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Lvov Yuri Y.

Brigadier linemen Orenburg assembly management trust "Yuzhuralelektromontazh" Hero of Socialist Labor

Lvov Yuri Y. On the road, which had been laid a broad ribbon of the vast steppes of Orenburg gas to the complex, there are a few kilometers away from each other by three prominent high stand.

Language written on them is dry and short: the first stage of a gas plant commissioned in 1974, the second in 1975, the third-in 1978. If the head of a huge book. For many who are at least twice a day passes that road, to and from work, for Yuri Lvov, each of these chapters is firmly connected with the personal fate of its own near and dear to my heart. Do you go to work, come back home, there are equally strongly when something stirs inside with a short inscription. Sometimes, the bus then just do not recall what the current problems are not discussed! The latter, if you count from the complex, stand, on which stands the figure of 1978-year starting third and final stage of the gas plant, one of the children slowly pushes into the side of George: that's yours! Here, the Hero of work, personal, goes ...

That's right, the third brought him fame career. But that would mean it is the last of all, do not be the first and second, where the team rallied behind which firmly established the right to make the most difficult? "Have the team of Lviv, these will cope." And if it were not for the experience acquired by another assembly plant rubber products, then the Silk Factory? And anyway, if you think about ... was chosen as a way to go?

In the courtyard of one of Nick's uncle next door, it is tempting clinking bag hidden in a soldier's tools, such as very soulful, and simply said Yuri bivshemu thumbs fifteen years:

"Come to us, to electricians." And so it remained a secret for a teenager, as he guessed that the guy after seven classes are no longer attracted to the school? Remained in the memory forever Evdokimov only a teacher, he led a circle of young technicians, where Yuri is with enormous interest brought his hands first crystal set radio ... Go to school, the truth is already evening, he "did come back. After his military service. And so engrossed in his studies, which easily overcame odinnadtsatiletku, he immediately enrolled in college correspondence installation and successfully completed it.

- Stop-joking rebyata.-A did not even notice it as a hatched Institute, who will stay?

By that time, under his leadership has been a team. Trust is not by accident. Everyone saw: Lions Jura-industrious, intelligent and witty. Yes, and went to school with a strong experienced team leaders such as Alexander Rudakov, Alexander Urwah, Alex Popov.

His team worked on the installation of the silk mill. Entered into the mainstream: debugged rhythm, got a good stable earnings. But in a calm, quiet atmosphere of internal wiring, which for many months, "sat" brigade are increasingly broke wind news and just talk, more and more begins to boil around the construction of a gas processing plant near Orenburg. Natural gas will go to the western boundary of the pipeline "Soyuz". To the glory of the grain edges will add one more: the Orenburg gas will work for the benefit of millions of people! Tens of billions of cubic meters per year. Construction is huge. Only the electrical work is almost 10 million rubles. There is where to turn!

Some people, hoping to first "skim the cream", already bustled, picked up by the field. But the Communists of the city, discussing at their meetings to ensure the most important people in the area of the object, thus advised not to hurry. Work to be extraordinarily difficult and, directly it should be noted, is very dangerous: the gas can not tolerate blunders, almost all doglyadel-smash to smithereens. So it is of course voluntary, but first let each of seven measures the ...

For a team of Yuri Lvov was obtained this seems to be a choice of comfort and warmth to go hang around at the Jurassic, to shake in the morning two dozen kilometers away in the crowded bus there and back in the evening, to carry the heavy cables in the cold, carve their crooked fingers ... But what? Object in the open steppe, the seven winds ...

When the first pouleglis passion, and who wanted to jump into the chase for the big money only once subdued, as if hiding in the bushes, one of foreman took the floor planerok Lions:

- Please let me go. At the gas processing. If you, many-murmured-then there will be more willing to ...

- No, how can firmly say Lions, a team, you can not ruin. Here, on the Silk Mill, too, work is still missing. I was allowed to take only two. - More conversation took place before the party bureau of its impact on the direction of the construction site, he did not pass ...

And so the team keeps council.

Resolved: to go with an experienced team leader with twenty years of experience fitter Gelyazetdinov Ravil and Alexander Kalinin.

Parted warmly, as desired, "Do not move."

At the new location is larger than thought, difficulties. Scope of work is expected to team, but the team of something - just a third of the proposed structure. Where an urgent job to take a special training?

It was necessary to immediately deploy the installation of electrical equipment at the complex and volatile production.

