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Shakyarov Kudrat Abasali oglu

Brigadier fitters Third Baku assembly management trust "Azneftehimmontazh" Hero of Socialist Labor

Shakyarov Kudrat Abasali oglu Recently, during a trip to Davachy region of Azerbaijan, visited me in geography class at a local school. The teacher brought the student to the blackboard and asked him to tell everything he knows about his area. The boy began to talk with the haste that accompanies knowledge: "Our area is the edge-hereditary animal breeders and farmers. We have wheat, fruits, vegetables, fat-tailed sheep. Azerbaijani geologists surveyed the area in a lot of minerals, a lot of mineral springs, one of which is akin to the famous "Naftusia" ... In our area, born and raised a Hero of Socialist Labor, fitter Kudrat Shakyarov. "

The literal translation from Azerbaijani word "shakyar" - "all sweetness." Shakyar. In the village with such an unusual name was born and raised Kudrat Shakyarov, from the name of the village got the name of his family. However, in many rural areas Shakyarovyh. This tradition is not unique to Azerbaijan.

- It's hard to say exactly, says Kudrat Abasali, 'Why was the village of that name. I remember as a child, in the autumn season, when the harvest is already in the bins where people are free from field work in the village play a lot of weddings. Shakyarchurek, shakyar-borax, baklava, sorbet, halva, all those sweets decorated banquet tables villagers. Their recipes came to our people from many neighboring villages. Maybe that's why the village was named Shakyar, and perhaps also because in its vicinity were many crystal springs, where water for its clarity and taste of sweet called ... Hence, in late 1944, eighteen Shakyarov joined the army, but did not get to the front: the war was drawing to a victorious end to the Baku oil fields did not have enough people.

Young soldiers have served and helped oil companies to drill new wells, repair old ones.

Three years later, Kudrat returned to his native village, lived a couple of weeks in the paternal house and began to assemble in the reverse way. Old Abasali indignant:

- Baku pulled the nose undone by our peasant labor? Shame on you! No one in our family from the land has not turned away!

- Leave him alone, 'admonished the mother - remember how the neighbor's daughter in Baku was leaving, he also shouted, stamping his feet, and when she learned, was a physician, came to stay with his father, showed a diploma, as told to slaughter a sheep, the whole village called the house and drank wine for the occasion ... His father reluctantly retreated. Baku-Shakyarovyh have no relatives or friends. Immediately on his arrival decided to go to Kudrat his former company commander, to consult about the housing. He listened to the guy and wrote on a piece of paper mail: - "Take, for sending good people ..."

So Kudrat met with the family Bondyakovyh. Athanasios A. cordially greeted the unexpected guest: - "So decided to work for our workers to join? Well, what do you know how? "

Shakyarov Bondyakovu spoke about his army life, about how he worked in the oil fields. Bondyakov listened and watched attentively to the guest, broad-shouldered, strong, words are not scattered, knows what she wants from life. In a word like Kudrat Bondyakovu.

- Look, guy, you try to work on my team. Do not like it, you say right, will not be offended, well, if I am mistaken in you, too, not Seek. To live as long as you will with me, and then to arrange a hostel ... So Shakyarov hit the team of installers.

End of the forties-early fifties was a time of new industrialization of Azerbaijan. Republic, for many years the former is essentially the only major oil regions of the country, begins to create its own petrochemical industry, energy and electrical engineering industry, instrument engineering, radio engineering. In the Caspian Sea, the world's first offshore oil fields there. Together with a team Bondyakova, and then himself, becoming a brigadier installers, Kudrat Shakyarov roams Baku and Sumgait on construction sites, all leaving their "autographs", new machines, production lines, petrochemical plant. In 1958, for the installation of a new complex technological equipment on one of the largest companies of Azerbaijan - oil refinery, now bears the name of the XXII Congress of the CPSU, Shakyarov was awarded the Order of Lenin.

You can not keep in memory all my life. The past is reconstructed from the milestones. Such milestones in life Kudrat Abasali were several. One of them, in 1964, the time of entry into the Communist Party.

Another year, 1975. Nearing completion of the ninth Five-Year Plan is nearing completion of the Baku plant of air conditioners. The timely launch of the company is largely dependent on the installers of their speed and skill.

It was a hot time. Builders' ve decided to postpone the implementation of their commitments for the week ahead of schedule. Among the first who put forward this proposal, was a Communist Kudrat Shakyarov. Short, thick-set, in tarpaulin overalls and helmet, slightly shifted to the forehead, the foreman walked along the lining in the number of automatic machines, from one job to another, again and again meticulously checking the quality of installation. Engineers urged that correct damage in the small crane.

During his thirty years in the trust "Azneftehimmontazh" There were many difficult days. And when the lift columns at the refinery or chemical plant Sumgait.

And the iron foundries "Elektrotsentrolita." But the most difficult, perhaps, were they here, before the start of the Baku plant of air conditioners. The stop was for the press. And the press arrived. Installers took their places.

- Beer! Little! Brigadier-ordered. And hushed the shop was buzzing strained two cranes. Taut lines and were reluctantly separated from the first floor part.

