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Anibraeva Mariya

Seamstress-machine operator sewing factory in Vitebsk "The Banner of Industrialization," Hero of Socialist Labor

Anibraeva Mariya By the gate of the factory, both the mother and daughter came in silence. It was talked over and decided in advance, but Pelagia G. kept thinking: Masha no seventeen, she would learn, but still does not work. Only that the war came, around ruin. The Nazis were driven, and the traces, oh what traces they have left the Belarusian land. Together with her husband, working shoe factory "Red October", we have what is called a house from scratch to raise. And in the hands of even five years Lyudmila. It turns out they do not say, but must be high to work it!

A girl was kept remarkably quiet, but her cheeks flushed, either from excitement or from a fast walk. No, it turns out, she does not worry. Here, in a garment factory in Vitebsk "Banner industrialization" more than a dozen years, she worked as a seamstress, machine operator her mother, and she. Mary, growing up here, first in a manger at the factory, then in kindergarten.

Hence it would have gone to school, but her first-graders, the war crossed the path. Only when the shots died away in honor of the Victory, Mary was able to sit at school desks. She will always remember the terrible years of captivity. And then, as for myself inadvertently witnessed the shooting of two teachers. They did not ask for mercy. Unconquered, strong, they proudly accepted death. And later the girl heard the sound of machine guns and fractional the explosions on the road. My father said: "avenge the blood of their fellow partisans ..."

A quarter century has passed since then, as Mary Anibraeva crossed the threshold the factory, without exaggeration, it has become a second home.

Long and hard with the busy student teachers: the participant of the Great Patriotic War, Dora Moiseevna Lozovskaya-experienced master production manager, Anna Sergienko, a tireless educator of youth, now head of the 4th workshop Lydia S. Kovalevskaya, Hero of Socialist Labor, Maria Ilyinichna Matsenko, who, inheriting the initiative Valentina Gaganova, moved from the best shops in the backward and brought him out of the breakout. And Mary Anibraeva worked conscientiously. At 21, she became an instructor in training.

- With a team like ours, 'said Mary V., bad-you can not work.

- It's true. And with long labor tradition, supported its factory director, Commander of the Order of Lenin, Honored Worker of Industry of the Republic, Raisa Petrovna Zhuravleva, can and should work more productively. After all, nac from 4.5 thousand workers are 2.5 thousand strikers communist labor. We are proud to have raised such a highly qualified professional, which was our Mary Anibraeva. What is especially encouraging is the fact that many may well compete with our heroine. As most of Mary Vasilyevna, then it no praise can not be considered excessive.

She has studied well the whole range of sewing process, mastered all kinds of equipment, seized 80 operations. Great experience, good attitude, exceptional hard work, relentless search for new reserves, that's what gave her the opportunity to perform the task ahead of the Ninth Five-to 12 February 1973. The second five-year personal Anibraeva committed to perform on the day of opening of XXV Congress of the CPSU and has kept his word with honor.

With great labor achievement Maria Vasilyevna congratulated Leonid Brezhnev. "Communist, Socialist leader-competition - said in his letter - you their successes, dedication, impact work shows an example of a communist attitude, creative approach to finding opportunities and reserves in the works, increase efficiency, improve product quality."

Performing a monthly rate of 200 per cent, surrendering 99.6 percent from the first presentation of the product in terms of 93, Maria Anibraeva carried out the task Tenth Five May 23, 1978.

How did she manage it? Let us try to uncover the terms of the success of Mary Vasilyevna. Methods for its work seriously studied, and it allows you to draw certain conclusions. Of course, such excellence is the result of continuous improvement of skills, and this means that the number of related transactions in compliance with the rational methods of work, reducing time spent on every detail.

Workplace Anibraevoy is at the process stream. The table is covered with plastic, is mounted inside a garbage table, next to the bedside table is set for personal items. Details are stored on a single-stage cut shelves.

At the beginning of a change of Mariya itinerary checks cut and selects the order details and run the pipeline, provides all the jobs necessary accessories. She knows any machine, any detail, the rules of the consumption of materials, accessories. Quick and agile movements of Mary Vasilyevna leaning over the machine. It works beautifully! That went up to her regular harvesting, it quickly flattens it on the table, and this falls under the needle and then rapidly goes out of her part of the cut, and the seam is so strong even though some invisible line helpfully puts it, to achieve perfect straight line.

Using time efficiently, Anibraeva struggling economy literally every second. To secure the bottom edge of the board, finishing second stitch line on the edge of the board, the norm is given 58 seconds. Anibraeva spends on this step 26.4 seconds, the line on the location of the lower loop, it does in 8.5 seconds instead of 13 seconds at a rate, and so on each transaction. Economists have calculated that, thanks to accurate and thorough implementation of working practices in the basic and additional operations Anibraeva instead of 354 seconds, spends only 183.9 seconds.

Yes, Anibraeva is fast, very fast. But this is only one aspect of the case. A second-discipline. In this trait of her character was not difficult to see from the first minute dating.

When, weaving between cars and slides of finished products, together with the Deputy Secretary of Party Committee of the factory party organization Raisa Gorbunova we got to the job and I had the Anibraevoy her, Maria only for a moment, looked up, and then jotted a car.

- Sorry, that since you met, 'said Mariya Anibraeva later.

