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Danzyrin Caldari-ool Hetekovich

Integrated Brigade Brigadier trust "Tuvinstroy" Hero of Socialist Labor

Danzyrin Caldari-ool Hetekovich A young teacher was worried. Prior to the meeting were only a few minutes, and Danzyryna did not come. "Maybe what happened - she thought, glancing at his hushed fifth graders, which is felt in their mind already contemplated for obede. But then, would be warned."

Finally the door opened, and the class went very tall, thin man with a gold star on his chest.

- Little children, with the excitement in his voice said teacher, today our guest is honored builder of the Tuva ASSR, Hero of Socialist Labor Caldari-ool Hertekovich Danzyryn. You certainly heard about it ...

- Have you heard! Have you heard! Class responded in unison, and the room was quiet, behind which could be guessed looking forward to something interesting and exciting.

And it is curious visitor concerned. "As the expectations of the children?, He mused in a speech to the rest What sekundy.-engage them?" In memory surfaced legend, heard it many years ago. And he began his story.

Once upon a time ... long ago, lived in these places a strong and kind people. They lived in harmony and peace, and raised cattle grazed. But once darkened the sky, the sun shut down the heavy clouds of dust raised by the set of legs and hooves, is a fierce warrior came from the south. From noon to dusk and dusk till noon, and as many more were flying arrows, spears were broken, blood was flowing. The third time, sadly slipped behind the mountains the sun, when the latter fell a good warrior tribe. And then the evil Khan ordered to chase the highest mountain in the elderly, widows and children and burn them there for a huge bonfire. Charred earth of sorrow, and that the mountain was named Kara-Dash, which means that the Black Stone. But fireproof heart was good people, it turned into a memorial stone in a white stone, asbestos ...

The legend lives-century. Tuvan people pass it on from generation to generation. But there is another, a new legend, happy, bright, happy! It is created at the foot of the Kara-Dasha. This is our Ak-Dovurak, the youngest city in the country. A little more than a decade him as much as each of you. And what you see now - is just the beginning, and I also put part of his work here. In front of a lot of cases, especially for builders. Far-fetched after school to us, you are welcome. Our honorable profession, one might say, the most desired ...

Now, Danzyryn felt it, and you can proceed to the story of his team, about what she was doing. Who knows, maybe one of them sitting in front of boys and girls really become a builder. After all, they are now at an age when there is a desire for some kind of craft.

- In recent years, 'he later shared with me your thoughts - write a lot about career counseling. But there are older is not always correct. In rural areas, often comes down to talks with the heads of households graduates. They come for the evening will be called boys and girls to stay on the farm or the farm and see how its mission completed. And then wonder that the volunteers was too small.

Conversely, where the boys are attracted to the interesting work is in primary school, I mean that they participate in student teams - there is brewing a love for the land. That involvement in the experiments on the cultivation of wheat, or, say, vegetables awakens and develops a passion for the profession farmer boys.

Danzyryn rights. When a person sees the fruits of his labor, feels that his knowledge of transforming the earth, it looks different to the surrounding reality. This does not need to beg, this will remain in his native village itself.

Caldari-ool Hertekovich complained that his childhood was not as bright as that of the current kids. It coincided with the Great Patriotic War. Like most of his peers, had to grow up early. At fifteen, has a carpenter. Put the shed on the shepherd encampments, built houses for the farmers. This is useful for people, the joy of new home, thanks to the villagers and the predetermined his fate, helped choose the path with which he had not swerved.

However, we must pay tribute to another school, the army. Officers, sergeants were able not only to consolidate but also to develop in him that was laid earlier. Conversations about the specialty field engineer, builder of the military-worker, a brave soldier Assistant strengthened in the rural boy confidence in choosing a profession. And, of course, reading books about the great battle against fascism, he has been delighted at how quickly engineers embroidered with "bottlenecks". After choosing a temporary crossing of the river, they gave the troops an opportunity to renew the attack was choking on enemy positions.

