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Dashkov Nikolai

Turner Kolomna Diesel Locomotive Plant named after Kuibyshev, Hero of Socialist Labor

Dashkov Nikolai - Hello, Nick!

He writes you your old friend Alexei Shestov ... I work as an engineer in Gossnab, and before that was all those years as a mechanic-adjuster on the textile factory ... And you, then threw in his lot with the famous Kolomna native plant? It's great. Oh, Nick, is a Well-how many years have not seen for more than thirty, with the regimental school, fit to re-acquainted! But I feel like we never parted. Here are read in the newspaper that you become a Hero of Labor, and for some reason the first thing he remembered, - hay farm in the regiments in those days of the war and how you taught me how to beat a scythe, and build it pootlozhe, maybe more to grab the grass, faster come, - and raspberries. Even then, you have been working acumen, hard work, tireless ... "

So it was. Whence it came, integrity, good conscience? Must be a rural childhood, when Maltsev and plowed and sown, and the cow went, and willingly helped his father repair the meager collective farm equipment on weekends, when my father came home. And his grandfather and father worked at the Kolomna factory. And he, Nick, was in the same machine. But it was after, just before the war. Look back, if everything in a different dimension, so long ago it was ...

I remember a strict father, Ivan Evteich Dashkov, demanding. Sometimes, not so put the gear on the fan, not the party, he glyanet hook from under the eyebrows, but it happened and will slap. But if something better came up, cleverly worked, smiles briefly, swings his head:

- Look, craftsman.

And there was no greater joy. Handy, it was all said. The father in the factory grind crankshafts for diesel engines, huge, with micron accuracy. Now-a-Nikolai knows what it is, how the mind is given, and then, opening his mouth, listening to his father's stories over tea about their profession.

The word "craftsman" took on significant meaning.

- The main thing is to love their job, to work safely and confidently, his father taught, when Nick first got the machine for grind-sleeves snaryadov. Sometimes sweating, and a little confusing, but the other seems to be in no hurry, and all he gets. Thus prepared, drawing, by heart, an instrument in order, there is no detail, consists of small things big. The victory, she also made up of thousands of small efforts of the entire nation. That's ...

It will take years, decades. The famous Kolomna, a glorious revolutionary traditions of their own, become one of the mainstay enterprises in the country, by the highest culture of work, as I saw it recently with the passing Dashkov to clean, solar workshops, in the territory, like a park, where the green is not visible buildings ... Come to Kolomna ACS, the latest appliances, electronics, machine tools with program control, magnetic particle and ultrasonic determining the quality of the metal. The stocks at one time the largest ship will go, will run out on rails world's most powerful locomotive TEP-75, from hundreds and thousands of cars, walking on the highways of the country, pulled by invisible threads of machine Dashkova. And Nicholas himself Dashkov, Chevalier Order "Badge of Honor", the Order of Lenin, Order of October Revolution, will delegate XXV Congress of the Party, Hero of Socialist Labor, one of those who is proud of the plant. In the meantime ...

Skinny with protruding forelock and starved face, he stood on a stand-in bench press and grind shells. In his spare time ran the draft board, rubbed in a queue at the front asked, so here's the problem for years, did not come out. And the Germans have come to the Kashira, and at night he and old men and women digging trenches in his native hamlet Solostsovo, near the river Kolomenki where Maltsov catch minnows. It was terrible to think that the Nazis, beasts with guns, can come here, to break into the factory gate, kick open the door of his boot to his native cottage ... Did not fit in my head ... .

On the front is still not taken.

Then he cheated. The plant was evacuated quickly, and Nick left and went to the farm, the tractor. From the tractor, he had heard, they took part in the tank. Here it, and summed up the "detail": it was in such a hurry to sit behind the wheel, that blunder carelessly twisted handle factory, and she fucked it below the elbow. Bone-out, looked, did not understand the heat of the moment, and then swam in the eyes ...

The tank is not mounted, took part in the military railroad. First, of course, in the regimental school, and then, to the front. Well, here rabotenka heaving-life will be remembered. In parched fields of Ukraine, until the Breslau-bombed, under machine-gun assault squalls shaving, he dragged himself to the sleepers, grave crosses. To do this, now there are cranes and special relsoukladchiki, motor saws. And then, without straightening the back, hundreds of thousands of kilometers of ways people are laid by hand.

All this was Nikolai Ivanovich told me in conversation in the garden near the house on the outskirts of the Kolomna. Youthful, do not give her age, but now the hard work of it. He works all the same great lathe. But then ...

