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Andreev Vyacheslav Mitrofanovich

Deputy commander of the squadron Komi Department of Civil Aviation, Hero of Socialist Labor

Andreev Vyacheslav Mitrofanovich In Moscow, on Leningrad Prospekt, in the far corner of the airport, where models paraded modern airliners, we have seen Vyacheslav Mitrofanovich gallery of famous aviators of the country. Next someone said, nodding at the picture helicopter pilot Andreev

- Some irresponsible ...

The hero and really was quite boyish face. Vyacheslav Mitrofanovich suddenly took offense:

- This is why, irresponsible? In the picture was a picture of himself ...


They flew to the Pechora Vuktyl. Booted normally: carried gas industry products. In cold weather, in cold weather, loads, usually thrown to the Vuktyl by winter road. But now it was timeless: the March thaw, so all hope for them, on the helicopter. The car led the crew of young Ivan Fedirko. Andreyev, deputy commander of the division of oral, as usual, was with them in flight, to look again Fedirko in the case. He was, so to speak, at the output: about to be approved for independent travel.

Andreev Ivan Fedirko liked: the guy energetic, tenacious. Such in aviation say picked up the helm, will not release. He flew without any problems, competently. Still cautious Andreev, all pulled, did not give "good" for the commander.

Soared well. Coso flashed past the window of the taiga, and the helicopter went into the thick clouds. Andreev habitually kept the whole crew in sight. Encouraging the young navigator Sosnina wink:

they say, keep it up. Fedirko left at the helm, thick, stocky, confident, goal jackets unbuttoned, his eyes sharp. "Good going," - said to myself Andreev.

Somewhere in the middle of a thunderstorm met. I thought: maybe move to the commander's seat? Difficult situation ... He had no time to think through the idea to the end: an explosion of white lightning dazzled everyone in the cabin. For a moment everything went dark and there was a feeling that they are rapidly falling. Andreev instinctively reached out to the left. Fedirko sat like a glove, in the chair, had just said to myself Andreev-fingers, holding the steering wheel, white with tension.

- How is it?-Breathed Andreev.

- Procedure - without hearing, and the movement of the lips understood the question, said Fedirko and strained smile, he added:

- The height of twelve hundred ... Shaken hard ...

Andreev, a sigh of relief. After a while they came to visual flight. Silent. Such a situation is undergoing pilot silently to himself, then the words and emotions are not accepted, the law of heaven is harsh. Andreev looked back. Skipper Sosnin, furtively wiping sweat, noticing his eyes on her, quickly turned away ... The helicopter continued to talk, but Fedirko just put him in Vuktyle. They saw that the two blades were damaged by lightning.

- No, you look, huh?-Slapped on the sides of the hand mi come, finally, Mr. Sosnin themselves.

- I knew about it.

- How so?

- Felt.

- And a word to anyone. Even Andreev.

- Had to fly, 'said shortly Fedirko.

Yet is not this case served as the basis for Andreyev to certify early Fedirko the commander of the crew ...

Andreev like the word "pilot." In it some flavor of the dawn of aviation, the romance of those distant years, when not even say "pilot", "Astronaut", "helicopter pilot." As a child, in Rostov-on-Don, how many small pleasures experienced Andreev, when the question "Who is your brother?", Replied: "Pilot". And later, when finished the School of Civil Aviation and was preparing to become helicopter pilots, persistently called himself so far in short, "the pilot". This word for it is not just a profession, but the whole person. The pilot, in his view, is a personal quality, a special gift. We once talked about it, and Andrew said:

- It's true that today in the age of cybernetics can be with your eyes closed and ears to the aircraft. It's true. But all the same thing in the sky - is at the helm of a living person. In Andreev is a way. For example, flying somewhere over the taiga-place extensive, taiga in these parts until the tundra area - five Frances fit, the sky is a spacious, relaxing flight. Well, it happens, start talking about who is what: fashion jackets in Vuktyl delivered, a neighbor brought zaychishku from the hunt, someone made a good purchase. And it seems to be another life in the cockpit. But not for Andreev. He also listens to discuss news, but live flight: see the sky, watching the instruments, listening to broadcasts. Maybe all this and polglaza and Polukhov, but from it never goes away until it is in flight. For myself, it defines this feeling short: hear heaven. And that's the feeling of the sky, he is always looking for a friend, a young pilot, and, finding it develops, considering the paramount quality of this pilot.

