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Mikhalev Athanasius Prokopievich

Brigadier fitters Production Association "Izhora factory" named after Zhdanov, twice Hero of Socialist Labor

Mikhalev Athanasius Prokopievich When you go to Leningrad, or Leningrad, published open, towering above the plain rows of elongated concrete structures, steel skeletons of future workshops, assembly of high-mast at the substation. Just feel how high a word here or tried on - the "cradle", "stronghold", "Smithy", everything will be on the shoulder, without exaggeration, and exaggeration.

Even during the reign of Peter the First was returned to our homeland, the land of his native Izhorskaya.

Founded by Peter in 1722 for the benefit of the Russian Navy for two and a half centuries a factory here, which grew up around a cozy and beautiful city Kolpino, home to thousands of its workers and their families.

In association party committee "Izhora Works" I was immediately perplexed:

- Mikhalev on vacation. Go to shop at his workplace, look at what's what.

Hmm ... An interesting turn ...

- Just do not go and go. Get out of our main entrance to the city, take the bus to the stop "Feeders." There is another passage, and up to the shop, where he works Mikhalev, not so far away.

- Thank you. I do sometime peshochkom by the plant.

- See ...

Only marched for half an hour, I realized how presumptuous and imprudent abandoned bus. But it was too late to go back. In front, left and right of me, stretched the huge plants. It melted the steel in electric and open-hearth furnaces. Molded "land" and cast parts the size of a good home. Worked press tysyachetonnoy power, bending machines.

The railway platform was carried "rings" at the sight of which I inadvertently absorbs his shoulders: pokatis is a "ring" - shatter centuries-old trees lined up along the track. Minuyu Corps of Engineers, a think tank Izhora, modern building with aluminum framed windows wide. The history of the plant known textbook, remember only a tiny fraction of it ... It is made armor plating cruiser "Aurora". Izhorians forge and put at the service of the Revolution of armored cars. The first tower to the Volkhov hydroelectric station.

Machine elektropahoty. The first Soviet blooming. Tugs for the White Sea-Baltic Canal. Drilling machines. Pipes and pumps for oil and diamond drills. BA-10 armored cars. BT-5 tanks. KV tanks. Tyubingovoy ring for the Moscow subway. Gearboxes escalators. Regular press. Heavy anchors ...

But is hard to remember everything that was done here in. these walls? However, the walls were different ... In late August, forty one Izhora factory and the city Kolpino steel front. Hundred twenty and seven thousand shells, mines, bombs fired the Germans in the plant. Almost completely destroyed sixty percent of industrial buildings and equipment. Of the more than two thousand houses Kolpino survived little more than three hundred.

The uninitiated it may seem that the plant had been shot. Not at all! From first to last day of the war: "Everything for the front, everything for victory!" Perished in the shops, but did not leave the workplace. Two hundred and fifty to three hundred percent of the norm under fire and bombs, in hunger and cold. Made weapons. Did ammunition. Tanks. Armored train. Pipe oil across Lake Ladoga, saving on energy besieged Leningrad famine. Not only that. Volunteers were working battalion, which, like the other battalions of the Ingrian groups, entered the history of World War II example of unwavering steadfastness and faith. They did not let the enemy either to the plant or in the city of Lenin, pushed, crushed when it was the blockade. Just here, far away, working in the area of the village's number one, joined forces Volkhov and Leningrad fronts in the hot January forty-third year.

None of Hitlerite never crossed through the checkpoint Izhora. And now I am a proud joy to walk and walk on its ground, never defiled heel of a conqueror. I thought: "I guess it all has something to do with Mikhalev? Perhaps, once said, and his fate? Required. Could not be otherwise. " The shop, which employs Athanasius Prokopievich Mikhalev, high, as all the local shops, and maybe a little higher, but certainly, certainly, other deeper. Far into the ground leaving the mine-shafts, such as nuclear power plants, but without isolation. Return of the reactor is lowered, while building them.

On work teams will be judged without Mikhalev, what he as a leader - adjuster business.

Meets my "right hand" Mikhaleva-Arevkov Sasha Fitter.

Working here at the Izhora, Sasha Arevkov graduated from the evening department of the Leningrad Metallurgical College, received his technician, but still wants to walk and walk to the turner. He was, as Mikhalev, no need to explain and prove. Ask Sasha, too, about all you can answer, clearly, thoroughly, as Mikhalev. In short, it is no team leader, therefore, the foreman, foreman. And no wonder, no, no wonder Sasha volunteered and Mikhalev took him to the team. Work for Mikhalev for Sasha-honor, but Athanasius Prokopievich no loser.

Simply, it is clear Sasha says that doing here. But do here VVER water-cooled power reactors. Once they were called atomic boilers.

Will go away laden with composition and was soon installed capacity of the Unified Energy System of the Soviet Union, and with it the unified energy system "World", which feeds the socialist countries, will grow four hundred forty thousand kilowatt. Leave trains, and power will increase by one million kilowatt-half more than what the plan called for electrification.