Early in the knower of physical labor, stood Danzyryn stamina, even self-sacrifice. If the situation demanded, he first entered the icy water, could work for several hours under the scorching rays of the sun. The more insistent, he grasped the fact that every soldier should know, the clearer it manifested in the ability of craftsmen, which is always something improves, the organizer of production.

Many, many gave Danzyrynu service in the army. And in a professional sense, and that we call the expansion outlook. The letters from his native village of Shui Bai-Taiga in the area, told his friends that in the west of Tuva asbestos begins construction of the plant and some of his friends went there.

So demobilized soldier was in the Ak-Dovurak, rather, in the area where a few years the city will rise. Standing near the village immediately subdued guy its pristine beauty. Were warm sunny days of Indian summer. In the surrounding hills blazing autumn raznotsvete oak forests, at the bottom, writhing like a snake, carried its turbulent waters in the Yenisei tireless Khemchik. Left and right of him, as the eye could see, stretched the orange thickets of sea buckthorn berries are wonderful. In the distance, like a giant diamond gleaming dome of dazzling the highest in the Tuva ASSR Silver Mountain, rising above the sea level by nearly four thousand meters.

- Very well, from time to time, repeating the Caldari-ool.-Oh, how nice! Yes, but what to do? In his questions answered on the construction of passers-by smile. It looked like a man not of this world.

- Maybe something geologists know, has suggested a wizened old man, 'go down there.

So he came to the foot of Mount Kara-Dash, the "dig-city", as then called Tuva close dugouts, in which lived and worked in Prospector.

- Do not worry, soldier, told him in the exploration partii.-Up Works, right, far away. But if you want to bring the top of the building, do unto us. Carpenters are needed desperately ...

Then he realized that these words are spoken, bearded man was not joking. It all depended on how quickly finish the expedition further exploration asbestos deposits. There was no choice, Danzyryn remained. Seven years in the party. Carpenter, tunneller generally had to do everything you need. Until then, have not yet learned that it was now near, now completely clear: asbestos in the Kara-Dash mount, confirmed the geologists, nearly eight million tons. Even large enterprise will last for several decades.

Soon, the White-earth as it sounds in Russian Ak-Dovurak youth teams began to arrive builders. Here and there, set up tent villages. Envoys Komsomol organizations of many territories and regions of the country had in the short term to build a first mining and processing plant for the production of "eternal golden hair", as translated from the Greek word "asbestos", without which you will not make any missiles or ordinary iron, without the hard firefighters and metallurgists have to, because their working clothes are made of asbestos cloth.

Danzyrin Caldari-ool Hetekovich For a while Danzyryn fastened by looking at the cheerful youth. But could not resist. No matter how hard it was to part with the exploration party, yet the sign-control "Tuvaasbeststroy", hanging on one of the houses, attracted more and more. And the Caldari-ool decided, went there. Since then, sixteen years old. Put into operation first, and most recently the second stage plant. When running at full capacity the company will become one of the largest in the industry, especially for the production of textile asbestos. Gradually smoothed out in the memory and the difficulties that befell the builders, and the joy of starting the first objects.

- I remember only a few episodes, trying to help the deputy chief of construction management, TS Sasin, and then, as I put it in close-up, or something. In the third gallery, crushing and sorting complex snag turned out. Then something went wrong at the 27th Corps around drying and separation. And what is necessary tomorrow Danzyryna ask. He then with his team of carpenters, concrete workers at the hot spots were. I mean, Brigadier-ool Hertekovicha Caldari - said Timothy S., in fact, we have a whole dynasty Danzyrynov: two of his brothers-and-ool Saryg Shagdyr wife Chemzekmaa Dembayovna, son of Alex.

Morning dawned ... cold. Frost-thirty. The trees, bushes, on the roofs of buildings a thick layer of frost. As if lace garlands hanging wire. Frankly, I could not believe that in this weather you can keep the brickwork. And not only in solution, which, as you know, with the addition of potash, and does not freeze at forty degrees. Metal-and he can not withstand low temperatures, bursts like a clay pot from the blow. And what about people? Try it, speaking in the open air replaced with a trowel in his hand! ..

