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Springboard of SPIRYUHOV

Spiryuhov Constantine S.

Brigadier integrated management of specialized teams Gubkinskoye mechanized excavation a number of trust "Soyuztyazhekskavatsiya" Hero of Socialist Labor

Spiryuhov Constantine S. Every year on the construction sites of the country produced over eleven billion cubic meters of earthworks. Tens of thousands of excavators, bulldozers, dump trucks are available to people of the ancient profession-diggers. Their work can be compared with difficulty tillers, cultivating a field. A "ascend" to it new homes and factories, dams and levees, roads and canals ...

Our story-one of the most distinguished excavator Belgorod iron ore basin CMA and the first Heroes of Socialist Labor Tenth Five-Konstantin Semenovich Spiryuhove.

But before you want to talk about two trips to the same field as two dozen kilometers from the Old Oskol.

The short winter day ... was coming to an end when we finally left the city. The driver scold broken asphalt and respectfully pressed the "Volga" to the curb, avoiding oncoming trucks and prefab. But here's a new road and turned right in front of us opened an old decrepit broom lined path. From the names of villages and rivers smelled something very old, original: Neznamova, Obukhovka, Settlement, and the stream boiler Ublya ... Even farms preserved their old names: "World in October," "Bolshevik" ... Time seemed to slow down here a rapid running or was a party at all, keeping the history of this ancient Russian settlements with churches and churchyards, dense groves of oak, which is probably two hundred a hundred years ...

Only we have not traveled in the past and the future. This is where the field is destined to become the site of the new giants of our industry-Oskol electro plant. I've seen a clear-cut square on the expanded tracing paper across the table. In the square, three and a half thousand acres, to him rushed forward and large-forty feet wide, concrete with high-speed tram line and six-row vehicular traffic, and the middle line, the picturesque boulevard, designed to please the eye and soothe the soul ... All this was on tracing paper, and wanted to see what it looks like the field now.

- Here we are, 'said the driver, angrily slamming on baranke.-Next, there is no way you can see how piled up at the tree belt? If the place, you have to walk ...

Stumbling blocks on the frozen together, and falling into the furrow, we have gone half a kilometer to the next band. In the distance was black woods, too, could see the trees on the right, just could guess the snow swept road, produces a square-like the one on vellum.

- Here?

- Yes. All that is on the right hand up to the forest. Wood said, will not touch the green zone ...

Silence reigned over the field. Silence, except that what happens in the middle of winter, when neither beast nor bird disturbed the deep sleep of the earth. Here are just a snowball would have a little more: here and there showed through dense blackness of arable land.

Twilight was rapidly growing nearer. All around it became unclear, vague horizon line merged with the sky, the earth spreading shapeless shadow. On the city streets at this time flashing lights, but who will light the flame here, far from human habitation? Then, as in childhood in the village, when there still was no electricity, flooded a sense of impotence in the face of impending darkness: it seemed that nothing could save him from the darkness of this comprehensive ...

I thought: people will come here in a few years and nothing will be surprised-city as a city, the plant as a plant. And I had always been here at the end of this winter's day, to learn from the beginning was taken. Or, to put the language of business, which take as its starting point.

After a year and a half ... I have been on that field again. I. .. did not recognize the familiar places. Not only because it was summer, and shelterbelts, laden with plenty of rain, lush green leaves rustled, and the skies were filled with quail. It's a different time, no year, no-time at all.

Field awake. Boomed, zarokotalo, zalyazgalo iron smell of fuel oil and gasoline, bristled surveying landmarks, excavators trunks, filled with trailer-mi, dump trucks, bulldozers. However, it was no longer a field, and the construction site in the original pore, when the sole masters are diggers, and the main measure of labor - cubic meters.

There was a vertical layout of the site OEMK. To bring it to the design elevations, it is necessary to perform 25 million cubic meters of earth works on two levels with a drop of 9 meters. And nothing is held back excavator work, neither the supply of materials and equipment, or technical documentation. Rare random construction site, where everything depends on the builders themselves, their aspirations and skills. Because both boiling and going right on the site and is the perfect mood for each team.

