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Baymagambetov Denbergen

Brigadier stope miners Dzhezkazgan Mining and Metallurgical Combine named Satpaev, Hero of Socialist Labor

Baymagambetov Denbergen The Road to the face. The way to slaughter, where the team works of Hero of Socialist Labor Denbergena Baimagambetova, not a short-striding to be about three kilometers underground.

Together with the party secretary of the mine number 45 Ivan the Shtuchkinym we go through a long drift, punched in the very strong rock. Over the heads of our dvuhsotmetrovaya thickness of stone, somewhere under his feet, another mine horizon. Deep hid the nature of their wealth! But when you pass by just such a man-made caves, does not think about the power of blind forces, which once created a unique treasure of copper ore, and admire the power of a person who was able to print out an ancient treasure chest, to draw their own benefit ...

A narrow tunnel is finished and before the eyes of a picture, unexpected in its grandeur. We stand at the entrance to a huge hall, dome goes up to fifteen meters. A bright beam of a flashlight battery barely pulls out of the darkness heavy arches that rely on massive, like the trunks of baobabs thousands of years, green columns. In the thick darkness guessed suite of other, equally spacious grottoes, and it seems that they have no end.

- There are dozens of cameras, 'says my sputnik.-to roof not collapsed, deposit accounts are not fully work, part of the ore body remains in the so-called pillars. Each of these columns now consists of rich ore. Even shame: at the sight of hundreds of thousands tons of valuable raw materials, and can not be touched. However, now with a little wasteful finishing. Chamber filled with waste rock, and then the pillars are in the business. All this, of course, very difficult and expensive, but the game were, as they say, is worth the candle. After extraction of copper ore is beneficial even if the metal in it less than one percent. And here it a lot more!

Ivan is on the intricate maze of gigantic caves easily and confidently, focusing here, though in his own apartment. On mine it for many years, and. did not count how many hundreds of kilometers of underground happened to him to measure the steps.

Until relatively recently, says Shtuchkin, mining technology was primitive and backward. Boreholes for the explosives drillers drill with heavy hand punches. Massive boulders had to break up with sledge hammers, shovels threw ore. There were, of course, and mechanisms - scraper winch, such as faces, but the proportion of manual labor remained very high. Only in recent years, miners came to modern technology. As if in confirmation of the impenetrable darkness came the rumbling roar of the tunnel, on rough, deep potholes, walls, jumping confused shadows, and the bend, blind lights, pulled out with a strained roar of the machine of unusual shapes. In the gleaming blue-gray body angular stones.

- MOAZ, chetyrnadtsatitonny dump, says Ivan Vasilyevich Designed specifically for such mines as ours. Have you noticed that there are no emissions?

The exhaust gases pass catalyst cleaning and air drifts does not pollute. Otherwise, no ventilation would not help.

These stocky-burly trucks on the road we met a few times. Rolled in the empty working face, and after a short time returned with a heavy load of ore to pass it, as if the baton, the other powerful mechanisms - skip hoists.

We walked past the famous Dzhezkazgan copper-mountain ...

However, the bluish-green stones will not soon become a resounding bronze, brass, sunny, hot, glittering wire. To remove the dispersed and chemically related metals in the mineral, ore must be split and enrich, melting and re-refiner, rising like the stairs, to the increasingly high purity. Through dozens of units, many human hands must pass each particle of copper, before they merge into a finished product. And perhaps the most interesting thing in this long, extended in time and space technological chain is the first of its link. That process, which opened today in front of our eyes.

Denbergena Baimagambetova we saw in his usual work place due to the levers of self-propelled drilling rig. Tall, broad-shouldered man sat in his comfortable driver's seat, staring at a dull uneven stone wall, a brightly lit spotlight. Sensitive fingers turned the ball head levers, and in obedience to these barely perceptible movements, slowly moving the trunk of the manipulator. A thin rod tip groping crawled along the sloping plane of the rock. And the camera was filled with a steady roar: Both the drill steel to cut into the seam.