That's clear it's not about the VVER-440 and VVER-1000 on, colloquially referred to as the "millionaire".

The team is mainly occupied by Mikhalev covers systems for automatic regulation of reactor cassettes. Cases-long convoluted thick-walled tube-shaped colossus-like trunks of long-range guns. Inside the covers will drive the fuel elements, ie uranium core-core reactor. When the covers will gather round beams, it will add to the pumps, pipes, wiring pipes clever, sewers, steam generators, housing, cover with a wrench, born set of reactor equipment, which will establish and maintain an optimum mode "burning", that is nuclear fission, stretched on the months, years, nuclear explosions.

Beside locksmiths virtuoso trim covers up to sunshine: zausenchiki remove, grind, polish the seams and the entire surface. Every case, every seam and shovchik after each test and the x-ray using dye penetrant, allowing to detect sequences in the metal is not something that cracks, and allusions to them-capillaries. Having passed all these tests, cases have on the hydraulic pressure to stand one hundred ninety-five atmospheres. And the pressure at which they must work through the century in the crater of a nuclear reactor is less than one hundred fifty-six-atmospheres, too bad, of course, but still lower than here, on a test bench. Here's what the equipment, what is the "tool" used by a team of Athanasius Prokopyevich. Carefully and thoroughly done Izhorians all the details, the whole reactor. Sometimes it seems they are never in a hurry. But just turn away, another case has already sailed toward the camera sling with blind black walls, with three-blade red-yellow sign - the symbol of X-rays.

There is no close twice Hero of the portrait, no posters, reminiscent of that in front of you job full-time worker. But there is something more: how would you feel continuous presence of the Mikhalev, you feel his spirit around. Work great and powerful team is it, Mikhalev, face and character.

It was he who taught others to hurry slowly, thoroughly, efficiently, confidently, without fever, without quarreling with or without cause.

Expensive materials in their hands. The whole country has generously sending them here, as the front. But why the "how"? To what is the "how" ... First of all, after the first metal-grain jewel. We must respect the metal, to protect his. Even when Mikhalev remnants of pipes neatly stacked on the shelves, one above the other, to occupy less space. Sasha smekaet, as if consulting with himself: "Here is the" obrezochek "that's welded to it ... And the ... Where one? .. Here's where. In the end, plus a bag ... "

The case is proceeding normally. Sasha can be distracted, leads me to the shop.

- Here we have little machine boring ...

- Oh, you! Four floors?

- Scale. But not that important. All it can do. Of the Soviet Union only three.

One of them we have ... And it is here, check out, please, Igor Semenov, Commander of the Order of Lenin.

Together with the development of the VVER Prokopychem started.

Mikhalev Athanasius Prokopievich Part of the reactor, similar to the steam locomotives that have taken stands on end at the assembly, which should be called the stocks, obhvacheny, backed by round "shelves." On top of this stack have to climb ladders. Marsh, two, three ...

Above, as from the roof, the panorama of the shop.

- See the machine lathe? Directly to us by the arm raised. Previously, running from its assembly site to a mechanical, "far away". And not just ran-beam cranes covers pulled back and forth. And with cocks know how we do? As everywhere in the high bays, the deficit. Prokopych experiencing, is a fan of it, and it all willy-nilly to other reports. It infects. Unfortunate, inappropriate word, but do not pick up another. And now, if you need that pierced, tweak as we go along, please. Or here's another. Welders are not in our team are registered. A Prokopych made to us two welding of the stand moved, with two welders. Previously, it was nowhere, in any of the teams. After welding, it is not easy in an argon-arc. It must needs special permission. However, due to welding is still a lot of delays. Works of, say, a mechanic, he should grab something, calling a welder, but he may be busy. That want five or six of our fitters have mastered this argon, have qualified welders - argonschikov ...

Many here have Prokopycha troubles and joys are many. Take this even though these shelves, nothing like, and what an aid. Sometimes, there are tube-tube does not pass, do not jump. Over there, Sasha-points down at the intersection of two spans, where the boxes are now, right there Prokopychu second star awarded.

- Well, he-he, himself, is Mikhalev what?

What's in the most characteristic Athanasia Prokopievich think? Valuable to others, well, an example of what?

- Go here, in this workshop. After all, when the shop organized, he Prokopych on the case was debugged. Besides, in the years to forty people have already been fulfilled. And mind you, especially! - Gold Star has already received. It would seem that what he had to take up what, in good conscience say, and many venerable Izhorians were not strong. Like, who's best to learn these "engines"? And here he went himself. In the year we are now doing three, a little more than three sets. In the current five-decided. Here's the Prokopych worry: on vacation, and the soul here, all the while calling a business. About to appear. I feel ...

On Monday morning, is a scientist, get a bus to "feed".

