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Shehovtsov Alexey Mitrofanovich

Turner Zhdanov Heavy Machinery Plant named after the 50th anniversary of Great October Socialist Revolution, the Hero of Socialist Labor

Shehovtsov Alexey Mitrofanovich Word of the plant, which makes every fifteenth in the country and all Pullman train (vse!) tank, and together, those and others if you take fifteen thousand units per year, and plan for 1977 and the tense: sixteen thousand, said inclined Director of conciseness Zhdanov Heavy Machinery Plant, Vladimir Fedorovich Karpov.

The cost of production is very impressive. Three hundred and six million rubles. Second place in the industry, breathe in the back of a giant Uralmash. Produce and lifting equipment. In particular, gantry cranes, jib radius of thirty meters. Recently (the naturally proud of), taking orders from Romania, sent to a shipyard in Constanta two unique gantry crane, which together under the force of the load up to nine tons, a record, and hook height seventy meters. Adopted to perform detailed design even more powerful cranes for the power plant. Load capacity of 500 tons!

It also manufactures converters, and integrated them equipment, steel ladles (nine sizes, from fifty to four hundred tons, have a quality mark), and slag. Now equipped with start-up object - the oxygen-converter to "Azovstal", its walls, one might say, are visible from the entrance to the naked eye from the other addresses, where they know that their profile, we can safely call a row of steel cycle in the south, and from foreign- countries: Poland (among other things, Donetsk region and Silesia Katowice long time friends, Sister), Yugoslavia, Turkey, Finland, Iran, India ...

How should it be the word of the factory, which employs thirty-eight thousand people, half of them, up to thirty years? Four and a half thousand Communists. Already, one fifth of all that is done here in the enterprise, certified by the supreme guarantee of a truly excellent, modern work. Full of talent, with the analysis of the state and responsibility. By the end of the period, this figure will reach about thirty percent. Very large, eloquent commitment (if such a huge total volume!). All the more so for the home town of Zhdanov this level until the middle three and eight per cent for the field to four and five, and for the entire six percent of Ukraine. Here's what to plant employs Alex Shekhovtsov.

In order not to push, he missed two buses and sat in the chair squeaking of artificial skin "Ikarus".

And reached the road, not a short and a long way off from the center to the outskirts. With the broad, modern golubeyuschimi asphalt streets, tall buildings, shop windows, past the congested, Krivokolenny quiet old town, plastered whitewashed garden with tree trunks (the eternal delight of the soul), every one in his own way and put together the taste of fences, gates creaking.

Alex still managed to scoop up the fate of his manners and way of life: in forty-six when his mother brought them here in this city for a long time huddled (consider, for eleven years) in the apartment. Olga remembers Nikiforovna often difficult for some reason, that seems to be the most worthy of oblivion. How to (do something kolkhoz, Orel), they enlisted with the guy in Siberia, to the mine, as they lived there (before the cabin fifty miles), once it happened two days held in the hands of frost in the burning heat of Alexis, Alexis and his father-he and was also wounded in the left end of the forty-fourth better find a place, and you never hear about him more than a year, until the notification of the death of ... And it breaks with the children on the letter to the Ukraine. With a nothing was taken, some money was enough to Kharkov ... Peshochkom, here. Search for a job, settle down. We took it to repair railway tracks, earning five hundred rubles, one hundred of them gave a roof over their heads. Alex (his mother's voice breaks) waits until she returns from work, come-shod still warm with her legs quilted cloaks and school. Lived! And then, five years later, the elder, Tasia got married there soon and mean, Lisa ("Oh, Peter, Well it's nothing!" He said, "Mother, will be"). How can I forget it? And that, in this case, remember!

Here's how it is, Alex Shekhovtsov. With its thoroughness, its strong fret straight and clear nature. This is the world of work, not idle the world. After seven classes lured to go to the steelmaker, has handed over documents to handicraft. And took away (think: Well two years to learn, and difficult family, help needed). Better student at the factory, so hurry!

