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Anatoly A. Baranowski

Brigadier enlarged integrated brigades of dockers-machine operators Illichivsk Sea Commercial Port, the Hero of Socialist Labor

Anatoly A. Baranowski Who is now the most famous man in the navy of the country?

Ask this question to any sailor, navigator, mechanic, a sea captain, and they'll tell you:

- Black Sea docker Anatoly Baranovsky.

How is it that a stevedore, especially the coastal people, almost eclipsed the glory of the brave sailors? The more he raised his profession?

... By the end of the shift, "Partisan sparks' appreciably settled into the water. While Baranowski handed watch the other team, Party secretary of Illichivsk Commercial Sea Port Anatoly Voynovsky told me that the idea of a new organization of work dockers.

In recent years, more than ever began to grow rapidly by sea. Just over a decade (1960 to 1970) the tonnage of the world fleet increased from 126.3 to 330 million tons. Especially rapidly developing the merchant marine of our country. But the bank significantly lagged behind. For this reason, began to increase losses in the harbor due to unproductive downtime of vessels. Sailors, of course, worried that the processing speed of vessels is increasing very slowly.

Many experts have seen that "dog is buried" in the Labour grass roots level of port workers. Small groups of nine to twelve people often suffered from unproductive downtime of machines, loss of time. Sometimes due to illness of machine, without which the dockers could not carry on with full capacity loading or unloading. And sometimes the situation required to strengthen the team, but this could not be done because the neighbors did not want to allocate to a different section of his people. In short, no room for operational maneuver on the dock and the vessel prevented the case.

And what if the bigger the team?

At the end of the eighth five-year plan as an experiment created more of these groups. Labour productivity in the mooring line immediately jumped up. It bounced back. After a while the novelty has ceased to produce desired results.

That's what happened. In the enlarged integrated team arrangements have appeared several "owners", and often tractors and trucks fell into the hands of unskilled people. Cars quickly become out of order, and, naturally, declined to develop.

Bitter experience has taught Illichivets, but they stole hunting to continue the search, as it happened after some of their hapless followers. Error prompted the right path. The first went to him, Anatoly Baranovsky. In early 1971, when the port pondered, what else can run it in the reserves, to raise productivity and to take more strenuous socialist obligations for the ninth five-year period, Baranowski and his comrades proposed a new organizational structure of the team: to increase the number of workers from twelve to thirty-six people, and consolidate the team all the necessary machinery, cranes, tractors, cars and electric.

The plan was divided into three brigade-level managers. Put forward in this condition, a port in the advanced training of port workers. Then the people on the dock and in the hold of the vessel could be rapidly replace one another, and, of course, properly handle mechanisms.

And another goal pursued dockers. Monotonicity of homogeneous operations, as noted, they reduce the labor rate. And if a person knows how to drive a tractor, crane and truck, and run it more interesting, and it is less tired. Another benefit - always at hand to be a qualified replacement. "Without these courses our musicians do not sit down," says dockers, to paraphrase the famous line of Krylov.

- Workers have come with a ready proposal, carefully thought out, and I would say ideal for berthing front, says the chief seaport Illichivsk Valentin Ivanovich Zolotarev. - Engineers and economists had only a few "podshlifovat" structure of the brigade. And we have not created the courses, and a training center. We built a large building, equipped it with modern teaching aids, mechanisms. Crane, for example, now work out their skills on an electronic machine.

In each case there is a certain stage in which the best results are achieved, and to go further back in the ascending line, we need new solutions, new forms of work organization, and sometimes other parts of the structure of the workers. For the 205th Brigade Dockers this step came in 1971.

Why take a risk when they decided to create a comprehensive, team of 36 people, that is to combine three simple working group? They walked on it, pre-calculating that in this format will be easier to maneuver people and machines. Moreover, they were absolutely sure that the new structure will be able to dock 36 to provide the amount of 48, that is, free port of the whole team. Confidence in this consolidated socialist obligations:

- "Joining in the competition for the title of top team productivity.

- Force of the collective (36 Dockers) to achieve such a shift in output loading of ships with the export and general cargo, which would be equal to the norm of the usual four integrated teams totaling 48 people. As a result, be released twelve Dockers and increase productivity compared to other teams to thirty percent.

- Eliminate the loss of work time for organizational reasons, maneuvering through a more rational labor and cargo handling equipment during the shift.

- Increase the proficiency of twelve dockers. All team members possess at least two related professions. For this seven workers be trained driver of new types of trucks, semi-Electric driver, tractor-six and two - crane gantry crane ... "

When I was acquainted with these commitments, I thought, "Yes, what do they porters?" The word used loader, for example, arose in the memory image of Gorky's tramps from the Volga or the guy who makes his living this hard work in a grocery store.

