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Andrew I. Belko

Minsk Tractor steelworker industrial association, the Hero of Socialist Labor

Andrew I. Belko On the long loading platform in a row, gleaming red and blue lacquer, like toys on the shelf, stood a sleek, high rear wheels of the tractor.

These were the famous tractor. But who knows tractors "Belarus"? Exported to 68 countries. As the world's most economical tractor of this type, "Root Crops." That is, light, mobile, producing all kinds of work to care for crops.

The platform on which they stood was shipping "shop" at least famous of the Minsk Tractor Association "MTW". All of his tractor-without exception-are available with the state Emblem of Quality.

It is no coincidence purple and blue "hunk" on high wheels are called "Belarus". For thirty years the Minsk Tractor Plant, the pride of the country. The main property of its industry. Working village tractor builders gave rise to the factory district of the capital. Spacious and comfortable. Small, powerful tractors "Belarus" pulled on his well-being and welfare of the largest industrial group, or rather, vice versa? For the people and the fruits of his activity, are inseparable. Man creates a creature but the creature creates man.

Minsk Tractor Works is rich in famous people. Its walls are nurtured many major public and political figures of the republic and the whole country. In his series of working-five Heroes of Socialist Labor. Blacksmith F. Samusev. Elektrosvarschitsa G. Myagkova. Plumber lekalschikom, a member of the CPSU Central Committee E. Klimchenko. Engineer-Planner R. Prusova. (Do you feel what different professions?) And the fifth - Belco. Steelworker. Fifth Hero, "jubilee" as poshuchivayut at the plant got its title long ago, in March 1976.

Nobody needs to explain what a steelworker. Everybody knows. "Fire the profession." "Conqueror of the metal." "Lord of the Flame." Wide-brimmed hat, sunglasses, gloves, peak, the raging glow, gushing golden stream-sung, displayed, captured, familiar to the last.

Stalevar ... retire at fifty. Sooner, almost like a ballet dancer. In the most flourishing men's lives. Please do not be surprised that the story about Andrew Iosifovich Belkos begin that way. New Hero to retirement there are only four years. So how are you there was life, eh? .. That was what was not?

Brittle, yellowed piece of paper Minsk "youth Banner" has at least two decades. He was cut off in such a gathering inexperienced hand: the date is not preserved, but only a portrait of a guy with a bright-eyed, white-toothed smile, and his massive essay title: "You are on the road again, Andrew!"

It said the mother, clasping her hands on the news that a son enrolled in evening school.

- Do not sit to you!

A small room in a factory house, wife, son, mother of the village wrote to her. The work is not comic-steel-maker. With the fire but not to be trifled with metal, you have to be careful, rested. Where is there to study at night?

- Learn, learn, 'insisted his wife.

Well, she's clear she is a teacher. How else could she say? But not only is it said. Assigned duties at home: Andrew helps only in buying bread, potatoes, milk, on his conscience, Zinaida Petrovna, mountain exercise books and the rest of the domestic load.

Soon the family income has twin son and daughter. Destiny is not stingy.

But it was not to learn? The same piece of yellowed reports that a young steelworker Belko started giving instead of the two heats per shift to three, and at the same time achieving the minimum deviation in a given chemical analysis of steel. What's in the spring of the party organization department has taken the best candidate for the steelmaker members of the CPSU. That he was elected to the Minsk City Council. Finally, he set a record: a shift smelted 18.5 tons of steel instead of 10 in norm. The quality of the metal is excellent.

All this happened about twenty years ago.

And here is another sheet of newspaper, this white, with the subtitle: "1975-D, the final". At this time, the same arm, tearing his light-hearted, has not kept the name of the newspaper. But the text: "One day a shock labor watch in honor of the XXV Congress of the CPSU AI Belko set a new record steel production. At a rate of 15, he gave 30 tons per shift. "

5299 tons of steel issued in excess of five-year plan, Commander of the Order of Lenin, the deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the BSSR, steelmaker steelmaking shop MTW Andrew I. Belko. "This generation steelmakers are not sought for the twenty-year history of the shop", so it is written in the original newspaper of "Tractor".

That's it, twenty years ago, he's on the road, Andrew ...

And Andrew I. Belko, returning home one night, he hears the telephone voice of his apprentice:

- Just read the Ordinance on the radio! You have assigned the Hero!

No, I'll wait, wait, Belko said to myself, hang up, wait for tomorrow's newspaper, you never know, the radio said the air, and can be heard right, it's better with my own eyes ... On many things in life one must have character. But there is another character that can be called Belarus.

