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Valentin Nikolaevich Lobov

Locksmith Penza factory precision electromechanical Penza industrial association "Electromechanics" Hero of Socialist Labor

Valentin Nikolaevich Lobov He was, as usual, woke up before the old clock ticked Serdobsk prokukovali six times. Lay down a bit, as usual listening to the silence of the sleeping house, then got up and padded barefoot to the kitchen, where the morning sun warm light gilded the floorboards, was playing in the glass windows wide open.

We have already hosted the board's wife. Now a quick cook breakfast, and while Valentin shaves, they spread a few words about all sorts of things everyday.

- Val, Lily stuck yesterday, I will say some extraordinary sewing pants ...

- Not her jeans, which brought from Cuba?

- Yes it is, you know, Lyudmila burst out laughing softly in the palm of your hand, wants a tarpaulin or something, sewing, said Creek fashions.

- Well, look, mother of two, and then, perhaps, snip off a piece from the cover of our "Zaporozhets".

Valentin shook his head reproachfully, and small sharp eyes of a steep brow laugh:

"However, these restless inventor and seventeen girls. With Oleg easier. A year younger sisters, but a serious growing boy. However, everyone knows the parents? In this age of each of these akseleratov on the head is ready to go. "

Valentin loves children. And not just their own. He has all the youth a strong craving. Perhaps because he grew up in a large working class family in the difficult post-war years, the sooner he grew up, went after the younger in his father's house. Recently, I saw this on the street as an old woman scolding a guy who managed to eat the bread in the morning:

- I saw your mother would be a ... Ah, the youth now gone bad egg!

- Here is you wonder, 'interposed Valentine Nikolaevich.-Young we have a good-literate, hard-working. And this ...

Lobov went to the guy looked in his eyes:

- Are not you ashamed?

- Dr-Ruga ... in the army ... n rrovozhal ...

- The army is good, but why get drunk? Where do you live for?

As MP Valentin Lobov works in the Permanent Commission on Youth of the Penza City Council. Applies to this case as seriously and responsibly, as well as to productive jobs in their shop. As soon as the fall free time, go to the factory dormitory, ZhEKi, nursery officers. And in the factory he was always with the youth-mentor with great experience, gave a start in working life as a mechanic for many who now work with him in the same machine shop. Here, for example, Leonid Gordeev, a great locksmith. Or Golubin Victor. Now it is true, in the army, but Lobov writes that after the demobilization would return to the shop.

... While we Valentin his usual morning route going from the house where he lives, to the factory entrance, I listen to a story about how important it carefully and be sensitive to those around us to be able to see the good in every home.

- They gave me a disciple. A tall, sloping seven feet at the shoulders, arms, Lobov shows what instructed him opekat. sturdy-but, you know, with brachkom was. While looking at him, trying to work as a bee. And a little turned around, he was "a smoke", if at all uliznet somewhere. Once the shop was drunk. Further-more. A month later, a walk, went to work in a slipshod manner. We are in the shop, of course, alarmed. They called a guy for a serious talk, suggestion, did not help. Reprimanded, denied prize-the same result. Foreman says, we must raise the question of dismissal. Went to know my opinion. And I what? Indeed, if the health reason, so have to drive. The only question there: after all, not bad at first, it turned out quite well for a beginner. If not for his indifference to the present work and their own destiny, things might have. I'm not blind, he had had the desire to obtain a specialty, was read in the eyes of our interest in the plumbing. And then wilted guy, all he has gone awry.

So I say to the master: "Expel the factory, of course, possible. Is simple enough. Well, what next? Leave us, go to another company, there will be a walk, drink, and again he fired, and then the story will get some ugly. Roll a human life is turned upside down ... "After a conversation with the master Lobov went to the student, asked:" Where do you live? "And they almost every day to leave the factory with, although the house is not Lobov was on the way. Dichivshiysya first young worker attached to his mentor, he felt that the good wishes him Lobov. And gradually, Valentin Nikolaevich said about himself, about his life, family troubles, which makes it all started.