Yes, they work in the harbor, busy loading and unloading of large ocean-going vessels. But it's the same people a special mold. They possess great technique, love their job, the port and the sea. Feel free to go to the experiments, a sober talk, think, and set themselves the task, as the real organizers of production.

Sure, the idea itself Baranovsky was extremely rational. Time has proven that. Already in the 1974 consolidated complex brigades possible without increasing the number of dockers, recycle Illichivsk port at 600,000 tons more. So expensive and the cost of training paid off handsomely Dockers. By the way, my five-year period the team performed Baranovsky and a half years earlier. Labour productivity in the mooring line is now risen to thirty percent, it means that the working group has reduced by almost a third idle time of vessels in port for loading and unloading operations. Such is the effect of important initiatives. He is now measured by country of saved millions rubles.

Good idea quickly found followers. In addition, it has been further developed, deepening. In the Murmansk sea port, for example, the method of Baranowski connected with a contract builder of Moscow Nikolai Zlobin. And this has brought very significant benefits. The quest for high-end results, the responsibility for handling a ship made in the new energy initiative Illichivets.

... When the "Guerrilla spark" came out in the open sea with full holds engineering, Baranowski told me about his comrades, his business difficult. We went with Anatoly Andreyevich a wide berth Illichivsk port. Nearby stood the heavy side of ocean-going vessels. Behind them shone patches of sunlight Emerald Bay. The water is pure, no oil stains, so sailors and dockers cherish his native sea.

The sea port as a barometer. A particularly Illichivsk-it takes a leading position in the country. Only on one type of cargo and destination addresses of the dockers can judge the broad geography of our foreign trade, the growth of Soviet prestige on the world market.

Dazzles the eyes of the abundance and raznotsvetya flags of foreign ships moored to the docks of the Black Sea port.

Gradually become accustomed to the port that the second berth from the area where the team Baranovsky, the court went out to sea early. Especially those who work for Ilyichevsk-Varna, as well as between the Soviet and Bulgarian sailors dockers old friendship. However, competing for the processing speed of vessels. One day, when the ship "Angel Kinchev 'loaded for four days ahead of time, the captain said:

- What are you doing now, amazing!

- Dockers Illichivsk port understand-Baranowski said - that in such an important link, as sending foreign goods, there should be no failures and interruptions. In Port-of this kind of business card of the country, tried a lot. Reflections Baranowski testified that it was an outstanding organizer, true business leader, a man of acute mind and broad views of life. Already in the 60s, he thought about the outlined time-to-shore disparities in technological development is much slower than the sea. This was evident even in the new port. Not all berthing arrangements were good for fast processing of high-speed vessels heavyweights, many cars have appeared in the port of chance, as others were not. Irritated nabivshaya-old work on the method of "push-pull."

"From the porters to do highly skilled workers, machine operators, thought-on.-This allows, first, to fundamentally change people's attitude to the profession, from time immemorial established a reputation which is clearly not attractive, and secondly, the harbor will more educated youth. A youth is power. It stretches to the machines, quickly and easily their masters, because behind almost every young man or a ten-year service in the army and navy, where the technique taught to fast. "

- The team is now complete interchangeability-told-Baranovskiy. for each person assigned certain mechanisms, so the technology is always in order. A small preventive maintenance spend for yourself. I think everybody does not necessarily become universal, but to be able to manage two or three cars to every docker. Only under this condition, you can work high.

Anatoly A. Baranowski Anatoly Andreevich himself has impeccable technique and the port continues to learn. He is now a cadet of the correspondence department of the Odessa seaworthy school. He reads a lot. Well informed about technological innovations that have appeared in other harbors of the country.

In the consolidated complex brigades, he saw not only a highly efficient production units. 36 people were indeed capable, active in many ways the team. It felt pretty fast dockers themselves, when the party came in the Brigade Group. The Communists were the main core of it. And when I had always assumed the most complex work.

Particularly strong support for the first Baranovsky received from Andrew partgruporga Stepovoy, crane operators and Victor Stepanenko Nikolay Zabolotny, tractor driver Nikolai Pavlenko and dockers Purkacha Anatolia.

Helped solve the pressing issues of combat deputy Alexander Kuzmin, who also profgruporg. And their berths at the port so much always had in abundance. The leaders of the port, for example, was once asked to perform the work, which "did not give the plan" was more time-consuming and "unfavorable" for the team. But someone had to do it? People grumbled, but listen to the opinion of the communists, who have convinced everyone that there is room to catch up. Believe. Indeed, at the end of the year completed a plan and commitment. A team leader then filed an application for admission to the party.

... Anatoly A. Baranovsky wrote the book. He wants to tell her about his team than good Enlarged integrated team, to talk about the structure of the holds of ships, about the characteristics of trucks. He writes because he has his own views on the organization of the case, thought that he wanted to share with other ports dockers, designers of ships and cargo-handling equipment.