But ... at eight o'clock the brigade, stretched along the wall of the future 60-apartment building, went to work. Crane squeaked, giving a solution to the level of the third floor. While Danzyryn bypasses the "ownership", said the job for a day each member of the crew, section chief, VI Muzychenko tells me about it, emphasizing the parts that are not always pay attention. At the site, no nonsense, no, as often happens, the clutter. Brick-in pyramids. Cling to tap and serve any height. However, in a pile of it lies in bulk.

- Recently arrived, did not have time to lay down in a pile, says Vladimir Ivanovich.-For the second week of fighting the Caldari-ool Hertekovich (he's a member of the national control) with the heads of the Kyzyl-Mazhalykskogo brickworks, seeking to bricks delivered on pallets, packages. Meanwhile Brigade had to spend an hour or two each day to its styling. Otherwise you will lose more time. Delyanochny method of organizing work-Muzychenko continues, 'is also introduced for the first time Danzyrynom senior. After all, as it was before? Today, a link is laying on one side of the house, tomorrow another. And now for each of them is in a staircase, or, say, the angle of the building, from top to bottom. Do not have to be adjusted in the morning, everything is known in advance, everything is familiar. And no lack of personal responsibility, it is easier to control quality.

Finally, came the foreman. In a cotton padded jacket, neck scarf wrapped, but the Caps tied up his ears at the top and gloves in hand. Throwing, as if incidentally, the phrase "For us it is not uncommon. In January and 50 can be used to "about us started talking about the cold, he nodded toward the box dissatisfied with the solution.

- Today, again, wanted to send the machine back. Thick, the stones come across. Now I will call to be better. Since straightened like a brick ...

The team's first administration moved a few months ago to cost accounting. Previously, no one paid attention to how much, what materials were imported to the site. As long as enough. Now all the strict accounting. On the brick brigade mentioned purpose.

- And the bricks are in the trays to carry, with confidence, told me in the construction department. - They do not know Danzyryna. These people do not stop halfway, so if that will take over, will finish.

Of course, he has not made a lot would not be supporting his proposals in the party committee of management, of which he was elected for the third time.

Reminded of this case. In the team was returning from the Army Alexei Makurasha. While the children were not, he lived with his wife from his father. Then the child was born, has become tightly. Seeing that the apartment did not work, it was tuned Makurash leave Ak-Dovurak. Danzyryn worried he was sorry to let hard-working man. Went to the Party committee, in the construction trade union, argued that one should not lose such an employee.

- We are the youth of both hands should be kept, - urged the Caldari-ool Hertekovich members of the Housing Commission, then, that the experience is not enough, he has yet to come, he will tell her.

Still got a young family-room apartment. And their predictions are not wrong. Now Alex Makurash one of the best masons, a member of postroykoma.

Everything discussed here, I learned from those who work side by side with Danzyrynom Sr. for many years. He himself uncommunicative. According to him, and of excellent professionals in the management of many brigadiers and is such that for any construction to take to the road the soul. Especially spoke warmly of X. K. Kuzhuget, which competes with the first year, the KO Salchak. However, his teacher said Stepan Makurasha. With this team leader, he took his first steps on the site.

- In the drawings, Stepan understood as an engineer, remembers the Caldari-ool-Hertekovich. Each thumbnail link "on the job gave out, often came, advised. He taught me how to determine how to interact with the concrete and formwork" overlook-break all your frames. Again have to start all over. "It was useful to me all this, especially in filling a bathtub. 300 cubic meters, and all in the monolith, a complex reinforcement in addition ...

Sympathized with the Caldari-ool Hertekovich Salchak your colleague.

- It is not easy now, it is necessary, the entire team updated. How long will it take until every three or four specialty will be mastered, learn to respect the honor of the brigade, fight for it.

