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Saralidze Zurab G.

Turner Tbilisi Machine Tool Works Kirov, Hero of Socialist Labor

Saralidze Zurab G. Its now pass to the pass without asking the document. Native plant given to all of life. Lad of seventeen, just after the Borjomi trade schools, he arrived in Tbilisi. And went to work at the Machine-Tool Plant named after SM Kirov, now the parent company of the industrial association.

There was a guy at first, and unusual in a strange city, and life is not immediately got up, and a specialty in one day was given, but the life and career of Zurab Saralidze looks surprisingly straightforward and simple, devoid of spectacular highs and zigzags.

Well, really! How come in 1959, the factory lathe operator, and served until 1979 as a turner! Of course, the way he has done over the years, it's easy to imagine comparing the timid beginner, as it was then, yesterday fezeushnika first risen to the machine, and the acknowledged master of what he has now, and whose merits are crowned the highest awards and distinctions. But the Zurab G. measure distance traversed by him in working life, these are not signs.

- Once our plant produced Deepa-machines, which were visible symbol of the achievements of Soviet industry in competition with the West. "To catch up and overtake!" - That stood for the name. Compare them with modern machines equipped with automatic and controlled ... So, today, the working-turner, milling and even in any specialty, as far away by the very content of his work within the meaning of what it was thirty or even twenty years ago, as our current machines ... So the biography of each worker is now a sort of double helix, it grows as a "inside" of their profession, from student to master his craft and at the same time growing along with it, with scientific and technical progress. This is the way and Zurab IG. The title of Hero of Socialist Labor, it is a natural estimate.

Zurab Saralidze was instrumental in the shop along the various machines, and I was trying to guess which one it was, therefore, on which so many years ... He laughed: the eye that the milling, the grinding ...

- Am I able to work on, and on the other, and the "carousel" too. Such a law in our team was, if necessary, so the interchangeability and universalism in knowledge and ability to quickly look at each job, no small matter. But my machine, here it is ...

He nodded off into a distance away and silently left the shop.

Plant noisy, buzzing, ringing, and Ukhalov. The plant had lived his life. And on the asphalt path between the shops was a tall, slender man, greeted on the way to the counter, someone shook hands, exchanged a word with someone-else. No, this time he did not have any urgent matters here, it stopped just like that, could not call in when about to carve out free time. Old vahtershi output in the passage did not ask him pass, but she nodded.

She knows that soon he will come again. And he sits in the car and went to his

to work.

Zurab Saralidze for almost a year working in Georgia, the chairman of the largest trade union of machine building and instrument making.

Cabinet doors are disclosed to all. The owner comes here in good time prior to the worker, who was used to prepare in advance the tool, machine, job, job searches for the day. He's knows the value of working time and of his own and another's. The most perceptible in the room is a large and densely-packed schedule targets companies in the sector with a variety of indicators, but not one of those grand and elegant, that are preparing for solemn occasions, and a detailed, work. The man does his job conscientiously. The usual office business person. Only one detail attracted attention, seemed not quite usual. On a table in a stack of books and pamphlets of a political, special, reference books stood a brilliant cover: poem Dzhansug Charkviani. Here is what the poet about him Dzhansug Charkviani.

- Zurab Saralidze man, I would say, poetic. And not just because he is a poet of the business, "the poet of the machine." Then I remember how the working people in one of our conversations just said in passing, without the underscores: "You know that the most important thing in life? Of course, the machine tool. It is everything that you see around, and even the machine is also made on some other machine. " He generously "donated" to me this way, and I quickly wrote a poem dedicated to him, which is called "machine." Moreover, in the Georgian consciousness is not just a "technical" word it is associated with a traditional idiomatic expression, which can be translated as "machine" or "wheel of fortune" of man ...

Who, if not you?

The conversation was so-and-out in the open.

- Were you working, 'I said, - honor and glory to the whole country, and everywhere are invited to a welcome guest, the presidium of the plant ... The factory gave you a great apartment in a new home. Two consecutive terms in the Supreme Soviet elected. And now? .. Above all, even getting a steel lower ...

- That's right, 'replies. - A machine to throw what was that? Again, all over again ... But when asked: trust, they say, hope you do not move too! What could I do, like give up? .. After all, someone here should work, right?

Work to do, of course, and not someone else. Here everything is clear. Yet, to decide on such a sharp turn, when all being said, arranged and configured so that it is better not? ..

To say that Zurab Saralidze very much a novice came here, head of the union of an entire industry in the country, is not quite correct. From social work, he never ran for many years was elected secretary of the shop party bureau, worked in the factory party committee.

- I am now back in the party committee - says he.

And the "school of communism", he understands from experience is not the first year: in 1972 was elected secretary Sovprofa Georgia on a voluntary basis. Troublesome, take a lot of time and effort, but still on top of your main job, which remains on the conscience did Zurab G.. The site of the fallen to him in the distribution of functions between the secretaries of the most difficult: review of complaints and working! Then, as they say, no comment.

- It was hard?

- It is hard to ...

Zurab Saralidze remembers the people who came to him over the years with their needs and requests. Others were: who with just claims, and some way of the absurd or selfish interest to achieve something. There have been instances in his work, left a feeling of satisfaction when justice triumphed, and all was completed to everyone's satisfaction, there were also those that are unpleasant to remember because of the wasted effort. There have been settled at once, a phone call or conversation, there were also those that require heavy spending nerves, disputes the evidence ...