Twelve-year village boy Andrew Belko had to stand as a hostage to the gun fascist gun. He saved the lives of the Soviet Army. And he considered himself once and for all award-lives. On the other awards could not qualify. Only got them with great joy.

One scary moment in the life of a child can break character. And have we learned about the terrible day, would not forgive Andrew Belko severity, harshness and irritability? Do not justify a mental breakdown, demanding, even rude, well, well, quite frankly, on a human? We would understand ...

Andrew I. entered his steel plant is not in a canvas overalls, and in a neat coat, hiding under which a ceremonial black jacket. Behind him uncertainly shuffled the guests. Belko led them to the "stove", and his simple-smiling face effortlessly viewed and joyous impatience. Seeing his medium-sized, pull up the figure of "a civil" steelworker and his two assistants and a student-assistant, grouped in a bright window, stuck in the oven long spoon dipped steel, poured onto a round metal "mirror" near the furnace. - Look, I. ...

What do you like to lose such a case, remove the test? Belko in the eye detects that they have cooked, boiled it, better than any chemical analysis ... And the Belkos are already tapping on the frozen droplets of metal, and in the palms of their rolls, and guests in their hands, beaming with pleasure, vanities, and looks into the furnace, and his bright eyes clinging miraculously did not blink from the unbearable heat radiance. He even takes the spatula and toss "a pinch or two of" something in the oven, and spreads a word quietly with steelworker who hold imperceptibly, but close to it.

And how. This steelmaker, Derkachev, former assistant Belko, his disciple, if you want, now an experienced steelworker, but that's because a nice case, he replaced his Belko said, melting on the way, as not to consult, "Ready? What do you think? ". Especially as long as the results of chemical analysis will get how many minutes gone. A steel-it is alive, changing every minute.

There is a dream analyzers with electronic scoreboard. To put such a charm to the "stove" and looked, and immediately see how much carbon in the metal as silicon ... - Done, says Belko.-can produce.

And quickly leads guests to a convenient place from which to see the fiery stream.

In the MTP, there are three foundries, two boiled pig iron, steel and this makes steel and pours shaped castings for tractors and agricultural machines. It happens that one day change of 20-30 types of parts. What is the only steel not ever cook Belko and colleagues. "What will order a-boil."

Andrew I. Belko Steel runs, runs into the bucket and crane operator picks up soon it moves across the passage to the caster, and he begins to pour the metal in the form set out in the nests of a moving circular conveyor. And go on with the cooling mold castings for the following areas ... all its steelmaker did. Belko disappears for a few minutes, with eight furnaces must now work to Cooper, that he would drag the guests! Here it is, maybe something interesting will tell. After all, this Cooper ... But Cooper does not. Do not change it. Andrew I. peers have the same time and in the Raw material area: how to prepare it download? And he sees that have not kept pace. Ten minutes and the furnace will stay as long as the tub will be served. This is not the case. Is not the case. Shihtovschiki promise Belko "stoke quickly as possible." Ten minutes of the day ... unaffordable loss. Belko returns to the stove. Ringing, obedient button next blank leaves the oven. Steelmakers open the damper, and shall consider the hearth, the bottom of the oven, not where the metal is pulled out the lining, there are no burn-through, here and there ^ throw a couple of shovels of sand and liquid crystal glass, reformats the stove, cook it to the next heat.

Yes, so that Cooper came up with that ... claimed that sense it does not, and now all steelmakers in the shop work as he proposed. Right coup turned out. And, most importantly, in the minds of steelworkers.

The shop long puzzled over how to organize the steel makers to cut the overhead time. For example, before the end of shift is about twenty minutes, and the steelmaker begins to melt, still not enough. Yes, even too lazy to fix the furnace: Do not melt me the cook and the mate, his earnings, though he and corrects.

Cooper proposed to merge the steelworkers in the brigade on the principle of a furnace serves a brigade. Round the clock in three shifts, the furnace has three steelmaker. Each with an assistant, replacing each other. Here are all of them and unite into a brigade. And think not how much each weld, and how much metal will be removed together with the furnace. This will be their total earnings. Equally on all. That's when a different melting can pass on the run, and the furnace to correct, so that nothing changer did not lose time, because the benefits-the total!

Oh, and the noise went up! It's like the same indignant skilled steelworkers, I work well, it is worse, and equal pay?

- And did you tighten, tighten. Prior to himself, recommended Cooper. (That's cunning! To keep the direction.) But the power of the people did not commit. We decided, so says the foreman, Alexander Ivanitsky, Cooper suggested that, even though it actually proves the profitability of their ideas. Let your oven to organize a team and work his method.