No, it is not easy and did not immediately return a person could believe in yourself and the people to instruct on the correct path. And not only Lobov I must say thanks for this. But the fact remains. His former student was a good mechanic, even went not long ago at a regional meeting of leaders of manufacture.

... That's a quietly talking and we came to the exact factory electricians, where he works, Valentin Nikolaevich Lobov.

To look at the factory building resembles a research institute or a large design office. A rigorous, modern architecture, with wide bright windows. The similarity increases the mosaic on the facade, symbolically depicting the extreme extent of scientific and technological progress of mankind. Penza plant HEV, the parent company of the production association "Electromechanics", is indeed very relevant to the scientific and technical progress. It is made perforations computers, which are widely used for mechanization of accounting and computer work in research institutions, commercial and industrial enterprises and banks. There is, perhaps, a sector of the economy, which would not have used computers to Penza brand.

Telling me about the plant, which worked a quarter century as a mechanic, Valentin said with justifiable pride that the car with the trademark TEM can be seen not only in the Soviet Union, but also in many foreign countries.

The change in the mechanical workshop starts at half past seven. But Lobov habit for many years to come true here an hour early to safely and thoroughly prepare for the upcoming work to clarify the task, select the tool. And this morning the "extra" hour of need Lobov, because he has a lot of party and public affairs assignments. Often it is necessary to visit the District Party Committee, deputy to the city commission to travel to other regions and republics of the country with the delegations. So it must somehow make up for time at work. Of course, in such cases, the lack of rights in the workplace is considered to be objectively justified, it is held in the accounting statements accordingly.

But go prove Lobov, and that this can be done! By nature of its own was not used to wear on the shoulders of the other shift. For no, even a good reason.

- I work off - just said he mates, going out of the shop early.

And work out, so hook that different, at least from morning till night stand at the bench for him to not keep up. His personal five-year mission Hero of Socialist Labor Valentin Nikolaevich Lobov completed in August 1978.

And the quality of his work says at least the following fact, fifteen years does not validate the product Lobov department of technical control. Valentin Nikolaevich long-standing right to a private brand.

... He quickly, like a soldier, dressed and went to his workplace. Day was coming hard. He has not had to "bring to mind" the intricate details for a new car, which the plant began to prepare for release.

He took a drawing professionally ran his eyes. Long experience has taught not to hurry, to do all the work to look differently. Valentin not always be said of the production technology or other details.

Initially, plain enough: but whether it is possible to achieve results with less time and effort? Work more efficiently?

Yet today the first part Lobov did exactly the technology. On the test. Timed-turns too much. At this rate until the end of one shift and the job is not done. The process was too cumbersome, and some operations, it is clearly seen Lobov, just unnecessary, unwarranted.

Locksmith walked around and thought, rummaged in his "magic" box, where neatly stacked variety of tools and accessories ... And here is the second finished piece lay on the table is much faster than the first.

Valentin Nikolaevich Lobov I was staring, as deftly and easily worked Lobov. The strong, bare hands moving up to the elbow over the workpiece quickly and smoothly. A piece of metal "listen" to the master, in his eyes changed shape, transformed. Then, at lunchtime, Valentin said:

- You ask, through which two norms give a daily basis? I can not answer. First of all, every minute, he saw the work I give, not a smoke, do not go back and forth to no avail. Secondly, of course, rationalization, improvement of processes. Example? You're welcome. Earlier in the arm to punch the computer drilled three holes, but then another at one end milled groove. Many marriage was going. For the shift is usually done no more than four arms, and this number does not satisfy the needs of the shop.

We thought we were thinking, what can be done. And in the end I managed to make and use a special cutter. What was the result? Eliminated the need for drilling the third hole, then the time for surgery was to go lower. In addition, the opportunity to work at all without marriage. Now, do not change for the four hundred and six hundred-plus levers.

The plant has long used to the exemplary work Lobov. Only some are new, pause for a nice job, will drop with envy: "The secret of it, whether that knows what?"

Some people happen to say following:

"Just like to reach people. Hero ... Two of the Order of Lenin ... MP .. Member of the District Party Committee and factory party committee. What more could you want? "But we must, we must.