- Work with us tense, can not be distracted. Schedule ... Do farmers during the harvest season each year, feeding time, and we can tell, is not by the clock, in seconds.

That is most of those seconds add up stellar numbers of records of those who because of their dedication, discipline, high civic consciousness and ability to defend their principles and beliefs are Zapevalov good deeds.

Experience has shown that labor heroes are people, usually emotional, open, always ready to help someone who know the old adage: The best lesson which can give the teacher - is a good example not only in words but in everyday affairs. Such is Mariya Anibraeva. Not for nothing at the factory say we have a real school Anibraevoy. She has trained and produced 50 qualified workers. Among her students Svetlana Zayko which performs today at the rate of 135 per cent with excellent quality products. Now she and Svetlana became a teacher of youth, she Udarnitsa communist labor, was awarded the Order of Labor Glory III degree. She was awarded the title of "Master golden hands." Keep up with Svetlana Zayko and other student Anibraevoy: Sedlovets Olga, Ludmila Pimenovna Naumenko, Valentina Shishkov.

We also Anibraevoy pupils, with pride, told me the current headmistress Mary Vasilyevna: shift foreman Love Stepanovna Vinnik - Knight of the Order of Red Banner of Labor and Senior Master of the brigade, which employs Anibraeva, Lina Yegorovna Makeychenko, awarded the Order of Labor Glory III


- Mariya-friendly and reliable person. And it does not take patience, 'said Lyu6ov Stepanovna Vinnik.-Me has now become the commander of production and in many respects, has achieved an obligation Mary Anibraevoy. A hundred times, used to explain a hundred times will show what and how to do it. Do not go away until it is satisfied that a student captured another "secret" trade. Even now, there will be a need, Maria first comes to the rescue, explain, and sometimes will make for a worker or that the operation, if only it is not hindered. Sewing shop, which employs Maria Anibraeva, does not look as festive as the department in which the sewing women's clothes. There's more colorful materials and colors, bright, bright, and everything is stricter in detail. This release new models of the male outer garments of wool flannel, corduroy, denim.

Vitebsk clothing factory "Banner industrialization" - the firstborn of the first five. Today it is a large modern enterprise. Produces a daily basis over seven thousand garments. The workshops identified a progressive equipment, three lines spetspressov Dry-heat treatment of finished products. Clean air, lots of greenery and flowers. Such concern for the working conditions of workers could not affect the quality of the product. Here there are cross-cutting teams of excellent quality. "One for all and all for one", so it is possible to characterize this form of work of all teams are equally responsible for the quality of products. Full interaction brigades, the desire not to let each other lead to a reduction in processing times of parts, reduction of losses of materials and the most rational use of production capacity.

Anibraeva Mariya Active support for the initiative in the factory of the advanced workers of the country: "Five-Year Plan of quality-assurance work." The factory has become a base for the implementation of best practices. Many of the best workers from other enterprises come here to exchange experiences, to borrow something new that they were able to introduce garment factory workers in Vitebsk "Banner of industrialization," acquaintance with the experience of Mary Anibraevoy. Whatever said Mariya, while always present, as it were her friends, her shop, her factory. It is with great respect has named Valentina Vaxjo.

- For '24 we are working with Valentina, is now competing with it. She was awarded the Order of Red Banner of Labor and the Diploma of the Presidium of the Supreme Sonnet Byelorussian SSR, 'said Anibraeva.

- Of course, it's hard to compete with a man like Mariya. She is a true heroine, Gout, as they say, nor subtract or add. It is hard to compete with her, repeated-Valentina-but interesting! U of Mary Vasilyevna I have no secrets. On the contrary. The first time you need it immediately to help. It is organically alien arrogance, conceit, jealousy, boastfulness. She enjoys the successes of others, no less than his own. Public is a person. If you got down to something that would not give up, whether its work or perform duties on trade union lines. The interest in the affairs of the factory in its success, in my opinion, was the meaning of the life of Mary Vasilyevna.

- What say we have a team that embarrassed him to sum up. Most of our workers are working on the conscience ... well, the beginning of our conversation, Maria Anibraeva. These words she repeated, saying goodbye to me.

Advanced employee, Hero of Socialist Labor, holder of the Orders of Lenin and Red Banner of Labor, "Master golden hands", which has many other awards and honors, the person performing the two five-year period in one working today on account of 1983, Maria is also a member Anibraeva October District Party Committee, deputy of the October Regional Council of People's Deputies, a member of the BRC Workers Union of Textile and Light Industry, a member of the factory trade union committee, mentor young people, honorary veteran of the labor of the factory. And because I could not help asking: Is it time to do anything around the house for the family?

- Why, at home I have a working group, said Mary, laughing Vasilevna.-My husband, Boris Petrovich, electric welder working at a furniture factory, is also pretty tired, but still much to do around the house, all helped me. And my daughter Tatyana fur-employee plant, from the case was not used to refuse. So the only granddaughter Natasha is not yet "production worker". In my heart lives everlasting gratitude to my mother for tons of it led me to the factory. I do not sympathize with those parents who belong to the tragic fact that their child does not immediately get to college. For any individual star could start the road from the factory entrance. It would be just, honest desire to work, learn, understand, skill, daring ...

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