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Chuikov Nikolai P.

The driver tube mill machinery Belgorod asbestos, Hero of Socialist Labor

Chuikov Nikolai P. We sat in a spacious desk wizard, in which the noise of machinery asbestotrubnyh hardly penetrated, but it looked now and then people. I like it interfered with focus, and Nicholas P., met the gaze of another doorway the stranger, calmly threw to him, "No", "Was," "Do not know" correctly guessing who is and who needs a continued story about yourself, about the plant. In his speech, the right free, he skillfully weave proverbs, and why the story became more figurative, more brightly.

- Do you there is no rain, too, Kursk, he suddenly asked, and explained:

- Two days ago, on the collective farms visited. Wheat, a sorry sight: a short, skinny spike. In May, a drop of moisture fell in June, too, are not happy. Almost thirty years as a peasant labor-bye, and what a child involved, I can not forget.

In the description of the assignment to Nicholas I Chuikov Hero of Socialist Labor has the phrase "Work began with fifteen years on the farm" Lenin's Precepts "Korochanskogo district of Belgorod region." Nicolai P.

believes, with thirteen in the formidable forty-first, when such as he, along with the young women took upon his shoulders was not firmly established household cares about families.

Having inherited from his father thrust to technology, to iron, as they used to say at that time, Nicholas was trying to be helpful wherever I could. And when came the time to access the meadows, it was, they say, like hot cakes. Demolish the evening the woman to his house with a dozen braids and asking his mother:

- Oh, My, G., Cole pass, let discourage, dim.

- Pity you have not entered, the son of his mother, after all, more than five hours a day does not sleep, tormented lad. Tea, not the only pebble on the beach, there are other guys, older.

- There is something there - did not give a neighbor, but their hands were not so. Your scythe will adjust so that it transcend any herb, a day of sorrow do not know.

Theodosia G. assume an austerity to the species, realized that no one else spit their soldier did not suffer. And, proud of little brother, told him:

- Look, again, your job of work piled on. . Do not have time, probably in the morning, then.

- We must have time, 'imitating his father, gravely replied, Sunset syn. see what? So, again, tomorrow will be a bucket, two stacks of hay cream. Picked up a hammer, nakovalenku, put it on the tip of the spit and Stukalo metal is not directly at an acute angle, as it were stroking it. What should be the force of the blow, he could not explain, but I felt and looked out the right thing. Tuk-tuk, tuk-tuk. "Beats, familiar sound, listening, hoping celebrated women. - Now the main thing - to rest until the morning, to gain strength."

A young master took up his scythe and the next, even though the hand is tired, and was holding a hammer is not so confident, "open" it, like everyone else, well, like the first. Tuk-tuk, tuk-tuk. And so to the last, no matter how much they may have brought.

Then he squinted and, surprising dexterity of adults, wide and clean swath. The ability it has remained for life. Even in adulthood, such as relaxing in the spa, Nikolai Pavlovich saw the old man awkwardly, as if aspiring hairdresser, cited in the order of the lawn, knocking off the tops of the grass only. Could not stand it and went.

- Can I try? - Asked - once doing this.

- Yes, - said uncertainly sadovnik.-Only stupid it does not hurt, devil.

Chuikov took the old man out of the bag at the bar and neatly, as in the old days, they slid to the tip. Making sure that the braid is now directed, with pleasure, "vows" and the lawn and the adjacent thicket.

- From the village, he later explained, the old man, as if apologizing to all travelers, where Chuikov gone, and I am that I am the city, the age he lived, and her hair and did not keep their hands ...

- Yes, the years they entered the village in memory forever, 'repeated Nicholas Pavlovich.-Test had a chance so that two generations would be enough. But it is I'm in the dark paint colors? Pre-war time, at least to take. Do you know how interesting it was! Right now on the initiative of the Komsomol in the villages among the youth movement was called "You live in a village-rule thy art." In schools, special classes entered, tractors, combines learning program. But the zeal, I would say, burning, which we then captured by the current high school students, in my opinion, it is difficult to imagine. What we just did not consist of technical circles! So we could not wait, boys, dig in the box, every detail of their hands to feel, to understand how it works! In the evening came together at home in any of the guys, versed in the schemes, layouts, argued.

Nicholas never forgot the day when Pavel called him to the field, put the tractor in the furrow, and by showing that where the press, said:

-Engine do you, son, mastered. It's time to link science with practice. Sit in the cab, try.

As if he knew, he felt his father at the forty-first day of spring, he would not return from the war, and seemed prepared in advance a shift. And less justified the confidence, he worked as strong enough. For the father of the deceased on the front of his elder brother Stephen. The episode with the tractor Chuikov remembered in the army, when the tank was first picked up the controls. But it is, perhaps, a sense of other, more responsibility, but then there was joy. And the pride of an inch two inches, and just try me, on a tractor-independently ...

