fun. Or cooler ...

At seven-thirty, "Crane" Bamuratova team leaves town and drives the plot, the head structure of oil. Uneven, small cracks in the pavement shakes the car. This is not the high road. The sun had already risen and quickly makes it clear that in September in the south of Uzbekistan, the same hot summer. Kilometers in ten or twelve first appears in the desert rocking, as it is called automatic machines, pumps, installed in oil wells.

From a distance you can see how rocker rocking rhythmically up and down, and with full deserted neighborhood seems that it moves as if by magic.

Headworks volatile oil meets us weave of pipes and a massive weight of the tanks. Actually GOS is enclosed grounds of the desert, where six points metering oil comes from all forty-eight wells. Here she is freed from impurities separators, settles in the tanks and pipes are delivered to the railway station.

Hence, on the GOS, the duty operator controls the operation of wells, and therefore Bamuratov primarily interested in how they act and how it all went off duty. Under the plan the daily oil production in September, 238 tons. Produced over the past day 266 tons. This is good, but some flowing wells does not matter "speak." Wizard already knows about it and asked Bamuratova bring them to attention. Together with the operator on duty Aslon goes into the van, and they in turn "cause"-check on the remote control work well. "Perhaps the most likely fell pressure"-decides Bamuratov.

In general, oil wells are less stable and reliable, more complex and troublesome to operate than gas. "Oil capricious", and agrees Bamuratov.

Will bypass the site, and Bamuratov, as they say, is building his team. Here it is in alphabetical order, Tukhto Achilov, Kiztugan Dzhumabaev, Dinara and early Umarov, Victor Khachumov, Anatoly and Shatila Shahmurad Shikbabaev. All except Achilova Jumabaev and young people, and not all of them, "opened" its third decade. However, the team rarely at full strength. And today, the master took the car to two other pressing matters. The rest for patrol team leader divides the pair, and all hit the road. On the roadmap Bamuratova noted: these two wells on the overhaul of this, on the underground. The ten-flowing wells and check them every day is not usually necessary, but three of them today is worth a visit. The remaining wells thirty-five rocking need careful examination.

"His love for labor A. Bamuratov encourage young workers. A good mentor youth, he was in the ninth five-year plan prepared by 17 skilled operators. " Students Aslon constantly carries with him in the routes, first does everything himself, and shows how to do, then this work under the supervision of a mentor student performs. It's called - to teach by example. Clearly and intelligibly. And the theory? There is a program for which they are engaged. About three months later is going to committee. Master, of course, is also present. Usually, all pass successfully and get the initial discharge.

Thus began early, and Umarov, in today's bypass going near him. Now it is the operator of high, the fifth digit, is studying in the institute, was awarded the Order of Red Banner of Labor. Well, pretty good student teacher raises Aslon Bamuratov.

... That's right, the pressure dropped. And the reason is that the water sounded the well bore and prevents the free outpouring of oil. In order to restore normal blood pressure, is blowing up the barrel until starts to come clean oil. The same applies to the other and the third flowing wells.

Comes the turn of rocking. Disputes, but carefully, even meticulously, Bamuratov checks seem to be anything that can be verified. Seals, so as not leaking, the bar, not to disturb the alignment to the stem, God forbid, not corroded by oil-flood all around, gears, so as not to worn gears, balancing machine has not changed ...

Minor faults Bamuratov his team removes itself, and if it's big, is specialized maintenance crews. But so far, so good.

"Operator" in Latin means "acting." And what, he did every day and gets around on foot all the wells? All pumping units, and every day. A car? Well, the car is good, if you gather all for lunch. In the steppes of the south still, hot and sleepy, Bamuratov goes to the next-fifteenth, it seems, well ... as well as tomorrow, and tomorrow, and the third day he will faithfully walk the same path.

"With the new sense, A. Bamuratov doing much for the introduction of new techniques and advanced technology. For example, embedded with his active participation of the automatic discharge of the liquid in the wells contributed to the intensification of gas production, which allowed only for 1975 to produce an additional 27.3 million cubic meters of gas. " The point is this: gas is supplied from boreholes to collection points, where the first but not last cleaned of impurities. In this case, the fluid which is discharged into reservoirs, and they, in turn, is divided into water and condensate.