- In Baranovsky, I see the best features of our working class. Technically literate, socially active, feel free to break the old order on the dock. This is not a longshoreman, a skilled master of port, said of him, the Deputy Minister of the Navy of the USSR Anatoly V. Goldobenko.

Time dictates, any modern production, including loading and unloading operations must be organized with the latest advances in technology and management. It also places special demands on people. Special knowledge, high professional training, general human culture become mandatory conditions for a successful labor. All these qualities are inherent in the working team, led by the Communist Anatoly A. Baranowski.

Once acquainted with the method of Baranowski, with people of his team and the leadership of the port, almost everyone who spoke, asked at the end of a conversation the same question: "what do you personally trait value in Baranovsky?" Answers, of course, were different . But their meaning was roughly equivalent.

Most of the first mentioned diligence team leader, which is directed at achieving collective results. "Do not turn away when someone needs help." "On his shoulder you can safely rely."

And talking about modesty, Anatoly Andreevich. I noticed this quality in him and me. Statement does not like to talk, but his comrades, if time allowed, as they want. I remember with what respect was telling about the merits of Miliukov, Kuzmin, Stepanenko, and other dock workers, who constitute the backbone of the team. And sometimes openly acknowledged the superiority of one's working with one or another mechanism. And still bound by Baranowski noted. And this is also a major character trait without which lead to any team, especially a brigade of dockers, it is impossible. Dockers-talkers and straight people can not stand. Like me, of course, the firmness with which he defends the interests of his comrades, when one of them need help with a flat, unit of children in nurseries, to raise the qualification level. And quiet as advice team, which he gives in the busiest time of work on deck. That's probably the only way you can run and run, so as not to disrupt the rhythm of a cry, not to offend people. Work-it-is a dangerous deal with heavy loads. All times are close to the deep holds, in the fall at the slightest misstep that costs nothing. A team leader is also the chief defendant in compliance with safety regulations.

- Beer!

- Lane!

- Give the left!

Hand Baranovsky little stir, and, carrying her team, the blue sky just repeats its motion a huge bundle of rails, suspended by steel cables gantry crane.

Anatoly A. loves the sea. Even when it is loading the vessel, in the brief moments of rest, no, no but you take a look spacious expanse of his native port, emerald in the sun, the color of burnished steel, in a storm. For some, only the sea beach and the warm bliss of coastal waves, for him-highway vehicles, which he fitted out in a way.

For this Baranowski Brigadier work life. And then, when even on the beaches of people try to hide in the shadows, and when the rigging of the vessel frantic howling north wind. And loves to relax on a quiet river with densely overgrown banks, in which the pools lazy wiggle fin perch fed.

Love of the sea he is associated with the noisy, the largest Black Sea port. And now, talking about his team, he always returns to the docks, machinery, ships, cranes. Recalls how in 1958 shoaled Sukhoi Liman was connected to the shipping channel to the sea, as it deepened, gradually built a pier for others equip their machines.

- All that I have, one-Baranovsky said, 'I am indebted to our wonderful team. Then I got seven allied professions, united by one succinct word-docker, got married, got a good apartment. There has been accepted as a member of the party. All my personal life, all my deeds and thoughts, and my comrades in the brie-thousand invisible threads Gade associated with working people of our port, named after Lenin. Talent Baranovsky and his organizational skills to appreciate the dockers of the country. In the arctic Murmansk Nakhodka and distant, of the Volga boatman, and brotherly Bulgarian sailors are widely adopting the method at the Black Sea port workers. The method, which is clearly demonstrated not only the initiative of the worker, but also his ability to look ahead, think high categories of public rights.

... February 20, 1976 in the "Truth" was published by the Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR "On conferring the title of Hero of Socialist Labor foreman enlarged integrated brigades of dockers-machine operators Illichivsk Sea Commercial Port of Comrade. Baranovsky AA. "

The sea starts from the pier. It is in port Ilyichevsk navigators realized the full value of the excellent work of dockers, high organization of their work. The work of the Black Sea to improve the organization of labor in the harbor by creating a consolidated complex brigades aimed primarily at improving the mechanisms and time of each docker.

The initiative team of Anatoly A. Baranovsky was approved by the Central Committee of the CPSU. The adopted specifically for this occasion the decision states:

"Given that the introduction of best endeavors brigade of Comrade. Baranovsky in all sea and river ports of the country, as well as in other organizations engaged in loading and discharging operations, is one of the important conditions for improving the use of vehicles, the CPSU Central Committee approved a comprehensive experience of team working port Illichivsk seaport, led by Comrade. Baranovsky, to improve the technology and organization handling by combining jobs, maximize the use of machines and mechanisms for handling cargo, which provides a significant reduction in downtime, increased productivity and faster processing of court. "

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