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Koolmeyster Elvey Iohannesovna


Koolmeyster Elvey Iohannesovna

Seamstress-machine operator sewing Tallinn production association named after V. Clementi, Hero of Socialist Labor

Koolmeyster Elvey Iohannesovna It is well known, the theater begins with a hanger, but production company? Crossing the threshold of a new, light industrial buildings of Tallinn Sewing Association named Wilhelmina Clementi, affirm that the same-with a hanger. Straight rows of coats of all colors and styles located at the entrance to the locker room look festive, as the exhibition of the latest models of the season. One can not help slow down the pitch and catch the view of Secretary of the party bureau association Kirsty Avgustovna Arro.

- Why, we have team of mostly female, therefore, should affect all the beauty ...

Kirsty Avgustovna know that I will write about the seamstress-machine operator Elvey Iohannesovne Koolmeyster knows, but apparently in no hurry to acquaint me with the heroine of a future essay.

On the ground floor of the building we are in the medical center. Sterile white room. Here, if necessary, to hold the first diagnostic tests, preventive measures to take, an experienced nurse will Sirje Oyason emergency care. A few steps down the hall, and we in our cozy cafe. The aroma of fresh bread, cakes, sweet coffee on the counter, milk, sandwiches and sweets. The local cafe visitors are not guests and the hosts, sipping a tasty beverage, they are now and then glancing at the clock, coffee invigorates, but hurry time.

In the same building is a dining room, where for ten or fifteen minutes you can get a three-course meal, buy semi-finished products and other foods to after work, on the way home, did not have to run too far to the shops.

- Beauty has an effect at all, 'said Kirsty Arro, and she really manifests itself at every turn.

The first workshop. Women in colorful dressing gown sitting at the sparkling clean cars, and in their hands, splashing waves of various tissues. They are in the rolls, cut in the finished product. The shop is engaged in sewing dresses for women, and masters should satisfy the most discriminating tastes of today's fashionistas. Must, but do not always have everything you need: it is often not satisfied with the combination of materials, their texture is not in the range of well-chosen accessories. But more about that later, but now even on the floor above.

In the corridor, not a soul, from the wall with posters, look elegant mannequins in trendy coats. The shop sewing outerwear runs my character. What is it, this Koolmeyster Elvey, which they call our Elvi?

And here, on the fourth floor, bright and festive. As in the marching column, having understood the ranks, there are sewing machines. Peered into the faces of those sitting behind them, workers, trying to find Koolmeyster Elvey, learn it, and, most importantly, to clarify for myself - that helped her become the heroine of this enterprise, the area of the country. Hero of Socialist Labor?

- Meet here and our Elvi! Interrupts my thoughts, Kirsty Arro.

A few more stitches, the machine is silent and rather tall, fair-haired young woman rises from her seat. I find myself in a quandary. How can I tell you about Elvi?

In describing the characters are already formed a pattern: they are, of course, beautiful, slim, attractive ... What do I do if this is the case with the Elvi! It has an open face, with a shy smile. I catch myself thinking that seems to be familiar with it for a long time, but you know that it is not. But where and when she received the charge of generosity, which gave her the right to call our Elvi?

Elvey was born in the village Koolmeyster Annamyysa Haapsalu region, the son of a famous tailor. Well-known ... all small, nestling in the forest, the village! Elvey's father sewed men's coats and suits, and at the same time trimmed and his two daughters. Did Elvey become a seamstress? God forbid! Only a school teacher, now dreamed about.

Once gathered the whole family to visit. My parents were in the field, and wanted to please the new clothes Elvey little sister. And she decided:

quickly spread a table in the striped Sitchikov, accompanied by an old dress and let's sister cut.

- I thought that I do everything just like his father, but actually I'm just shamelessly shredded material. Then with his grief in half somehow swept away, and "drove the texture on the figure" four sisters.

- And how much was the most dressmaker?

- I was older than her for seven years ... My father looked at the fruits of my creative efforts, grinned and said: "A child can be!". I still remember not only what his father said, and as he said, with the approval of the measure, which is akin to fatherly farewell!-Elvey says.

At seventeen years old came to the Elvey garment factory. Then it was a small factory and shop in it was as much scattered in twenty-four places in the city premises.

The new building was built, we can say a public way. Communists and Komsomol members took the lead on Saturdays and Sundays, the people remained and overtime. Women are all found on the shoulder and excavation, and site clearance of debris. Not from what did not refuse to work, even from the most labor-intensive.

