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Feklov Ivan Grigoryevich

Drilling foreman Otradnensky Drilling Operations Production Association "Kuibyshevneft" Hero of Socialist Labor

Feklov Ivan Grigoryevich With some time to become firmly Thekla to think about this reversal. So, it seems the time has come. Just to endure!

Now he was riding on his rig, already cooled down from the hot environment in which there was a meeting of masters, where he, on behalf of his team gave the floor to draw any backward team in advanced. Noise is done! .. Nothing settles like dust on the road. The main thing is to succeed. We need results. And so it is now most worried about the upcoming conversation with the guys. However, the idea is already quite a while and not just talked about. But the one-ignite the desire, the other-indeed every day to haul to even a whole brigade ... Does everyone know what forces need such "towing"? Do not anisotropy it? Maybe we ought to just fix itself firmly their own success? Will there be enough power, count on two fronts? .. Each millet unwittingly pressed for "gas" and again and again meticulously weighed a new task for the team and how to master it.

When Thekla returned from a trip to Africa, where wells drilled per year in developing one of the wounds, in his brigade, which led to the departure did not go. He first walked around the drillers, asked around, looked closely. Well, his "old" team and worked well without him. All the guys firmly established, work steadily, rhythmically. I thought then, having weighed all: "Why come back here? Will be back on the long occupied, cushy job? "He took a backward and asked. They often changed masters. Discipline was weak. The lag, lingering for many years, a heavy burden weighed and psychological climate in the team, leaving people to hope that someday they will be able to get out of the deep break. In the management of drilling operations, and some have rumored that the people though the team picked up a lazy and do not burn a particular desire to succeed ... After a year or two summarizing the results of the competition team for the first time did not talk at the end, bending it to one, then for the other shortcomings, as it has always been up to, and in early discussions with praise, though with cautious yet.

And three years later won the team title of "Best Minnefteprom drilling crew." On their drilling rig broke Red Star! However, that major changes are begun with the arrival of Feklova, such as gradually began to forget. "Why so?" - Sometimes he thought. No ambition, he decided to stick primarily to a question: what is the role rig? What it comes down? It is important whether his personal influence on the success of the team? Does not a random coincidence is not exaggerating his ability?

And Thekla decided to once again, starting all over again, go back to the backward, and in the most backward team to test the role of master. At the party committee, where he came to this request, did not immediately understand it:

- Maybe it hurt, Ivan G.? Do not get excited. Everyone knows that you brought in a team-leading you to the honor and glory. Hold it! After all, your team beacon for others. 3a it will reach many now. Vanity, resentment? No, not that he has determined his decision. But if, in fact, very much, they say, is a jam, I would have said at once, open. Why here, and the party committee, a kind of diplomacy? The very fact before he became a master, rising to the post of PA to all steps, starting from the drilling work, two years headed! Party committee office of drilling ... Simply take in a worldly look. Sorry for the guys with the lagging! After you ride the bus together to the rig. Technique is the same, the conditions are equal. But now you're a leading article. You have a good salary. And why they are well worse than you?

Peredovik, lighthouse ... Correct all: you have won the title in the hard work, and who behind, let him utonyaet. But on the other hand, what are you a beacon for others, if you are of them has gone forward so that they would like you already and can not see, you're out there on the horizon, your "light" they are not visible. Is it because there are various conjectures quietly: "Good luck to them. People have stolen up "-" Help them more than others "-" Yes, and there is not anything, then it is impossible in the usual way to achieve such results. " And here is formed by a gap between spearhead and the rest of it seems to them irresistible.

It turns out that the best experience and morally "works" only for themselves, others do not see it, do not understand and sometimes even once shunned, hidden behind this so convenient idle speculation.

There is a second, more practical side of things: of the twenty teams managing only two or three are working with records, and dozens of in-depth "occurrence" is hopelessly behind. What is the overall result will be? Pace-makers, to the mountain, but still lagging behind pull the whole team down. It can be seen, and they have to "ladder" to substitute ...

About Feklova walking to the party committee, many will soon find out. And while there was still a final decision until determined his future team around this event sparked controversy. People stirred up great news. Many people including friends and pets, my wife and son, at once supported him.