- You know, 'he says, and his gray eyes lurks a smile - as it cut the rail to accurately and without the blade? Saw a long time. And time is running out. Requires bringing up the front. Ammunition, food, replenish ... Well, I contrived to three strokes with a hammer to beat her. How to cut with a razor. It's in me from the knowledge of the metal. Like her, rail, put a single-barrel, on the other, how to hit. I did this tricky science guys gave. And so we have a day three times as many ways to style steel ...

Handy, to be sure.

This is the most skill, this apparent slow pace, which stands for experience, skill, intuition, every day for decades shows Nikolai Ivanovich in his large lathe machine, which seems to have fused together, he knows his strengths and weaknesses. The machine is to put it mildly, not the first youth-car, as people age. New, however, promise kramatortsy, and while it does not, take care of "the old man."

It all starts with the workplace, with the addition of the "model", which has absorbed calculated in seconds, but the row, which Dashkov reached at, and helped to introduce to others. For a quarter of an hour before the change everything about him is ready: a tool verified. always at hand, each cog-its place, so that a step wasted, no extra traffic from the moment when the motor is turned on.

A simple to install, difficult to fix three-meter body of the crankshaft, given the temper of the machine, so much so that at all had the same neck of the allowance? Accuracy in the end, because the ideal is necessary. It begins with a millimeter on the grinding and finishing are already on the tenth, one hundredth of a millimeter. So, never taking his eyes, feel it with every nerve stanochische not to nadrobil not warmed yet not "walked" in the lunettes. And just to pick a radius, to choose between the cheek area and neck to micron accuracy so remove last polishing in the weave? This is done in time sandpaper. And what a cloth and how many times to drive it to

once again not zamerivat not reach for the mic, but to save on this moment, another one? And it must feel, and it has given a special flair that comes with age ... - In short, the operation is long, - Nikolai Ivanovich returned to the above, mentally going through all the details dela., and before you know yet-self-propelled off from the blade on the metal remains the risk, and that marriage and a waste of time. Here and adapt, and turned the handles slide. The day Nama. But still the morning rush to work as if on a date, for half an hour already in place. Do not mess with the machine, the machine to be "you", or not. From this and the quality ...

Thirty years without marriage, thirty years, no comments. It is hard to believe, but it is true.

Dashkov laughs, and his face is surprisingly good.

- I myself sometimes do not believe it. Imagine all the fathers in the army in the words of the head-holding about skill. Sometimes I fall asleep, and I think to myself, come back, going for his machine, but can you? That is, could not. I remember in the first year into three categories to improve their skills. They say talent - he sheepishly frowns, - maybe it is passed from one to another by inheritance ... But it is important and a sense of responsibility. Responsibility, it is also the matter of love, so I think. Father trimmed piece for two hundred fifty hours, I-twenties.

It really was quite clear, downright weird jump. But it is worth listening to Nikolai Ivanovich, and you begin to understand how it compresses and compacted before the four hundred and twenty minutes of the shift.

Hence, the order in the workplace. skill, experience, itself. But all these qualities are without, and other technical facilities. And here it is important to recall the mode of speed and incisors. In place of steel, which his father worked, came pobeditovye-grown feed, cutting speed. Win runs on strike crumbles, So Learn to see the corner to find a sharpening tool. Add speed, and once again looking for a corner. There is no edge, so you catch that same "weave" jewelry accuracy.

Dashkov Nikolai Thousands of tons of metal passed through his hands, hundreds of complex operations. And in his memory.

- You'll get a job, ask: is nothing new in technology? What a start, sometimes in the drawing is not glyanesh. It is so familiar a thing. However, he sullenly, carefully looked at me, not too praised? Why, the way it is, why not tell.

And it all together, he calls to work with the soul, the conscience. This is Nikolai and teaches young. Ask someone from the self-turners, although Boris Sokolov, Misha Karetinskogo, yes, any one of them, talking about himself, not without pride, remember: "I am a student Dashkova." On the "peteushnikah" and say nothing. Speaking at them with the reports, selecting as a member of the jury's best work, he is constantly encouraging the children:

Respect your profession. Without the addition to the machine is better not to approach the guys look with respect to the grizzled veteran on the lapels of his jacket in the awards and medals, drinking and labor, and even those who are 'lazy, who are not yet defined its own way, are beginning to realize-life requires them more seriously.

With this yardstick of love, thoughtful attitude to the profession Dashkov suited to any business and as a worker and as a public-spirited, which is entrusted to decide the fate of people in a friendly guild court. This is truly, the court of conscience.

