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Saulov Nicholas Korneyevich

The foreman of fitters Kharkov Turbine Plant named after Sergei Kirov, the Hero of Socialist Labor

Saulov Nicholas Korneyevich Day started in the Kremlin XXV Congress Kharkov turbine builders plant named after Sergei Kirov noted as follows: nuclear lobes "Tardigrada", mounted on the rotor dvuhsottonnom, made their first turns on the factory test bench.

What is this new? It is not clear: the age of space velocities, and suddenly-"Tardigrada"? Because the turbine of the same capacity for stations in the nuclear fuel plant produces more than a year. - It is true, agreed Nicholas Korneyevich Saulov.-But let us remember what tasks set before our twenty-fifth Congress of the CPSU. "To organize production for nuclear power reactors on thermal neutrons and the turbo power unit to them for at least 1 million kilowatts." But ... And "Tardigrada"? But the point is this: a high-speed power turbine roof designers have identified a 700 - 800 000 kilowatts. More of the rotors and rotor blades can not be squeezed. Even so at the last stage of the turbine at full speed its working blades develop bullet-speed six hundred meters per second. With further increases dramatically accelerating resistance, and significantly decreases the reliability of the design. Specialists, as often happens, have found a way where before it did not expect, to reduce the speed of the rotor with the traditional three thousand revolutions per minute up to a thousand! It turned out that this can increase the length of the blades and thus greatly increase the turbine capacity and reliability of all its nodes. Thus was born the first in the country "Tardigrada". Now, for her future nuclear energy.

If you recall, what kind of load are operating the turbine blades, it will be easy to guess that the rotor assembly and installation of the blades on it, it is extremely laborious, responsible and delicate, requiring a jeweler's precision fit of parts. Such work is only by an extra-trust. And her confidence in the factory team Korneyevich Nicholas Saul. More than one year "ripen" the people in the "school" of Saul before they become flush with the old-timers team. But skill alone is not enough here. It should blindly love their profession, to be her true knight, do not ever give yourself anything the slightest indulgence. This is the unwritten motto of the Brigade.

Together with the foreman of a total of 21 people. It turns out that all impellers thermal, gas turbine and nuclear power produced by the Kirov, collects twenty-one pair of hands, not without reason that gold is called. Only the youngest of the team does not have a personal stamp. All our products has been the team that year leases with the first presentation. For two decades, during which Saul heads this group, there was no case of marriage. Not one!

Of course, as elsewhere, the team is also a change of generations. Come yesterday's schoolchildren and graduates of vocational schools. A team of just leaving for retirement. Those who, after working a year or two, go to serve in the army, will certainly return to their original location. It is, incidentally, is guaranteed to each of them. So it was with everyone. With Saul, too. For two decades, voluntarily left the team is not one. Not only higher wages and honor, which is surrounded by profession collectors rotors to the cause. Important and valued by this moral atmosphere, moral principles developed in this small but extremely friendly team.

Saul has long made it a rule not to do with the newcomers on the principle here, they say, you nail this horseshoe-beri, and he savvy that's what. There is a master of plots and foremen who like this and start the first lesson with beginners. A teenager first time in his life, crossed the threshold the factory has stepped into the world an amazing, mysterious and a little frightening. Only one species of giant machines, grind parts up to two hundred and fifty tons, dumbfounded. The young man, orobev in the first minute, then not soon learn, will find peace of mind, if there be not careful mentor. After all, first impressions often depends on whether a man loves a selected profession or remain indifferent to it.

Here are just insecure and embarrassed entered into a new assembly and test shop yesterday's pupil Igor Kolesnichenko. Entered and taken aback. Nicholas Korneyevich met him a reassuring smile and told the guy the most simple words: "Come on, Igor, will show you that we are forging here-plane." And led him through the great hall, from machine to machine, from one section to another, in the course of explaining that which they do.

- This machine is a numerically controlled software, student-led closer to mahine.-created it on our order Kramatorsk machine tool builders, and carried on in several parts of the trains. On it our best turners treated rotors, each of which two hundred tons of very strong steel. Now count up what you know from physics, what "things" going to do with us.

Near the machine stood a man with a big gray hair. The professor is like. Yes it is in fact a professor of business turning, a veteran of the plant, the famous Drokin Vasily. Half a century at the bench. Hero of Socialist Labor, Laureate of State Prize, Honored Engineer of Ukraine, Honorary Member of the Scientific-Technical Society ... That's what a turner! Now a group of his best students, develops a unique machine. The second such unit in Europe yet.

Almost the entire day slowly drove Saul freshman in the shop, enthusiastically told him about the best people of the plant, equipment of updates. Fascinated the boy looked at the unusual car, inside of which are made invisible complex processes: combined rotor of a giant, and welder-automatic "stitch" them joints so that it seems to you-cast shaft. Particularly impressed with the boy a test stand. This is a factory shop. Here are experiencing all turbines are tested for strength and accuracy of the interaction between all the nodes of the future power.