Previously, it was passed into the tank by hand, with the help of shutter, it is now making machine. In principle, easy, and the result is significant.

In the fields have to constantly deal with such a small automation, especially where the funds of automation and remote areas of manual labor wedge.

A sense of new inherent Bamuratovu, manifested in such a side of his activities as innovation. Almost all of his proposals are implemented and used extensively in the fields. In its totality, but only Bamuratov over the past five years has filed 32 proposals with an economic effect of nearly 100 thousand rubles, they represent an impressive result of his technical creativity.

Professional passion and interest in and concern about his case Aslon beyond the workplace or section, and cover at least all of the company. And as always, they are closely related to social activities Bamuratova.

Public, Party work was a new step in life Bamuratova, extending the boundaries of its activities to the scale of the republic, and even the whole country.

He was elected to the All. Since 1963, a member of Uzsovprofa. And in his party organization as a member of the guild offices, and perhaps more out of habit, he was charged with control of occupational health and safety.

Tired out ... creaking sides, "Crane" salable rolls home to the village. So tired of working day, keep quiet, others asleep. Silent and Bamuratov. But about five kilometers from the village, he suddenly looks over the steppe, and quietly remarked: "Here on the site Gazley, we saw a cloud of dust ..."

There were two earthquakes. The first, April 8, 1976 Here's how to remember Bamuratov: "We were at the administration building and waited for the car to go to work, I've never seen before earthquakes, and at first did not understand why suddenly tottered and swayed all around and going down . Then I saw how our mechanic, an experienced man, jumped out the window and shouted:,, Earthquake! "Well, we all moved away from the building. And ten minutes later, as the tremors stopped, came and Crane," and we went to the crafts check the well. "

Then the village and crafts in general prevailed. But to live in the homes was dangerous, and in two or three days the whole Gazley moved into tents. Subsequently

This wise precaution saved the lives of probably hundreds of people.

Second, a devastating earthquake on May 17 at eight o'clock in the morning. "We rode on his way to work, when our car came from side to side like a snake. Some thought that the driver drunk, and began banging on the cockpit. But this time someone shouted,, Look, Gazley "- We all looked around and saw our village ..."

The car quickly returned to Bamuratov Gazley and ran to seek his twelve sons Ismat, with whom he lived in a tent. The boy was alive and well. Fortunately, my wife with a newborn Zebo Firuz and other daughters-three years and six years Yulduz Gavkhar at the time lived with the mother at the farm.

And after about half an hour all gathered again at the administration building and then went to check the trades well.

New earthquake destroyed the town.

A proper craft, well, like the first time, survived and continued to produce oil and gas. And gas is properly done in the gas pipeline, although it was much less than usual, until it again entered the system headworks.

Bamuratov together with all those who did not leave the city during these difficult days, he continued to work as usual, as always. And in this simple and natural fulfillment of their duty consisted of labor heroism of the inhabitants of Gazley.

On Sunday morning in September Aslon Bamuratov to move to a new flat-out of the tent in the panelboard assembly house. On a family of six isolated part of the house.

And he, laughing, recalled that once before was doing a similar way, when Gazley just created. From tent to the hut, and then into a collecting wooden house, and finally, in reinforced concrete, large-panel. Then it took about five years. Now he hopes that will happen next housewarming party a lot sooner.

Because it was decided to erect a new Gazley for two years. It will be a modern, beautiful and comfortable town for a few thousand inhabitants, built sturdy two-story houses antiseismic design, with schools and kindergartens, clinics and pharmacies. Palace of culture and trade center, hotel and bus station. "For outstanding achievements in the five-year plan assignments and socialist obligations to assign an operator of oil and gas ... Bamuratovu Aslon the title of Hero of Socialist Labor ... "

(From the Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet on March 5, 1976.) Lives in Gazley Aslon Bamuratov. Here were born his four children. Here he became a hero of labor. Here all his life.

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