Until now, the factory recall with pride that during the transition from old to new premises have not lost a single hour. On Friday, another worked on the old ground, and on Monday, in a new building! It was cold, running water has not acted, the hot water and did not think, and there was no place to eat, but the enthusiasm was general, the present work the excitement!

- No one lose heart, not groaning, but the song, the song was!, Remembers Agathe Yulovna Kurvits, veteran-predpriyatiya. We overcame the difficulty is not just, and stormed together!

His words Agathe Yulovna reinforces a strong gesture. In this woman all on a large scale: the major features of the face and figure, and manners. It is difficult to sit still for a long time, it is difficult to talk about only one person. She sees in the whole team and call dozens of names, because the factory work is not just workers, and personality, says Agatha Yulovna. - In 1944 we had a '100 people, and now in the union in 1770, however, only 8% of men is a mechanical, electrical, transport workers, laborers.

Agatha Yulovna Kurvits was party organizer, the last eight years, led by trade union business. It is easy to see that the word she heard.

Our conversation was interrupted by a phone call. Agatha Yulovna answered in Estonian, but her words sounded abruptly, angrily.

Elvi probably noticed that I was surprised the change occurring in the mood to study the hostess, and said quickly:

- It is only in appearance, it can sometimes seem rough, and, embarrassed, she added, is a man of immense kindness and inexhaustible energy, fair, sensitive and wise mentor. No accident that Agatha Kurvits we call "mama."

A "mother" and hung up without sacrificing tone, continued to attack now on the "me:

- We still have a lot of organizational turmoil of domestic nature. We are far from the city center. Buses, especially in winter, are long overdue. People are cold, late for work, nervous. Women generally goes: almost every family, and men do not always take care of the house and raising children. 06 It should say in all honesty, this is the reason staff turnover.

Noticing that my pencil slid across the paper. Agatha Yulovna rather than insisting strongly requests that:

- Will you write, please tell us and our Director.

I do it with great alacrity.

Koolmeyster Elvey Iohannesovna Luule Ilmarovna Alliku more than twenty years experience in the enterprise. She came here after high school. There are many people, especially among veterans, who remember it still a student. Correspondence went to light industry, and then graduated from Polytechnic Institute. Was the chief designer in the development shop, and the chief engineer of the association. Luule Alliku to know the subtleties of production, its bottlenecks, it can always be seen in the shops. If something goes wrong or for any reason the product "is not" the last word is always for the director. But she never allows himself to impose on others their opinion, everything is decided collectively.

In the director's office five purple banners. The company was awarded the second year of the challenge Red Banner of the CPSU Central Committee, USSR Council of Ministers, Trade Unions and the Komsomol Central Committee as the winner of the All-Union socialist competition. 13 consecutive quarters, it keeps the challenge Red Banner of the All-Union socialist competition between the enterprises of light and textile industries.

- Every one of those who work here, they have a lot govoryat.-Luule Alliku comes to banners, and with some unusual tenderness touches to the warm velvet. - Plan sales in 1976 reached 25 523 thousand rubles. But is it only in the numbers of the plan - the Director continues thoughtfully. - As it turned out, every Estonian is not less than five or six products of our company, and fashion is fleeting. We need new, modern materials and colors, then things in the capable hands acquire marketable and in high demand. We are able to work, almost 34% released in the third quarter of 1976 products have received the state seal, and, in fact, go to the world standards. But we are inundated with a gray, unattractive fabric. Raw material base does not correspond to the span of the productive forces and our experience. There are other serious problems: workshop equipment needs repairs, machines have a number of design defects, lack of spare parts. Of course, we try to overcome these and many other problems on their own, but so that we can work more evenly and with increasing pace, need help, and the Ministry of Light Industry. Indeed, a 1980 plan to implement our products will be expressed by a rather impressive amount of 28.93 million rubles, compared with the current level will rise by 17.4%. Already in the first year of the tenth five-year period, we gave the country's products to the 25 403 thousand rubles. By October 1 this year, 487 advanced workers completed the annual task. Elvey Koolmeyster completed the annual plan and on October 1.

- Excuse me for interrupting you, but I must say that the machine operator, seamstress, Elvira gave Maximov a plan on August 6,-Elvi. intervened, she became a pioneer of the new movement: "In the tenth five-year plan to perform the job of two five-year plans." Our Maximova keeps his word! And the other masters followed suit. Cutter Sammelselg Hillar, komplektovschitsa Ina Koppel, a seamstress, machine operator Liiva Sepp, and many others. Pace-makers of the competition became integral parts of sewing.

- Elvey right, but I would like to note here that: our company is truly an international, should be considered in our work by representatives of 16 nationalities. We live as one big family! But in a good family, as a rule, grow a decent children. For example, such as our Elvi!