In this capacity it very developed and nurtured in the early stages here in Ukhta Nikolai Ilyich Plavunov, pilot an old and experienced. He had a captivating feature: it is common to all men remembered by name. The young are especially flattering. And Andreev, too. Plavunov after school "drove" Andreev on the Mi-6, just as he has recently Andreev - Ivan Fedirko.

It was planted in the minds Plavunov Andreeva this very important idea: listen to the sky. Andreev remembers how he was upset when his marriage was not Plavunova, he was in flight. Since the bride was nearly shouting match: even wanted to postpone the wedding ...

Later there was a problem with Plavunova: it was removed from his post as commander of the squadron was transferred to the ranks. On this occasion there were many different opinions and discussions, there were those that turned away from Plavunova. Just do not Andreev. It happens, he will come back from a difficult mission, all worn to a frazzle, and then call. Luba, the eldest daughter Plavunova and asks:

- Go to your father ...

Andreev and promptly walked.

Two years ago .. when Plavunovu awarded the Order of Red Banner of Labor, he said Andreyev:

- In truth, the half-order yours.

Andreev joked:

What is this, because I'm your boss?

Plavunov joke turned a deaf ear, said:

Listen people know how to ...

Meanwhile, his ability is not so simple ...

Come into the subdivision Izhat Abdullovich Sharipov. He was a military pilot, is forth to his, was to retire. A house can not stay. I wanted a helicopter. He began to fly co-pilot in the unit at Andreeva. Well, he fiddled Andreev "right" dragged. Plants left in the driver's seat. And also it seems the pilot, so good, and Andreev unhappy: not so the car sat, did not come off, do not know how to "hang". Sharipov hot man, he began to boil:

- Yes, my first class was in the army!

Andreev in his reply:

- Sky One, and science are different.

And once again continued to teach: it does so, and this some sort. Sharipov much teeth squeak. Qualified him as a result of a pilot of the third class. Sharipov was hoisted, but something seems to stop. And it is quite all surprised when asked to co-pilot in the crew to Andreev. 'Well,' said he sebe.-Live and learn. Maybe I'm in the army dropouts something ... "

Andreev Vyacheslav Mitrofanovich Now the commander of the helicopter flies Sharipov. And although he is much older Andreev, Vyacheslav Mitrofanovich for him, high prestige. It is not because the bosses ... Because he lives, the pilot Andreev. Not from flight to flight, and from person to person. Ivan Fedirko flies today on the Mi-10, performs complex operations on the installation of oil rigs and repeaters. An old friend and teacher, Nikolai Plavunov-commander in the division with Andreev. Sharipov, the best burst. From young, Alexander Belousov quickly went up the mountain. "This a really a gift of this pilot," rejoices in the student-Andreev. Each of them came in his helicopter aviation through: from the school, as Belousov, some of the academy, Sharipov's from military service. But all of them deduced in these pilots Andreev.

Pondering the fate of Andreyev, I often wondered why people, whom he taught to fly, and sometimes over it, so always drawn to him? Their professional skills to conquer it? Not at all. Floaters, for example, flew back when Andreev foot under the table went. One can not also say that he taught them all to fly: they were finishing school. Andreev sought to achieve contact between people is not confined to the pilot in his professionalism, he was able to listen and hear the person next to you.

If we assume that is the center of the edge of Ukhta oil, then how many work for the helicopter around! "The distances are big, taiga, impassable swamps, roads. North Heli in the oil is the most desirable man. What they do not carry in what remote places, the conditions in which is mounted oil rigs! Themselves helicopter sometimes joke:" What would happen if there were no helicopters? "" Nothing would have been. Even oil. "And the joke is the truth. schedule of flights to Ukhta aviation enterprise is very stressful .... Andreev flown many times with Lavrov on different routes and are" false. Began is it "take out (left," the commander on the spot. Nothing you say is a good pilot, a professional. There are no failures. Lavrov graduated from the Academy of Civil Aviation. Sometimes, though, in that it "swing." But he forgave: flies great, does not makes mistakes. unit commander has several times offered:

- We will introduce, or something, Lavrov? Andreev was thinking:

- Too early ...

