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Zemtsov Arkady S.

The garbage tires Kirov Tyre Plant, Hero of Socialist Labor

Zemtsov Arkady S. The TV was on but the screen looked Zemtsov carefully. Suddenly, something made him very familiar guard. On the screen appeared the outlines of his shop.

- Our show, 'said Arkady's wife. Tasia quickly came closer.

- Won Maslov, - I saw it first.

- Yeah, he waved playfully, Arkady rukoy.-Hi, Victor!

And meanwhile the announcer said that the garbage tires Victor Maslov has fulfilled its obligation: for five months before the term ended in 1976 norm.

- Well, as you doubt-Zemtsov said Maslova, smiling with TV.

Victor ... really doubt that day. And he is not alone. It was like this. The shop announced a rally. A report on the main directions of economic development in the Tenth Five Year Plan was to make the plant director Vasily Commissioners. Shortly before the rally came to Arcadia Semenovich Zemtsova shop party organization secretary Anna Ukhanova and says:

- You would, Arkady S., it is necessary to speak at the rally, its obligations to disclose.

- Yes, I-what, then replied Zemtsov, for me, it will not. Only now getting old I am, forty-seventh year goes. Young people need to push poinitsiativnee ... Let kids test their strength.

- They are embarrassed, they say, where we compete with Zemtsov.

- Well, it should look, "shy"!

He wiped his hands, turned around and ... made exactly five steps. He stopped near a neighboring machine, which worked Valentin Dekterev.

- Valentin! You look like that we could compete with you? Valentine stared at his older friend. Zemtsov read in his eyes: long since, they say, you yourself rejected this competition? And then suddenly sends. Which, like a fly bite? Yes, it was.

- A year ago, you were too weak to compete with me. What good would come if I left you far behind. The hands have since lowered? Now, at the time. The forces are equal. At the same time spoke with Arkadi S. and changer her, Viktor Maslov.

- Do not pull me, Arkady.

- You pull. Oh my, you know better.

- This is how to realize that you're better than I know my strength?

- And this is and understand. I am by your work visible to the subtleties. You grew up in the last year's great. You work better than me. If someone else said so, Maslov would not accept these words seriously, and about Zemtsova knew he would not speak in vain. Because both his words and his own value know. All this stuff before it is weighed. And if he says Maslov is now working better than it Zemtsova, it is clear he believes in it.

At the rally, they stood side by side. Zemtsov from time to time glanced at his comrades, and to confess, a little envious of them. Young ... After all, whatever you say, and forty seven ... Few of his age on the tire assembly work. This profession requires mobility, agility, quickness. The whole day revolves on the machine drum, and collect the garbage on it its tires. Here, youth allies.

And I remember him of his own youth and the beginning of the eighth Five-Year Plan. Experience did not yet exist, and the accurate calculation could not do. Only one young ...

In those days in the shop mastered the new equipment. Every day, the search, reflection, identification of new techniques. Productivity, admittedly, has grown rapidly. Was added to the youth experience. Finished eighth Zemtsov five years ahead of schedule. By the end of her account was Zemtsova eight annual norms above-plan more than 15,000 tires.

In the ninth five-year period entered convinced her. Already he turned to the setter with a request to calculate in advance what you can do, what to navigate. Just like that, and said:

- If I rule 150 percent do, is when I will master the five year system?

Over 3 years and 4 months, he heard in reply. I thought, weighed and decided:

- I will do for three and a half years.

- Why so? He himself was going on half the norm to expect?

- Yeah, myself. Just because I like to argue that maybe I'm faster than the five year system will perform. But just what is firmly convinced, and I promise you. There was no such word that I was throwing into the wind, and never will.

After two years and seven months, the staff of the Kirov tire manufacturers congratulated Arcadia Semenovich Zemtsova with the early implementation of five-year job, but at the end of 1975 he reported on the ninth five-year period from the beginning of the annual norm.

Zemtsova initiative taken up by many of the factory, who for a year and a half years who had tried to fulfill the five notch ...