His mother brought back, he was terribly embarrassed, standing, shifting, growing a small, nondescript, almost to her, to speak for his son to his shoulder, lean, in a plaid, worn-out, with different buttons on a shirt and canvas, slippers on his bare feet. He was looked over and slide on the forehead with a thread tied score, has spoken: MSB-one! There, in a mechanical assembly number one, he, too scared shy, until Alexander A. Michiro, who led the change, wondered aloud who give these gifts as the personnel department. 'Nothing,' encouraged, 'razznakomishsya. One firmly remember: do not do much until you learn, but a lot to do to learn. " And that gave it turner. And that plan, the norm! Perplexed whistle, he immediately, without delay, because of the shoulder, led the study. A transparent manner: what pen, where and why (get it?) Is spinning. The so-called method of Backpack. And the whole course of studies, in two days. The theory and practice together.

And a third, please have the machine, and he hears, "Well, what are you, Alex? Break! .. "

Six months in the conventional milling, he polished irons. Clamped five pieces, walked a little on the canvas cast iron, and good.

So he started. And that meant for him to "education for the profession of love?" Word. But the firm, as the price of bread, he knew that the job-this is now his place in life. It is raised on the hard Shekhovtsova difficult stages of growth. To the delight, the beautiful and contagious passion of the faithful, to the subtleties of the case, the creativity, the skills as an art. And it turned out, it is surest way to unleash your personality!

Master, Alexander Moroz Mironovich, gave him the experience and understanding in sredstvah.-Honor, it's how our second banner! A good name. Invest in detail everything you can and what can! Otherwise, Alyosha, we must not. As a human being even simply unprofitable. Stick-it, by golly, it's that neither is easy. Yeah, yeah, do not be surprised, Alex! Rattled off from here to here, and have done it. Unpretentious. And where are shining eyes? Without them, the man is bad, acquires inside mold. Or, to answer, they are near the cash register, the pay-day? No, there is another they shine. Material! Then what, I ask you to point me to live? What then, commercials ten years later, looking back, see? What kind of pants we were with you today? Yes, kill, do not tell ...

Home turned out they are now more frequently together. On the road. Of course, on foot. That was it, the first master Alexei Shekhovtsova.

Yet the question of the main event in the life of Shekhovtsov short answer: Love.

Indeed, it is a holiday in his life, which is still ongoing, and in this sense has been the proven power of its own that makes be a better, brighter and even more beautiful face.

Shekhovtsov again sit at the desk in order to continue to learn, there will be many to read, play chess, get involved in poetry, he will find his family, knows fatherhood and, in fact, be those who become. Oh, indeed, long live love! ..

What happened was very simple, and illuminated by now even a slight smile.

Guys with their marginal street, called for some reason, Spotlight, often dancing in the state farm club, about four kilometers. The company was, he is not. They taught him to smoke, and other fighting prowess. were consistent: to teach and dance. And once, at a dance, and became acquainted, ended in a visit to a registry office. Married so embarrassed changes in his life that no one told about it.

Hiding the "stamp" was discovered by accident, the advent of the district, who came to check the "passport system". The bride-wife sent her husband, her fiance. Arranged that too was a modest dinner, sat. Was not even the traditional "bitter!", So all this is out of the blue ...

Is not love, they say, is not an epiphany?

Orange ... inside and outside the "Ikarus" napetlyav enough, after half an hour "shakes" it from the factory that will roll right there on your route. Shekhovtsov crossed the street, quite lively and wide, from the building opposite the appealing colorful message yardstick letters: "shop culture Zhdanov Heavy Machinery Plant, the Palace of Culture" Iskra "10 years". At the corner of a metal-plate-memorial plaque. She talked about everything, but including, of course, about him, Alexis Shekhovtsova: "... built Komsomol members and young people to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Soviet power." And so, that too for ten years.

Shehovtsov Alexey Mitrofanovich At the very entrance he met Zuev. Hello! Turner by turner. Shook hands. Once upon a time worked together, now in different departments, but not vanished, it remains alive in my heart warm. Seven years ago, the second in the history of the plant. Zuev received a hero. Seeing him in the Presidium the ceremonial meeting with an asterisk, Alex came up during the break: well. Gene, praise, give at least look up close. And Zuev, without a word, put it on his palm-see. This title requires little to say, it is convinced Shekhovtsov and specific for the human test. Gennady Y. Zuev from the present. And in fact, in everyday life. In the forty-fourth went to a trade, in his forty-fifth graduated, and to this day plant. All life-like star on the palm ...

Hello! Turner by turner. Shook hands and parted, but think about Zuyevo nice.

He is still unhurried, Shekhovtsov. While the marches between the great buildings of shops, including shabby ruthless Yuzhakov poplars. While not swerve to his fifteenth and ascend the stairs to the third floor. To change.

