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Pantyushin Maria Ivanovna

Baker-master, mentor youth Kolomna bakery Hero of Socialist Labor

Pantyushin Maria Ivanovna I remember the difficult post-war bread: the queue for hours for him (and often were, at night), bread coupons, tired, happy mother's eyes as she watched eagerly, and we ate a delicious black loaves of bread, ate carefully, so as not to fall, no baby. What is unique-it was nice moments! And remember that every autumn the whole class went to the farm and gathered in the fields of corn ears were collected, so that none is left under the snow. Children of the war years, we knew the price of bread.

And then once with a friend went to pick mushrooms. In the woods near Mozhaisk fungi were many, and we quickly filled their baskets with white, boletus, and aspen. Everything was good, lucky and happy, we are gathered home. They walked slowly, talking, and stopped only when suddenly came to a small clearing. Those who were here before us left a memory of black-and-ash circle of fire. Among the embers cooled, and any debris, apparently thrown into the fire just before leaving so as not to contaminate the wood-urge-you were noble!, We saw half a loaf of bread charred Orel. Lonely he was lying in the ashen circle. Became somehow not on itself, and not to see this on the ignorance of whether, in the callousness of the soul is created by abuse, we sipped the remains buried silently walked from the ashes ...

- Here, here, 'she said softly, after hearing my story, this, Mary-Ivanovna. heart bleeds when I see wrong, wasting of bread. It is necessary to write more about bread, more telling, especially youth, about him. Bread we have a cheap but not cheap given he said. How hard is it growing, it is difficult to bake. Sometimes you see someone tossed a piece of right-heart flips. I can not ...

One hundred kilometers from Moscow to Ryazan, Kolomna is an ancient. Train quickly whisk you into town, first mentioned in Russian chronicles dating back from 1177 year. But the current Kolomna is not only known ancient monuments. This is a great modern city. In our country and abroad are well-known powerful locomotives Kolomna, unique machines, textile machines, high-quality ropes for fishing vessels. And now the city has another famous address: Plant 2 Kolomna bakery. It works, and the team of Maria Ivanovna Pantyukhina. This group is recognized as the best team of food industry enterprises of the Ministry of the RSFSR. MI Pantyukhina awarded horde / Mr. Lenin, and in the days of the XXV Congress of the Party was awarded the title Hero of Socialist Labor. This high award was valued her work, the master baker and mentor young people.

Maria Ivanovna lived near the plant. On a quiet street, one side of a fence-factory. Three of them: her husband, Ivan Stepanovich, a driver and a daughter, Natasha, ninth-graders, an avid athlete. A son is far from the Moscow University, is working in Indonesia at the Soviet Embassy.

On the day when I was sitting in their small apartment and we leafed through family albums, I peered into the old and new photographs, diplomas considered, posters on her, Maria Ivanovna, experience, and read articles about her bakery art. The hostess herself, free of duty, going to school. Yesterday, the teacher asked her, Natasha, a mother can speak to the students, tell us about your profession? ..

Maria Ivanovna, tall, plump, about those in Russia, they say - a stout. She has a good, simple, pleasant face. In general, it is all some kind of family, gentle, attentive. I confess, I asked her how she felt about fame. And is not the first I've probably asked her about it, but she was confused and waved, as if stepping back from something by hand:

- What is it, I do not know ... That's a lot has to act. And doctors are limited. In his youth, still flushed from the furnace fell down to the cold water and chill the vocal cords ... Yes, the answer to the letter. Sent from various cities. Curious is.

- Well, at least one ...

- Days from Moscow arrived. The woman wrote that her mother was a child spoiled bagels. Hell itself:

mustard, sugar. Moms no longer alive, and the woman her children are grown. And she would like to eat them, too, bagels, but my recipe does not remember. Asks for.

- Sometimes the same.

- Sent yesterday. Whether it is a letter, or even that an effect, but some sad bird flew into her eyes. Maria Ivanovna walked to the window and looked long and silently into the street. Autumn spread yellow and red leaves in divorce. They quietly rustled in the dry, cold wind. Who knows what she thought a woman now? Does not his childhood remembered her? Orel, village Selikhova, forty kilometers from the regional center of ...

The family of twelve children. Six survived. Before the war, his father found work at the plant in Kolomna, and soon moved back and the whole family.

