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Prokofiev Ivan Yakovlevich

Senior roller mill Production Association "Kirov factory" Hero of Socialist Labor.

Prokofiev Ivan Yakovlevich In Cherepovets Prokofiev said that all the laminators and, of course, the older laminators at the plant have a higher education. Experience, of course, important, but metallurgist degree here in the rolling industry today, has become the norm.

This news confused visitor. "This is how now understand the meaning of the whole trip?-Thinking Prokofiev - the native-plant what it thought?". He was the man with the vosmiklassnym education, was sent to an unknown entity to comprehend engineering wisdom. In fact, levers, buttons, Automatic, Remote Control, a conveyor mysteries that can not take the same skill. Five years needed to be examined by the institute's program. And then in 45 years, all right, say, Ivan Yakovlevich, learn it in four months. Seriously is it? Maybe a misunderstanding?

Not a Prokofiev felt discouraged that day. With him in the apartment, which gave the Leningrad plant interns lived another five comrades in the shop. Each of them worked in the rolling case for two decades, and each has its disciples. A few months ago one of these giants of steel is not embarrassed by the prospect of a time to be in the "scholar", when the reconstruction department, many of them have worked in the builders and fitters, it remains to get this science, to return home, working on a new equipment which have been heard so much.

Farewell, crowbars and hammers, hooks and tongs, the handles of which became the square toes. Farewell, canvas gloves and salted shirts, glow in the face and strong muscles, which were poured in severe fights with red-hot metal blanks, where success has brought proven tactics Putilovites-grandfathers of the "head on" when the teams took turns at the stove every twenty minutes, in hockey, as they say now. Believe and not believe that will soon come to an end all these attributes, and a grim hand-rolled long lifetime. And eight years ago came to the shop the builders placed a ladder against the wall and carefully detached, and a plaque with the inscription, which is 12 (25) May 1917 speech at the mass meeting of workers of the Kirov (Putilov) plant performed by Vladimir Ilyich Lenin.

A plaque wrapped in canvas and brought in temporary storage in the factory museum. A shop filled with the sounds of construction, began dismantling the old mills, for which, together with the builders took themselves metallurgists.

About the features of the new equipment, which began to deal with Izhora plant not only knew how many have heard, primarily from the head shop. "The ties and white coats will go on changing, 'said on.-hammer hooks and surrender to the museum." Ease of use, relief of hard work then seemed most important in the information about future production, and to technology, the technical characteristics of the new mill conversations are rarely reached. And how to explain the principles of the fingers of the mechanism of a huge, half a kilometer in length, the moving assembly line on which the cabin like a commentator in the sports palace hung glass booth operator stations with remote controls, TVs, air conditioners? This should be seen, and then explain.

And in Cherepovets saw.

With a hot ingot is happening is the same as in the home workshop. With one caveat: the man did not touch the workpiece. Bar rolled out of the mouths of their own open-hearth furnace, roller thundering on the ribbon, fell into the crimping press, turn over at the right time, rotated 180 degrees, the substituted end of the knife, under the impact stigma and fit into the stack. Straight from the cartoon images of a live steel ingot, and not the manufacturing process.

You can imagine the state of Leningrad, the first who saw this picture of a fabulous deserted. Dumb and silent bewilderment: "And what do we have something to do here?" And absolutely baffled that day observation of the owners of high-rolling-mill education.

It was something to talk about the evening of Leningrad in his circle.

- So, all that we can, down the drain?

- I would just once to touch the metal scrap, and it would have been clearer.

- A motor-roller table as a fact!

Under each of the roller motor. Well, if you press the wrong button and not twist back?

- In the booth to sit in a tie at the time. And down by the roller table, without a coat, perhaps, cool.

- At the camp thirteen positions. And I should know the work of each?

- How many of these profiles in the course? 200?

- It is easier to teach than to retrain ...

- And how are they monitored for size? Right out of the booth?

- I understand that the main thing - to set the rollers. This is a delicate matter, it is primarily depends on the person. And so then its automatic operation makes it rough.

- Once a man came up with automatic means, and it can be understood. Ask plenty of it! So slowly and straight. Sleep on it. Morning and in fact was wiser than the evening of restless thoughts. Prokofiev, for example, felt confident of only one kind of a friend, breathable dry heat, bursting with fiery paint-mi hot ingot, which in the arms of multi-ton machinery became pliable like dough and took the necessary human form. In the end, with the same metal and have to deal with, only the machines do the whole process of the old rental perfect. However, confusing this unusual in its speed and clarity of the rhythm of handling rods, it is difficult to contemplate the distant metal that used to feel the force of its own muscle, skin, heightened sense of danger hidden in this hot ingot.