For the achievement of the highest rates of work and great contribution to the development of oil refining and petrochemical industry in March 1976 Zemtsova Hero of Socialist Labor.

"Shoes" for the car from the shop, where he works Zemtsov goes with the state Emblem of Quality. This logo is marked on even now, 82 percent of the total production of the Kirov Red Banner of Labor tire factory. So, a lot of factory artists such as Arkady S.. There are many, and even a little bit.

Combined in Zemtsova great skill and responsibility. If he took a commitment, it is those who believe that it will fulfill. And if you call abroad, is that whatever happens, it gets there. So it pertains to his word.

After the meeting, at which the material XXV Party Congress discussed a few months passed, and in August it had completed the first year of the plan tenth five-year period. Just a few days ahead of him ... Vic torus Maslov

- Had to be difficult, Maslov-admitted.

- What do you think? Smiled Ar-cadi S., 'that's got Dekterevu sweat, but also kept his word. They were the first three of the plant and throughout the city Kirov crossed the final line of the first year of tenth five-year period.


One was the case. The young collector to push for the first hour and significantly ahead of schedule.

- It's time to smoke, he said, walking past Zemtsova.

- Do not smoke, not looking up from the case, said Arkady S.. An hour later the guy again vyshagi shaft on the shop floor. He looked pleased, too, to push back, but more tired.

By the mid-shift guy, they say, podvydohsya from the smug type has disappeared.

- He must rest.

- Well, well, rest, 'said Zemtsov. At the end of the shift in the shower they again exchanged a few words.

- Rate fulfilled, 'said a young worker, even a little bit cut off. Only here is very tired, too heavy norm here.

- Norm? I collected 40 tires, a half rate did respond, Arkady S., and tired is not that much.

A guy with a surprised look on Zemtsova.

- How half the norm? But you like it is not in a hurry?

Zemtsov Arkady S. The next day again, and repeated a few more days. With only one difference. A young worker has to look closely to Zemtsova. And that, know, calmly working. And in the morning and afternoon and evening at the same pace, concentration, measured. And the guy realized that all Zemtsova calculated: one tire 9 minutes and no more. And on the morning tire 9 minutes, and at night. And if the morning saved a minute, it is not due to overexertion, and as a result of some combination of movements. For example, the pressing of the core in the tire performed five or six operations. Zemtsov reduced their number by half. So that night, he uses this technique, then in the evening on the product saves a minute.

On one of the All-Union competition of skill Zemtsov participated in demonstrations. As a master.

The Secretary of the shop party organization Anna Ukhanova this case says:

- All who know Arcadia Semenovich, eagerly awaiting his performance. And then he left. You know, when a great artist playing, then you sit and breathe. I can not breathe in those moments. It seems to me, no one breathed. He worked artistically. He seemed to be glued in place. He will not hurry. Clarity was amazing. The difference in time that he spends on each tire assembly, was all of 4 seconds. The last tire, he took off with the applause of the machine.


If you ask collectors, young and experienced:

- Who art thou in the shop?

- At Arcadia Semenovich Zemtsova, most-responsible. The shop became a kind of standard operating honor. Heads of department leader called the leader. Communist, he is really a true cheerleader competition. Once Zemtsov came to the head shop and shared:

- It is not good turns. From the conveyor to the machine with the protectors Dektereva much further than to our machines with Maslov. The performance had suffered due to this. Do not compete on equal terms. It is necessary, so the result was fair. Dekterevu gave another hundred estimates and thus put an equal partner with the conditions.

No one in the shop did not believe it even begun to doubt the ministry, when they learned that Maslov and Dekterev Zemtsova bypassed. A Zemtsov was happy to win the young fellows. He was even proud to be pinpointed his rivals.

The competition for early fulfillment of tenth five-year plan at the assembly area number one is gaining momentum. Gregory N. Kosolapov, not a novice, a worker with twenty years of experience, said:

- Same as Zemtsov, five years ahead of schedule fulfill-three years.

And now, the shop became known: GN Kosolapov four months before the job has completed the first year of tenth five-year period.