They are five, complex cost-accounting brigades, took on a method of the famous Bar-neighbor, Hero of Socialist Labor K. Spiryuhova. "The great thing-in a row, the section chief, said V. Pomelnikov.-People felt themselves masters of the whole machinery to ten shovels, thirty trucks, bulldozers and two ten-skating rink is not idle for a minute. An interest in the final result, the desire to finish the whole cycle of works in the best possible way. See how the finished lower terrace, flat, smooth, under the level. In the day processed by 10-12 thousand cubic meters of soil. And people are not offended by salary, up to three hundred and four hundred rubles are machine operators ... "

Two memorable meeting with the Russian field is separated by only a half years. But what changes, what a sharp turn in the fate of the ancient world! To ensure "the development of territorial-production complex on the basis of mineral resources of the Kursk magnetic anomaly with the construction of Oskol electro plant for the production of metallized pellets were obtained by direct reduction of iron."-Written in the "Guidelines for the Development of National Economy of the USSR in 1976-1980". Prediction is coming true of Lenin that an unprecedented wealth of the world's CMA can turn the whole thing and steel industry. And it will happen here on the site: excellent raw material Lebedinsky processing plant, located in the neighborhood to turn into a high-quality steel and rolled Oskolsky plant.

What has all this to Konstantin Semenovich Spiryuhovu? The most direct! His work on the CMA, he started at the village flea Swans when they took only the first "cubes" to get to the ore deposits. And now he is preparing for future excavations near the Old Oskol Magnitogorsk.

Kudos to Spiryuhovu came the surprise of many, but perhaps most of all it is very stunned Konstantin Semenovich. Until recently, the name of the excavator can be read unless the board orders or hear on the organization of production meetings with hard-pronounceable name "Gubkinskoe SUMZR number 1", which means the specialized administration of mechanized excavation. It is true, came from a trust "Soyuztyazhekskavatsiya", located in Moscow, colleagues from other construction sites, studied the experience of spiryuhovskoy team, admired the results. But all this was purely a service, the usual business-like. It was a routine, normal workdays. There were, so to speak, the quantitative accumulation, increased volumes of work, declining terms of their performance, growing interest ... The life of every day presents new challenges. The huge scale of construction in the northeast Belgorodschiny spurred, speeds up the rhythm of working life and the team had no time to look back, count done. And when in the department of labor and wages splyusovali numbers and summed up all gasped: two five-year period came four years and ten months!

It was not only quantitative but also qualitative leap forward, not only production, but a social event. The result became a landmark on the passed buduschee.Vot so, seemingly overnight, and "fell" to the glory of the team Konstantin Semenovich Spiryuhova.

However ... it only seems that he never looked back. Zero-cycle of the next object does not mean that every time Spiryuhov started continues, "from scratch", a routine habit, the familiar hint of work experience.

Spiryuhov Constantine S. Some structures are compared with the icebergs, where most of the bottom, hidden from view. These "icebergs" in the biography Spiryuhova lot, but the first of its type in the entire building is a dam, spillway and dam for a power plant in HJK. "I was too young then, 'says Constantine S., - no experience, too much sweat shed ... All baggage, it was three and a half months of egg-owls, and two months of practice. But got a great excavator, with a brand Kovrov plant. The machine is the first one. " Good word Spiryuhov recalls his "kovrovtsev," which had to work most of their working lives. And on the rocky soil, and sand, loam and on ...

From Dzhezkazgan-throw almost the opposite point of the country-to Kandalaksha, that on the Kola Peninsula. They built an aluminum plant-KAZ. Rather, he began to build, and "turn him" it was necessary to clear the area of trees and boulders. Moved boulders and dragged on metal sheets by bulldozers. Trees were taken away tractors. It was a bitter December, the ground was frozen for a few meters, had to blow primers. Prepared pits and under the plant, and under the houses of the village. However, living in the village no longer had a chance, was sent to Ukraine, Krivoy Rog basin.

Krivoy Rog is not only an important milestone in the life, but also a wonderful school for Spiryuhova. Winter's here, of course, softer, lighter on the ground, was where to turn, what a show. In addition, he worked at one site to Joseph Galenko, most experienced and distinguished from the excavator. He studied his art not only take the "cubes", but accuracy, grace at work: how to make the pit, to the slopes, bring beauty. For example Galenko Spiryuhov "taught" his backhoe to loosen the "peak-woman" ground beetle, compacted soil. Knowing how much he found himself dealing with any weather, and lack of transport. Still, the main field of activity of Constantine Semenovich yet to come. And was his destiny Belgorodschina, cutting edge development of Croesus MRA. Details of all venues and facilities, where he had left a deep mark excavator KS Spiryuhova, tell us is impossible, therefore, confine ourselves to a short list. At Lebedinsky mine - it is the dam seal section, and a ditch for dredgers. In South Korobkovskoe pit under the processing plant. Then, the dam and the seal section rudovoznaya road from the South Lebedinsky mine. A little later, the first bucket of the road and land on Stoilensky mine. Click Stary cement factory, or rather, a pure snow-covered field, which was to erect a giant cement industry. All day long paved excavator Spiryuhova Zinoviev and his mate the first track on the virgin snow, doing little more than two kilo-meters per hour to gain a foothold in a new beachhead for the whole year and a half.