But this is not the most worried about Prokofiev: new habits is a matter of time. Not here, because in his shop, he catches the rhythm, and adapt to a new perception of the metal.

It is much more important to grasp the roller was something that required study and understanding of: setting the mill, the principles of management of all operations rental, are the organization of labor on a new team to equip-pines. Will the knowledge and diligence? Meet there at the time? It would be naive, of course, to determine the mental capacity of a mature man only by the number of classrooms, finished in a distant youth. After all the years come and experience, and breadth of vision, and depth of professional knowledge, attitudes and produced ideological position, morale and quality of character. All this, of course, affects the ability to pursue their own, go to the target. There, in Cherepovets, Prokofiev formulated it for yourself this:

- Perhaps, after our factory and come rolling production specialists with higher education. I think that, most likely, it would happen: technical progress can not be fooled. But today, the plant sent to learn a new business us, their human workers. He has entrusted us with this, because in the past considerable trust, and we failed to make his business. Well, now we have to justify this confidence in the collective choice we do not, no matter how hard I had to.

It can be assumed that the Cherepovets universities, to comprehend that a Communist Prokofiev deliberately and for a common cause semicolon took years before retirement age, were not the first challenge in his life. Military siege of Leningrad, Ivan Prokofiev lived in the besieged city.

That had fallen on the shoulders of a skinny guy in sixteen years, enough for a great life. Instead of summer vacation, a war, instead of the ninth-grade bench locksmith instead of his father's friendship - the last letter from the front. The son of a soldier entered adulthood under the howling alarm sirens and artillery shells, under the harsh Soviet Information Bureau reports, and silent tears of the mother. He knew early morning blast its plant, its maze of bomb shelters, ramps roofs of neighboring houses and accurate measure of the siege of ration-250 Surrogate grams of bread a day, as a working man. These were his first task in life: to survive, to defend the city, to work for the front. And even just to survive in the besieged city, required a lot of courage, persistence, optimism.

The third winter of the Siege of spirit experienced guy again, but in exceptional circumstances - in a hospital bed.

Prokofiev Ivan Yakovlevich Kern, Ivan Prokofiev got to the hospital after three weeks of fighting in the Red Selo: splinter stuck in the bent leg and would not let her stand up straight.

Long months of treatment only a few have changed the situation: the leg straightened, but not bent. Disability in nineteen years. And sent won from the front, the lame and skinny, with a certificate of disability raypischetorg charge of the beer.

Ivan Yakovlevich and remained a lifelong indifference to the beer. But the passion for the sport. First, in the days of competitions covered veteran beer and walked to the stadium. Then he began to run, forcing recalcitrant foot pedal to turn the bike. Athlete of the stubborn guy did not work out, but the seller of beer, too.

Prokofiev departed from commerce as soon as believed in his leg.

In the rolling mill of the Kirov factory Prokofiev was in general random.

Went to look at the strange production, and stuck: the fiery spectacle fascinated ingot and gay men work. Like all newcomers in the office, he began with a straightforward post kryuchechnika: Kant, turned the red-hot rod special hook-and all the work that requires skill and perhaps that of force. But why not keep the guys on this work, after two or three weeks, leaving the shop?

This is Ivan realized after the change, when he came home and plastalsya on the couch. The whole body ached from the slightest movement. "Why do not you hero. Go to this work. What to suffer? "Sorry, son, mother. "Fight fire with fire is necessary, Mom," groaned in response, Ivan, and the morning went back to the factory.

After a couple of months, the body has been strengthened, suffused with muscles. Prokofiev learned to economize forces in a hot oven, and after the day shift did not hurry home, and with new friends in the shop was driving across town to the football. So even left behind a life challenge that Ivan crossed with the same courage and dignity that all the previous ones.

Prokofiev liked the atmosphere of cohesion and mutual support, jokes and pranks, which brie-reptile has worked at the furnace. This is evident conceals a huge burden of work, help each rubbing his personal qualities to the character of the whole team. Perseverance and diligence of the new kryuchechnika aroused sympathy, and he soon became his own man in the brigade.

