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Umirov Ergen

The engineer excavator production association "Karatau" Hero of Socialist Labor

Umirov Ergen At the root of the crop

Shift change was over, when the excavator arrived Party secretary of mine, "Aksai" Leonid Dyakonenko.

- He brought two wonderful news that will please you very much, - he said. - The first all-union, even of international importance: the republic growers again delivered to the state more than a billion tons of grain. This is the sixth billionth loaf, which gives the state the Kazakhstan virgin! And another nice local news, so to speak, scale, although it sounds to us all just as good. In the planning department told me that the crew of your excavator number twenty-three completed the job. More than three months ahead of schedule! From my heart I congratulate you, comrades!

Excavator smiled and talked excitedly:

- News great! But that's where the flowers?

- What's flowers! In honor of such a match would be a good idea and something more substantial ...

- The next time uchtu - supported by the party organizer jokingly. - I hope everyone does not repeat itself again and record harvests, and your successes. Mark them succeed, it would be that the mark!

They all laughed. And then the assistant driver Eleuken Koyshibaev said:

- And yet you can not, in my opinion, to set these events there. Our success, like a little pebble. A billion-a huge mountain. How can you compare?

- I do not agree, - said Dyakonenko.-Mountains of the grains of sand are added, too. And a billion of wheat involved in not only those who grow and harvest crops. Combiner, for example, goes into the field not with bare hands, then did not lose the account of those who makes his car, for it melted the metal, mined ore. But we did stand on the sidelines, on the contrary, we have a direct bearing on agriculture. All, of course, heard that the phosphate fertilizer significantly increased yield. So what can justifiably say that we are working hand in hand with farmers. It is true I say Yergen? Brigadier-Yergen Dying short, powerfully built man with a swarthy face, youthful nodded.

- All right. I personally have always thought and still think themselves pervotselinnikom. At the same time began. They're feather plowed, and we are lifted its virgin soil. Phosphoric acid.

He routinely took up the ladder rails leading into the cabin excavator, strode up the steps.

- All that we finish the rally. Victory does not have to mark the words, deeds. I think the cubes over one hundred jobs-must now give. And if the trucks will go without delay, even more ...

He remembered the conversation Party organizer later, when he read in the memoirs of Leonid Brezhnev, "Celina" the following lines: "The concept of" virgin "has lost ... its purely agricultural value, it was the term the public, because it stood for good citizenship and a deep Soviet patriotism. Tselinnik-historical figure, which defined a heroic time. This word denotes a special character due to the need of time. " Before his eyes appeared Dyakonenko immediately focused, purposeful person Umirova. Indeed, it can rightly be called virgin lands, for his loyalty once and for all his chosen profession, with the desire to be in the business first. And let not had a chance to meet the dawn Ergeni of golden waves of wheat boundless floods, work-worn hands to take in the first cast-grain harvest is still in the cab of his excavator worker, he is the great army of converters land.

Production Association "Tau", which includes Aksay mine, mines phosphate rock, raw materials for production of valuable fertilizer. In the classic triad "of vitamins of the earth" - nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus is the most important role belongs to the last element-phosphorus fertilizers, particularly necessary for the soil of the virgin land of the Kazakh SSR. Numerous experiments demonstrated that these fertilizers increase crop yields by 20-30 per cent of cotton, sugar beet, 35-40, and sometimes up to 70 percent, wheat by 7-11 percent, and vegetables-40 percent. In Kazakhstan, only to increase the scale of grain at the expense of mineral fertilizer can make hundreds of thousands of tons per year. That is why the further intensification of agriculture is impossible without the simultaneous development of production in the first place phosphate fertilizers.

The deposits of natural phosphates are very rare, and they are located, usually in remote, lonely places. For a long time only the rich storehouse of phosphate raw materials in our country is considered Khibiny apatite of the Kola Peninsula. It was created by a large industrial complex for production of fertilizers. In the mid-thirties, Soviet geologists discovered in Kazakhstan unique new phosphorites - Karatau basin.

Tau, which means Black Mountain ... It is hard to say why are so called low spurs of the Tian Shan, heat to redness and sun excised hurricane winds. Perhaps, for neuyutnost, coldness of these places where water and trees in a rarity. Can the same ancient nomads know that under the lifeless rocks tens of kilometers stretch powerful black-and-gray layers of "stone of fertility."

