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Zhilovsky Victor D.

Senior steelmaker Zaporozhye titanium and magnesium plant, a Hero of Socialist Labor

Zhilovsky Victor D. In Zaporozhye Order of Lenin and Order of Red Banner of Labor Titanium-Magnesium Works of Victor Dmitrievich Zhilovskogo know everything. Some-more, others less, but when it comes to the most outstanding feature of the nature of the Honorary Metallurgist of the USSR, Hero of Socialist Labor, Laureate of State Prize in 1976, all agree:

- From the creative streak person! High praise. But here especially. To be known as a creative person in the company where you installed the most modern technology and apply the most advanced technology, where every second person is engaged in rationalization and invention (in the last decade and a half on the specific problems of production two men defended their doctoral and nearly fifty-master's theses), is not very easy . It must be earned!

Of what constitutes art - is one of the most baffling manifestations of human thought? Where is the source of this elusive spiritual substance that gives the everyday work of genuine poetry, and beauty?

A minute Victor D. thoughtfully silent, black, thick, a few eyebrows vrazlet converge more closely at the nose. All of a sudden smile.

- A difficult question and the answer to it, believe me, is simple. Remember, Bitter are the words: "Every business must love to do it well?" So in this and the whole point.

And he repeated, emphasizing each word:

- Every thing must be loved! ..


The change began as usual. Taking his team mate at the furnaces, and nodding his head in his patter thrown "all right. No comment, "Victor D. Zhilovsky habitually walked on the bay. In the four years of senior pechevym for it became the rule in the first minutes of a change to visit every corner of the site.

A "farm" he has a lot on poltseha. And the restless, complicated. The senior is in fact the head of the shift. He must ensure coordinated work pechevyh and installers, fitters and vakuumschikov, he is in constant communication with the operator on duty energy services, laboratory for measurement and control devices. It is difficult to count all those with whom the senior pechevoy "contacts" during the shift. Probably why some of his younger colleagues and to this day believe that nothing that he complicates the already difficult life that's so round. Why? "Of course - they argue - the birth process of titanium metal, which combines extraordinary lightness with strength and high corrosion resistance, very complicated, multi-faceted. But at the disposal of older-technology cards of all furnaces, where meticulously recorded the progress of the process from the first until the last minute. Please, look, study, analyze, and depending on the testimony of dozens of instruments grant the necessary commands. " We tried once to explain in a friendly conversation Zhilovskomu it is not argued, did not mind, just smiled with his eyes: "Do you know what kind of card I dream? That it is not only the state of the furnace, but also reflects the human condition ... "

Joking, of course. But behind the joke, inflexible position: the need to know in what mood a man came on shift. From its state depends on whether it can respond quickly to the readings, and in each case to make the right decision.

And now, passing from the furnace to furnace, VD only briefly glanced at the meter dials and gauges, and focus-pechevym: how are they?

... As always, perfectly clear and literate movement of Ivan Mikhailovich Medvedev. Affect the bearing of the former Soviet Army officer, many years of experience pechevym, the knowledge acquired over years of study in college ...

... Confidently operating a furnace at a rapid decisions Anatoly Pavlovich Kalashnik-addicting nature. Innovator of the most active. However, because the innovator, and that can be carried away by every new idea ...

... Some seem sluggish, Nikolai Antonovich Music. At first glance, even incomprehensible: how did he manage to do it when needed, not a minute sooner or a minute later? But Zhilovsky knows that the apparent slow-pechevogo a firm belief in their abilities, the vast experience gained in nearly twenty-two years of work in the shop ...

... A friendly smile, "Everything they say, is in order. There is no reason for concern ", met senior pechevogo reasonable Sidorovich Alexander Nesterenko, a recognized organizer of the rationalization of work in changing ...

Near the ... Gennady V. Lukyanenko, D. Zhilovsky more delayed. And the reason is simple: the guy is just beginning, just a month since retired from the army, he needs help to gain confidence in the new environment, some suggest, advise something ... Here his shop and found the engineer Edward Artashesovich Arutyunov.

- I'm yours, Victor D.. Lev invites.