"Where do we start, the foreman?"-Yuri asking myself, sometimes not without irony, poking fun at his decision to move to the silk factory here. There were moments when he just made fun of himself: "A lot of work, scope, interestingly, a high class installation ... So let's build, look, run. Today again, after the end of the change a damn thing to do not have time, again a delay of several hours. His wife and children are waiting for ... "

Creaking formed and a new team. Part-loaned from a few guys came disciples. The case for all new, so not particularly ignorant, who knew that before. Taken together passed technical minimum, and studied the drawings, mounting technology. And split time employment, and then immediately, followed by the first practical lessons at the facility. Testing of new knowledge into practice. And then the analysis of business operations, mistakes. As soon brought order: not to give anything, even in small ways, from the established standards, regulations, packed in the most stringent technical tolerances. Some people, in particular, loaned tried once or twice to circumvent this agreement. Like, did not earn, if we are all "in Scripture" to do. There's more: anyhow, and you're done! Nothing keeps cool, shining. And in his pocket, respectively, are not empty ...

I had to hold a special meeting of the brigade, it ruled: only work without a marriage to last. And in order to avoid gaps, we must take as it should for a small mechanization. Think about where the winch, where else how to use a device. Yes, and more rational to use cranes, other equipment.

Gradually began to establish a steady rhythm of labor. But time is running out already, near the start time of the first stage. One by one, lay in the excavation trench, crawling on the overpasses, like the arteries of a giant organism, power and control cables, mounted transformer stations, processing plants, outdoor lighting. But I had to quickly, even faster! And then the kids for an hour or two left to work after the 'barter. A short cigarette break, joke, anecdote, someone left a pie from dinner, eat when hungry is all the more. And after a few minutes back to work.

The first two and a half years, which were put in two stages and the first gas processing plants, helium, literally flew to Lvov and his team in hot everyday life, as one day. Greedily gained experience. Were not considered in due course. Corns, sometimes broken into the blood, do not get away with. And the changes were noticeable.

In the second stage, they have a smaller number of secondments to perform more work. But his success did not conduct high-profile speeches, believing that everything is still ahead, but for now, it is only fitting, a test of strength.

And only the highest awards the best in the team talked about the fact that the first significant success of teams that have won. Himself to the foreman silk mill received the Order of Red Banner of Labor, for the first gas plant, the Order of Labor Glory III degree.

And one was a victory at all: he was born and grew stronger in the hottest business team. One could say with confidence: there is a team! Most of all this he was glad Yuri. After all, it was like his "own" team. The one he led before, at the Silk Mill, there was a long time, until the arrival of George and guided it experienced installer Alexei Popov, he managed to bring it into the right-flank. Heading into the master, he gave the Lviv team with gentle warning: "Do not hurry to break all their own way, take care of a good tradition." Yes, George and myself have seen: the collective hard-working, friendly, yet most people have a lot to learn.

Lvov Yuri Y. And now there's a new team, a team of the city. Tests immediately fell to her complex. I remember the days and nights, gone to the installation of a substation-operator, a kind heart of the plant. Important task they have performed not only in time, but with good and excellent quality. The first assembly in the Orenburg management trust "Yuzhuralelektromontazh 'team has used a complex mechanical devices the cable, and the second stage of the plant for installation in South substation, an enlarged version of block-setting boards.

Rationalization of the accelerated work twice!

On account of a young team and there was a lot of materials and energy savings. The boys took possession of related professions. Determined for each and specialization: a love and masterfully handles light, the other quickly and deftly leads a breaker cable ... At the same moment saved. Join them, the powerful "makeweight" get in the pool of all-time team.

All this time is now weighing the foreman, making calculations in preparation for the final stage of launch, the third, final stage gas processing plant. - Come show me that you're there all the paint, half-jokingly, said, meeting in Lviv with a notebook in hand, the site engineer Alexander Urwah, the one in whose brigade had passed the Jura workers universities. Since then they have remained on good terms, which always consist of people who are equally suffering from acute heart for the common cause.

- Wait a minute, and you also have to break a head, - Yura promising smile. And quite seriously added:-We are going to move to self-financing, think about the engineering preparation of the case as well?

Lions are not just consulted with the head section of Alexei Popov Grigoryevich, with the most, who at one time on the Silk took the brigade. How will be the case with the supply of materials, cranes, transport? Learned the details, go to the guys, so they say, and so, like, and it should work. Pondered, discussed, argued. And when the picture is entirely cleared up, he asked Lions team:

- Well, take the floor at the party meeting?

- Come on. Only the daring! Taciturn member of the party bureau of Yuri. Communists control of Lviv has always listened to with interest. He was appointed to the hot section of Party work, organize the competition. Here, he is always in the thick of affairs, he did not pass by if profgruporg and master hesitated for a summing up of ten days, if time does not congratulate the winners. Do not brush it aside and on request from the "team to help establish stayuschey supplies, clean up the facility, heel slipshod worker from a neighboring plot.