While there are forces, they believed, until the heart-burn, grab a case that determination and daring. It is hard? But the light of life is not really live. And besides, they knew his character: Think that - do not talk.

The rest ... Well, except for those who, with a sly smile, he asked bluntly:

"You do that by doing nothing? Good production bored? "., Were those who honestly wanted to understand Ivan G.:

"Here, you say, substitute ladder lagging ... What does this mean? - Mark and, as a small child, to plant on top of the crossbar, or what? Well, he sits there, earnings are good it will appear. Think of this well will work? Do not believe it! As he worked, and will work Chasles, go ahead. Because it is different does not know how and, more importantly, does not want. Sure. This time you failed. Because guys have got good. "

This is where the usual care Thekla interrupted debater of this:

- We'll see. Maybe your truth.

Good ...? Do not divide himself drilling into good and bad. And if someone started to start a conversation on this subject, considered empty of all to listen, much less engage in the dispute, argue that in which he already believed-that once and for all.

Drillers ... But how can it be bad? Never! These people are special mental warehouse. Careerist, cowardly, lazy man will not go in because drillers. Incredibly hard. Ruble's not gratuitous grab. You live for several days with people far away from home, all in the mind, cunning, and so can not hide, deceive not be fooled, then work on the other fell, for lack of personal responsibility can not hide all the work on an equal footing ...

While courts, gossip, debate, talk, arrived solution. Thekla has adopted a new team. Ran today.

After a few months the team has overcome the backlog. For the guys it was a great joy. Sharing it with them, not all of Thekla given to emotion. Of course, this victory! But ... After going here, not only for these, remove them from behind.

Even if the planned move to a weak team, firmly decided for myself, "And on this rig will be on Star!"

Now he, slowly, sounded out the guys, "are you?"

At first they could not help smiling when it comes up. From such and such deep "rear" but once on the "front line"? Not far from there, they say, enough ...

Thecla, remembering how difficult it had to escape from the laggards, and he has sometimes thought so. Mind, however, showed that there were doubts. But waving his arms in vain not to say: that's now all in one fell swoop will do ...

He kept going, the calculations was. Reflection on their outcome, a first, and then you and the kids tried to convince: perhaps, after all you can do a good jump, you only need first and foremost on this venture. Someone asked incredulously:

- On paper, it is something, perhaps, it turns out, as well as on the rig to do?

"But it is true, dammit!" - Closing the notebook, I thought Thekla. With what solved if the look? Engineering an old, worn. Work on the rig is already stressful. It may, indeed, above himself can not jump?

But over time he realized what he himself and the whole gang is missing. Courage, that's what more than even the new sound technology, lacked people.

Feklov Ivan Grigoryevich They are too long behind. Already forgotten, when the plan is carried out are accustomed to consider their potential modest. But then suddenly vybilis people-to stay now, not to sink down again! More and not have to. Why are there still something wise? Praise them Steel earnings have risen. Someone once whispered: "We have now ... another master, quieter. And that in fact our ... G. This will not stop. Did not feel, no stars on the rig can not get used to. And do not get used! Only we do-in! And pointed to his neck, saying that extra weight, it lies here, pull it all together-pridetsya.-But why? "

True, the first success of the team got a lot of stress. Thekla backward team took in February. Reaped the strengths of cold. Drilling was finished. The brigade, as they say in such cases, was in a "box". How can you begin to master the new work, if you do not have yet? In the case of something quickly "lapped" to each other, the relationship easier to fold. And then ...

Feklovu had to show great restraint, to spend a lot of effort to maintain employment for people mood. However, it was necessary, of course, and to tighten discipline. But success came quickly, at the first hole. Already in early March (21 numbers) team carried out a monthly task.

After that, everything went well. And now, in general, you can understand those in the group who would like to relax a little. Spring has come early. There was a smell of thawed earth, the first green. Returning birds. Voiced their voices are increasingly heard not far from boring. It alone among the verdant fields and forests lived the same life. The intense pace, rhythm, no indulgences themselves. Guys sit in the sun, prigreyutsya 'rest would be ... "

And Thekla noticed with alarm symptoms such sentiments. His is more and more worried. It should be the team to stay ... because in sport: formula for success has lost not wait until it does not will find again. Sam, being the naval service, it is well understood. One fellow brought a young sailor in the wrestling room, and he became interested in the sport. Accustomed themselves to do everything thoroughly, and here it is for classes taken seriously. And the skill quickly grew. Soon he became the champion of the Thekla, and then the area. But it was enough just to him when he returned home after the service, take a break from classes and weight, with the fight on the carpet had to leave.

