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Klimov Mikhail Trofimovich

The assistant master, mentor youth Orsha Linen Mill, Hero of Socialist Labor

Klimov Mikhail Trofimovich Passed the time when the shrinking of the cod bits, but with undisguised pleasure, we wore a shirt made of nylon. Then these features synthetic amused us. But today, more wasted words of praise to natural materials, especially fabrics of flax. The names came up to him gently: "The Northern Silk," "silk braid," "Northern Lights". For hygienic qualities to compete with almost any material can match. The man, dressed in a linen cloth, heat transfers easier, less tired, longer remains serviceable. It is no accident astronauts traveling into the flight, prefer flax linen.

In our country in the world production falls by about three-quarters of flax, and Belarus has long been considered an important area lnoseyuschim USSR. "The silk braid Belarus" on a par with the famous trucks bring, BelAZ, tractors "Belarus" is working the glory of the republic. More than a quarter million acres occupied by the linen in the BSSR. But the bulk of the collected from the fields of flax processing goes to Orsha Linen Mill Order of Lenin. It works, and Mikhail Klimov Trofimovich, the hero of our sketch.

Orsha city on the Dnieper - textile capital of Belarus. Orsha Linen Mill products are all trade base of the country, she goes and in 16 foreign countries, 800 locations.

In the summer here at Tekstilschikov Avenue, which leads to a spacious enclosures combine, in the smell of poplar trees and flowers intertwined with a subtle flavor of flax. Orsha Linen Mill, the country's largest company specializing in the production of only high quality fabrics from flax. Here you will certainly tell you about the latest technological equipment, hloritnoy bleaching linen rovings, air conditioning, a constant temperature all year round, the effective deposition of flax dust. The Mill created the most comfortable conditions in the country for companies of this industry. Of course, they were created more than one year. This will tell you of any veteran, and above all he Klimov. Here and say that his biography is a biography of the plant.

In the victorious 1945 he first crossed the threshold of the entrance, determined to become a "workman man". Since childhood I dreamed about the profession of a locksmith Klimov. But it took many days before, "sniffed" plumbing trade. Actually, even if the plant, as such, was not. Were broken body. In the smoke-blackened walls and gaping holes of gunpowder. The invaders, retreating under the blows of the Soviet Army and the guerrillas have left on a stone mill. Therefore, the first instruments were Klimova shovel, pick, ax. Built, unloading wagons, placed new equipment, they gathered it.

Klimov, telling those who remember him at the combine with the first post-war days, has consistently been among the distinguished special enthusiasm. He did not complain of fatigue, but on the contrary, he tried to take on their young shoulders carry heavier. Early accustomed to work, Klimov saw in her great interest and took care of all the plant close to the heart. When once the committee of Komsomol were talking about the difficulties in the hackle production, a young mechanic, repairman, who dreamed of becoming a mechanic was already earning a decent and well mastered profession, said he is willing to retrain, and can learn new technology. Almost every day, remained after the change, and learned the secrets of one or another mechanism, the block unit. Elicits from the masters how to act, if the machine zakapriznichala, where the weakest parts or components, methods of early replacement and repair

Five years later, when the Orsha Linen Mill was completely restored and surpassed the prewar level of production of tissue, about a young Komsomolets Klimov Misha talked about as a "golden master hand."

But the country needed more fabric and more. A decision to build the next stage of Orsha Linen Mill, "the second production," as they call it now.

Was in full swing installation of new equipment. And as it happens in a hurry, were found various errors, inconsistencies. Michael was invited to participate in the assembly and installation of new machines. Again he pondered a long time, "Well, if you need ..."

He became the adjuster, then the leader of the team - assistant master. It is known that the position of assistant foreman - not an easy task. And for the smooth operation of machinery necessary to watch, and it set so that the performance of labor, with the performance standards of all was in order, and product quality no complaints had not.

At pommastere and responsibility for educational work in a team. In this position, in all its breadth manifested exceptional ability of the former village boy. Orshansky has emerged as one of the largest textile factories of the Soviet Union. In accordance with the Directives of the XXIV Congress of the Communist Party here in the shortest time was built the third stage. And although it was designed to produce "only" three million meters of fabrics per year (out of 80 million, issued to all plant), the appointment of the third stage was special.