The very process of rolling gradually became clear to Ivan. It was more difficult to understand and feel the behavior of the metal, which is so differently responds to sweep through the rolls. One grade of steel should be heated gradually, otherwise the bar will break box office "birdhouses." Another possible without fear of heat to a high temperature, but with caution, at low speed to start up a roller. How to prevent the appearance of cracks on the metal and the lamas passes, scores and check crack? How and what kind of marriage you can immediately fix it? Prokofiev saw that most of the answers to these questions knows Brigadier-roller, the most active figure in the camp. So he decided to become a rolling-mill itself.

- No technical minimum and books would not help me then if I did not have just as many teachers, says Ivan Yakovlevich. now-Brigadier Matthew A. Alexandrov, taught me the tone-setting case to whom the camp. Mechanic Gregory K. Bahcall acquainted with machinery and steam engine, which served the mill. Foreman, Ivan Anfimovich Bilchugov still remains for me an example of a specialist in the case of rolling, and 25 years ago, he was explaining to me metallurgy, technology of the process. And I especially cherish the attention that I had then the main calibrator department, State Prize winner Azary Naumovich Baram. The head of the department, the country's largest specialist in calibration, he found time for me, a young worker, and even gave her a book of reference for the production of rolling with a friendly inscription. So after years of modest education teachers replenish the worker was interrupted by the war. Teachers are not mistaken in his student: roller Prokofiev confidently walked up the steps of working skills, his team for many years served the mill "820", catalase metal of consistently high quality, exceeding the targets. And it somehow turned out that this team faster than others in the rental shop mastered the new shapes, high-and acid-resistant steel, and more often took place in the great socialist competition.

... "It's easier to learn than to be retrained," scared, some of Leningrad is seemingly incontrovertible, proposition. But he invented the practice of those whose only weapon-driven to automatism skills. Of course, it is difficult to retrain. In Cherepovets is offered not just in a different way, a more rational way crazy roll bars, but in general they do not roll over and forget how to do it. Forget the one-difficult, unpleasant and find another, new, interesting perspective. When the meaning of the practice became clear, it remains only to focus on the difficulties of learning, including the coldest mind, without which no good distributors. A bad not sent in Cherepovets. One of the largest training programs went to Prokofiev. Nineteen years he worked at the mill-dimensional crimp, which is the primary bar, rough rolling. This case roller not only knew but loved. And here in the interest of production he was offered a job to learn small sections of the camp, which was created for a more subtle, varied profiles for hire. Cage, the system rolls are different, and set-its painstaking work, requiring specialized knowledge. Soul to it, I confess, did not lie, but Ivan Ya know what it is to mount a mill begins renovations shop in Leningrad, which rely on it, and therefore did not give up.

For four months Prokofiev actually mastered a second profession. And how many times in the life of his teacher was a man of working class senior roller Alexey Sukhanov. He generously shared with his players the knowledge and experience acquired in that institution, the mills of Magnitogorsk and Cherepovets.

More than one-ten distributors Prokofiev Kirov plant called the names of their mentors from Cherepovets, Chelyabinsk, Rustavi, Communard and other metallurgical centers of the country where they are not so long ago learned to work on new hardware. And in fact what circumstance, four or five decades ago Putilov, the elder of heavy industry in Russia, learned the art of themselves for a new hire young staff of these enterprises was born Soviet power in the first five years. Now, when it's time to renew, rejuvenate the plant-veteran, the torch went on became strong working-class solidarity, accumulated experience of the first-born self-complexes.

When he returned to Leningrad, Prokofiev reported for Cherepovets perfect trip: Lessons Sukhanov, he used first when installing a new mill, machine, and then during the development of it. The team, headed by Ivan Yakovlevich, suffered one of the first features of the new technology, and rolled in a record time forced the camp to give the project the volume of metal. Frequent strikes and the stigma of the headquarters of multi-ton la bars at the end of the conveyor hot most convincingly confirmed that the roller Prokofiev was a diligent student.

From the staffing department deleted the post kryuchechnika. Added a new operator. But the plant came only a reminder of the old production: the best work shop for the successful work of the Eighth Five-Year Plan have been awarded government awards. Opens a list of the name Ya Prokofiev, now Knight of the Order of Lenin.