At the bottom he came exactly to the minute, by the beginning of the shift. Not before and not later. In a pure black robe. Trim, collected, cheerful. Looked around, who are already in place. The thunder, the noise, hello smile, a slight nod or some gesture of attention.

On the fresh sawdust strewn patch near the first such machine Shekhovtsov delves more than busy with the serious business: there nose sunet there krutnet, polyubopytstvuet here will make sure they click, will experience. The lamp included, bedside table with a tool discovered buried in the drawing. Yes it linger Shekhovtsov!

Other long-Plan "tight" ...

And he seems uneasy.

Annie approached Gorovykh of his recent students. Uncle Alex, how best to sharpen? Uncle Alex takes the blade and "in kind" explains. Uncle Alex, and will not wipe? Uncle Alex gets a mic, figured, no, okay. Uncle Alex, thank you!

But here in the workpiece holder and Shekhovtsov glasses (ordinary glass, but Her Majesty instruction, better safe than to guard), he uses the machine. Surrounding what is and how it is now there for him, if dissolved, eh gone, disappeared for a while? It is now very focused and rastoropen, all given birth and is subject to the details. Complex and yet so sverhobyknovennoy-cap ammonia tank. Tricky, however, the widget: is there a nut, and thread, and the interior so intricate, that descended on the trapeze. Flies fiercely sparks, smoldering metal and executed. The impact hammer - notching a personal stamp and give the next!

So it works, Shekhovtsov. Thoroughly carried away easily, and therefore especially just did diabolically beautiful. That is all, without discount, and footnotes, his attitude to life. Yes! This, I think, otgadka, the effect itself Shekhovtsova. And from the rest UZH-attitude, consistency and impact in many respects a striking, an outstanding result which eventually can be defined as a percentage, and yet her hot inner content is not embedded in his stubby and cold frames, because it is hardly expressed in percentage point human zeal, elation, our insistence, the thirst for competition with other people and even with their own capabilities.

"Hatched the idea of a sacred order in the soul of the creator, which is to some extent, every employee, the master of his craft. This sacred order of the master commands to put all things into place, as well as to determine the most in service and to get rid of prisluzhivaniya. Requires merit and nothing else. " This Prishvin cursory notes of his observations. Once these lines caught my eye Shekhovtsova. He read them once and the second one. Grunted in satisfaction, and lit, and then was quiet for a long time. Quieter than usual. What was he thinking? About Me? Hardly.

The sacred order of the soul.

Serving, not prisluzhivanie.


And nothing more ...

The second shift with a fifteen-twenty to twenty-three forty.

Due to objective reasons for this time not really say enough, more silent, busy with his own. In the best case be a chat. This is the specificity of the production: the operation, which executes each machine operator, in no way related to those in the neighborhood. Therefore, a break-vent, for the benefit and joy of the contact interaction. Gather little groups. Take out and unfold sandwiches. Jokes, banter, exchange of news and snack, all mixed together.

Head of the fifteenth workshop cursed and evil, has hung up. Nachtseha boiling. Usually calm, steady, good-natured, soft, truly Ukrainian sense of humor, for some time he sat at his desk without a single piece of paper, and overwhelmed by his unspoken in this useless phone conversation, even if the feelings become shorter. In, in, as well, urgently! The earlier thought, colleagues, Where change is now to take? Night. Take the rap for someone else's mismanagement!

Nachtseha shivered. Yes, vacation is over, today is the first day at work. And surprise! Lovely smezhnichki-pulled, pulled from this heat treatment, has not yet got so hot and it turned out that if the fifteenth is not no time to help out and pierced up in the morning, stop at the assembly tomorrow. A report Director and the appropriate conclusions, it is then. Act now! He rested, and well-restrained times, not showered in a tube too much. Holiday, the great cause of vacation.

Yes, but high-speed valve for heavy tanks, part excellent, with fantasy. Need a class. Can two. Boris Belchenko, the foreman. And Shekhovtsov ...

Nachtseha, Yuri Vladimirovich Tereshchenko, and struck a match, smoking, went under the echoing arches of the fifteenth.