And here at the Lions meeting up once again looked at his men and said calmly:

- We figured there yourself, talk with the experts. It turns out that it is time for us to pass on the cost accounting brigade. And we, the members of the party should take for it to really roll up our sleeves, each in its place, from the desktop to the head of the department. If necessary, our present calculations. It all fits. In the silence of someone sigh:

- Problem!

- For many, I note the unknown, podkovyristo-added voice from behind.

And someone from the same place, but in a comradely, friendly, bluntly asked:

- Yura, and you imagine what our work to introduce self-financing?

The voice-someone from the managers realized Yuri. The devils are afraid to wear clip! Without it, of course, free-not answer specifically for each production site. And here is a contract, can not escape it, thou shalt go poenergichnee.

- I can imagine, replied firmly Lvov.-This means above all to restore order, to raise personal responsibility for the overall success of each. And then we have these workers, who think so: if I say, just do not pull the cable along the trench, then my salary is somewhere up there. And because it is here, from the trenches ... And hum room:

- Right!

- It's time!

- Good with words, and try to


Yura put into the general murmur:

- Undertake the first try! - And, winking at his smiling children, and sat down.

Party meeting then cool slipped beyond the rules, talk about self-supporting, an ardent and outspoken, failed to meet in the allotted hour and a half it was. Diverged later, but with satisfaction: we decided to try to introduce self-financing, and without delay.

Soon, the team has signed the first agreement of Lviv, and work on the third stage of boiling with even greater vigor. Improved rate of supply assembly equipment, materials and drawings. Clearly became operational support vehicles. The team was able to specifically plan

their work for tomorrow, a week or a month in advance and, therefore, more efficiently use their strength, flexibility of maneuver.

Yuri had already experienced more than once his crew in a hot case and, I confess, admire the coherence of action, skill guys. Now, this work became the norm. It is immediately noticed and allied-builders. If the object is to pass on the schedule for installation of electrical equipment was planned for tomorrow, we all knew: here comes a team of Lviv is tomorrow, not later, not sooner, which means that everything must be done. And the bad feeling he who, having got into one of the technological chain of Lvov, tried to cheat. Everyone remembered the case of the fourth substation. Builders have finished object subquality, hoping that going after them, a team of Lviv, being without work front, put up with the lack of preparation for mounting an object itself somehow bring it "to the mind." But they miscalculated.

First, the team has always had a backlog of Lviv, which gave her a wide maneuver operations. Second, possession of related professions, electricians to quickly switch from one job to another, so knock them out of the specified rate is almost became impossible. And third, high demands on himself, to the quality of labor, which has become a Nome already their daily norm, not allowed to forgive an obvious marriage of others.

Builders have been forced to come back and bring the object to the desired alert.

The brigade with every day gaining more and more rapid. It was at this time, it is competition among the two hundred such groups trust "Yuzhuralelektromontazh" not just come out on top. Expressive such a comparison, if all six of the remaining self-supporting teams of Orenburg in the assembly department of the third stage have mastered about a million, then the share of Lviv team had six hundred and twenty thousand, more than half of all work performed.

The team completed its tenth five-year period in three years. He won the title "Brigade of excellent quality."

That was such a shock for Yuri Lvov and his comrades in the third stage of labor the gas processing plant.

... At work, Yuri Lvov I was not able to catch: the vacation. We met in a hotel, at his home. A little above average height, slim. The black straight hair. Blue eyes. Intelligent, beautiful face of a man whose age is closer to forty. Smiles:

- Coming soon is going out to work, rest ...

The voice seems to be some kind of wine in his face, confused. This is what happens: a rest, people feel uncomfortable with him, accustomed to live in the labor tension, the soul is not in place. And if nothing, to no one, of course, he is not guilty for his resting position, but the inner workings of the soul, the entire tenor of his nature is still not in tune with the unusual "climate" is not working. That's up in the morning and not have to rush anywhere, glancing at his watch. But there is something after all the guys are going to ...

On the way to the complex numbers spinning in my head, which he called the chief engineer of the Orenburg assembly management trust "Yuzhuralelektromontazh" Nicholas G. Kolmakov. A team of Lviv, he said, is mounted on a gas processing plant 135 kilometers of cable, 160 pieces of equipment, 300 pieces of lighting equipment, has saved 28,000 rubles ... I confess, poorly fit it all in my head: 10-12 people how can such a relatively short period of time?

Those miles, yes, and just take them walked, I suppose, and it's good nama! And here in the heat and cold to pull the cable trench or top of the viaduct. Imagine:

meter of the cable of a weight of almost pounds. But we're not pieces of meter, he falls, and hundreds of meters, sometimes kilometers. Often this "thread" weighs many tons ...