A few steps from the car foreman is exactly the same unit, which is controlled by his partner. Each driller has time for a change of drill holes 25-30. At night, these holes will be clogged with explosive pellets, and then deserted chamber filled with thunder and fire. And soon, can be customized to the multi-ton pile of rubble excavator to start the loading of ore trucks.

It is said that at first it was strange to see in great depth powerful wheeled and tracked vehicles, so common on the surface. Even experienced miners doubted whether they will give the desired effect? But as time passed, and modern technology has taken root firmly in the underground palaces of Dzhezkazgan ...

Compared with the old technology of hand-pood punches, hammers, scraper winches, today's mining methods seem to be very productive. It seems that you can effortlessly achieve more consistently high yield. But it only seems. In fact, every percentage-plan was not easy price. To make the machinery worked with high-impact, no accidents and breakdowns required virtuosity, mutual, efficient organization of work of all team members. We must feel the unmistakable character of the reservoir, its features, anticipate potential problems of technology. If you are constantly dealing with a stone monolith, about which quickly tupyatsya even stronger pobeditovye drill bits should always be alert. Any indiscretion threatens to breakdown, and hence a loss of pace. And it is very difficult to catch up. The plan for the miners is very tight, hard. That is why the highest praise sound as if the usual words of mine managers, as they emphasize that "the team Baimagambetova works steadily and rhythmically for many consecutive years, from year to year, increasing productivity." Not some short-term ups and the constant and steady rise characterizes this group. No wonder he learn from his example not only to take the mine-distance travel for the experience.

In parting, the foreman handed me a heavy black stone, which sparkles on the edges of the reddish point of native copper.

- Take a souvenir, he says, wide-ulybayas. Excellent ore! For the sake of trying it ...

Where to dig copper. "Dzhezkazgan" literally means "dig copper." From antiquity it was the name. The people of old, roamed the steppe along the small streams in the summer of shrinking Kara Kengir, spotted leaving the surface of the golden stones, and even in ancient times people have tried to use random gifts of nature. Copper is valued highly: of her doing the dishes, ornaments. In primitive furnaces to smelt the metal is not a lot, and because the ancient craftsmen were able to barely touch the wealth. Huge deposits of waiting for the rightful owners ...

The development of ore-bearing strata of the Central Kazakhstan began shortly before the October Revolution. British businessmen willing to invest capital in a win-win, as they felt the company. In the barren steppes began construction of copper smelting plant, processing plant, narrow gauge railway. But to put the equipment in the course of the shareholders did not have time. The people stryahnuvshy shoulders the yoke of tsarism, crossed and hope for fabulous profits of the capitalists.

However, some have hoped. In the twenties, a major British industrialist Leslie Urquhart aggressively sought permission from the Soviet government "dig deeper" near Lake Balkhash in the future. In less than fifty, or even a hundred years, the Bolsheviks, these places still will not take, he argued. It's funny now to read about such predictions. Not a hundred, but only a few years it took to make the treasures untouched for centuries served the people.

Here, in the vast and arid steppes, was born Soviet nonferrous metallurgy. In just two and a half years has been built and put into effect in the copper smelter Karsakpai, near Dzhezkazgan. In autumn 1928 the country received the first Kazakh copper.

In a telegram addressed to the MI Kalinin said that the sole will and power of workers and administrative and technical staff of a large copper smelter Karsakpai plant was put into a period designated by the Government ... The miners, despite the extremely difficult working conditions in the area, overcame all obstacles.