December 31, 1943,-it is a lifetime remember that date, sixteen-year-Marie, the eldest in the family, came to the bakery. My father was at the front, his mother was seriously ill.

The change worked, and on the night of the New 1944 Year remained in the darkened shop shipping crackers for the front. The shop hung a sign: "All for the front! Everything for victory! "Each loaf of bread, each biscuit then equated to the shells and cartridges.

Did it all ourselves: unloading wagons with coal, went to harvest wood and peat, in a coolie hauled heavy with flour, stirred by hand tight as rubber, dough.

Years later, the plant will have bakeries and machinery and conveyor systems, and automation. But she did not forget the fact that it was ... In those days, probably, was hardening its character: the hardness, the ability to maintain in all circumstances good spirits, overcome all sorrow, to be generous, interested in what he does. No wonder she likes to say: "The profession of a baker, like no other, not / suffering indifference."

And I think: what distinguishes Maria Ivanovna, among other bakery workers? Reply to this easy. At the plant a lot of good employees. Only after many conversations with friends of Maria Ivanovna, with herself, having been in her team, in party offices in the directorate, I realized that the main thing is still not operating gains, although they are impressive: some of the best in the company. It's her team for the ninth five-year saved 40 tons of flour, 100 tons has developed more products, has mastered 19 new types of products, mainly small sized. And this is important, because the product light weight helps to spend more carefully bread. Indeed, often we do not need a huge loaf, but small enough bun. And one should note, perhaps the most important fact: all that produces collective Pantyukhina,-the highest quality. At the plant say that if you put the dough change of Maria Ivanovna, the bread is sure to get a lush, easy, tasty ...

So, here's the main thing is still not production, although the Maria Ivanovna told me that without him is not his life. When given a free day of trouble at home, on the farm, no, no yeah, and remember looking at my watch, that now is precisely the time when out of the huge, up to 300 liters, dough bowls come in testomeshalnuyu car. How many times in my life, along with bread committed it this way, but every time he performs, and mentally, as if it is something new, as if afraid that is not done without any errors. She knows mistakes will not be, but still thinks and sees this, never stop the river of flour, dough and bread. At any hour, she knows at what stage of bread, who is busy with her friends than by his side. The very profession all over. Here is a sample taken in the laboratory. It's the law. He has never violated: the sample is taken from each batch. Only after that he goes to the dough divider. Here, the dough is divided into small kruglyashi, which are 45-50 minutes of "hiding" in the closet. There they ripen. It remains the last operation: furnace, where the white flat pieces of dough absorb the amber flame, his warmth and lightness, and, rising, raspolnev as the girl, blushing, take your eternally seductive look ready baked bread.

Yes, the production and Maria Ivanovna, inseparable friends, reliable, good ...

Pantyushin Maria Ivanovna Without the hot oven, brew, and various, came to help the baker machines are now hard to imagine it. But we can assume with some degree of certainty that the other would be any production of it last ... I do not know, not sure exactly if I put it, but the main thing to Maria Ivanovna, as well as any other person with enthusiasm, is related to what you're doing.

A relationship with Maria Ivanovna to his work for a special. I wrote it and I see that one word "special" will not be enough. It is too dirty sackcloth, varnished. We often say that he loves his profession. I did not in this case it meant, even though 33 years old, who worked at a plant Pantyukhina themselves speak volumes. "Our Marie Ivanovna does not work, and communicating ',' I once heard the remark. I realized that it expressed an essential trait of brigadier. Yes, it does not work, and communicate. Communicate in the highest sense of the word. Spent a decade working practices, professionalism allow her to work on something kind of easy, almost imperceptibly, confidently, as if in passing, and all the attention focused on those who are close by. She knows, sees, feels, helps them. Yes, she communicates with each of them communicate through the work, every day, every hour, every minute of his work, his attitude to her and to others. It confirms all my being, and argues again and again of old high rank of Master. Communication at work, according to most of Maria Ivanovna, the kindest, the most profound communion. That's why every day in her life, her memory is marked primarily notches good, generous care. Some people need help, someone to talk to, someone to congratulate, cheer up. About her say, "Maria Ivanovna could vzgrustnut may not be in the mood. Is strict or, conversely, is too good, but never indifferent, not an end in itself ... "

Maria Ivanovna often speaks of his profession: a hard, hard. That night shifts, staggered off. And all the time on my feet. To eat, one must "substituted" for someone to leave the bread in his place. Such specificity.