In the basin of 47 Karatau phosphorite deposits explored reserves of more than half a billion tons, and these ores is much richer than the Kola Peninsula apatites. It is through the underground reserves of Kazakhstan will provide a rapid build-up of agricultural capacity to produce mineral fertilizers, the intended XXV Congress of the CPSU.

"Phosphoric virgin"-investing in this concept the same meaning as in the development of new lands to the north of the country. There's a lot in common: in both cases had to start almost from scratch. And perhaps the Karatau "pervotselinnikam" was even more difficult, whatever you say, behind the farmers still had centuries of experience, and the production of phosphate was born recently. And yet it is still largely experimental. The difficulty lies in the fact that the phosphate deposits were discovered in a completely uninhabited areas of barren mountains and semi-deserts. The construction of mines and factories had to start from the elementary-to build roads, power lines, water lines, - in short, everything that is essential for normal production activities and sedentary lives of many hundreds of people. The first ton of ore mining and chemical plant "Karatau" were produced in December 1946. This date is considered the official point of birth of the enterprise. By the solemn event completed was the construction of the 90-kilometer railway, power plant, crushing and grinding plant, a residential village ...

And all this was produced in the most difficult time of war, when its weight in gold have been working every hand, every gram of metal. And despite the fact that the front concentrated on all the people's power, the party and the government found it necessary to extend this peaceful uses a lot of power and construction tools. Meant so much to restore a new branch of the national economy.

The most acute problem in the region was a young personnel. Responding to calls, many came to Dzhambul building chemistry, but the majority will soon turn back. The harsh climate, poor nature, worldly disorder, all of this quickly disappointed, and no jobs could not keep this professional. The conclusion was the same: the leaders of the mine decided to make major workers on the site, mostly from the indigenous population, who were accustomed to the conditions here. Time has shown that this approach was the most faithful. Children of nomadic shepherds yesterday, sugar-beet growers and cotton growers. sat at the controls of mighty machines, turned out in the rural miners and chemists. Among those who have one of the first chosen path with confidence in the working class, was a demobilized soldier Yergen dying.

Location soldier in the ranks

The reports of geological expeditions, discovered and studied in the thirties Karatau phosphorite pool, repeatedly referred to a tiny stream Tamdy and located on the shore of a small village that bears the same name. The village is located just a few kilometers from one of the major fields, and are often broken up their tents by geologists. Local people supplied them with meat, sheep's milk, divided they could. And some of the men even arranged for an expedition to seasonal workers.

Umirov Ergen Among the barefooted children who resorted from the village to look at the strange Russian working incomprehensible thing (adults gather simple stone-funny!), And was a little Yergen. He grew up without a father. He died of a severe famine in 1933, when Kazakhstan severely hit by an unprecedented drought, crop failure and starvation. Forever etched in the memory of the boy that terrible time, the river dried up, dead burnt fields, plaintive wailing mother ... In the child's soul arose a dull resentment: why is the nature of this evil, does not want to return good for good? After all, his father, and all the villagers have been working hard, and all in vain. Yergen dreamed of how he becomes an adult and always will, so that all people have always been plenty of tasty and nutritious meals that no one had to wonder how to feed a family. He seemed endless blooming fields, bending to the ground heavy bronze heads ... "The bread-human power," the mother-love to repeat the words of folk wisdom, and he nodded in agreement. Could it then guess what, bearded eccentrics who collect in the surrounding mountains, black stones, are concerned about the same thoughts as he is?

After graduating in the fortieth year of seven years, Yergen began working in the home farm. On further study is not even dreamed of: the mother was the sole support, and no choice. However, most of his peers, kids village, from infancy absorbed the sense of loyalty to the land of their ancestors, were going to live as our fathers and grandfathers lived,-graze cattle and grow cotton and sugar beets. Almost none of them attracted the unknown distance.

Formidable and devastating force walked leisurely in their everyday war. One after another, leaving the men from the village Tamdy to the front. In 1944 came the turn of Ergeni, who turned eighteen. Wept bitterly Karshyga old when his son got out of the military enlistment office agenda. Most did not even frighten her front deadly danger. She had no idea how it will be able to carry the soldier's Yergen service, because he grew up in a Kazakh village, almost does not know the Russian language, and with whom he will share his grief and joy. Yes, and also very depressed Ergena this idea. In the emotional turmoil and confusion left Yergen not very affectionate to him, yet his father's house.

