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Sikorskaya Galina

Polonsky caster porcelain Porcelain Factory, Hero of Socialist Labor

Sikorskaya Galina In the corridor of the plant, she met Dregalo.

- What are you not in the shop, Fyodorovna? Asked the Secretary of the Party Committee.

- Director of the causes,-Sikorskaya stopped, straightened out kerchiefs beaten out a strand of hair. - I wanted to call you, George D.. The meeting we will start half an hour later: parsers delay the opening of the furnace.

- Well, the reason for a legitimate - said Dregalo.-But I still come first. I want to talk to podsobnikami in your shop.

Immediately after the change in the shop started an open party meeting.

Discussed herein are only just ended with the October (1976) Plenum of the CPSU Central Committee. And as soon as speakers talked about what prevents them from seeking the highest performance. Care workers, and a brigade of Hero of Socialist Labor Galina Fedorovna Sikorsky. At one time they gave a lot of effort to master the five related professions. This was necessary:

site on which it runs the team, produces a unique product, and each worker has to perform an operation is not one, but let the whole service as a whole, to do it from beginning to end. It's hard work. No wonder stanochnits working on semi-automatic machines in the main building, development of standards is many times more. So much work is put into these sets ... And what sometimes happens? In a batch furnace oil is fed with a mixture of water, the temperature drops, and as a result, growing marriage.

- The fact that marriage is not our fault, we are not calm, 'said Nina Antonovna Yatsun, partgruporg, an employee of the Sikorsky team. Right now, at a party meeting at which there is, and our guide, let's see, who is to blame for these failings! Yes, it is time to translate the whole shop to a new track. The main building after reconstruction is equipped with sophisticated machines and advanced tunnel kilns for firing, but here, where small batches produced very high quality dishes, baked in its old, outdated furnaces of periodic action. Now the economy of the plant is strong enough to be able to afford to continue the reconstruction. In Poltava started working speed automatic kiln porcelain stoves are already assembled in his neighbor in a porcelain factory Gorodnitsa. It's time to replace the outdated furnaces with new ovens. Without this plant can not make a noticeable jump in quality improvement. But this is only one of the components of the struggle for quality.

The main-gasification plant. Get rid of the oil, to prevent the marriage during the firing of these cups finely rang ... They emit a wavy wall like a lunar shimmer, and a strict pattern emphasizes the beauty and perfection of form. This service, called "Black Coffee" in Kiev does not stay on store shelves. As with all products Sikorsky team, it requires manual labor, even in the most modern machines are impossible sformovat walled articles of complex shape.

The site produces unique products tea and coffee sets a relatively small series. And almost all of them assigned a mark of quality.

Sikorsky brigade is not a youth. It employs experienced craftsmen, and it is dictated by the complexity of the process. Instead of forming products on the machines, as is usually done, this slip-pour liquid raw material in special form. The more you hold in the form of slurry, the thicker the crust will be future-wall vessels. It is important to feeling, to-wall was not thick and not thinner than the agreed time. A sense only comes with experience ...

Thirteen people are employed in the brigade. Eleven women and two men skilled workers is podsobniki, preparing slip. They wanted to talk to the Party secretary of the meeting. Depends on them whether the marriage? And how to avoid it? This question troubled all of this and said at the meeting, Nina Yatsun. Well acted reasonably. Sikorskaya remembered how recently the entire

They celebrated the fortieth anniversary of a team of Nina Antonovich. Yubilyarshu showered with flowers and gifts, and one managed to pour champagne embarrassing her new holiday dress. And then, when the fun was in full swing, someone suddenly shouted:

- You listen, guys, what say our women! And heard the voice of the birthday girl, proving the foreman at the far edge of the table:

- And if you, Galina, can not take for workers to magnetic separation, then I myself will go to the director! See how much in recent years of marriage has gone ... And broke herself in the middle, looking back at the laughing faces:

- And you, Nina, assembly plant that is not enough that you even own birthday suit? Shouted one of the men.