Prior to that, the company specialized in the production of technical fabrics, which goes to the packaging and production needs. Elaborated fabric for bed sheets, bedspreads, tablecloths, curtains. All these were dense tissue. A third line was intended for the production of tissue-type lawn. Baptiste was made usually of cotton, but that's cambric linen, our customers have ever seen. And this, as expressed by experts, extra-tissue. Orsha Batista to become a novelty.

Construction of the third stage was carried out without stopping the plant. Putting it was achieved ahead of schedule builders, and by the end of the third stage of the Ninth Five worked in full force and effect. All six of its shops housed under one roof. They found the newest technological equipment. It is above all 13,500 spindles and 144 shuttleless weaving machines. On them are worth special mention. Weaving is one of the noisiest. Save him from the noise, as history shows, even the great dream of Leonardo da Vinci, trying to create such a machine. Shuttleless machines is almost close to the ideal noiseless machines. They provide high quality fabric, and each performance has replaced about three looms. Modern machines with automatic handler and was equipped with lnochesalnoe production, where he works, Mikhail Klimov Trofimovich.

... Quietly humming machine. Incessantly move the conveyor, a feed containers with rolls of flax tow, the cassette lavsan or staple, it is already empty and filled with "pots". Each roll, weighing 14 pounds, 85 meters ochesovoy tape. And the "pots" is a high-capacity meter barrels of thick cardboard. They substituted a carding machine, which gradually fill them. Flax fiber, after passing through these units, get rid of dust, fires, and various impurities unusable and turns into a golden ribbon flat well-defined thickness. She waits a long way to further technological improvements. There are new cleaning shop in a nearby strip will turn a thread wound around the bobbin, it will be roving. Then the bleaching occurs. And even after that comes the turn of the spinning machines. It was they be manufactured yarn size. But that final products completely meet the highest standards, it is essential, as will work "prigotoviteli." A preparatory workshop, where the working set, led by Mikhail Klimov Trofimovich-this is the beginning of the path of the future "delicate" tissue, which began to produce complex with the introduction of the third stage.

In the early days developed in the country of socialist competition for early fulfillment of the plan of the Ninth Five Brigade Mikhail Klimov made a wide effort, "Five-four" (five-day plan for the four-day, five-year plan, for four years). Many people were saying that this is hardly able to carry on a new, not yet mastered technique. Mikhail Klimov and his team made many forget calm rotations with flax belt. Due to the introduction of advanced methods of labor, a more rational use vnutribrigadnyh downtime, increased skill textile workers not only his team but the entire production of the service area of carding machines has increased, and the complete Klimov began to exceed industry by 23.5 percent. Forty-eight times during the Ninth Five out klimovtsy winners in socialist competition. During this time they gave in addition to the planned 360 tons of high-quality tape.

And the "Five-Year Plan the brigade Klimov," became widely known. It is now on "Klimovsky" rules work most of the teams at the combine. The initiative was endorsed by the Klimov team in the Bureau of Orsha city party committee and distributed to other related enterprises of the sector. Klimov was the initiator of the movement for the transition to higher coverage: in the light industry is an important pool of labor productivity growth.

In order to be effective team work, each worker must master all operations on linen line. For example, the operator of carding machines could easily be replaced smeshivalytsitsu fiber, or lentochnitsu ...

Klimov Mikhail Trofimovich Klimov and first proved by example that the mastery of related professions and economic necessity, that it can improve the performance of each. Ten days worked Mikhail Trofimovitch performing the duties of the three team members, and those whom he replaced, were timing of his working day. He showed them how time can provide equipment discord and replace if necessary detail to make adjustment of nodes. However, he still managed as a leader (as shown by timing), 10 percent of working time to give control over the observance of the technological process, the quality of raw materials, intermediate products, and generated a set of products. And as always, one hour per shift singled to assist young, teaching them best practices in labor. That's it, and urged all members of the team that invite someone from a place such as a missing team of workers is inappropriate.

"That's right, we will do on their own, decided to-brigada.-Will, of course, pull their socks up, but then, that our, our." In preparation for such a turn in the organization of labor brigades, Klimov reasoned: "At first, perhaps, not all of it will be easy, but gradually the need to grow in understanding, in the habit of caring about the common result, material and moral incentives as a swap."