In the office of the department, except for LP Feofanova and the area commander Ivan Gavrilovic car, there were two strangers.

- It's what, like, answering the unspoken question pechevogo, Feofanov started when all the scientists uselis.-Union Scientific Research and Design Institute of Titanium with our engineers have developed a new method of producing titanium sponge, the so-called polusovmeschennom process. Of course, the developed theory. Who will test it in practice, identify strengths and weaknesses, and give an opinion: to be this way or not. We consulted and decided to bring your team. Do you mind?

Asking pechevogo consent, the foreman, to put it mildly, tricky. To be honest, the choice of his, he stopped on this team pechevyh is not accidental.

Zaporozhye Titanium-Magnesium Works is a leading company industry. His team of thousands of communist labor has been more than forty consecutive quarters comes out the winner in a contest related companies in the country. Release in 1956 the first domestic titanium mill marked the beginning of large-scale industrial production in the USSR, this amazing metal. Zaporizhia titanium first in the country in 1969 was awarded the State Quality Mark. Today the products of the plant are exported almost thirty countries worldwide, including in the U.S., Japan, England and Germany. But there is another, perhaps most important - an indicator of his leadership. This figure, the relentless beat of the creative inquisitive mind, searching for new and uncharted ways to further improve the technique and technology is relatively young field. During the Ninth Five years is rooted in the production of 470 inventions and almost 27,000 innovations to the economic effect of more than 16 million rubles. Many research and development team plant became the property of related companies in the country, and licenses for some of them eagerly bought and foreign companies.

So, it was not for the last few years on the merits of any such development on titanium, in the verification and implementation of which is not accepted to participate Victor D. Zhilovsky with his friends. Perfectly mastered the technology, they are able to penetrate into the idea of scientists capture the essence of engineering tactics, a lot of entries tell the organizers of tests. The foreman knew the team is always ready to take on a heavier burden, and therefore was pre confident in the positive response. And yet:

- Do you mind?

Carefully listening to the section chief in response Zhilovsky just shrugged, saying that what may be a conversation?

- So, it was decided. The details of the assignment will introduce you to friends of the institution, and I ask only one thing: try to convince pechevyh the vital importance of these tests.

Zhilovsky Victor D. After a day, three staff in the team Zhilovskogo were transferred to the new technology.

VD did not take long to convince the workers. All perfectly understood: if you can go to polusovmeschenny process, there is no need to cool the retort with a sponge after the restore operation, it can be served hot in the next redistribution of the vacuum-separation, where the sponge is cleaned of impurities. And this is a solid, measured a few hours to save time.

However, the problem although it was very clear, does not become easier. Retort, a huge, two human growth metal cylinder, which is just born titanium-came after the restore operation red-hot. To her, breathing heat, it would seem, and not to approach. It is impossible, as it! And not just to approach and re-mount, and do it carefully, with almost pinpoint accuracy, so as not to disrupt the seal, otherwise the sponge coming into contact with air, will oxidize, and all have invested in previous repartitions work will be in vain.

Many came, and other crafty surprises, to overcome which is not enough to care, and self-definition needs a truly selfless love for his profession, which alone can work wonders. And the day came when Victor D., as always terse and casually-as if there were no difficulties, anxieties and doubts, reported on the results of testing ended:

- New technology promises great benefits. It allows you to bypass a portion of disassembly to get rid of gas concentration, and most importantly, almost eight hours reduces the production process sponge. Incidentally, the time savings can be even more palpable-you just make some special equipment. We've sketched here some sketches ...


No, do not spoil his fate, not gifts to the endless joys of the holidays so. Rather, she was generous to the hardships, difficulties and hardships at an early age. Father Victor ... can not remember. In ten years it is already difficult childhood burst into a terrible word "war". Evacuation. Then, trade school, and parent age of sixteen the young mechanic Victor Zhilovsky crossed the checkpoint Zaporizhia Ferroalloy Plant.

One year later, the shift supervisor, happened, with disputes but with the cursing decide whose shift will serve Zhilovsky. Even the "old"-fitters with experience could not catch up with him his ability to quickly detect and resolve a particular problem, to ensure reliable operation of used cars.