Baymagambetov Denbergen Thus began working to form the glorious tradition that every year more and more strengthened and developed. Fulfill and surpass the responsible party and government jobs, work selflessly, with full return of forces, in spite of any difficulties - has been a major labor law dzhezkazgantsev honor. Documents and photos captured half a century ago selfless labor heroism of the first five enthusiasts. Hundreds of miles of continuous off-road separated the young company from the main traffic. Only the camel caravans of miners tied to the outside world. Incidentally, the camel had to take out first and finished products ... There was no shelter, not enough water, experienced workers. With great difficulty mastering yesterday illiterate nomads profession miners and metallurgists, which previously did not have a clue. Nevertheless, growing copper mines, factories, were laid across the steppe life-giving beds of roads. The country needed non-ferrous metals, and she received them, more and more.

Today it's all distant history. But in order to better understand the heroic labor of our contemporaries, it is necessary from time to time to leaf through the old pages.

The brightest line in the annals of Dzhezkazgan written in the harsh war years. Now seem fantastic results that achieved in the battle for Kazakh copper production pace-makers. In 1942, the driller Ahmetgali Safin, the deputy of Supreme Soviet of the republic, has beaten off per shift 1,400 tons of ore, following the plan ... to 3807 percent! His daily wage-1257 rubles Stakhanovite-handed to the defense fund. Soon, his comrade in the Communist occupation B. Aymuhanov exceeded the rate of forty times. Then the records were to repeat the whole team. Not for a moment forget dzhezkazgantsy that every shot at the enemy requires that each of copper and a ton of ore-plan brings the bright day of victory. Kazakh miners and medeplavilschiki also fought, and work their exploits can be easily equated to the frontline.

Denbergen Baimagambetov came to the mine after almost a decade after the war ended in December 1954. But among his first companions were quite a few guards who used to be called the rear. And he took over from them first of all those qualities which the miners were known to the military-time strength of character, responsibility for their work, the constant striving for the highest results. All that he now sends to young students.

- My life would turn around in different ways - says Denbergen. Ros orphan: his father died when I was two, his mother survived him only slightly. I lived with relatives, good behavior did not differ. It's a scar on his face, the memory of the children's pranks. At school he studied for only four years old, no longer wanted. Now we have to catch up: do at night school, I want to take the examination for the eight-year external ... It is hard to say what would have been my fate if not for the army. She has taught in order to discipline. During the service, think seriously about a profession that never would no longer have to change. Among the former army comrades were miners, and they interested me with his stories. I decided to settle in after leaving HJK. Settled explosives to the mine and now in its third decade in this team. And bring it to start life over again, would repeat the same way ...

Yes, labor biography Baimagambetova inseparable from the history of the Southern Order of Lenin mine Dzhezkazgan Mining and Metallurgical Combine named KISatpaev. Working his talent opened here because of grain laid on a well prepared soil: bumbling country boy got into a big and happy family, where carefully preserve the old traditions, which is above all appreciate the diligence and integrity. And when Denbergen claims that one, without the team, nothing would be able to achieve, it is not excessive modesty. If you use sports terminology, it is well-captain of the team played. And victory in the labor competition that can win year after year, mined by joint efforts. So the glow of its golden stars are equally placed on the chest of many comrades Baimagambetova.

TODAY AND EVERY DAY. Not long ago, the situation at the mine number 45 was very tense. An experienced team, on account of which there were many successes, was among the laggards. A few months in a row the state plan is not carried out, has accumulated considerable debt. Indicators have deteriorated, and the entire South mine, since the total ore mine share the most significant.

The party committee and the leaders of the mine have carefully analyzed the situation. Factors that reduce the production, was seen a lot of complicated mining-geological conditions, violations of labor and production discipline in some teams, frequent accidents and downtime of vehicles. But there was the root cause: low levels of leadership. Head of the mine, a competent and capable engineer, not owned by the school management did not know how to really ask a subordinate for the assigned work. But the irresponsibility of contagious, like a contagious disease. Where there is no real demands will certainly raise the head of those who are strict rules in the burden. That's why decided to take the toughest measures - to start with replacing the manager.

The new head of the shaft S. Dyakin assembled party activists and leaders of manufacture.

- It can not go on so, 'said on.-To display the team forward, we must first do away with absenteeism, lack of discipline. That offer together to discuss the action plan.