At the gates of a spacious factory, similar to an airplane wing, the stand offers a portrait of Lenin, photographs XXV Congress of our Party. They were eye-catching red-line "in the prewar five-year plans in the Soviet Union was a powerful industrial base. Significant contribution to the solution of this problem have Izhorians. " And then stands: "Veteran of Labor", "My plant is my pride," even further to the right, "Izhorians-Heroes of the Soviet Union", "Izhorians-Heroes of Socialist Labor", and first among them AP Mikhalev. Then pictures of the workers, engineers, designers, "Izhorians-laureates of the Lenin and State prizes," "Izhorians-laureates of the Lenin Young Communist League," "The first Communist Brigade," "The winners of socialist competition Minenergomasha", "Best mentors youth," and among them first AP Mikhalev, too.

He was born in the twenty-fifth year of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, village Tolstikhin. When he was four years, first heard next to the word "Five-Year Plan", the word "Izhora", there went a father. By the way, there already was working and my father's older brother, Uncle Vanya. In the thirtieth year, his father moved here in Kolpino, the entire family: mother, sister and five Athanasius Clara. They lived well, in great room at the time of factory houses twenty-four meters.

By the fortieth year, he graduated from St. Athanasius eighth grade, he entered the craft. Do not have time to finish my studies-war. Like all boys, rushed to the front. "Fighting is necessary, as the sailors in the movie" We Are from Kronstadt. '"I tried to cling to some part, but heard everywhere:

-To grow up a bit.

Then begged Uncle Vanya:

- Take it to his battalion.

- What do you mean? You do not have a sixteen-else?

Well you should, Uncle Vanya! Device. You're a political leader ...

With great difficulty his uncle "gave" the nephew of Izhora Battalion. In the Young Communist League came in the same place at the front, then the party. He fought like everyone else. All the way Izhora Battalion was: defense plant, Kolpino and, therefore, Leningrad, the breakthrough of the blockade, release of Ingrian and throughout our land the way to Riga, the other front-of Vyborg and urgent demobilization of all Izhora by special order in the forty-fourth.

From the front, in the shop. More precisely, the shops, as such, many were not. Martin, for example, thirty-three months of silence. Before work, I had to do, where and how to work - clear, restore, start up.

Building a student-learning-building. Wrote a biography of the iron-iron. There were good teachers and comrades. First-team leader, Alexander Sotnikov Matveevich, foremen, Chetvertakov Peter, Bolotov Vsevolod Mikhailovich, foreman James Izrailevich-hair. All are now retired, but things do not fall behind on the extent of the forces must be the spirit of Izhora effect.

Worked as a mechanic, and ognerezchikom and welder. Most prized above all put skill, knowledge, resistance to overloads. And he was respected for his ability, knowledge, fortitude. In the fifty-seventh Mikhalev became a foreman.

He worked and worked and worked ... Fulfilling orders large-scale chemistry, a team of seven years Mikhaleva gave twelve annual norms. Here for the first Gold Star. Second, for the development and release of energy equipment for the nuclear industry.

... Here it is. Rises from the table. Well-tailored tightly sewn. Dense. Stocky. Not high, but it seems great. The face is large, impressive. But really, just not the same as in the photographs - a living, moving, cocky-funny.

Much has changed in the Izhora, so that it is difficult to learn, and much, close your eyes, otyschesh. Here in the winter at the forty-second post was freezing, it's built in the forty-fifth, and forty-sixth have picked up, and there ... Vera was waiting there for the first time. Young! Oh, happy they were!

He married Mikhalev for his Faith is December 31, 1947. Congratulating's complicated: mining flowers in winter. Tree and pointed a silver jubilee.

Closely at the banquet table in a hospitable, welcoming home Mikhalev: Anisa I. Mom, Sister Clara Prokopievna, she works in a central laboratory, Vera herself. She is working when first met, and the radiologist is working on the Izhora, although radiologists to be forty-five and retired. The eldest daughter, Tanya graduated from the institute, the teacher, no longer Mikhalev. Here it is, in-law Viktor Anokhin, the master of a neighboring shop, recently graduated from college.

Between Tanya and Victor-Light is the first class goes! Next, settled with a small daughter, Elena Deniska, graduated from the same institution as Tanya, and Education, also a teacher, too, changed the family name-was Alexeeva. A perpetrator of this event, Michael, another nearby shop welder Izhora. In general, the dynasty. Consider, shop, shop, if not, well site, well, so the team for sure. Going to the country-is it all sit in the "Zhiguli"?

- Buy a bus, Grandpa!

- Pacific lovely sunset. Yellow-blue-gray Baltic swell. In the summer visitor boat with a fishing rod. Float dive, dive ... Push! Do not pull. Thinking. What, Athanasius Prokopievich?

Squinting out of a hat pulled down over the sunny path, see Mikhalev distant countries, which visited. Densely cover the map of the world lines of communication, they are drawn from all the republics Izhora Union to Bulgaria, Hungary, GDR, Iran, Iraq, Finland, Mongolia, Afghanistan, Turkey, Pakistan, Romania, Czechoslovakia, Cuba, Poland, Morocco, Yugoslavia, Guinea, Algeria, India ... They say: supplied reactors, giant excavators and other Ingrian products. It would be better to say: Good hands, and the Brotherhood, outstretched to all people of good will.

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