Cooper supported the second-steelworker Gregory Szyszko. And nearly two years they worked brigades. Brilliantly proving that the furnace can give the new conditions. Metal removal from the oven immediately increased by 15-20%. The overall result is a high offset the initial loss of earnings strong steelmaker. The experiment has proved its viability.

Now, on the melting area there are seven teams. They are led by Leontius Cooper, Sergei Nikolaychenko, Gregory Szyszko, Vladimir Nesterovich, Leonid Parmon, and Andrew Constantine Saskovets Belko. Seven teams are not inferior to each other in skill, constantly competing with each other. Sometimes it is difficult to give preference to someone when summing up.

His "stove" number five, the one to which he let down his guests. And he left to work here for only four years? But would not believe. He loves this "stove", understands her moods. Here he is trying to entice visitors closer to the "stove". It is interesting also that she has out there, what she needs as her pouhazhivat? Clean up, pour sand, brick bolster, the electrode to increase? Everyone knows that the steelmaker, which can, wants to share, show-in life come in handy! When the team organized, collected their steelmakers Belko, and everything, what could they teach. Now all hope for successors that they support the stove in his absence, the number of heats will not lower, the metal yield is good, and what to cook, without loss of mold will merge. This is the main point stalevarskogo art. A "stove", the main stalevarskaya friend, for the good care of yourself, too, will not fail.

... Here, finally, goes jingling crane, floating, floating tub with the charge, and hangs over his mouth opened wide, hungry stove. Derkachev gives the sign, and rrraz! Mail scatter band bottom tub, gently vzvivayas in the air like an octopus tentacle, charge hoots down to the bottom of the stove. This is specially so that metal does not hit the walls of the furnace, the iron pieces are not damaged refractory brickwork. Therefore, the tub is designed so that the charge immediately poured on the bottom of the furnace. Crane operator pulls on the chains enormous "woman" from a solid ingot of metal and knead a few strokes from the top sticking out of the oven charge uphill.

This 'woman', bluish, and calcined, is not simply the production equipment of a melting site. This "woman" ... first heat. First heat, boiled twenty-three years ago, just started working a new steel shop. First heat, boiled in the presence of bright-eyed, white-toothed, gay boy Andrew Belkos with yellowed pages of the newspaper "The banner of youth ..." Along with all he was not involved in smelting, stood and watched as they cooked the first metal. Was it in 1954. The stove stood a young steelworker Parmon. Melting cooked all night, and when cooked, drain to? And that's decided to cast a "woman."

In that year, when opened on the MTP steel shop, party organization of the plant would invite young men to choose a profession steelmaker - Andrew just discharged from active military service. Coincidentally, his Army friend who served a year earlier, invited Andrew to look to him in Chelyabinsk, to see on the way home. Andrew made a transplant, and so first came to the Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant. A friend worked there in the foundry obrubschikom. Andrew came in, looked at the furnace and was seemingly a lifetime.

In the steel shop MTZ Belko became a disciple of "the first set." A curious, lively, fast. Power steelworkers-master said: Wait a minute, they say, where are you in a hurry, and it will know, and what you learn and comprehend all, give life. But Andrew could not sit still. And climbing to the stove, and looked in every corner, and somehow all around saw. And like steel heat when melting cold. And hold melting, so that a casting with another steelworker not run. Or how to speed up until the caster is free ... All the techniques, everything past the eye of wisdom steelworkers did not miss. He worked as an assistant, and save him was not, in all penetrated.

And then, finally, gave him the stove. Number two. The case, one might say. This furnace was weak, the transformer it was less powerful, and steelworkers once floated the third wave, with hunting moved on it. And the second one did not want to work. That gave her and Andrew. Waving his hand.

But he did not retreat. "Stove", of course, weak. That means we need to help her. He spun around her, pushing crowbar charge to the electrode, so quickly melted. If you go into "Pechkin 'difficulties, and how to find it. Code-it can be enlarged so that the gases and heat does not go away. Pechnikov call-long song, the very building blocks can be podzasunut, zhestyanochkoy wedge to keep. And boil, "oven"! Here it is, your Andrew, relentlessly near you. Not distracted, does not smoke breaks, only interested in you.

And the "stove" raskipyatilas. She took and gave, instead of the melting of Technology 2 hours and 20 minutes and a half hours!

Then in the shop and started talking about Andrew Belko first time.

... But back to the fifth furnace. Download over, floats to the ceiling "baba", a set of falls, closes furnace. Another button is pressed on the remote, and that went down the electrodes. Steelmakers diverge from the oven. Everything. And the guests are going to go away.

The first salvo finds leaving at the door. It got to the electrodes of the charge. And in the womb of the furnace, while growing, and rattling, shaking all around a powerful, fierce, triumphant cannonade, metal seized with an overwhelming force of the electric ... started melting.