No, it is impossible to stop the team, it is necessary to gain momentum, the reserves for that. But how?

Thought a lot about Thekla. But what if you try to compete with his old team? Why is he alone, Thecla, looking at a star that lights on the tower of his former drill? Did the boys do not want to drill and it lit up? He decided to go and his old team, to talk about. After parting with the guys in the good, mentally. They wished him luck and promised to help if needed. Master it was Michael G. Drozdov, experienced drillers, a skilled organizer. He certainly understands.

So Thekla did. I went. Talk to one of his former drill is worn in memory, but the feeling always remained: the guys have responded to the invitation willingly, with a twinkle! So the two teams teams met. Concluded an agreement on competition. They began to travel together for the experience. Soon, the master noticed that the team once tightened, lit by a desire to compete with the powerful rival of the competition. Notable turned push. Air operations began to grow rapidly.

And Thekla have looked further. At that time the industry was widely known for its success the team driller Hero of Socialist Labor VM Agafonov of Glavtyumenneftegaza. One day at a meeting they met, started talking. Found a lot in common. Agafonov started something here in Otradnensky fields. How so what? One would like to learn more about the old places, and another, the works of the West Siberian drillers. Although the conditions are different sinking of wells and equipment is any different, but still a professional conversation was far-reaching, beneficial to both. Why not compete?

And soon went to the Thekla Agafonov on drilling. The first thing that caught my eye, a complete interchangeability of the team. Driller at any time could be replaced by his assistant. Even the electrician was able to perform the duties of assistant driller, drilling work. If everything is in place, the benefits of this are not very noticeable. But now someone has gone on vacation, ill, usually creates a tense situation immediately. And agafonovtsev the normal course of drilling is not broken even for an hour.

Thekla assessed and how the team are able to save time Agafonov. Usually in the afternoon drilling is terminated. Here, for a minute. Similarly, the transfer of watches. It seems that fines dinner driller, for example, is twenty minutes. But if you put a three-watch in the night, it turns an hour, and for the year to fifteen days. Only through this can be increased by ten percent penetration. All that I saw and learned a useful Ivan G., returning to his rig, applied in full.

So the team has received new impetus in the competition. About a wizard called it a second wind. It was followed by more and more new labor successes Brigade. And then came to his cherished milestone: Star broke their drilling rig!

Now, a star shone in the former, the old rig Ivan G. Feklova, Mikhail G. Drozdov, and the second on the new in its place.

... And now he came up with this on a swung. What to do?

"Also because the guys asked, begin to pull backward team-yourself fall behind! And it means. Star taken away? Uh pull someone's team in the best workers, she will leap, to overtake, but we lose a star? "

"Of course, if you overtake, will lose. Just why is it we must give to someone first? Went on as if to talk with the guys now on the way to the rig, Thecla, run away from the sly to hold mashinu.-Like it or not, and yet completely new task team will need to decide! "

Zavidnelas tower. At first glance, there is no movement, stopped drilling, Thekla looked closely at more closely. No, I work in full swing! How many times in my life happened like this: you look, and for some reason clogged heart ... After all familiar to screw up every twig. And you know what any of the watch is now engaged. There's someone else's figure darted around the trailer. Guess at a distance, who is there? And here and think of nothing: Mikhail Petrovich Shamshaev. Driller, a communist. Support Wizard! By the way, it would be good to and Eugene B. Purgaev, electrician, also a member of the party, he worked in this shift: and his support in the conversation would not stir. For after all these others go ... In the van came to watch all free. Discussed current affairs. Circuited somehow. Probably, the master saw that there is now important to have a conversation.

- Well, what's there, G., the meeting was new?-Someone casually asked, deliberately, as if among other things. And - silence.

- Yes, that ... Thekla looked into the face. - As previously agreed, undertake the backward team. At the meeting on your behalf, gave the word: Pull! How? Or we will fall back? Let's discuss it.

Murmur. Broke through the silence, waiting.