But maybe it is too severe to cause to which she dedicated her life? Or is it the severity of the knowledge, experience, love? It may be that the severity of jealousy? Most likely, the one and the second and the third ...

- The profession can not lure, 'says Maria Ivanovna. so-necessary to speak the truth as it is. Who is coming to the bakeries? The girls mostly. And then work on a Saturday, Sunday. Difficult for them. I want to run and dance, and loved to meet. Youth in all we had ... Yes, our profession is not easy. But for those who loved her, who stuck with her heart, she opens her discreet beauty and necessity. No wonder they say bread is king.

Here, we cherish every ounce, every handful of flour. Bake a good, tasty bread. After the bread we are connected with all people. After all, every piece of it, in each of the handful of flour saved labor-plowman, farmer. And because of that he gives people extraordinary.

- Well, you have a big turnover? I asked.

- No, we, as a rule, rarely go out.

- So do not afraid of difficulties.

- I would say, to understand them.

Maria Ivanovna Pantyukhina-known in the bakery mentor young people. And the glory of it, perhaps, 'not inferior to the glory of the baker-master. And she said Maria Ivanovna this side of an important, perhaps, the most important. To arouse interest in a young worker, the love of the profession, to give her the secrets of the accumulated years of expertise to teach the master's approach to his work, look at it broadly, in the state,-in that she sees his party duty.

Around Maria Ivanovna's always a lot of young pupils. Fifteen people she has trained professional baker. In each of them a particle of her soul. Fifteen people is quite a lot, if they become excellent professionals, borrowed from the instructor a few trades, the conveyor can replace any of his comrades. Many, already winners of the competition the factory, and Nina Frolenkov, for example, was awarded the Order of Labor Glory, she heads the team.

... At the factory entrance, Maria Ivanovna showed me a low, thin girl. Quickly, so we did not see us shot a curious black eyes, and immediately slipped into the passage.

- Out of my team. Recently working.

Once identified her Maria Ivanovna, then tell something about it ...

And said:

- Her experience of working with a sparrow's beak. Month as work. And came bewildered, confused. From the orphanage she said. Native one. Ad read that on the rope factory workers are required, well and leaned back. You saw it: a thin, puny, what is only the soul lasts. At the factory, and she refused. "It's because of my appearance," she said, when she came to our factory. We took her to his team, but to be honest, I'm afraid. Will it, I think, very much weak. We charge brigade, all equally. They began to teach, as what is called a roll, as laid ... Look, he tries. And this is important. Relieved from the soul, Forest began to help. You see, when a new person comes to the team and see that this man is not accidental that the years will bind you to him, 'it is a holiday. Worked our brand new first month and now gets paid 135 rubles. Cheerful! And where would she just came on the production, a student, so much to work? Of course, she realized that it was Brigadier advance. But we know she will fulfill it ...

- Here you are eyeing to me that there would be such for me to find out. Do not mind, I see, and, honestly, she would like to help you. But this is my life, nothing interesting for you do not remember. I am looking at Maria Ivanovna. Women's ploy? But it really upset. It's really, I feel it wants to help me.

- Your profession is too difficult, I'm thinking ona.-best three shifts to defend than to talk like that.

- But there were also particularly memorable days?

- There were. There were ... Maybe this one. Natasha gave birth in the year. The very ill. And then we lived in the Sands. Twenty kilometers from Kolomna.

- And from there went to work?

- And where is it? Twelve years in a row until I got an apartment near the plant.

- I interrupted you.

- Ill. Trudnenko was. Suddenly, my whole crew arrives. And then someone came every day, and the light is passing. Helped all they could. Did you forget? Probably, especially since the matter-all together: birthdays, and weddings, and tours. All together, in joy and in sorrow.

Maria Ivanovna was sitting across from me. Hands clasped in her lap. Casually looking at her hands, awkward, strange lying ... All they can do. And cuddle and protect. Swaddle the baby and bake bread.

- About the difficult days of asking?-Animated-Marie Ivanovna. Without them, it is impossible.

- You can not?