The new rolling mill, "350", which is now working Prokofiev, was proud not only of the Kirov plant, and the whole of Soviet industry. Built on the next Izhorsky factory, this powerful and obedient plant clearly demonstrated the achievement of national technical thought and mastery of Mechanical Engineering, and the process of service clearly testified that the convergence of mental and physical labor in socialist production-is not just empty words. It is no accident many guests plant specialists and peace activists, cultural figures and politicians make a point to visit the rental shop, take a look at this miracle of technology, which helps to feel the march of time. And not just at these meetings, the guide became tall slim man, slow but steady in the words and movements working Ivan Prokofiev.

Maintenance of rolling mill complex, "350" for years to come promised him a calm and measured everyday.

But for Prokofiev then they never came.

As soon as the plant has the equipment to do for one more auto-camp, designed for rough rolling, which previously engaged Ivan Yakovlevich, as he was asked at his erection! He began by saying that for a few months turned into a warehouse worker: audited, delivered equipment mans camp, determined the sequence of sending parts to the assembly. Then came in the shop and started installing itself. And even when it's time to start the camp, no one had any doubt that the first rolled billets should be entrusted to Prokofiev.

In honor of this event at the plant bought a special commemorative medal, elegant and solid. Stamping captured the main stand of the unit and the words: "Leningrad Kirov plant, rolling mill 900/680."

And then began working weekdays to everyday life in a production called "development of new equipment."

That was thrown out of the open-hearth furnace tepid bar and stood across the roller, but not along, as he laid on the technology. Stopped the conveyor, bar deployed. But in less than a minute as the same story was repeated with a second ingot. Once again unfurled. A Prokofiev had already tried to understand what was going on. Figured out: in this camp can not be cast to reduce weight less than 3.5 tons.

Guilty of one of the staff team.

The foreman told him a reprimand. "Oh, right? I reprimanded? Yes, I was in any plant with the hands and feet will take, "raskipyatilsya-working and put on the table a letter of resignation." Take-it will take, 'interjected Ivan Yakovlevich., but nowhere more appreciated than here. You have thirty years of working. Take as long as the statement and think. To my mind, punished for it: in fact led a team. "And now he goes to work shift with Ivan Yakovlevich Prokofiev.

Prokofiev came to the bars:

- Look Azary Naumovich, the second stands for the caliber of "900." I think it makes sense to narrow down: reduce the number of kantovok the next caliber.

Engineers have studied the proposal senior roller, took it and made changes to the scheme of calibration. The development of the mill as a result of accelerated.

One of the brigade retired, some resigned for different reasons ... But where to get new frames? Send to practice? Or to learn on the spot in the team? Prokofiev And again, as in the old mill, transformed into a mentor. The operator Oleg Gusev, roller Vladimir Grigoriev, senior operator, Peter Starostin, his students are already working on their own. And Vladimir Golovanov and Bob Mikheyev-newbies most recent "call." On the old box, they know only by hearsay, and has already earned the praise of his teacher: "Clever guys. They have it going. "

Considerable precision and patience required to configure the complex mechanism of roller mill.

But with even greater sensitivity and attention he forms a team achieves coherence of his work. And these efforts are welcome alloy: You understand the people and hear people's machines. Came a day for Ivan Yakovlevich Prokofiev: a new standard with the release of the metal in four and a half times more than the old, reached its design capacity. This meant that the reconstruction of the rolling mill at the Association "Kirov factory" is completed.

In an important victory for the labor collective of the enterprise congratulated Leonid Brezhnev. The Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR issued a decree on awarding orders and medals of vanguard, ahead of completing construction and commissioning of the unique rolling mill.

And the biggest bouquet of flowers on that day, took the foreman of builders and Basil nailer starevshy roller Ivan Prokofiev. They were both awarded the title Hero of Socialist Labor.

... In 1976, Ivan Yakovlevich was first engaged in pension matters. Strange: the trade union committee he now heads the union pension commission settles paperwork veterans of the enterprise.

In addition, he mentors a member of the board of the plant and led to his public office shop staff. Meanwhile, the tenth five-year period, Prokofiev could start with a personal staff issues: the retirement age has gone. However, it is, as before, continues to work on his camp. And here is the result of its activities: Prokofiev's team in the shop before anyone else, December 13, completed the annual production program and skated over the plan for more than five thousand tons of metal desired country.

- Do we, Ivan Yakovlevich, like a young hero, congratulated fellow workers.

- With this technique pomolodeesh, replied the Prokofiev, nodding at a mighty rolling mill, in which he has invested so much of the mind and inspiration.

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