Legs visitors rooted to the floor. Slowly turning around, they stood in the roar and rumble of the atom, in this austere and majestic world without embellishment, looking a little sly, satisfied, triumphant face of Andrew Belko ... Rattles, rattles melting. But look around the circle. Carefully. Is melting. And over-heated is clear, clean, no fumes black, gray mist. Because the area set canopies, improved ventilation. This is the first of what will be telling steelworkers, as soon as it comes to how over the years transformed their working conditions. "All of our tip-they say-we have to notice, made specific suggestions, and help designers to improve the situation of the workers." As a result of this collaborative effort to lock buckets altered Chainikova-metal casting easier and faster. In the furnace took: increased power transformers, increased the amount of heat. Previously, five-ton furnaces were, and now cook up to 10 tons. Each furnace increased metal removal by 20 tons a day, and gave the whole site is now spare a hundred tons! The bottleneck was the site of stumps and heat treatment. Made an extension to the shop, carried back thermal kiln and tempering of parts. A new conveyor system, they could not "skip" nezalitaya flask: it was fixed on the line's own weight, and if it does not hit the metal pipe immediately stopped. Gradually the rhythm achieved in the work, took care of the metal, energy saving ... It so happened that, working hand in hand with the workers, engineers and specialists shops engaged in the socialist competition. This led to the emergence of integrated teams in the shop for quality: each led "his" cast, headed by a leading technologist, and the task was to trace its path from the furnace steelmaker to the discharge of the court, finding the best technological solutions for every stage of manufacturing castings.

All of this will tell you steelmakers, and you will realize that their department is good because it does not split into separate parts, that everything in it is so closely soldered, and so it follows logically one after another. "And what, smiling, Belko, steel, does not like singles."

... The red and blue tractor, familiar to all of the hundreds of photos, getting off the assembly line, frantically scoured the ribbed paving trial court. Hundreds of details' working harmoniously in their womb, guaranteeing long term work of "iron horses." And then, having received "good", a tractor appeared on the main avenue of the factory area and got into the tractor's tail "queue." She ran along the avenue, striking the imagination of passers-by. On this beautiful industrial show, the parade of magnificent machines anxiously watched Peter Ivanovich Baikov, CEO Association Minsk Tractor. He was not pleased the elegant appearance of the railway platform, because this was the plan, the precious plan, the crown of creation tractor builders. Nearing the end of the first year of the tenth five-year period. For none of the farmers, perhaps, he did not turned out to be easy, capricious, unbalanced, either too hot or too rainy year. And here, in the shops of the plant, created a reliable guarantee of the crop-technique, a loyal ally of farmer. And these tractors, which absorbed labor, thought, inventiveness of its founders, who were now past them down the avenue of change and shift, stood and waited for their turn to send. Not manage the railroad ... The phone rings. "Your tractor is ready. Ship can not. " Early in the morning at the gates of the plant appeared unsuited trucks. On the road wheels adhered dirt. And in the back of each was already a brand new blue tractor. This is the call of the plant sent its transport sector, even from the most distant, the Volga area ... Who refuses to immediately come tearing along behind the tractor "Belarus"! MT-80, the current production model, handles more than a hectare of land per hour, uses more than two hundred machines and equipment for various agricultural operations that can operate year-round in all weather conditions. Closed comfortable cabin, upholstered seat, soundproofing, air conditioning - everything is done to the tractor was never tired, never felt unnecessary congestion, not getting all screwed up, not freezing ... Wellness is a not a guarantee of performance?

In the tenth five-year Traktorostroiteley pose a new challenge: keeping the rapidity of the tractor, to supply its wide field of technology, to develop a combination of operations, to increase the working bodies of the machine. And it created the first copies of MT-150, the following model.

A phone rings in the office, heard in the receiver status reports for shipping ... The end of the year, the plan Minsk tractor team has already performed, giving more than a thousand tractors over the plan.

And woven into his life with joy and care, hopes and dreams, past and future. For nearly half a million tractors out of his shop on the field for thirty years of MTW.

... On the square in front of the main gate of the plant on a pedestal, stands a little red wheel tractor. On the body we can distinguish the number "000 001". When approaching twenty-five year anniversary, members of the Komsomol for a long time looking for the firstborn throughout the country, studying documents, traveled to distant lands, and found he was right next door, in Logoisk district, Minsk region. And, imagine, in the ranks: the old man still labored on the native Belarusian land. The collective farmers have given him only in exchange for a new ...

In the factory area, and we parted with the MTP, and its attractive characters, steelworker Andrew Belko, which atonement is probably in the next shift and conjures his "stove."

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