With the Secretary of the party bureau assembly department Georgy Petrovich Fedorov, overcoming all remaining torn powerful technique places a large building, make our way to the guys from the crew of Yuri Lvov. Here they are. Calmly, even at first glance seem very slow to work. However, my companion, an experienced installer, casting a glance the trench and the space around her, said softly:

- Well done! As always, they are in order, with the mind. And there was a brief talk about the specifics of labor linemen. Most often it happens: she will take lining, say, twenty or thirty minutes, and the preparation for it, a few days. It is therefore very important to all good, with exceptional integrity to prepare.

And I just remembered how, seeing us here, the site foreman, Anatoly K. Ivanov said his opinion about the team of Lviv:

- And a lot of talk? The home team! The mood, we see a good team. Shaking hands, laughing warmly, openly and concealed, proudly:

- Guests, we now often take, come see how the lvovtsy ... We have no secrets, Guth did not hide, all in the mind. Please, look!

Brigade of Lviv ... Guys like guys. 15 worn overalls. Sweaty. With the wind zadubevshimi persons. Ravil Gelyazetdinov with her, never seem to disappear very friendly smile is myself. The rest, Vladimir Repin. He was now a brigadier, and notably in the role of "chief" troubled. For many in the brigade, as it turns out, assembly-work favorite. But no amount of questioning about his work to say a little offensive, dole, "Pull the cable ... What's the big deal? "

There are young recruits, a year ago came to the brigade Sasha Sidorkin, half of all working Boris Shcherbakov. Beginners are well appreciated is the main thing: hit the close-knit team, hardworking, and therefore all is well, come with time and to them the professional experience and personal success.

Everything felt, were waiting for the return of the foreman of the holiday. Urgent, of course, there is nothing, things are going on as usual. "Let them rest!" But, they said, the scope of work would do well to extend, accelerate the pace of ... "Lions need you!"

And he was telling me about each of them separately and all together, shared plans, and new concerns. Not fully satisfied of his course of affairs in the construction of the second stage helium plant, which is still several months to work brigade. I would like to first of all, the quality of documentation improved, improved staffing. Is it possible to accept the fact that the installation so far is clearly used obsolete types of products?

Throughout the judging team leader has tried to figure something in the future. Life goes on, time hurries. Are new cases, more bold and capacious, all that will come tomorrow.

Ended. phase of this major construction projects, he gave a lot of effort. How many nights did not see him at home wife, Galya, crumb Andrei, Sergei, and the eldest of nine Ira! Well, my wife jokes, jokes explained. And the kids just said:

- I promise Let us assume the third turn and then went to Moscow. Bargain is a bargain. How many times children's little eyes were asking:

- "Soon?"

- "Soon," replied the. And he in his mind again and again went through everything that could quickly bring the start time of a huge, very busy electrical object. Where else can you gain time, to reduce the time? What stops: a technique more often idle, then the supply suddenly stalled ... But the most reliable reserve is a skill people.

Guys, Gold! However, of those two with a silk mill, remained with him until Gelyazetdinov Ravil, a master at the procurement and welding. Alexander Kalinin, he has already recommended that the foreman. Sorry to go, but then have it grow ...

Well, that recruitment is largely sensible, intelligent, competent. That's Vladimir Repin. How long is it here? What takes up light or a breaker and connect the cable with Sasha Popov, no one can tear his eyes from the beautiful work!

Just a team of eight people. Different characters. To each, his approach. But everyone has something in common. Here, for example, have an indispensable

all thirst for knowledge. Two of them, as does the team leader to have basic training, the two colleges in the study by correspondence, another Hood is going to do. Two have been trained.

The department has long been a facetious argument. Some say that the Lions picks in your team guys "on their own." Others argue that it is then guys are similar to the foreman in all-in work, school, at home.

When Yuri went on vacation, the team slapped him a lot of tips about where absolutely must visit with children in Moscow.

- If I guys, I'll go with the children in all the places you have specified, then the year is not enough. Helium Plant without me finish. And a week from morning to night, as promised, I went with the children on the squares and streets of the capital. Sergei all this so much that he was remembering how to hit Moscow, and, apparently, looking ahead, to the end of the journey he asked his father:

- Dad, and the third part has to be?

- Will, 'he said, realizing his father. And the thought.

Somewhere, far away from Moscow, in the steppes near Orenburg at night the glow of blazing fires, lit them, Yuri Lvov, and the guys from his team. And this is high on the sea of light pulls, lures him to her like the night lights of the windows of his home.

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