When asked about education Lobov, he jokingly replied:

- Night School. The first class went to war in 1943. The seven years ended in the difficult post-war years. In winter, studied, and in summer the cows grazed on the outskirts of Penza, went door to door with a team of carpenters. Since then he has remained the skills cobbler and potters. In a word, was accustomed to labor from an early age.

But learning how to not have to. After a seven-year period went to the factory had a large family to help. Graduated from high school after the Army, on the job. In forty years, wanted to continue their education, enrolled in evening school. But as the evening and for a head of almost all busy (he third term member of the City Council), and it turned out that college really was not for him the evening and night. Before the roosters would sit, happened, on the abstracts, doggedly taught strength of materials, theoretical mechanics, technology, metal manufacturing economy. Why?

- I wonder the same-meets-Lobov. We continually hear talk that engineers with degrees more than the required production, and working less. What can I say? If you take a date, I still have enough professional knowledge and experience. A look at tomorrow? The level of mechanization increases. New cars appear, they should know. The new technology is developed, it is also necessary to know. A rationalization, search for the best options in the treatment of the parts? No, education, not fashion., Not a whim for a man, and the requirement of time.

- It is difficult to learn?

- Of course, it's hard. In college, most of us young guys. The knowledge they have fresh, and cares less. I, but the experience of life. Students are well accepted, the group chose the elder, then trust. I study in college is very helpful. Now do not run on every occasion to technology, the replacement engineer himself get around. Actually, I already said, I try to while working as little as possible to distract from the main case. To do this, and related specialty planer mastered. We, the mechanics, as it were in the middle of the process stand. Part of the machinists come to us for fine-tuning, and only from us, to the assembly. So, sometimes planer line help, and I get downtime. That it was not, and I learned to manage with a planing machine.

... Until the end of the day had about a half hour, when Valentin neatly gathered in the locker tool, wiped his hands with a cloth, and went into the shower. Today he was to speak to boys and girls that have decided after graduation to become workers. Leninsky Komsomol district committee organized a Day of Penza young worker and invited to tell the mechanic Lobov youthful audience about the production association "Electromechanics", his comrades, working on the profession.

Valentin is not a master to make speeches. Broad, a bit shy, he went on stage and, hiding his hands behind his back, he began to speak softly, carefully choosing his words:

- That, you know, I am often asked why I was working, why the quarter of a century in my workbook does not change the entry "mechanic"? And I always answer this way: "Well, if you were a doctor asked why he had all his life the doctor? Or the pilot, the seller? Do not wonder? And for good reason. In every profession there are peaks, which should not go one day, and throughout his life. And very importantly it is important to understand that to become a "slogger," a piece of cake, but the working-hard, not everyone is on the shoulder ... "listen carefully seventeen Lobov, and who knows, maybe at this moment is not one of them stirred idea: why not try your hand at the factory?

About Valentin Lobov hard to tell, because he and his son work the worker is not as simple as it may seem at first sight.

The high demands on himself, severity, lead to intransigence of the working man Valentin Lobov. But. very strict with himself, he was always kind and gentle to newcomers in the working overalls, who had just crossed the threshold the factory. And young people are attracted to Lobov, although it in general, nothing special stands out among the other does not. But his friends listen to his word, accept and appreciate the advice. And learn from him not only professional skills. Life study, human dignity, even demeanor. Thanks to these young mentors feel a change in production is not a burden, and the right people needed. It adopts the experience of veterans, and she gradually aiming to go one step further and achieve even greater results.

It is gratifying and natural-feeling after all the work of pride when he is born, when a person feels, as needed to other people's mind, his hands, his will and perseverance in reaching this goal.


... Evening fell on the city. Lit street lights, green and red light flashed the names of shops, cinemas and cafes. We were walking home from the frontal.

Valentin walked with measured steps quickly, cheerfully greeted many friends, but it was noticeable on the face of fatigue.

Tomorrow again rise at six o'clock, the usual hum of the factory machines, and after the change, social work, meeting new people. I thought: that's the main secret of the working Valentine Lobov. A true master of the person feels in their native land, an active builder of the communist future.

And their business, their whole life and says it brings the future.

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