It happened once - require locksmiths to remove from their team of Sergey Lineva-lazy, they say, he has one in mind, in the smoking room to run. And now two broken tap, work hard for it! Yes, even snaps! Words can not tell.

Head of the department agreed with them, enough time to dismiss. But Nikolai Ivanovich thought. Of course, Linev against him all, but why snarls? This latter was alerted Dashkova: what is this guy, it really does not feel his guilt.

He decided to call Lineva a conversation, and he himself was right there-came pale, crumples the word, and did not immediately understand what's what.

Only a strongly felt all of these thrilled.

- Speak in order, Linev.

- What to say? Results can not be said. There are some things personal, which is not saying. And I is not on the lighter. I'm so upset-always-all falls out of the hands. Puffed, and the like feel better. Do not you inquire me and help me if you can. I give the word ... Yes it's me, then sad sack? .. Well I have a bit! ..

And then, having decided not to bring up until the court spoke to the chairman of Dashkov shop superintendent, with his comrades in the brigade Lineva.

- The man gave the word, 'said he named after, why not believe? Well, it all cheat? How, Sergei?

- Do not cheat.

- A familiar song, one of the guys said, well, good?

- Who has any suggestions? - Said the chairman. The boys fell silent. Then the opinions were divided: those who "for" who "against". Then Dashkov made a proposal: to give Linev shaft! One, n, 1 whole shift. Let the will and the will, of what: he can work well or not. In the meantime, limit reprimands. At that decided to do. And do not make a mistake. Passed Linev work as "excellent."

Nikolai has always believed in the good conscience of man, in his ability and willingness to serve the common good. Otherwise, life for him lost its meaning. While being too trusting sometimes misled, but its principles Nikolai Dashkov not changed. This was the case in nature. Himself did not give handouts from others of the same required. For example, the machine turned on, forget about everything, put to the end. So after all is not given, flat out.

Try to prove the same mate, Anatoly Denisov, that he can work better, cleaner, faster. But this is the need to plan increased. Fifteen trees gave his team of three people, and now we have to-twenty. Who works better, who is worse, from whom you ask - because the overall outfit, and transient operation, complex.

That Dashkov expressed his thoughts, was it long before receiving the title of Hero of the elder master Tikhonov, who worked formerly with him, Nicholas, his father. He knew immediately what was happening, but the answer is not in a hurry.

- It turns out lack of personal responsibility, 'argued Dashkov,' then you need to divide a complex operation on a few simple, and that everyone is responsible for his own.

Tikhonov, stared out from under the black, thick eyebrows, slightly perceptible smile:

- And receive respectively?

- And what if we are!-Boiled, Nikolai Ivanovich, although the money at that moment thought the least. It mingled annoyance and embarrassment, but he habitually suppressed flash, because it first.

- So, on the side of the brigade method? Said uncertainly, Senior master.-What about the competition, the collective agreement? Again, the difference in salary ...

He still did not seem to want to look at the root, replacing the main essence of the usual, but empty words. A Dashkov has pulled himself together and not lose patience.

- The brigade no one breaks down - he assured spokoyno.-It's like a family. But in a good family, everyone should know their job. Mutual aid is, and will increase the responsibility of each! .. As for the difference in salary-doubt. Now my relief may be distracted. And then you have to really show yourself! He still thinks, as his operation five or ten minutes to save. That is why stimulus will appear. And after the road! In arriving at all, as in the palm-time earned less, therefore, had been hiding behind the other? No, he's such a shame to not go. And with the quality-different turn: you screw with you and ask the same. Here goes, and competition. Each for himself and for all, but really. Who will benefit?, He concluded, screwed up. - Dashkov or the state?

Tikhonov said nothing, frowning. As an experienced, hard worker, understand the human-Dashkov. On the other hand, as something unusual. Gang-it sounds! It sounds ... Circle-Brigade. But on the other hand, these teams are working on small transactions, and then a big-why, in fact, it does not divide, denoting work of each, is also a clear advantage!

- I wonder, shook his head foreman, 'that would say this is your Dad?

As a living, stood before the eyes of his father, a stern, unsmiling, who gave the plant all his life. As he was worried about every little thing, how many people learned the craft, regardless of time, the contribution made to victory, giving the front of the high-grade parts!

- My father would have thought at first, then said. So you think, - said Nikolay. - Weigh and decide how the conscience led him away.