But think about this. Of course, the ability to create a working environment and benefit from time to dispose of office, ability to work, an important and valuable asset, largely worked out by life experience, working leaven, which remains permanently in man. But at least, and perhaps more important than these skills, something profound: the anti-bureaucratic immunity, which the whole life gives a person a working school life, which was Zurab G. Saralidze.

We can say that he and every machine on which he worked, had a special personal relationship, knew his temper, habits, and character.

Even each series part, coming from him, for he too was in something special, unique.

Aware of the convention and about such a comparison, let me still say that we talk about respect for people Saralidze!

He keeps in memory of the meeting and talk, face hundreds of thousands of people, the circumstances of their cases, their requests and needs.

- She came to me, many years ago, a woman from Chiatura (there is a mining town in the mountains with us.) She fell ill child required long-term care, constant supervision of medical specialists. She had to surrender his apartment and move in Tbilisi, rent a room here, pay a lot of money. For a long time she sought an audience with the Chairman of the Executive Committee, but all to no avail. She came to me with a single request: let them take me, and listen, and then decide how it should be. I went to the then mayor of our, what, I ask, stopping you talk to someone? And he told me, lives in Tbilisi, nine hundred thousand people (at that time the population of a million is not reached), and if each is written on my receipt and will express their grievances, but when I work. In these cases we have clear rules, regulations, laws, and we of course are guided!

How many years have passed, and Zurab G., recounting the episode, is going through it again, and I'm not hard to imagine that he had to listen to the then "mayor" obscured the instructions from the people.

- He received the wrong woman!

- And the result?

- Laws and regulations have been written for people, not against them ... Perhaps this is the main conclusion, which has made for himself Zurab Saralidze their experience in elected office, party, trade union. Faith in humanity, the humanity of all the precepts of our society learned from this experience is so deeply internalized them that sometimes he trusts his instincts, solves complex problems "in good conscience," and it turns out, cht'0 this principle has never failed him.

In total, he worked for two weeks chairman of the Republican Committee, but was part of the case. Bring him to a statement from a group of workers of one of the enterprises of the production association "appliance." R3bochie complained about the roughness of the leaders on the registry, and irregularities in the payroll and the bad food, poor sanitation in the dining room and living room ... The new chairman did not create a special commission to check and wait for its conclusions about how these were confirmed in a collective letter to the facts or not. Got in with the 'secretary of the committee and the inspector, he went to the company.

- Our committee made a director of the branch at the meeting a vote of no confidence, and then released from the post ... But the main result of our trip is not the point. There, in Zion, we held a meeting and listen to you, as were the workers! But most of the girls out there, Komsomol, just after school. And though they talked about the unhappy things in my heart, I was proud of them: they were not statements "offended" rude master, or a rogue setter. It said a young working-class change, said a socially and politically mature citizens of our society, said the owners of 'plant!

Saralidze Zurab G. Yesterday, today and always

Borjomi Gorge remains forever in the memory approached the narrow mountain road tape series, the irrepressible roar of the turbulent river gorge in the valley, blue-green pine forests, run up the steep slopes ...

Here in the village Akhaldaba, Zurab was born and grew up. His father died early, and the boy does not remember it, although in this respect, the good and honest worker, communist since 1918, got his inheritance. Together with his peers, he jumped from the suspension bridge in the icy stream fast chickens, fished the bait, climbed the steep rock dispute slopes.

Childhood can not be called cloudless, carefree, and three children have remained a widow mother, a war that swept the distant echoes of heavy fighting and constant concern for the older brothers who had gone to the front.

Maybe it's because Zurab G. and appreciates in a man above all honesty, that was such a childhood. He came from a family working mother also worked at the factory. Looking back on the lived life so far, Zurab G. says:

- His family, mother and first mentor, teacher and master, I am indebted to those that did not make in the life of a single step along the curve path. In life sometimes has to feel a sense of grievance or injustice. And Zurab G. Saralidze tries above all to help someone who needs help in this, first of all to think and care about the general case.

- A lot of time takes a new job?

- Many, often returning home, and at eight and nine, and:

happens later. The youngest daughter graduated from high school, preparing for entrance exams to the university.

Although teachers say that she had great mathematical ability, but because if the very trace of her classes, yet relaxed his father's heart. In older, students are already at the very daughter. Little Ia every night waiting for his grandfather long ago promised to walk with her in Victory Park and tell all about the Unknown Soldier ...

The door of the chairman's office has once again opened a new visitor's pass. The host and guest joyfully embrace, and then submit it to Zurab G.:

- Our well-known veteran pensioner Mirzat Akopov.-old lathe operator, but does not agree either with the title of veteran, or retired from the situation:

- I gave my word to complete the twelfth Gruzvinmashe five years, and before that about any leisure to think and do not want to hear!

That, he said the words that seem to me, just express the complete characterization and Zurab Saralidze, and most Mirzata Akopova, and all their associates in the life and work:

- Work-life title! A poet Joseph Noneshvili said:

- In one of his trips abroad, in France, I say:

here is your brother played in the National Assembly. Is it true that it is a simple business? It was about Zurab and his speech. I do not know what he said he had not heard. But the reviews of his French friends can see that the impression he had made considerable. Simple business? Yes, the worker, but a simple right?

Judge for yourself, then he spoke not only as a messenger of the working class of the Soviet Union, but also as a member of the Foreign Affairs Commission of its supreme organ of the Supreme Council. It can not imagine that the next time I hear about him as a longtime activist peace movement, in which he engaged for a long time and always, or even in any other capacity. Yet the question of my friends told me the only way he could and had to answer:

- Yes, it's working.

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