He was lucky. In the reserve regiment, where he was immediately sent, met with Bekbolom Tashkaraevym, Kyrgyzstan. Languages of the two neighboring nations are very similar, and they understood each other without difficulty. Besides, Bekbola behind a front-line experience, he had a lot to see in life and became Ergena friend and mentor. And the guys reacted to Russian Kazakh kid-friendly is all the recent fears vanished. Two and a half months of training the Army gave Umirovu, perhaps more than during his former life. And when a part went to the front, felt the young soldier is already quite confident. He was convinced that war would be able to not worse than others.

Yes, he fought Yergen, like everyone else. He did not have, fortunately, to experience the bitterness of retreat, which told recruits seasoned soldiers. The war came to a victorious end, and his first baptism of fire during the dying took a large offensive operation in enemy territory. As part of the tank landing, he participated in many battles. In the brief hours of respite closely watched swarthy boy to the mighty, Vsesokrushayuschaya combat vehicles, tankers meticulously questioned about their device. Among the engineers attention to the cars is always appreciated, and they are. responded willingly to the endless, sometimes naive questions Ergena Umirova. And in the end, even trusted him to perform an easy repair operation.

- I like technology, - confessed Umirov.-It would like to learn to be a tanker!

- Now think about the peace should be, - objected to it. - Not today or tomorrow in Berlin, enter, turn back Hitler's neck, and there and go home.

- On the tank you can always transfer to the tractor-Yergen not give up. - So I look down, too forward ... But it so happened that the Victory Day, he met in the hospital. On May not far from Berlin he was wounded, stung by an enemy bullet in the leg. Treated in the Polish city of Lodz, and after his recovery he returned to his unit, which remained in Germany.

And the dream was realized Ergena-he was a tanker. He graduated from the special school, was appointed commander of the gun. Many people advised him to stay on the re-enlist, military chiefs approved of his self-discipline, perseverance, love of technology. But Ergena lured back their homes. Sleeping and waking saw brown rocks of Karatau, the yurt in the middle of the steppe, herds of sheep and herds of horses since childhood-familiar landscape. But surely he represented himself surrounded by a powerful machine, the noise that will wake the sleepy and gray earth, and it will change, will be unusually generous and beautiful. He had been home on leave (he was a great fire), and married the girl, with whom was a friend before the draft. Sholpan waiting for him in the village, and in each letter, asking, when he comes home? Yergen answered soon.

At last came the long awaited day of transfer to the reserve. Returning to his village, dying days, and not deliberate: it was a long time weighed and decided. Being constructed nearby a large mine-working machine operators required, and demobilized soldiers met there with open arms. He chose a job in mind, was to learn a profession engineer excavator. When Yergen first took up the handle of an old Controllers "Voronezh" heart beat loudly and solemnly, and he thought: "This is for a lifetime."

Time has shown that the first feeling is not deceived.

This single line

- My Work biography fit on one line. In January, fifty first adopted by the mine operator's assistant to the excavator, in July the following year became a machinist. I work in this position today. That's it! There are no events. No accidents, no heroic deeds, the most ordinary everyday life. To whom it may be interesting?

Face Ergena Umirova impervious seriously, and only in the depth of the eye slits barely perceptible lights. Of course, he is well aware that twenty-eight years of working life does not fit into one - two sentences, and tell him to have something. But at the same time, he's right: external effects, colorful episodes in the daily affairs of his could not be found. While no one working day is like another, to allocate some of them are particularly difficult. There are, of course, industrial conflicts, minor accident-only is better not to remember, as quarrels and illnesses. And if you carry on a conversation, then on the other. More precisely, on the other ...

It is not skimping on words, tells the story of Vladimir Nuss excavator, with whom he competes, his assistant Ahmetsalima Nugymanova, Demuhana Bektleuova, who taught at one time, says many drivers of heavy trucks, drillers, explosives, all those who have to communicate every day whose honesty and diligence, and have a direct impact on its performance.