- Oh, Antonovich, approached him hozyayka.-It's what we're talking, you're primarily concerned with. During the marriage, we are most of you ask, because you have slips provides. In the magnetic separation of marriage is allowed, and we'll scold. Well, do not hurt Do you? And mocking smile disappeared. After all, what's going on at the porcelain factory, all of what the women said, is their concern. Although they are "podsobniki" ...

And while having fun and celebrating, Sikorsky moved from group to group, danced and sang along with everyone and I thought that if the factory of the case are present even at a birthday party, then certainly, we see a very personal and very close to these things for her friends. ..

Polonnoe ..., a small town in western Ukraine, in the summer immersed in greenery and flowers. His house hidden in the dense apple orchards, and gardens, the sea of colors, so beloved in the Ukraine-mallow, chernobrivtsy, peonies, asters, majors.

And the tea-plant Polonsky sparkles like a blooming Ukrainian summer. In the bright nature of Ukrainian artists borrow Polnoye their own patterns and colors. Tea sets, painted on the sketches Vitaly Ovcharenko Mykola Kozak, Zina Oleksenko and former factory director Peter Mikhailovich Ivanchenko at the exhibitions of porcelain can not be confused with products of other porcelain factories.

The plant in Polonnoe will soon celebrate its centenary. But his real biography has started less than ten years ago, in the eighth five-year period. It was then finished reconstruction of the plant, and he quadrupled production of pottery.

Until then burned in a porcelain furnaces. In the squat round towers of the refractory bricks charged with dried cups, saucers, teapots, fine, nipples, vases, protected from direct flame-Kapsel special case. Then, wide boot aperture walled, first burned wood, peat, coal, fired in 1969 was transferred to the oil and then included the powerful jets, spray oil, and the mountain began to bubble a dazzling white flame.

Sikorskaya came to the plant, when no one thought that you may receive a different way of baking. Then, for almost thirty years ago, it was not yet twenty, but life has managed to temper her character. She was barely eight years old when his fists had killed her father, an activist collective. A few years later his mother died, and to them six orphaned sooner had become independent. In 14 years, Galina has worked in the quarry where clay was mined, and in 1949 came to the factory personnel department and asked:

- Take me to the job. I very much want to learn to make porcelain.

And so it happened that the post-war history of the plant and is the story of her life. Plant grew and grew her work experience. She soon realized that his own job is only part of the context of working with the factory works. She could not tolerate the fact that her marriage work happened through the fault of those who prepared the materials, and demanded that the preparatory part of their business has improved. There was a vakuumschikam to workers serving the ball mills and magnetic filters, and arranged them with such a separation, which began to be afraid of it like the plague. But gradually the respect of people came to this young woman to her restless nature, to that feeling of belonging, with whom she belonged to all the factory matters.

And when the reconstruction of the plant, it has become one of the first assistants of leadership in this matter. Galina was among those who first went out on Saturdays and Sundays, who was ready, having stood at the change of the pipeline to find the strength to go on the second shift-on assistance to the builders. She gave her time and without plant residue, even when quite young was her son and daughter.

- Grow as independent - she said to her husband by teaching kids to wash dishes, and by setting the table.

And when in 1968 from the buzzing of a powerful flame vibrated two furnaces of continuous action, two hundred-meter steel tunnel, lined with refractory bricks of armor, among those whom I express my thanks for their participation in the reconstruction of the plant was Galina Sikorskaya.

Sikorskaya Galina The plant went to a new level. Discussed how to create an experimental plot, which produces very high quality dishes. And no one doubts arose when the then director of the plant, Peter M. Ivanchenko proposed to appoint a foreman Sikorski.

She is very well formed his brigade. Looking for those to whom you can rely on, looking for like-minded people. And, apparently, found them, because for many years, the brigade does not change. It can not just ask for strict with their girlfriends, can not only inspire them by example, she feels, when and in what minute of the person to come to the rescue.

And when she was taken to the party, the meeting lasted a long time, so many were willing to say about Galina good word.