Around a thousand acquaintances particularly in the run-up and employment, was it, job, great performance, everyday life of the plan. He had already intend to approach the Belchenko, and then Yuri Vladimirovich remembered. At the same patsanenok, and to bring it into the garden, Boris T. specifically my wife and I are always in different shifts. It was he did not argue, will remain, but can not, sorry. The authority of fatherhood is especially reliable. Consequently, Alex Mitrofanovich Shekhovtsov?

This is especially bezotkazen. The only thing that might ask: When, now, or finish off the party started?

It should be. Do not threw it on the centerline! Fluidity, a difficult area, a high qualification is required, and technology, each tied in a chain. Fourteen operations, and almost forced the rhythm synchrony. Others would not hear: confusion and unprofitable. A Shekhovtsov magic wand. Because it is necessary. Although, if you look, from the "right" is not quite fair reception.

So-Shekhovtsov ...

However nachtseha hesitated. It was then a nuisance, its open account. They received not long ago two machines. The latest design. Who to trust? Two of the best, it is logical. Asam. Belchenko and Shekhovtsova. And suddenly Shekhovtsov: "I was working on this now and will continue to work with. What people say about me? "I had to convince, and Shekhovtsov conceded. When the leaders rebuked: you are there, in the fifteenth, are not able to demonstrate their own achievements, the pennant in the workplace, a portrait to be seen where the hero is working! Well, it is easy to fulfill. But hero-against. I do not agree, period. In any. And then he was forced to concede, nachtseha.

Nachtseha puffed smoke and stepped firmly explain the situation.

- Alex Mitrofanovich, he said, 'bad luck! Neighbors give us, you know, a hole in the morning and beg of her to the gate. How do you look? ..

Shekhovtsov smiled.

- What can we, and all wrapped in a joke. - No thank you. Pleasures not to spoil ...

At that we parted.

The work ...

For twenty-two, to push and increasing the tempo, Shekhovtsov finished the last of the "Virtue of the twisted-'ammonia caps. The main job. Marked each mark, began to remove the chips. The most unpleasant duty turner! From which the most tired. For a change sometimes it is up to one ton. So grab a ladle, dragged, so to speak, waste ...

But so, in their hearts, Alex?

- And not in a businesslike way it is.

Manage, he first went to call home (to his wife and daughter not to worry) and returned. The shop gradually died away. Twenty-three forty. The team stopped the machine, each quickly brought them into order, feel impatient, tired posing, people threw glances at his watch, who had, who later gathered and by clicking the switch seemed to be turned off not only light but also the workplace, which is immediately is immersed in the blinding darkness. It's done, all-up in the morning! And it is somewhat reminiscent of the final seldom performed Forty-fifth (farewell) symphonies of Haydn, when silenced, along with a tool, after his last sound in the orchestra, and the candle goes out on the stand, and so, until there is a first violinist.

Out Kinschak Eugene. Be!

Out Alexander Kharchenko. Bye!

Out Volodya Vasechkin. Success!

Gone Luda Loskot. All the best!

Gone Lisa Maltsev, YCL team. Good luck!

Gone planirovschitsa and gay fashionista Natasha Sidorenko. Do not miss!

Out Royanovy, cousins and both Natalia V. and N.. Maybe bring the hot potatoes in their jackets? Buses go to g ...

Gone Nina Kutsa, a student. Good-bye.

Left, embarrassed trodden down, Boris Belchenko, big, burly.

Filed, and shook his hand.

And the last left Anya. Uncle Alex, I certainly would have helped, but sense-then-you know. I want to quickly deal!

Do not worry, darling, most importantly, what you have curiosity, the rest will follow. Be sure to ...

He dreamed he, Shekhovtsov, be a mentor, to educate?

His "school" done for twelve people. Volodya Mangadash was the first. Annie, the last three months, as "self-loaves." One hundred and twenty percent, not bad. One hundred and sixty to one hundred eighty rubles, she initially could not believe that it is her so much! Good, demanding to his maiden. There will be a good judge. Yes, children are entered in the passport, so, probably, forever a student entered the red line in the future nastavnika.-knows, thinks, Shekhovtsov, clamping the workpiece first,-can, the ability to work to some extent akin to the art and life? ..

In this, perhaps, time to leave a Hero of Socialist Labor Aleksei Mitrofanovich Shekhovtsov.

He, no doubt, will perform, he will not break the job. And it enlisted, night. And those that will be it tomorrow or the day after, and, in fact, each common and unusual working hours, which, for each, must be, he knows a good memory.

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