- Yes, that too early?-Excited commander-fly competently, Academy behind him. With him came two men, have their own flying. It is not clear somehow ...

And then once happened, Lavrov touched "heel" on landing. It's obviously been foolhardiness. Then the commander confessed Andreyev:

- Looks like you were right with Lavrov: heard yesterday on how to sit Kharasavey?

Andreev said:

- It's not the point. There is another problem: he can not think of any off-or on landing ... A pilot course, he could become ... Now Lavrov offended by Andreev, who himself suffers: thinks it's his fault that "nedotyanul" he Lavrov. But his guilt is really the case? .. That said, Sapper is wrong in his life once. And pilot. It's heaven. Under the wing of the earth, until it away.

Is there such a thing in aviation: the eternal second. Co-pilot flying people a year, two, three. Another crew went there again and the second one. And it is very difficult to distinguish between the lack of professionalism and a simple coincidence. What's the matter? Sometimes, of course, that there is a pilot clearly expressed individuality. But sometimes to blame for the failure of the pilot's fate and coincidence, and just a misunderstanding. Oh, how love was in the sky, the Air Force with most childhood Veniamin Petrovich Prokhorov! But it so happened that established for the glory of the Prokhorov "eternal second" pilot. No, not hurtful, good, good reputation. Everything in the unit are so accustomed to it, as if Prokhorov really was just born for this role. Sometimes, just asking that the commanders of the crews: "Given those Prokhorov me second." Well, can direct the gift of a person. And two years ago Prokhorov ill, had to leave aircraft. And this has hurt him: what the fate of all life-flying a second, but now it is all ... But then let go of the disease. And would return, but something burned out in the shower Prokhorov: who, they say, I need to air this? And then helped him to believe in yourself Andreev.

No, he did not engage in soul-saving talks with him. He's just solid, like a man inspired, "You're a natural born pilot. You can not, without the sky. " He forced the captain to go to Prokhorov aviapodrazdeleniya and insist on re-commission. Prokhorov is now flying the Mi-6 commander. Here is the "eternal second" ... The story goes that the famous Russian explorer of the North and industrialist Mikhail K. Sidorov, look for oil more than a hundred years ago, the first drilled well in Ukhta. His endeavor was not able to finish it. If left on long Uhta hut Sidorov, and cut down on the wall of the words: "In great deeds of one strong enough to desire." Andreev Vyacheslav Mitrofanovich, telling the story with Prokhorov, invariably thought of Sidorovsky motto.

Taiga Taiga ... Rusty spots swamps. And suddenly among these brown rust-tiny green island, and its delicate-binding rig. A drill should be delivered to the many tons of steel, heavy drilling equipment, pipes, machinery, tractors. In the summer there reigns aviation. How Well just moved, and nothing but th helicopter from Ukhta, departing from the wing Andreev!

After listening to my rant, Andreev quiet smile:

- I work like everyone ... In general, I man, as you probably already noticed, the traditional. Here is an old word "pilot" like ... But we have helicopter ...

One night came from Usinsk to Ukhta. The situation on the route was complex. It was December, cold cracked, and then suddenly came the thaw, the whole week. Andreev piloted the car itself. And just sitting next to the bosses: the flight inspected. Somewhere at the height of two hundred meters of the engine went into pampazh, began icing. And the instruments showed a normal job. Andreev some inner ear problems identified immediately: in the right engine. Another second, and possible fire. He immediately turned off the engine, and only one dived into the space between the clouds ... The accident happened.

And yet not only professional experience surprises and delights me in helicopter Andreev ... They say when you do not return from his last flight, Antoine de Saint-Exupery, all services have continued to wait for news from him for several days, then lying to the radio hoping to hear his voice. So I think: Russian helicopter pilot Andreev hears the world as he heard the pilot Saint-Exupery.

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