So, on the other he says about himself, as a word. But his position is the same as in Salchak. Of the thirty-three members of the team half-novices. In September last year, walked with bowed head, a plan thwarted, rather than nineteen thousand gave less than sixteen. Another director would have to refer to objective reasons, and they were brand new, low-skilled, interruptions in the supply of materials, and indeed the masonry, construction of housing in general, the case for the foreman unusual encounters with him the first time. And he kept saying one thing: "Nothing, nothing. For a long time "limp" we will not. Most important thing now-learning. Brigade complex on self-supporting. Masonry, welding, assembly, all of us. "

In the evening left the trailer the most experienced, O.H. Dongak, SH Lundupa, who at the last competition of masons took the first place, cutting the rate of four times, and his brother Saryg-ool. He asked: "Make it a two-person, teach them everything you know how. And you know how much every three or four specialty ... Dealing with the supply to normal. Went today to the Secretary of the Party Committee Viktor Abramovich Bakulin, he promised to help. Once the contract said to you as self-supporting team-need to implement it. " And it went, and how has gone! Already in October, production had risen to 36,000, and then crossed the 50000th abroad. Despite the strong frosts in December and January figures have not decreased.

Laconic Caldari-ool Hertekovich. This is recognized by all. But when we passed the factory buildings, he suddenly started talking about the seemingly abstract.

- Have you heard the news? Our asbestos textile quality mark awarded ...

The word "our", he said, as if he produces a "mountain flax," also known as asbestos, for his grain, and silky. After a short silence, Danzyryn continued: We are glad, I suppose, at the plant. Great event. I could not believe at first that we could overcome such a problem. Still, to build this edifice away from their homes, from the industrial centers, no joke. Three hundred kilometers from Kyzyl to Abakan, where cars were taken concrete products, equipment-all five hundred. Yes, even through the Sayan Mountains. Sometimes the panels, slabs mounted directly to the wheels. On the mechanism was also not bold ...

I thought: "The most appropriate time to talk about the 27th mark." Reminded him about it.

- Sasin told? And, without waiting for an answer, Danzyryn continued: He, nobody else. From the beginning we had here, with the first stage. And on the twenty-seventh hardship as it should, therefore, preserved in memory. The crane did not reach her, eight feet is not enough. Hence, the remainder of a thick wall of concrete should be poured by hand. How to promptly supplied with a solution? Buckets? Month of transportation. The forests are narrow, do not disperse. And then there's the wind rose, a cap with the head is ready to break. Still a decent height, about forty feet. Guess half the increase of the forest, adding people, and, wheelbarrows, wheelbarrows. Over two shifts coped.

I noticed that he always says only this: "find", "managed" and never "I suggested," "I do", although it has every right to do. Only in recent years has filed four Danzyryn rationalization proposals with economic benefit to 15,700 rubles. The idea of using precast concrete formwork, it, too. In the second phase of construction of the plant due to its introduction was much more to accelerate the pace of work, save hundreds of cubic meters of sawn timber.

Here, on the White Earth, found Danzyryn happiness. It earned the respect of his comrades. He was the first of the builders of the autonomous republic was awarded the title Hero of Socialist Labor. He is a member of the Party Committee building management "Tuvaasbeststroy" City Council member. Well, when evening falls free moments at home, too, things are. Help his wife with the housework, look into the diaries of schoolchildren. In addition to the older, Alexis, who lives independently, with the Caldari-ool Hertekovicha four more. Anatoly, graduating ten classes, went to the plant electrician. Gennady walks in the ninth, sixth in the Tanya, Lena, in the fourth.

- Look how many of them with me, - the head of the family smiled and looked at his wife tenderly, Chemzekmaa Dembayovnu, 'Is it a handle?

I noticed that in this situation, and his wife sitting at home is not a sin.

- Offered. Do not want to, 'replied the Caldari-ool-Hertekovich. Says who your home "to the mind" will bring? Dressers, and so is not enough, and then the house-there is so much! Ak ... Dovurak built. Pulled up, heard in the shoulders. He is still good, this city, and in ten years will be more comfortable, more beautiful. Like the legend, he came here in the bare steppes, from the legend that his work lay people such as the noble construction of Tuva Caldari-ool Danzyryn as thousands of people who are involved in the great cause of creation.

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