Sometimes, criticized Nicholas Korneyevich that does not take care, they say, their time, a lot of tinkering with the newcomers. But Saul was on his own, knowing how much it means for entering into working life, his first independent step. Introducing a teenager to shop, Saul immediately enter it into the working atmosphere, unobtrusively gives him the idea of the significance and the importance of what is occupied by hundreds of people. Gives a guy a little bit to understand, to feel the character of his future profession. And after a day or sit with him somewhere in a secluded zakutochke and leisurely conversation will try to learn more about the person takes in a team. For him, he now has the responsibility: as a communist and leader of the brigade. And why not hide the difficulties that lie in wait for young workers, their strict demands in all.

In Saul's long been noticed by the ability of a good teacher, his affection for young people. Actually, the education of future workers to some extent, it starts long before they appear at his rotors. For many years a patron of one brigade, and even a few classes in secondary schools.

In a kind of mentoring teams working on a lot of students that is instructive, it is extremely useful. But do not utaim sin formally Kharkov Turbine patron of the five schools of the city, but the special achievements can not boast. Only a team of Saul, whose experience is often taken as an example to others, has developed a lively and close relationship with the sponsored children. Near the foreman began the friendship with the students seem to be accidental. When he was only appointed as a foreman, the team was involved in the fight for the title of the brigade of communist labor. Much of the established traditions and habits had to break. The very specificity of the fitters have contributed to some disunity in the team. Saul chose the right path, cementing team, instilling respect for each public work, interest in the affairs of its neighbors. But how is this done? Nicholas Korneyevich came for help to the Party committee and he was advised to take patronage over the fifth class of the eighth school.

- We now have teams of fitters Saul strong friendship with one of the classes of the school 74 Frunze district of the city of Kharkov. And there was no case to five years of this friendship saulovtsy missed at least one important event in the life of the school. The first of September, the day the teacher and other team representatives holidays will certainly come to the school to congratulate their patronage, their teachers, to talk about their work, about what the initiative was born in the factory after the XXV Congress of the CPSU. And along with fruitful educational work team members and do not hesitate to everyday affairs. Here is a vivid example: in the summer after the change of mechanics went to school tinkering new hanger for locker rooms, repairing tables and desks.

Saulov Nicholas Korneyevich And students have repeatedly visited the factory. Surely some of them will choose one of the blue-collar occupations. This has happened more than once. In the team of Nicholas Saul among his patronage in recent years, the brothers came to Victor and Yuri Kryachko, Vladimir Pavlenko Sergei Tolstoy, Vladimir Lugovskoi ... They are quite accustomed to quickly and reliably in the brigade.

Saul's natural modesty, dedication, diligence, generosity and kindness of the people being laid, crystallized, were polishing and testing the strength of the harsh life in the school. Speaking to sixth graders about the working of honor and pride, Nicholas Korneyevich mind presents itself to peers, and sees in the conflagration of war, his native village in the Smolensk Ovsyanikov, the Nazis burned alive by her father and other villagers in a burning barn. Sharing the "secrets" of his skill with the graduates of vocational-technical school, he remembers about the war years in which their fathers and grandfathers defended with their blood the honor and freedom of the Motherland. And he sees himself-decade-stomping in a torn overcoat on broken war winter road to the west, somewhere in the rear of the German-occupied Soviet territory. They, poor and defenseless children, women, teenagers are driven to the fascist slavery. On the way, exhausted by grief, hunger, cold and dying mother.

In Orsha, Belarus woman, a soldier's mother who hid and took care of an orphan. Later he sought out the sister of Mary and begged commanders to take him to a military unit, which lasts from the fall of the forty-first to the end of the war. And Nikolasha affectionately called soldiers of the regiment's son, walked the rest of her from Brest to Berlin, sharing with older heavy military work and a piece of bread.

Fourteen "veteran" of the war in the new soldier's tunic, with a shy child's face and eyes of an adult, not just staring in the face of death, Nicholas Saul went to class at the vocational school of Kharkov "impeller", not realizing that this moment will decide the fate of his life .

And my sister and her husband, a veteran of World Andrey Prokopovich Ostapchenko, replacing his father Nicholas, and the whole family is very Saul tie their fate with the turbine plant. His wife, Anna Nikitovna, and now on one site with:

"Director of the instrumentals" jokingly calls her Korneyevich Nicholas. The eldest daughter Valentina was a lab assistant in the plant design office, and now its place was taken by a younger, Lyudmila.

So ..., a team of Saul entrusted to the assembly of the rotor first domestic low-speed turbines for nuclear power plant with a capacity of five hundred thousand kilowatt. She Turbostroitel Kharkov plant named after Sergei Kirov added a new bright page in the annals of Soviet power, not less glorious than at the time the builders entered the Dnieper. A second year of the Tenth Five-year birthday of one million kilowatt turbine. Its rotor is also assembled teams of fitters hands of Nicholas Saul.

Interested in how much electricity will produce a new "Tardigrada", when it will connect to one another turbo-generator units with the Kharkov electrical engineering giant-plant "Electrotyazhmash."

- The light will flood the city with a population of one million people! The rotor is often called the heart of power, and rotor blades, a sort of gigantic steel vessels of the heart. The blades in the "nest" of the rotor to be driven home to each other so tightly that even the joints between them was not noticeable.