Baymagambetov Denbergen At the general meeting heard the word sorry for those whose misconduct discussed miners. Decision of the meeting were: coal mine to ask Committee to agree to a dismissal of the most unruly workers. Hot conversation was continued in the brigades. Gradually order was restored in the mine. However, production figures have grown slowly. Dyakin concluded that to eliminate the accumulated debt can be the only way: to strengthen the area where the richest ore. This gives the slaughter of almost half of total production at the mine, it determines the fate and plan, and commitment. There were two teams, but the returns could be higher. Hence, it is necessary rearrangement of forces.

Dyakin consulted with other leaders, the most robust, stable as a result was considered at the mine Baimagambetova team. It turns out it all hope ... Denbergen chief listened, pondered.

- Since it is necessary, we agree. Only on one condition: if the lava is one of our team. Add two or three people and that's enough.

- Do you? And on the right? The plan is big, and do not expect favors.

- Light of life are not looking. It is well know to earn a good name, takes years, and you can lose it quickly. But we will not fail.

Denbergen know what he says. He believed in his friends. No wonder the communists and the Cours Victor Alexander Gruzdev, with whom he worked alongside for many years, young Yury Druzhinin, Serik Abdykadyrov and other miners are members of the collective title of communist labor. So will they fail to adequately endure another exam?

Brigade moved into the new lava, and from the first day took a good pace. Denbergen Baimagambetov kept his word: the total production exceeded the results of the two groups have worked here before. Began to improve performance, and all mine. Soon after the debt was extinguished, and the miners of the 45th reached the finish line first, the tenth five-year period with good performance. They were even able to review previous commitments, weighed the chances of winning the competition.

- Of course, not a team of weather does, and our current success is the result of the overall hard work - says the head of the mine-A S. Dyakin. still want to emphasize that in a difficult situation Baimagambetov proved himself so as befits the hero. And demand from him was, perhaps, more than others, and no team did not enjoy the benefits. As, however, before ... Here are some compelling numbers. In 1971, output per man per shift was in the brigade Baimagambetova 25.8 cubic meters of ore, and at the end of five-year period reached 37.8 cubic meters. Constantly growing productivity year after year far ahead of targets. For a long time, the team gives out to the surface every day and more than a thousand tons of ore, successfully competing with other "thousand men" combine. This movement is becoming more widespread, although to reach a milestone is not easy. Even experienced miners staff is not immediately resolved to call in their commitment to the cherished a round figure.

Due to what is possible Denbergenu Baimagambetova and his comrades always keep in the forefront of the competition? First of all, thanks to the skillful handling of complex modern techniques. It is estimated that drilling carriage and excavator for every hour they work for 10-12 minutes longer than the average for the mine.

This and more tons of ore mined. And how many years of accumulated skills mean! During drilling, for example, it is important to choose a location for holes to yield a broken blast ore was maximal. The brigade brought the rate from 1.3 to 1.8 cubic meters per hole, which is also significantly higher than achieved by other results.

- I am often asked to share their experience, and every time I get lost, 'says Denbergen.-It is very difficult to explain in words. Save minutes and seconds, then, perhaps, and all our secret. Specifically? Well, for example, Victor I. Gruzdev tries to combine the rotation with a shovel or a lowering of the lift bucket, using the maximum engine speed of rotation, and thus the duty cycle becomes shorter. Or take a technology break. You can at this time to relax, have a smoke, but we do anyway. Delayed, say, a truck somewhere, so the excavator driver is not sitting idle, and loosen the ore to make it easier and faster than it was then to draw. If a simple long, carry the ore sorting, add up the oversized pieces in one place. The driver aligns the bottom soil, lubricates the unit or is engaged in minor repairs. We have every team not only knows his duties, but also owns a number of related professions. I, for one, and the driller and blaster, and a mechanic, and I can mount the roof. And how could it be otherwise? When does the next shift, miners carefully, even meticulously made to discuss. Brigadier-imporant it is equally severe, and to himself, and to any friend. No offense to the criticism: everyone understands that the only constant restlessness, persistent search for all new domestic reserves will ensure production success. And today and every day ...