And after his military service matured, more sounded in the shoulders Zhilovsky Victor came to the titanium-magnesium plant. The personnel department is not long pondered where to direct experience of having been a mechanic for the repair of equipment, of course, to the newly created department of production of titanium.

Installation and configuration are not encountered hitherto instruments and apparatus liking curious guy: a tricky circuit diagram or a colorful pattern, he was fond of no less than an adventure novel or story. However, it soon began to notice in the shop: Victor falls in a free moment, look for it on the "upper deck", as one of the former sailors christened the jobsite pechevyh. Carefully scrutinized for their actions, trying to grasp the principle of operation of complex machinery. Felt that lack of knowledge, he went to night school, ten-, and along with technical training at the plant began to attend.

A year has already served a vacuum Zhilovsky economy shifts. And still studying. When you have finished the ten-year, he entered the factory school masters who worked on the tehnikumovskoy program. And in between work and study-Komsomol affairs. A member of the Komsomol committee of the plant, he was the first organizer and active participant in a variety of youth evenings, walks at the weekend along the Dnieper and tourist trips to Khortitsa. During one of these trips he met Victor and easily amused eyed lab worker Tanya. Like it was yesterday, but did you just try it now, Tatiana, a senior assistant central laboratory. Already ten years of completing their son George ...

In 1971 he was appointed Zhilovsky pechevym, and two years later, a senior pechevym. And his talent metallurgist.

Zhilovsky Victor D. Apparently, correctly say that creativity begins when and where and when people will be able to question the permanence, accuracy of the usual, well-established. As for all but secured Zhilovskim four furnaces over the years it was believed that more pechevoy unable to serve. "Why can not?-Doubt Viktor Dmitrievich., and if re-route traffic from the stove to the oven if the work out some system to monitor the readings of instruments?" Not immediately, of course, but it turned out. Following Zhilovskim pechevye steel and other service first six and then eight furnaces. And again, allegedly immutable: eight furnaces is the limit. Argued by many, and not without reason. And another thought brewing Zhilovskogo: "Much time is spent on it to remove the instrument readings. That would be to combine them in one panel ... "A tempting idea is not left without followers. Initially interested in her department heads, and then connected to business professionals. Today, it is difficult to imagine how it is treated before without the "Mars 200" machine-clever, which assumed a substantial part of the care pechevyh and allowed to increase the number served by each furnace to ten.

Zhilovskomu much trouble and so-called furnace downtime associated with the need to cool the oil pump before starting the next process. It was inevitable, he defeated the evil by proposing to attach a bypass around each furnace duct. It would seem that the offer-simple as possible, and the production cycle was reduced by two hours, the performance of each furnace has increased by almost five percent. The scope of interest of Victor Dmitrievich is very extensive and, therefore, to talk about each of his rationalization proposal is simply impossible. Only the first three years of the Ninth Five they were filed more than ten proposals would save more than twenty thousand kilowatt-hours of electricity and nearly thirteen thousand rubles of raw materials, to give an additional hundreds of tons of titanium and significantly improve the quality of the metal.

Preparing for the XXV Congress of the Communist Party, initiated the competition for the right to sign an employment report to Congress, the brigade took Zhilovskogo a counter plan, acquaintance with which even the most that on is optimistic in doubt shake their heads:

- The twenty-percent increase performance? In the furnace, where every minute is many times tested and verified? Well, you know ... It really was not easy. And this is the first to feel the family members. At the suggestion of Yuri "round up" a game of chess VD only spread his arms:

- Something I'm not in shape, son ...

Forgotten there was another passion-camera "Screen-4", were removed intact VD films about the GDR, the wonderful places of the Kalinin region, where the family vacationed last time. Even going to sleep late at night, Tanya saw her husband sitting at the table and drawing something.

Steadily, step by step Zhilovsky went to the target. Initially, the scheme has made changes in traffic in the shop. This will save nearly 15 minutes to download each furnace. Together with the engineer Lyubov Naumochkin were the best option of the crane. Then he reviewed the duties pechevyh have made their interchangeability. Won minutes to hours evolved, and it came to pass that aspired Zhilovsky: instead of ten, each service has twelve ovens. Exactly three times more than that with which he started five years ago!