A young worker NN Limonov said the chief change DI Polovnikova:

- Undertake to make a five-year plan for 3 years and 3 months.

Dmitri Ivanovich doubts.

- And to the right? After all, those to whom you are equals,-Zemtsov, Maslov, Dekterev-not even smoke.

- I also quit smoking, said Nicholas.


Not all, recognizing the achievements of Zemtsova believed in them. According to the prevailing notions of the industry it is very great in his generation. It is only now, when the followers have risen to its height, the labor record of the Hero was perceived as familiar, and a year or two ago ...

He came to the factory worker with a noble sister company.

- I do not believe, 'he says, to those of pennies.

He began to observe the work Zemtsova. And the acting, as always, measured, no fuss, and without such stress. Guest further doubts, take a stopwatch: 9 minutes, to cover, 9 minutes, tire ...

- Yes, that's Zemtsov!-Respecting worker said.

All who know Zemtsova argue that it is not too tight on the record and is not looking for fame. He's just given the whole work. "Working-time work", these words about him. How is time for another victory in the socialist competition he had to give a gift. Whether he was sick, or because the change came only at the meeting he was not. Head of the department you are calling him to her. Came dissatisfied with that from the work of his torn, and when I learned that for the gift, even more angry.

- Could not have done it after work?


Several months have passed since then, as Zemtsova named a Hero of Socialist Labor. Secretary to the shop party organization came a group of students GPTU. - Our guys tomorrow at 8 am waiting Zemtsova.

The ambassadors were upset when Anna explained to them that today, Arkady S. works in the night and it is difficult to expect that in a few minutes after the night shift, he will be in school.

Guys it was encouraged. But the home to Arcadia Semenovich is still gone.

Zemtsov listened and said:

- Well, Zemtsova they see. That's just what I say to them?

At 7 hours and 45 minutes later he was in college. He spoke of his factory, his profession. Nothing special to say simply telling me how it works. But how to tell! They listened to him with bated breath.

There was a time, tire manufacturers in the city of Kirov learned in the true sense of those words on clothes. Dirty-faced, they were forced to walk back from work, so as not to soil all over with soot passengers in the bus, now the Kirov tire - Plant high production and labor organization, the enterprise of communist labor. In the team grew three Hero of Socialist Labor, Laureate of the Lenin Prize two. In the city, and various jewels abound. Meanwhile, production is the production and even perfectly adjusted, it often finds bottlenecks. Are born every day problems, questions, problems requiring urgent solutions. It is important that the team had a lot of people who are not only for the post, and my heart feel the need to address these issues.

- At work, can not be indifferent, says Zemtsov. If he sees that someone is working clumsily, be sure to come up and in a comradely way, very gently, quietly make the remark:

- You have a twisted bracelet, so no good.

One of the preparatory department began to receive is not in stock, and low-quality protectors. Collectors bring the assembly line leaks torus, and it does not fit with the defect. Go after the other.

So lost time, productivity began to fall.

- We have to go to the preparatory department, to the workers, asking them to work better, said the members of the party bureau Zemtsov.

- That you, and send.

- And I will go.

Arkady S. learned when working in an adjacent workshop scheduled meeting, and asked for it. He did not blame subcontractors and told them of the consequences of their marriage. The conversation took place. Reasons for marriage have been opened. Arkadii Semenovich able to get along with people. What is the secret, perhaps, can not explain. But most of all sincere in his interest that he takes, hand in a particular case, engaging in a particular subject. Mate with his full contact. Each other do not fail, their machine is running "faster" than the others. Locksmiths repairers also on Zemtsova not mad - he himself a former locksmith and knows the equipment well. A little notice and that a locksmith in a special "diagnosis" his leave. Time for inspection of each machine is reduced.

- It's good when people understand each other. Understand human century, you see, do not hurt him a careless word. Or, conversely, harder to ask him.

Only you must first understand ...

Sometimes he is asked, why are you called to the competition is Maslow? It Dektereva? - I understand them, is responsible. This is so Zemtsov, a man imbued with concern for the bottom of the current and future.

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