Speaking of children. On that day in the office of Agatha Kurvits I happened to be a witness to a meeting. Chairman of the Trade Union invited a top five "good fellows" of the orphanage patronized. Kirsty came and Arro, and Elvey Koolmeyster, and secretary of the Komsomol organization Lyudmila Bogdanova. In one corner was served sweet table, but not immediately drawn to him children's hands. The room sounded the questions and answers, but the crust of ice did not melt all the alienation of:

Young guests stayed wary, responded tersely. It seemed that the good intentions of housewives really have not touched the hearts of these young men. But as abruptly jumped up boys eyebrows when someone said.

- Guys, sitting next to you, Hero of Socialist Labor Koolmeyster Elvey. Look at her!

The last words were already to anything. Five pairs of sharp rays, seemed to be thoroughly permeated Elvey. I. .. the conversation took a new turn. The children realized that they were invited here not for the regular lectures. There was a sudden warming. Busied at the table Elvey and Luda Bogdanov, and the boys, forgetting his feigned indifference, spoke about school and ... unconsciously absorbed the sweetness.

I think that will not soon forget this day, Valery Priymak, Vova Rummy, Kirillov Peter, Paul and Yuri Filippov Olykaynen - students of the orphanage 2, Tallinn. How not to be forgotten, and the organizers of the meeting, eager to one thing: that every one of those guys with a difficult life had found his teacher, a true educator, found his way in life.

- And who was the mentor of Elvi?, I asked, when we said goodbye to the children.

- Mary Foreman Osokina. She gave our company 25 years of life, and saw in his pupil the desired successor. Now she's gone on a holiday.

- Maria Osokina spared me the time or mental energy. I was always jealous of her skill, and even more patience, 'said Elvi.-Sometimes a dozen times explains some operation, but never raise voices.

- A new team leader?

- Mallet Kutt?-Elvey slyly ulybnulas.-Did you try to talk to her.

- Be sure to talk to. Meet and talk!

- Try it!

Oh, how soon I realized the reason for mischievous challenge that I Elvey. Mallet Kutt carefully eluded me, shied away from the meeting.

- Tried?-Elvi. triumphantly asked, so I'll tell you what it was. Our Kutt-perfect partner and team leader, but very shy and modest, always tries to keep a low profile. A meeting with the foreman did take place, but good-natured Mallet "conversation" was not possible. Her "speech" was reduced to one: with such a team can remove mountains. All team members possess three or four operations, and Elvey for his backup machine can do everything. Can replace any seamstress. If due to illness, someone would come to work, the day the job will still be satisfied in full.

- Yes, now I'm working on a sewing machine back. I must confess that at times this fact to a large extent I ogorchaet.-Elvi can not hide volnenie.-You know, some people think that by putting a "backup", so I was like "brought to the reserve." Meanwhile, work on it much more difficult! There is a certain cycle, often have to change the thread because every time you do new things: that back, then side, then the sleeves are all that instructs the foreman. Such work is, frankly, to my liking. It requires absolute knowledge of garment production, helps to avoid automatic. I probably could not have long to do the same thing, it's not in my nature. But, on the other hand, my production figures on the backup machine is almost incalculable. It's like a doctor working at the "emergency": a lot of patients, diseases of different complexities and quite disparate, and quantitative indicators are calculated cumulatively. So sometimes the illusion of lightness, but it is no secret: much faster than the whole day to do the same operation than any other time. Much time is spent on it in order to prepare the car and adjust to the new product.

- Elvey law, the so-called "reserve" is always more trouble, but because of the fact she and the drummer of communist labor, and bears the title "Master of golden hands"! This hands power over just about anything that makes a seamstress, and heart-Elvey bezotkazno. C heat nods Kirsty Arro.-Yes, it's in her blood, Elvey will not leave the shop until it completes the task, do not bring the matter to an end. ... It so happened that we continued our conversation that day in a small cozy apartment Koolmeyster. After visiting here, I realized what I was still captivated by Elvey, its amazing modesty.

- Are you happy, Elvi? Pause markedly delayed.

- Yes, very happy! Around me are friends, real friends. You've seen what these people! It helped me not only to become a master of his craft, but also to withstand the most difficult for me to test ... Elvi slowly walked to the sideboard and was soon in her hands a white sheet of construction paper. Picture on it man. The young man, full of energy. But a black mourning border frames the portrait, and below read: "October 30, 1973 to '41, died of motor vehicles brigade, drummer of communist labor, the best driver, vehicle maintenance Koolmeyster Felix A. ..."