There was a time when the negligence of one team does not negate the efforts on the other hand, there were conflicts and grievances. And then Yergen dying, drilling foreman and the foreman Mooney Magomadov explosives Bolsybek Kolzhan took the initiative - to start the competition subcontractors under the motto: "Quality drilling - high-quality blast-shock rate of excavation." It is a movement born at the beginning of the tenth Five-Year Plan, it was widely picked up in the team. Mass distribution initiative Umirova, Magomadov Kolzhanova and helped implement the plan ahead of schedule and commitments to the team three years, five years. In addition to the three-year assignment was generated over 184 thousand metric tonnes of ore! Speaking about the successes of the labor spin. their comrades, dying is especially noted, that most front-rank productions! mine-company veterans. It is no accident. Only years of experience, skills accumulated bit by bit to help keep in the forefront. Miner is not easy, to fly them not mastered, and no enthusiasm does not help if you did not get luggage skills and knowledge. - Therefore, most of all I appreciate in people loyal, says Yergen. - Loyalty to the beloved, friends and family. I do not understand those who endlessly jumping from place to place looking for something and can not find. These are justified: the romance, they say, implies. And in my opinion, it's just frivolous, internal laxity. Man is not a tumbleweed, he must go back into the ground. Then the power will be typed, and all the talents unfold.

Perhaps some may seem strange that so says a descendant of yesterday's nomads. However, the nomadic way of life, which for centuries led the Kazakh people, not dictated by wanderlust, and harsh environments, the need to continually overtake the herd of water shortage steppes with sparse vegetation.

In the nature of Ergena clearly affected the best features of its people. From his native land, he took an inexhaustible diligence, unhurried care, patience, ability to overcome any difficulties. Those qualities are particularly help him in everyday work.

At first glance, excavator work is not so difficult: drew beaten off an explosion ore or rock body so shalt trucks. There would be a skill! However, this is not true.

The same working operations can be performed in different ways: one by one, or combining them. If, for example, to the bucket at the same time turning the machine, the time is reduced by 6-10 seconds. It seems to be a trifle. But save for a change this time is composed of tens or hundreds of cubic meters of above-ore! Means a lot and the ability to track a driver to deploy the best angle to select the distance to the slaughter ... The world has long mastered all of these and other "tricks", and most effective way he chooses almost without thinking, unconsciously, like a trained athlete does not reflect on the movements of his body.

Yergen has an uncanny ability to "feel" their car, almost certainly know when you may deny this or that detail of the mechanism. As elusive signs he defines the degree of wear of machine parts, and they made up the deficiency in the repair of different statements scrupulous accuracy. That is why the unscheduled stop "twenty" extremely rare, and if they are then removed very soon.

- Recently, I stopped excavator, says team-mate Victor Hirsch Umirova driver. - Two hours fiddling, but to no avail. I know that failure in the electrical part, but I can not find anything. I was replacing the worlds. I told him about the trouble, and he at once: "burnt down such and such a resistance." Tested, for sure. Even a shame I assumed I had lost so much time, and he figured out in seconds. A Yergen calmly explains:

if, say, the next time this happens, we have to act this way ... In short, I chewed up all the subtleties. But now this lesson I will not forget.

But good to know the car and own it masterfully, not all. In order to produce phosphoric ore, must be able to accurately distinguish it from the waste rock that look almost the same. The fact that the Karatau phosphorites overlie a very peculiar way: millions of years ago, horrific disasters reared the bottom of the sea and the ancient sedimentary layers rose almost vertically. Aksai field represents, in fact, an enormous reservoir of more than seven kilometers in length and width of 12 to 25 meters, sharply departing from the surface to depth. Develop has a narrow band, the main forces of spending is to select and remove the waste rock. While the excavator away from the ore body, we can not particularly worried. However, the extraction must be alert at all times, the slightest careless driver, and truck body with phosphorites gets worthless stone. And the requirements for commercial grade tough, it must contain not less than 21.5 per cent of phosphoric anhydride. To sustain this figure is not easy. In addition, close to the rich ore are the so-called silicon-impurity packs, which contain 8-14 per cent of phosphorus pentoxide. Disposed of in dumps and can not be, because over time they too will no enrichment and reprocessing. In the meantime, "packet" sent to the warehouse of discarded ore. The selection, of course, also depends on the accuracy of sight excavator ...

Yergen Dying well understood: his personal experience and honed skills are a bit while belong to him alone. Work phosphate miners - the collective, and its results, the higher the coordinated, rhythmic effect the entire production mechanism, mutual goodwill and concern for youth, endless optimism, these features of moral and psychological climate of the brigade, the main reason that the team confidently holds first place in competition .