Over the last stage of the turbine blade nuclear "Tardigrada" the specialists of the two dozen research and design teams. But it is a turner at least a little wrong to fit even a single blade, as can happen in great trouble. They are well aware of the descent and anyone of anything do not give.

- For work crews of Saul, I am calm, confident, chief designer of the plant Yuri F. Kosyak.-I know they would rather go to the shortfall rules than allow themselves to even the slightest deviation from the specified assembly technology.

- That's for sure, confirm, and the Party secretary of the company Stanislav Fedoseevich Chasnyk.-Yes, only there was no case to saulovtsy in any way given misfire. Program always perform well in advance.

In all of Kharkov turbines that produce electricity Ocean, from Vilyui to Nurek, from Chernobyl to the Leningrad nuclear power plants, many of their power-generating unit flaunt cherished pentagons.

Hence the pride in his profession, and the extraordinary elation from the consciousness of personal involvement in the creative labor of the worker. In this framework, a solid foundation for great success and the team of Nicholas Saul.

But in order to visualize and better understand this framework, it is necessary to know the details, the building blocks that make up and cemented together. Perhaps the surprise of many the fact that in a large modern factory, equipped with the latest technology to produce unique super-turbines, one of the most time-consuming and difficult to execute cycles is virtually by hand. Fitting, installing and fixing of rotor blades and especially rasklepka steel spikes on them until now almost impossible to mechanization. Throughout the world, this complex painstaking work done hands of the great masters of their trade.

On the desktop fitters are served ready blade. Every first carefully weighed on accurate scales. Although the blades of one stage are identical, yet have differences in weight, a few grams. Need to pick up a couple of absolutely equal in weight and set them on opposite sides of the rotor-to fine-balancing turbines.

Recall - blades should be adjusted to one another with maximum density. They make part of the castle, with some allowance, for fidelity. A little bit, twenty - thirty microns. The most common allowances are considered superfluous. Them and have to shoot manually. A paddle-out is not made of tin, of very strong stainless steel cooking and a special stamp. If the stock is large, the mechanic puts your hand tools and comes in a few bays to the turner, requests to remove surpluses.

- It's just a waste, 'said the hearts of Saul on one of the pyatiminutok team. - Surely we are not able to cope with a mill or machine! From that day on the site began to gradually grow into accessories. There were boring, milling, grinding machines. And one by one related professions have mastered all of the team. For four or five majors in the asset at the veterans department Nikolay Kalashnikov Savenko, Timothy Khodareva Kalashnikov, and the young-Vitaly Shevchenko and Vladimir Pavlenko. But the Communists Klepets Yushchenko, Viktor Danilovich kalyuka and Yuri Bezzubets to perform any jeweler's precision, the most complex operation. He instructs the foreman and the most-most, such as the installation of the last blade. You need a special skill. Castle of the last blades specially thickened. It must drive them into the groove of the rotor so that it is finally moving blades compress all the other "fans" turbine.

The small processing area, created a team, helped her to reduce the proportion of manual labor and increase productivity. And then, they say, has flared up an appetite. In a rather thick steel tires that hold the blade, the large square holes punched by hand always. For each pair of blades, bandages, and four holes in it. How long puzzled over how to mechanize this operation, but nothing worthwhile is not invented. In the end, came to the conclusion: we must create a team of creative collaboration. With this idea of Saul came to the party committee. Thus was born the plant community of designers, engineers and other professionals working with the team. The creative team asset for more than a dozen of interesting innovations. Among them, the press machine, punched holes in the tie with electric rollers for turning the rotor as it accumulates "fan" blades.

Boris Tonkalya locksmith called "technical brains" brigade. He has made the device with the head of the indicator, which allows high-precision shooting allowances in the castles of the blades. Another of his invention, a device for rapid measurement of the thickness of blade stops. Previously measured with a micrometer-long operation. Stops, then thousands. Now is the time measured by reduced many times over.

These are, at first glance, not very significant improvements to make it easy to work, make it more productive and attractive. Most important, high-skill, enviable diligence, sense of duty allow workers are more likely to Saul team out the victors in the socialist competition. The tasks they performed five-year period of four months ahead of schedule. For his outstanding production achievements, NK Saul awarded the title Hero of Socialist Labor.

Even higher levels identified for themselves a team in the tenth five-year period. Achieve their agreed at six months ahead of schedule. The first year brought great success. Ahead of time in excess of the program team assembled a set of three rotors for nuclear power stations and manufactured spare parts for the turbines to thousands of rubles. In the above-fund products made at fifteen hundred rubles for each member of the team. Start Tenth Five taken excellent.

The turbines, which have invested in the creation of inspired work, high skill, a particle of their hearts fitters Hero Brigade, generate electricity in many thermal and nuclear power plants in the Soviet Union and other countries. "Giving people the fire and force-this is beautiful my profession. In it, my present happiness. " So Saul said Nicholas. And these winged words became the motto of fighting led them to a friendly and motivated team.

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