The years passed. The spacious rooms Factory of Art and the experimental laboratory created samples of the new master of sophisticated service. For some artists came Galina, Examine them carefully, studied news. And said:

- Here is a model, I think you failed. If the Arts Council will adopt, take it on board. And then it would send to the artists Olga Salyuk then Lyudmila Lesik, the Eugene-Sidorsky wanted to know what will seem new to them. After waiting for higher productivity is possible only when a person develops a model pleasing to him. Sikorskaya remembers being grabbed coffee service "Youth" Valya Golden Eagle, the youngest mistress of her team. This elegant set with stylized red flowers on the coffee pot and cups really liked her, and Galina said:

- Grab, Valya. It you go.

Six months later, this service has received State Quality Mark ...

And she took up Sikorskaya "Black Coffee", a complicated and capricious in the performance of coffee service, with the undulating surface of brittle and elegant cups. And "Black Coffee" was one of the best sets, created porcelain industry of Ukraine in the Ninth Five-Year Plan. Ninth Five-Year Plan Polonsky porcelain factory finished triumphantly. Excess of the plan was released nearly 9 million pieces of porcelain. The Presidium of the Supreme Council of the Republic said Diligence workers at diploma. 24 factory workers are the best of the best-were awarded orders and medals.

And Galina Sikorsky awarded the Gold Star of Hero of Socialist Labor member of the Politburo, first secretary of the Communist Party of Ukraine Vladimir Shcherbitsky.

Perhaps there was in those days Polonnoe person, not congratulating her. My daughter Galina Fedorovna Faith, preparing for final exams in school, said:

- You know, Mom, and I was with you at the factory. Talked to the personnel department. And I was taken to the shop decoration. Working. That's just pass the exams. Galina's daughter kissed, patted on the head:

- So, you have me as an adult. And I'm glad that the main task of his life you can decide for themselves ...

Sikorskaya ... Moscow saw the first time. But it got used in the capital quickly. Become familiar short road from the hotel "Russia" to the Kremlin. Every day, she was part of the excitement in the great hall of the Palace of Congresses, see familiar faces on the set of pictures, and a sense of celebration did not leave her. And it seemed that this day she does not deserve. The case, which gave all of myself, it was seemingly small and modest compared with cases that are resolved here in Congress.

Minister Nikolai Tarasov Nikiforovich hosted a reception for delegates to Congress XXV-workers light industry. He spoke about the successes of the industry, talked about the challenges facing the light industry in the Tenth Five Year Plan.

Then Galina asked who cared for her and two thousand five hundred of her colleagues who worked at the plant:

- Nicholas Nikiforovich when our plant will receive natural gas?

This issue means a lot to the plant. All porcelain fired in tunnel kilns operating on fuel oil. And the trolley with the dishes have to "book" with special protective Kapsel. But one has only to move the furnace gas and Kapsel become unnecessary. Instead, the trucks could be loaded with additional dishes, and the performance of each oven immediately be increased. And down to marriage, while working on fuel oil Kapsel can not fully protect the porcelain from the combustion products. And, of course, self-cooking Kapsel after a section of the plant is engaged in the production of this expensive. Eliminate it and to the economy of the plant will feel relieved ...

Several years ago, adopted a resolution on the gasification plant. To polonium gas pipeline had been laid. Now the Ministry of Light Industry was to solve practical problems connecting the plant to the state of the gas network.

- I know it took quite some time after the laying of the pipeline, said the ministr.-But I'm not ready now to answer your question. I will answer your letter. I think the problem we can quickly solve.

Galina left the ministry. Bright, a friend of the hundreds of photos, movies, stories, noisy city of flows of people. Someone called her new friends with me, but she thanked him, refused, referred to the case. And the cases it was not. She slowly walked down the street, Gorky was looking at the bright posters and banners, which in those days the city was decorated.

And suddenly in the hands of one of the passers-by Galina saw the familiar cardboard box. It is in these boxes are stacked sets, made in her crew - "Harp," "Black Coffee" and "Melody." She wanted to call out to a passerby, but then caught on, he walked quickly, and stop embarrassing stranger. Galina looked after him. And a little smile touched her lips.

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