Changer with Anatoly Denisov-third of their team at the time was sick, too, had a conversation is not quite pleasant, though quite diplomatic. Tall, thin, Anatoly Nicholas listened without looking at removing the chin. He asked:

- What if I disagree?

- I can also not happy with you. Here are today received shift nakovyryal you. It is the job?-Even in the locker Dashkov noticed some crafts. For home or something, fashioned for himself in the shop Toll? But more about that Nikolay Ivanovich said nothing. That's where it took, apparently, time.

- And if I can not better?

- You can not, help.

- You do not want, will make. As in the army?

But Nikolay suddenly thought that the walk through Toll, his contemporary, the same as it hardened army, they would be easier to negotiate. It has long been noted, there is a special feature of the soldiers-reliability.

Well-said-in the army is not evil. In general, my job offer. I do not think about yourself. Changer has stepped aside, to leave. Then he turned and uttered dryly:

- Okay, have it your way.

- Not in my opinion, but for the good of the cause.

Three days later went to Nikolai Ivanovich Tikhonov:

- Well, 'he said,-will report to his superiors. Persuaded ...

- Yet not quite, 'replied Dashkov,-let time tell.

And it showed. Under the new master Vladimir Rochagove entire eighth, ninth and tenth five-year period they worked on the new method. Savings from the minutes of the zeal and honor were formed working efficiency and quality. Every two and a half rose performance.

Nikolai is still worked at full capacity and thus from any additional orders never refused. Although it is not easy, given the public duties which he performs with his usual diligence as a member of the Party Committee of Kolomna, a member of the factory Party Committee, chairman of the guild comrades' court. And in addition how much time and labor taken from him through the lecture society "Knowledge" and the same boys from vocational schools, which he once finished and to come, as if to meet his own youth.

But the production of its demands. There is a shop in the narrow space, it is urgent, hard work, not going anywhere, it is. And someone to do it right.

Take the cast iron shaft on the pre-treatment. Pylischa away dirt, mangled with the spin-hums. That is different and tries to one side of the job. - And who carries on that and put, so what?-Reasoned than once Nikolai Ivanovich senior mastera. Oh come on, in all fairness, all equally Delhi. I, too, before the need. Today, even in a party committee meeting ...

Foreman Rochagov in response to a sigh, his proved:

- Understand you, Nick, after all, time, and faster than you no one will work, and ruefully added:

Scary to think how you will leave to retire, so instead you ought to put three of them ... Help me out.

This "save me", he finally battled Dashkova ...

Memorial Day, was awarded the Gold Star of Hero Dashkova. He did not know, had just arrived from Vietnam, they have seen enough devastation sirotchiny. I became acquainted with the people who plowed the land, not parting with guns, girls saw anti-aircraft guns, old women, filled the trench. And when his wife Nadezhda Dmitrievna met him at the train station in Moscow

joy the news that nearly wept Nikolai Ivanovich on a variety of different feelings. And the factory has gone in the morning, although there was a day to rest in stock. And at the factory in his home shop floor passage, only entered once saw walking with arms outstretched toward the smiling Rochagova. And his first words after greeting was:

- To help out, Nick! Do not be offended, you're now we have the most honored, and to the point! No doubt that is true, however, earned it! So, for God's sake, put on work clothes, get up to the cast iron ...

When I first came to visit him, Nikolai Ivanovich had just returned from a change, and D. Hope, carefully looking at him, clasped his hands:

- You take a look, clean, washed, as a cucumber. They have great cabins there now. A very tired. Again, I suppose, with cast iron navorochalsya for all? The years of your young?-That there should be, 'she went on in the hearts, collecting stol.-all my life in the most severe aches. Look at his hands. Emery! And still smiling. And what?

- It's easy. Today, Mom, all in all fairness: just my turn came.

- Why, and have fun?

- That I'm over your ohami-ahami. - He paused, zadumavshis.-Yes, and there is a hook, from childhood, sitting down on the tractor. I remember everything about the harmonica dream. So do not bought me a harmonica. And now out of the house so the piano accordion, two daughters musician. But that's not the same thing, no ... And you?, He suddenly started again poveselev.-When in the military unit was with me? And then, when this house was built, together, family home with their hands-on to the top of the pit, you do not lomila, or what? And now you in the hospital the night-watch at midnight? Of course, now the dog is different. But it will take away our work as we do without her? Imagine, Mommy? I, no.

The world of work is kept. The familiar phrase, the general concept, which perceive with excitement when it stands for a real person, that such as Nikolai ...

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