In the museum of the plant is kept interesting picture of almost fifteen years ago: a young worker Victor Zhilovsky a tenth-seventy-first school on the eve of final exams. This is the first mentoring class in the history of patronage of the team.

Old photo has stirred the soul of Victor Dmitrievich wave of memories.

It all started with the fact that the Komsomol committee recommended its manufacturing plant in the second counselor to the very class of boys and girls, which nine years later, he was photographed before the final examinations.

Until the prom is not interrupted by friendship with the guys Zhilovskim, which was awarded the Komsomol Central Committee in 1967 with a 'Best Pioneer ".

However, why is prom? In an effort to be all over like Victor Dmitrievich, the shop was asked to produce titanium after the ten-year Vladimir Rostov. The complex character was a boy, it was not easy to find the key to his heart. But it picked up VD Zhilovsky, and after serving in the Army Vladimir returned to the shop. Without the influence of Victor Dmitrievich did learn in college and Steel. Do not break ties with a former counselor and has long become an adult Inna Belenky. In the Sakhalin region is now living, and there was no case to not congratulated him on a holiday, not shared in a letter to his joy, not told of the troubles ...

Three years ago, the party organization entrusted Victor D. Zhilovskomu lead the Board of Works mentors. Added worries. It must be confessed, of over two hundred businesses were mentors at the beginning, such that the main thought of his duty, his main purpose to teach patronized to perform a job, help him to acquire a specialty electrician or a goldsmith. Victor D. never tired of explaining it, and at meetings of the Board and in private conversations that the teacher is not an instructor of industrial training:

- If that is enough to teach the guy or girl to quickly detect and correct any malfunction in the engine, then we must take care to people with heart and soul to understand why this motor should run smoothly. The instructor responds to the question "how" we must give an answer to "why" of course, it is difficult: a mentor should possess a certain minimum of knowledge and pedagogy, and psychology. Well aware of this, Chairman of the Board is seeking mentors to the plant at the existing branch of the City University of Marxism-Leninism created a group of mentors that every shop was open and provided with necessary teaching aids and literature places a mentor to ...

A lot of them, these "to". Time, effort, and sometimes they require a lot of nerves. But what joy for Victor Dmitrievich Zhilovskogo that the recent high school graduate, electrician shop number 11 Val Pishchulina successfully passed the first session at the Institute of Machine Building, and took first place in city competition of young workers, the young founder of shop number 18 Viktor Baranets awarded the Order of the Red Banner, which has recently mastered the profession Turner Natasha Neumyvako got an extraordinary level, won first place in city competition of innovators and also studying at the Metallurgical Institute.

- A remarkable young people is to replace the veterans!


Recently, VD Zhilovskomu happened in the trade union delegation visited our country in Finland. On one of the breakout sessions in Helsinki, he is an example of the plant showed what a great place in terms of social development issues occupy a collective welfare and recreation workers.

- Only in recent years on the banks of the Dnieper River was built recreation center "Azure gave" 270 places to rest in 1600 annual plant workers with families on.-listed, was put into a boarding house on the shore of the Sea of Azov to the 580 seats, which each year corrected their health 3500. In Evpatoria has been more than ten years shall kombinatovsky kids summer camp "Sokol". The plant has a dispensary, and the legendary island of Khortytsya, where the annual rest 960 employees. Built their own stadium for 8000 seats and a sports hall, a hospital with 240 beds and modern procedural building, the Palace of Culture "Titan".

Then, responding to questions from the audience, he talked about himself: Member of the District Council of People's Deputies, a member of the District Party Committee, member of the regional council of trade unions, and suddenly a middle-aged gentleman decided to "show off" in-depth knowledge of Russian language:

- We understand you, as you say, were born under a lucky star. Victor D. listened carefully to the interpreter, fun, mischievous, even once looked at the speaker.

- Just because we say about a man whose every deed gone wrong but going well. But it can be said of the whole nation: in the country he lives and works under a lucky star - a star in October!

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