The achievements of the brigade, as well as mine, "Aksay" and the plant as a whole is closely linked to technological progress, the introduction of new technological processes, all the better and more productive machines. In recent years, completely renewed fleet of ground equipment, to replace the half-and trehkubovym powerful excavators EKG came with a bucket capacity of 4.6 cubic meters, the transport of ore and rock performed 27i 40-ton dump trucks, drilling rigs utilized machines. Plans for the introduction of new technology is known to every worker, and constant public scrutiny of their performance is good for business.

And Yergen Dying is actively involved in the commission to verify the technical conditions of mining equipment.

- Twenty-eight years of experience, that's all my secret. Accustomed to work that way, the experience is the best assistant in each case. And Yergen smiles broadly.

When the change over

Tau is a young city of miners, who grew up on the site of a tiny village and has only seventeen years old. Tau looks in a modern, considered one of the most comfortable in the field. Immersed in the greenery of multi-storey blocks of houses, the Palace of Culture, fountains and gardens, so this center is now a great chemistry in Kazakhstan.

Quarry, where the clock runs Umirova excavator - a giant slightly curved hundred meter deep canyon, leaving five ledges down, is about thirty kilometers from the city. Not a short path that have to travel every day, has become commonplace. In addition, the distance unnoticed when you travel to work together with friends. The bus did not fall silent conversations, jokes, laughter is a kind of club on wheels, where you can exchange news, share thoughts, even decide to move some production issue.

- Nicholas Roerich - Dying refers to the mechanics of the site Alyosha, 'we need to be replaced by a network drive.

- I can not tot.-meets-No one is in stock.

- If not, an urgent need to bring.

- But this engine, it works ...

- While working. However, I feel:

badly drawn.

- Nothing will stretch some way to scheduled maintenance. Meanwhile, the other shall find. Do not worry, all right!

(No cost. Three days later, the motor burned out, and the shift has been lost. Mechanic, helplessly waving his hands, said: "This must be a really well-Ergena have a sixth sense, sees right through your car ...") And the young people on the bus discusses the upcoming housewarming. Dredger Michael Gorobets a long time lived in a hostel, got an apartment. Not so long ago he was married m and friends joke and it is now, trying to figure out how to grow a young family.

- Task to you, Misha, is clear: to be Ergena. Catch up and overtake! Cope?

- It is hard to be, 'laughs Gorobets.-Is it a hijacking? He's not only at work in the advanced workers walk ...

- Dying is smiling. Yes, let them make jokes. Indeed, the family have a considerable neg: six children, two sons, four daughters C. To them we must add two more grandchildren, and the third is about to appear. However, working the torch from him none of them have not yet received the elder son, graduated from the University, became a lawyer, one daughter works at a construction site, another student at the college. But three more students, and it is possible that the youngest, Alimhan who walks in the sixth grade, his father chooses for himself the profession-who knows? However, the heirs and without a lot of Ergena: over the years, he produced dozens of the excavator.

Incidentally, the flat Gorobtsov procured city council member Yergen dying. As for many others. Yergen himself. for many years lived in cramped and disadvantage. He understands the need for well-maintained apartments. And when friends ask him for help, willing to undertake chores.

Near the village dying Koktal asked the driver to stop. Travel is not surprised, he often comes here, though the city is far away. Nothing that is waiting for a family home that the body is poured into a heavy weariness, - drive past the village, where his voters Yergen not. On the eve of the complaint here: the local shop regularly are imported products, milk is often delivered sour happen power outages. It is necessary to understand the causes of problems, and then send their proposals to the city council, how to fix them ...

Even late in the evening dying back on the highway to get home on a passing car. The first truck slowed down from afar - Ergena everyone will know at once. Swaying on the elastic seat, he reflects on his immediate plans. Week to be bustling: a trip to Novodzhambulsky phosphorus plant, a new, recently entered into an enterprise system, then the City Council session, which may have come: the complaint, it was confirmed koktaltsev completely and have someone strong to take a turn. And besides, it's time to start gathering a long journey. It is a notice that soon will plenum of the Central Committee of trade union workers of chemical and petrochemical industries, to which he belongs. Travel is not particularly encouraging, because it will not help to break away from work and then to catch up. There are no discounts for themselves Yergen does not allow. But while there is power, it will continue to work, which has devoted his life.

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