And so it happened. Personal interest was filled with new content, has a different direction. The concept of "my team" for the people has acquired flesh and blood. Mikhail Klimov Trofimovich for ninth five-year plan to introduce in its section 29 rationalization proposals. They gave the plant to 8500 rubles saving. For example, using simple four constraints, he has managed to achieve stable operation of the conveyor belt. Developed a device for covering the lower parts of carding machines to significantly reduce waste and achieve savings of raw materials ...

All team members have become active listeners School of Economic Studies. Later studies in such schools prepared team members to attend classes at the University of kombinatovskom technical and economic knowledge, share their experience with local innovators and inventors, university professors lecture, practice.

Michael was not able to get Trofimovitch higher education - interrupted by the war. But he passed through all stages of the working skills of the student-to teacher. Now Klimov, a member of the Council kombinatovskogo mentors. He once said: "Our society needs people who can associate with native enterprise for many years of his life. That's why taking care of the younger generation should be of paramount importance. If the hearth fire was extinguished, the fire can ask a neighbor if the frost killed the garden, you can put a new one. But if the broken link of times and the younger generation will lose its good traditions of the elders, they do not recover a one-time action. That's why I, as a Communist, I think: we each have to take as much responsibility for the lives of young people who are going to be replaced. "

Over the years, the plant Klimov trained professional assistant foreman 27 young workers. Each of the boys, he gave not only professional knowledge but also enthusiasm infected his profession. Every time you make a new ward, Klimov for yourself is a curriculum training a young worker, which provides everything that needs to connect young people with urgent needs and the specifics of the working life of the collective.

Often time Klimov does not begin at the plant, and in the classrooms of urban vocational schools, which train personnel for the company. You will always find him in the office of political education: it is all the years of an agitator. As a member of the joint party committee is a great advocate for young people. But before you change it you can find a technical library shelves combine. He is interested in special literature. Comes in advance looks at new products arrived: "And it is perhaps useful to me."

The plant has long become accustomed to the character of Michael Trofimovich, sparing of words, gesture.

In most of the team Klimova administrative management functions into the hands of the team. And that led to the fact that for fifteen years, all nine members of her working side by side and learned to understand one another, as they say, at a glance. Proud of the team in which you work, too, the material force of its kind, it has a direct impact on the economy, productivity. When there is no turnover, no place for rush, and there is no marriage, no state of emergency, industrial and domestic, and there is coherence, there is a quantity, the quality is there earnings, there is a high satisfaction with work, friends, life.

... The country was preparing for the historic event of the Communists. The plant movement for above-plan production of millions of meters of fabric. We had to get them only through the saving of raw materials and high labor productivity.

- We will fight for the right to be called the collective name of XXV Congress of the CPSU, said the team of Michael Trofimovich.

They have planned ahead and got the height of this honorary title. 50 tons of high-quality tapes have developed over the plan klimovtsy.

For the achievement of outstanding labor achievements and early fulfillment of socialist obligations, the big creative contribution to the increase in the production of consumer goods and improve their quality of Klimov, Mikhail Trofimovitch awarded the title Hero of Socialist Labor and the Order of Lenin and the gold medal "Hammer and Sickle."

In the tenth five-year plans to provide increased production of flax with high technological qualities.

The plant decided to create a kind of agricultural associations: taken from farmers 500 hectares of land under the county to handle it with their hands, decided to lay the "high quality" tissue in the field. The initiative of the workers came to mind, and flax, and lnozagotovitelyam. Employment contracts were concluded with the sponsored collective farms and flax plants. The system of "field-mill" began to gain momentum. And the team Klimova first assessed the essence of this innovation. All its members are actively involved in field work. This helps them to understand better the nature of production of raw materials, and thus improve the quality of directly to each workplace.

- Yes, and not otherwise, - says Mikhail Trofimovich.-In the first year of tenth five-year factory team made a commitment to achieve the highest productivity in the linen industry and the lowest production costs, to develop additional products to 5 million rubles. But how to achieve this without having to search deep reserves in each area of linseed pipeline ...

This is the man. One of the great army of front-rank production at the plant. A lot of them here. But his most distinguished active intervention in indigenous production issues, because he considers himself personally responsible for everything. Trofimovich follow the example of Michael and many more will follow. Relay For innovation, the glorious traditions of labor has no end. She has only continued.

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