- It is impossible. They have checked. By and large, judges himself, his job, his life, this Russian woman.

... Maria Ivanovna went out at night. Change as a change. One after the other. One is similar to the other. Normal changes. How many were there? Maria Ivanovna, looking at his watch. Galina is not all. Of course, Galina-girl addicting, nervous, foolish. It may be rude, may be absent. But what happened? And anyway, what to do? That's what happened: an established team disrupted life for years. By all indicators best team rolled down. And all because of one of the Shrew girls ...

"Give her to our team," asked, Maria Ivanovna. Not denied. By a similar request it used to. And now, when Galina is not out to change, she thought about it. But do not pity, as it were, once again reproached myself for not having done everything, something is invented to save the girl. At midnight, Maria Ivanovna was called to the telephone.

They called the police. The duty officer asked:

- Pantyukhina?

- H.

- N. Gal you work?

- Yes, 'said, and his heart sank, quivered like a thread.

- Actually, nothing much happened. It was our clothes in the park and sees a girl sitting on the bench. Blubbered. Asked what had happened. Not very talkative. Refused to go home. Admitted only that your changes are supposed to be.

- Oh, what do you do?-Almost begged Mary Ivanovna.-Bread-it goes. Do not leave it.

- Bread, say, goes ... at the other end of the tube were silent. Then the sirens rang out frequently. What changed her mind when she thought, Maria Ivanovna? It was bitter for Galya, it hurts for her unsettled life. And myself, as always, the most cursed. Is it all in vain: the joint work, her favorite, in what she believed blindly, socializing at work.

By passing the carriage drove up police.

Brought Galya, disheveled, ruffled.

- Take, 'he said, looking at Pantyukhina, starshina.-A for the bread you very much. Very tasty your bread turns out.

- Thank you.

Pantyukhina looked at Galya thought nezlobno "wet hen," and deciding about anything it is not the question, said:

- Go home, you do not have to work today.

- Do not go.

And stayed. In the morning only with Maria Ivanovna went out.

... - So we were like sitting with you now, 'says Maria Ivanovna.-talk, talk. About what? Everything, like a woman, with tears. Love with our dashing, our unlucky Galina. In the cadet artillery. Very worried: he would go, to finish college and leave the military. And in my family was afraid to enter it, embarrassed. And again: "How am I without him? You do not tell him anything, if I introduce you? I tell him all the very ... "As if we replaced the girl. And since I met Volodya, and our whole team, too. What is the wedding took place, what a wedding ...

Maria Ivanovna looked at me slyly. Checks if all I knew, and so I knew how she wanted to.

- Do you think the story ended our Jackdaws? She left with her husband. A year later, one day closer to the fall, when my husband and I were just about to leave, breaks it to us Volodya. And from the doorway: zdraste, I'm behind you, Maria Ivanovna, Ivan Stepanovich. And taken away! We waved to them on vacation to his parents in Bologoye. Oh, and cranberries were in the same year ...

Maria Ivanovna did not tell only one significant detail, which I learned later, at the plant. ... For Volodya then came in and Galya. Threw herself on his neck to Maria Ivanovna

- You are to me as his own mother!

Following the publication of the Decree of the Supreme Soviet of the assignment to her the title of Hero of Socialist Labor in the house on the street Krasnogvardeyskaya visited by many journalists, correspondents of newspapers, magazines, radio and television. Getting acquainted with the life of Maria Ivanovna, filled to the brim, like deja brew, not only for his work at the plant, but many public duties (she partgruporg, a member of the party bureau, druzhinnitsa), genuinely surprised, as it lacks all the time. Children, family and own a team with thousands of worries. Twenty-four hours, then all alone.

Answer Maria Ivanovna was as sincere as asked questions:

- Honestly, I do not know. But, more importantly, I think that the soul was in the ...

We went with Maria Ivanovna. Gone are the quiet of autumn street to school. I knew what she would say boys and girls ... And I knew that hard bread, Maria Ivanovna has no price. For how to assess, in which pennies and convert rubles to the profession of love, dedication, simplicity, tenderness, talent, teacher, mentor?

And I thought, no matter how fast time runs, no matter how it is changing the face of the earth, as it may load your brain with new knowledge, or what new products will be included in our diet, we will always disturb, excite, delight the smell of bread.

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