Each of those who were in the shop more than once occasion to observe the masterly work of riggers. When precisely calculated on exactly the time and marked the foundation of plots accurately fit multi-ton design, parts and components units. And, apparently, does not surprise experts. And they watched spellbound at the movements of the arms brigade, on how strictly obeying his precise, well-considered gesture, a clear rhythm was a team-work stage by stage. When assembled together the vast body of the machine firmly embarked on the foundation, there was applause in the shop ... And gravely shook hands Shakyarov their children: Ivan Borisov, Shukur Shikyarovu, Pavel Kogan, Lyakhov, Benik Tumanov ...

Baku factory of air conditioners, the largest enterprise of a similar structure in the country. His area of 40 hectares, the design capacity of 400,000 year-conditioners, 50,000 motors, 10,000 compressors. It is hard to imagine that all this was built, installed just two years. But it is true. The plant of air conditioners has become a true achievement in the labor People five-year period, and a letter of Leonid Brezhnev builders enterprise - high estimate of their selfless work.

As the record was born? What is the secret of unprecedented growth of labor? These matters were heard in the solemn days of the start of the plant from the pages of many newspapers. Different builders have responded to them. Kudrat Shakyarov, for example, said: "The main stimulus-socialist competition. Personally, in my team, it gave rise to the requisite spirit of camaraderie and mutual support, without which the impact the work would be impossible. "

- The work requires the installer from the man of courage, skill, discipline, understanding perfectly. After all, often have to mount the equipment, weighing hundreds of tons, and the awkward movement, the slightest disagreement can end in severe injury, the so-Shakyarov said. Thirty years of labor to thirty leaves. Different Shakyarov accompanied them. As recalled in the memory of faces Hermitage and Peterhof, Pushkin Museum and the Arkhangelsk, Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, and St. Andrew's Cathedral, Wawel Castle and Zelazowa Wola, Prague Castle and Charles Bridge, the home of Goethe and the Dresden Gallery. And here is another memory-Piskaryovskoye cemetery and Khatyn, Babi Yar and Auschwitz, Buchenwald and Majdanek ... Everything seen, all experienced in their own way.

In recent years, Shakyarov fond of caravanning. In his "Moskvich" with his wife and children traveled all the Baltic States, Ukraine, the Volga and North Caucasus. But more often Kudrat Abasali pulls in his native village, to otchemu home.

Shakyarov Kudrat Abasali oglu In boyish, early in the morning, he goes to the dew grass hill to the familiar spring. Together with the shepherds in the fire bakes potatoes, fries, and barbecue-scented washes down the mountain grasses foods cold water. Last May, he again spent Shakyare. However, there was this time that blessed rest, which he took on in his native village. From the head did not come out before the release of the last conversation with the chief of construction and installation of management and chief engineer. It was an automatic electric desalting plant at the refinery Novobakinskom Vladimir Ilyich. Terms of mounting behind the planned. Guide Shakyarova invited together to justify the objective reasons that hindered the construction site, and move the timing of its completion at the end of the year.

Shakyarov not agree with either argument. He was excited, argued that the installation can be taken in early October.

He managed to convince the leadership of the day, and he promised to leave the initial start-up schedule with no changes. "What if something did not happen again?" Pestering, an alarming thought.

That's why Shakyarova irresistibly drawn to Baku, and, waving his hand for the remaining vacation days, he returned to the city.

When we met and talked with Shakyarovym, electric desalting plant (CDU-AVT) on Novobakinskom refinery Vladimir Ilyich had already acted.

The history of a CDU first, however, less powerful machines of this type was designed by the Baku Institute "Azgiproneftehim." And today was the result of a collective effort, "Azgiproneftehima." All-Union Association "Neftekhim" and specialists of the plant Grimm in the GDR. In other words, the installation was part of the socialist integration, of which the rostrum XXV Congress of the CPSU Leonid Brezhnev said, "This program ... raises the cooperation of socialist countries at a much higher level than just trade. It means, for example, the joint development of natural resources for the common good, the joint construction of large industrial complexes, designed to meet the needs of all its members ... "During the start-up CDU-AVT one of the chiefs of installation, the head of a group of German experts Friedrich Cotte, noted :

- I have visited many countries, including capitalist, faced with many kinds of collaborative work. And never saw the atmosphere, which occurs between partners in the socialist countries. Take for example the current construction: full trust, comprehensive awareness of the business, labor enthusiasm-that make up the success of our joint work ...

Kudrat Shakyarov, hearing this, smiled and said: "It's nice not to lose face. A revision of the plans we did not know how it all came to ... "CDU-AVT-yet another milestone in the life of Shakyarova. Pleasant landmark, because the installation was, in fact, an excellent outcome of his team in 1976, the first year of the tenth Five-Year Plan.

Azerbaijan is entering a new period of development. In the coming years, the country will build 14 large enterprises of modern electrical engineering, instrumentation, electronics, radio industries, general industrial area which is approximately half a million square meters. On the map of Azerbaijan will be new cities, such as Siyezen, which will live nearly two hundred thousand people, and the population of cities like Sumgayit, Kirovabad, Stepanakert, Nakhichevan, will double. In other words, the most important problem will be solved-uniform dispersal of industries throughout the country, the industrial look of Azerbaijan will gain even more harmonious and diverse.

Shakyarova waiting for a lot of work ahead.

And he, of course, delighted. I am happy as a man who loves his land, happy as a production manager, who will be directly involved in this construction, and happy as a Communist Party's desire to perform some basic-all in the name of the person, all for the good of man ...

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