I'm still finishing the obituary when she heard Elvey:

- Our director is the same hill - lost a husband, a master of sports. And she survived.

I look at Elvey, remember Luule Alliku. It turns out, her eyes expressed concern not only in their lives sorrow. I think about two women who survived this loss, and managed to win his ineradicable pain. Yes, they both know their comrades fell, not only at work, not only in the clear hours of life ...

- Remember I talked about her dream of becoming a teacher, says Elvi.-Teacher, I did not, but, having married, was Koolmeyster name, which translated from Estonian means "teacher." That's how life is!-I like looking up from her sad memories, she suddenly added: Yes, I'm happy! And I do not regret, do not regret that I was a seamstress. Our profession is so necessary to people!

- Teachers did not, and fifteen students brought up, 'said Kirsty Arro.-Its property-share all he knows. And our people respond to her understanding, support and love.

- I felt it especially when I was awarded the high title of Hero of Socialist Labor.

- When and under what circumstances did you hear about this?

- It was all so unexpected. I was at home. Turned on the television and suddenly saw on the screen ... his portrait. And the announcer read the decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR. I listened, watched, and, honestly, could not believe my eyes either, nor ears. The next day, went to work and only then truly believe:

around the cheerful faces of my friends, hugs, kisses, flowers, and then held a rally. It was our shared joy, shared pride. And this is because my Gold Star Award, our entire team.

In the days of stay in Tallinn I had a chance to attend the National Conference of members of trade unions of textile and light industry in Estonia, which was a delegate to and Elvey Koolmeyster. Before the meeting, the lobby filled with five-year pace-makers, famous for his work, came the minister of light industry of the republic, sounded the welcome hushed conversations, someone acquainted with someone, as is usual at such meetings. All were preparing for a serious discussion about the affairs tenth Five-Year Plan.

Elvi went to Leyda A. Cyprien, Head of the Communist Party of Estonia, gently put her arms around his shoulders, preparing to take her into the hall. And then I asked:

- Elvey, and why you are no stars? Visibly embarrassed, Elvey straightened lapel strict dark suit and flashed out his golden five-pointed flame.

- Why hide your happiness?

- Here comes Zinaida Agafonov, if and when it will be the Star, and I did too ...

Soon, the Presidium of the table I saw the two women as well. Next to them, how would contrast with the fair-faced Elvey, sat Darkie with expressive dark eyes. It was Zinaida Agafonov-known throughout the country weaver. Hero of Socialist Labor. And on the chest could be seen in both gold star ...

Reigned in the hall elated, festive mood. It was felt that people came here to share the good results of their efforts to comply with its obligations. The report of the Chairman of the Republican Committee of trade unions of workers of textile and light industry Lehti Dressel has repeatedly mentioned the successes and sewing association name Clementi, called names Koolmeyster Elvi and her friends, going to the forefront of the best workers, which made boundaries, no limit, but only the pass, followed by followed by a climb to new heights.

This is eloquently spoke from the rostrum of the conference seamstress, machine operator, Elvira Maximova, undertook to give to the Tenth Five-Year Plan two. It is much worried about her young, handsome face was covered with paint embarrassment, but she quickly recovered herself and reported back to delegates:

- The team of our association socialist obligations covered by more than 1,400 workers, representing 85% of their total number. Especially popular is the individual competition. We are proud to call the names of many leading workers. This is the best seamstress: Maya Palms, Imbi Cruz, Bobby Luba, Galina Vanyukov, overseers, and Elvey Heinsoo Vaike Kyundre, master-Leili Fimberg Endla and Tomberg, mechanics, and Ernst Sirel Arved Liyk. On behalf of garment production association named after V. Clementi support the initiative of the Muscovites' five-year quality-assurance work! ".

... The first interview Koolmeyster Elvey, when she was named a Hero of Labor, took a reporter Tallinn radio ... in a barbershop. He asked, "What did you do to become a hero?" Elvey said: "Worked!"

On its industrial progress evidenced by the numerous letters and decorations drummer communist labor. Keeps the Lenin Jubilee Medal Elvey, it is next to the Golden Star.

For labor achievements and active in trade unions, June 13, 1974 the Presidium of the All Elvey Koolmeyster awarded Certificate of Merit.

The Ministry of Light Industry and the Central Workers' Union of light and textile industry said the honorary diploma for early implementation of the Ninth Five as the winner of the All-Union socialist competition among the workers of the industry's leading professionals.

.... They say that the true motivation of human life is tomorrow's joy. So let tomorrow's joy is accompanied by Hero of Socialist Labor Koolmeyster Elvey, which is justly styled our Elvey.

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