- How and in what actually help?

- How can we help, say, from the same team or Drozdov Agafonov? They came, shared experiences, best practices shown to work. That's how I studied: we have them, something they have-we do. Only now, let's proceed, perhaps like this: work out one by one in the sponsored team, and they, in our. And not for the day - or two. By month. This is my suggestion.

Offers many more confused. What is meant to work in the trailing team is all well know. Spill a lot of sweat, and all often wasted because the general order no. And the result, of course, wages and salaries ... As we will in this case: The average may remain or what allowances will be?

- And what is the premium? With a smile, but he said quite seriously Shamshaev.

- So it would be: how much money to be together with the team, and get as much, 'said Thekla. Some, knowingly winking at his comrades, joked:

- I am not the first. I'll wait. Murmured the guys:

- In the bushes will not diverge. fact.

- What is it? We must help others.

- First, I'll go, 'said Thekla,) He was convinced that the brigade under | A ego. keeps us on the drill comes with a master of the one lagging behind. You are here it help. Okay?

Month Thekla worked in a brigade of young master Ignatova.

On the first day frankly told the guys: the organization you work, corporate culture, below average. How do they raise? He talked about how simple calculation time, with whom he once met at a Agafonov drilling in Western Siberia. In the sponsored team Thekla rose itself is one, then at another workplace. Show how to perform certain work. On the drilling foreman must be able to do almost everything. Once, when. start casing it took place at the driller's brake winch. On that day, the brigade took only 13 hours to pull the column to a depth of 3300 meters. This rate does not always reach and advanced groups, and therefore encouraged the success of all work, all helped believe in themselves.

Having started to work in the sponsored team, Thekla immediately offered drillers primarily to clean up the rig and domestic premises. His first assistants were profgruporg Tetyushin, Ziyangirov driller, assistant driller Gorin. And after them supported Feklova and others.

Meanwhile, their young professional Ignatov, only recently appointed drill master, he worked in a team Feklova. He had already heard a lot of the perfect order reigning in the group of noble master, but one thing to hear, and the other, to become a participant in a clear, well-coordinated work of all the watches, to see the high culture of production, the purity of the rig and in all areas.

Surprised by his focus and commitment of each employee's brigade in the affairs of the whole team, the ability to quickly take stock of socialist competition.

As said later Ignatov, the month he spent in the brigade Feklova, became for him a true lesson in craftsmanship.

After a backward Feklova team went on stage drillers, electricians and their helpers ... And it moved. The team Ignatova soon escape from the backlog, and then scored a good pace of work. But then there's the team fell to the lot of the test: change master. Ignatov moved to Western Siberia. He was replaced by Yuri Ivanovich Soloschev. In the management of fear: what if it will affect the work of the team? But the team continued to work steadily in the same rhythm.

A year later, and patronized the drill broke Red Star! At the brigade Feklova has another formidable opponent.

A feklovtsy, leaving the "at rest" Soloscheva team, took over the patronage of even one lagging behind, has confidence in the conduct of its best workers, because this team is now more than their share. Although it took only a few months since then, as it took feklovtsy "in tow ..."

Many have told me about Feklove. On the Wizard, just about the person. Just a short essay does not retell. But he had a particularly noteworthy? I particularly remember the first meeting with him.

Thekla bezvylazno worked three days on the rig. Finished another well-known case, the time has come, it is extremely important and troublesome. That's getting ready to-morrow "shoot"-causing oil. Today, stood out a little respite. He said: "skip back".

But when sitting at home when promised more of its voters living in rural areas, to deal with complaints? His wife:

- Here we go. In the village congress, breathe air.

A few hours later, quite in the evening, he showed up in management. Strict dark suit on a hard figure. White shirt. Tie. On his lapel - a badge deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR.

We see that the wound in the road: trampled clothes, kind of tired.

That day has gone. Does free tomorrow?


- We still today zakonchit.-I was counting on his fingers, now that's a meeting, a veteran of honor to congratulate necessary. Then, in the school sponsored a look ... And there are other zaboty.-He hesitated to speak, or not-Yes we are here ... Eugene Denisova, assistant driller, zhenim. The room where the wedding to celebrate, to find, yet there is something prepared. Now here's a gift ... looking for

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