A man among men. Miners, people are harsh, difficult and courageous profession, do not like high-flown phrases. What a man thinks about it and what they say. If someone on the team formed in the unflattering opinion, it will not be hidden, like a stone in his bosom, - lay out as soon as possible.

I once had occasion to visit the mine, where he worked as a well-known, famous brigade. Meet with his fellow-none of them can not find the kind words about the best workers. At first it seemed even that he just jealous. But it soon became clear that this man could not stand the test of fame. Become conceited, willingly went to the solemn assembly, than in the face. Claimed for themselves special conditions ... And so the workers do not forgive. It ended the case by the fact that he did away from the team. Even before his first meeting with Denbergenom Baimagambetova I talked with those who know him for a long time. And that's what they told me.

K. Podymnikov, Party secretary of the South mine:

- Do not be mistaken if I say that he is one of the best in our Communist Party organization. Conscientious in everything: in the daily work performed by the party orders. He is member of the Council of the County, it pays a lot of time landscaping. Who would have appealed to him no, definitely trying to help. But for me personally will never ask for anything. It is no secret. Labor heroes sometimes separated from the case, to attend meetings, celebrations and meetings. So Denbergen necessarily replace, not to change their will, but be sure to run for your time. And on mine very much appreciate such scruples. Y. Druzhinin, driller:

- The brigade Baimagambetova two years, I often have to work with him on a neighboring plant. If it happens I have a difficulty, failure, he immediately comes to the rescue. With such a mentor and a partner can be nothing to worry about. Frankly: I envy him. No orders, no Star of the Hero, he is honestly earned. I envy his remarkable diligence, perseverance, working-class talent. I want to emulate these people at all ... M. Ospanov, driller:

- And my Denbergene attracts another trait: he is a great family man. Do you know how many children he has? Ten! Today, these families are rare. I often have to visit our brigade home. Merrily they live together, all would be well lived!

On this side of the biography Baimagambetova need to elaborate. The family had really unusual - five sons and five daughters. Senior Tazagul already married and has three of his kids. The eldest son Zhedelbay serves in the Navy. The rest live at home with their parents. Works only regretted recent ten-year graduate. Five study, and Aigul Gulnar and very small: one for five years, while the other half of the year.

- We now have two heroes in the family, he says, smiling, N.Anarkulov wife Denbergena., but hopefully with time will be greater, and the children for what?

Concerns a mother-heroine is always in excess, the more she herself recently went to work again. But the more children in the house, the more joy, she says. Assistants as it grows! Senior care for younger, happily share the household duties. If something happens and the minor troubles, so where they do not exist? In the main the children went to the father-love and know how to work.

Always calm, even-tempered at work, Denbergen same with your family. He loves his children, especially toddlers. Play, walk with them is the best for him rest.

- What a man need?-Talks-Baymagambetov. Good people there. Once, when I first started working at the mine, there was an accident, I had been poisoned by carbon monoxide. Mountain Master Anatoly S. Poltava on a delivered me from the danger zone, brought to life. Without him, I would not live in the world today. And I had to bail himself out of trouble comrades. All the miners' case rests on the mutual ...

In the evening ... like the foreman to go through the streets of his native village. Goes past the heaps, copra-old, like the mysterious statues of Easter Island, and the new, huge and majestic, like skyscrapers. Goes past the set on a pedestal of self-propelled drilling rig. It is the same as the one at the controls of which he gets every day. Here she stands in a prominent place as a symbol of valor dzhezkazgantsev work. At such moments his heart swells with pride. Feels Denbergen Baimagambetov rightful owner of Copper Mountain, the rightful heir to all those workers whose hands formed a mighty bastion of Soviet nonferrous metallurgy.

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