Required the preparation of deep foundation pit, dig trenches for heating mains and sewerage systems, "shoveled" tens of thousands of cubic meters of soil. In fact, vertical planning, the foundation of a warehouse of concentrates and water reservoir for the Lebedinsky ore-dressing plant. And, of course, dozens of objects in Gubkin: the first buckets of soil under the foundations of houses, kindergartens, schools, dispensary, "Daisy" ...

Now a new page biography-Oskol Electric Works. The first "line" was written recently - February 25, 1975, but since then a lot has happened. It was here on March 29, between the administration and management team was awarded first Spiryuhova economic contracting contract for work on vertical planning framework "Elektrometallurgstroy" in the amount of 283,000 cubic meters. And six months later, in October 1975, the team twice closed the tenth five-year job.

The traditional unity of time and place action added a new unity method. Farm succession is spiryuhovskoy team is nothing like the first time applied in large amounts of excavation experience Brigade NA Zlobin. In an integrated team that solves a common problem, include excavator, bulldozer drivers. It was of fundamental importance. 283,000 cubic meters of soil have become a measure of labor invested not only for the crew of excavators, dump trucks and drivers, and drivers of bulldozers. One stroke of the pen under the economic agreements in the brigade was withdrawn by a long-standing antagonism between the "cube" and "salable" as defined by bobcat salary amount of work performed, and the drivers, the number of trips made. Estimated contract value was known in advance, 279, 3000 rubles, and there was the norm for its implementation, 129 days. The aim was single, and the interests of all boiled down to business. The rest depended on the team, received at his disposal the necessary equipment. And he made full use of opportunities, showed an example of a highly organized, perfectly harmonious work: the job was done in 60 days! This is less than half of the regulatory period, 224 percent of the planned development! The average salary was 366 rubles a month, and the control was 82.3 thousand rubles above-plan profits.

How can these impressive figures were given? What is required of the team as a whole and each member individually, to surpass all of the most careful calculations, and even achieving peers at other construction sites? Here is what he Spiryuhov:

- The success of the team contributed to the competent engineering training facility and all necessary documentation. Even before entering the area was developed in detail the draft of the work. He defined the rational distribution of the excavator, the sequence of the process. Excavators were placed one after the other on the ledge so as to dump before finding space for handling. This was achieved almost complete elimination of idle machines.

Great experience, expertise and personal skills allowed the machine to minimize the cycle time of excavation, from 50 to 35 seconds. Mutual replaceability of the crew members made it possible to use a backhoe with full vigor all sixteen hours at a stable two-shift operation. Was very helpful and the innovation-centralized maintenance. Previously it was done in-house, to which each crew spent about a half working days per month. Now it is engaged in a special team in the off time for the technology. In the contract brigade all team members are personally interested in the best possible use of excavators, dump trucks, bulldozers. Loss of working time without a good reason we did not have. Totally, there are no violations of labor discipline. They should not allow itself brigade. The team literally became a teacher of each work: all understand what consciousness and self-discipline, co-dependent, and mutual honor and earning team.

Oskol Electric ... Plant, construction of which is recorded in the decisions of XXV Congress of the party, apparently, will enroll for a long time crew KS Spiryuhova in the staffing of its builders. Cases there is no end, and the timing is extremely compressed: the first production company must issue in the current five-year period. In a relatively small area near the Old Oskol, near which the memorable forty-third rattled the legendary Battle of Kursk, the large combined unit Mintyazhstroya, Minmontazhspetsstroya, Mintranstroya, Ministry of Energy, Ministry of Communications of the USSR ...

The new excavator offensive play, at first glance, a modest role, reminiscent of work of engineers. But without them, the body will not grow plants and factories, not prolyagut road, do not rise high-rise buildings of the future city of half million ...

Our meeting with Konstantin Semenovich occurred in the day when the radio reported on awarding him the title of Hero of Socialist Labor. His apartment was closely: congratulations "birthday" came Secretary of the Belgorod Regional Party Committee, Party and government leaders of Gubkin, friends.

- Just as I was one to celebrate?-Protested Constantine Semenovich.-The decree named Vanya Zinoviev, Nikolai Kachalkin, Popelnyuhov Misha, Misha Pecherikin. Eleven people from the brigade government awards. With most of them the entire five-year period were side by side, more than a million "cubic meters" turned.

- What are the plans for the tenth five-year period?

- First of all dignity, is working to implement the decisions XXV Party Congress. And if you specifically, by tradition: to make two more five-year period. Now she can not slow down, people look ...

Well, people always look at those who go ahead. And the follow-nimi. Once you go ahead, do not stop. And this is not only manufacturing, but also a social phenomenon.

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