Nicholas I had back of his hand to a high forehead, and said again, thinking that pent up, that excites him now. Participating in various committees, in discussions at sessions or meetings of the Executive Committee, he is a member of the Executive Committee, takes to heart failures and shortcomings in the business, in public life.

- You probably noticed - he said, 'that we have in the pipe plant, and the plant as a whole a little young? In vocational schools, where builders are preparing also a permanent disadvantage. Why not? Yes, because there comes mostly losers. Not held in the Institute for the competition, that's "outstay" in the vocational school. He received a certificate, the company Poma, as expected, and ran away. Again, looking for where to go. Is it a profession or a plasterer, for example, bricklayer, painter bad? But the guys got it, realized the time you need. In my opinion, we proceed to the guidance is too late, and it would be necessary in the early grades in school. Excursions to the factory, speaking to the guys best workers, the annual summer internship in the company of all this need a system, the mutual interest of business leaders and officials of public education. You look, and proklyunetsya in someone the desire to go to the construction engineer or trumpet to become a machine. Let every third, fifth, still good. Since the title of Hero of Labour was given to me, often communicated in the schools of Belgorod happen. Perhaps too often. Not because I'm a plant.

Ivan Yarygin, Michael Kuzhelev, Vladimir Skovorodkin too many can tell. Ordenonostsy, working here for almost three decades. However, once mounted plant equipment, evening courses taught drivers. Now competing, others are passing their experience.

- So, still, Nikolay Pavlovich, a sit-in class, listen guys, even with attention, but your eyes: we missed the conversation, two years before I had to hold her. One boy and said: "I was already defined in the School of Civil Aviation will go on the navigator. Interestingly, every day of the new city. And you do that? Pipes so slate. Today, tomorrow. Get tired. "

Chuikov Nikolai P. Of course, the production at the plant at first sight for them, for their requests, the primitive, the production is also pretty low-brow. But it is necessary. That's the salt. Our prices do not have the pipes for irrigation better not. Lightweight, durable. Where watering is out there, you know, guarantee a high yield. On the slate are also subject, I think, need not always need it and in the village and the city. And if the same touch of boredom, which meant the student, right here on the person depends on a lot. Otherwise at least have put a nuclear power plant control, still yawning, yearn to be, because he does not accustomed to labor. And this desire from childhood to be developed. As laid down in childhood, and it will last a lifetime. There are families where all four sons-turners or, for example, drivers on the road went to his father. Like him, his father, then, then do not be proud of: I managed to bring the children love to what he does, swept them away, gave the desired profession. It is pleasant to look at these families. However, I did not work with the dynasty, the daughter Larissa went to the hairdressers. When we announced his intention, I did not become discouraged. His mother, too, reacted with understanding. It is important that we talked to liked the work. Yes, and my daughter chose a good profession. Make a beautiful woman, her hair too hard, so if you want, like art.

I'll be back, however, to the school. Ask any questions there. At one meeting the guys suddenly asked me, what quality in a person's character I think paramount. Replied: decency. Had in mind primarily the responsibility of the case, the actions for a site that charged.

Then, solidity. No external pomp, and in his attitude to life, to his comrades in the brigade, to his family, finally. You see that a neighbor on the machine or landing in the house need help,-help, promised something, keep his word. Blunders committed, not Julia, do not lie, admit honestly mistaken.

At one time a pupil of Nikolai Pavlovich walked a guy, not a boy already, the army served. So, my first self-change as an assistant engineer said tubular car drinking. He came into the shop tipsy. "It is not good, rebuked him Chuikov, you have a watch-responsible, at night, and you're drunk. The car has brought forth from the system and can injure themselves, then the reaction-not a drunk. " "Beer drinking on the road - to justify the assistant - just a mug."

It is this dishonest answer brought a warm Pavlovich out of balance. Chastised deceiver, shamed, and admitted that "forgot" about the two shot of vodka. We had a guy go home. Begged the driver for a long time, did not help. Chuikov explained his decision in the morning the master slobs need to put in place immediately, or may go away.

So come and Nikolai P. meetings of the Board of Veterans of the plant is a member of several years. Realized his mistake at fault is it picks up with extreme accuracy - offers softer punishment, but if you see that fox is trying to get away with it - insist on the strictest: deprivation of bonuses, moving for the winter holidays, or the order to receive an apartment at a later date .

Residents of the neighborhood in which Chuikov was elected to the City Council of People's Deputies, asked him to assist in the improvement of streets Popov. After the rain on it could only walk in rubber boots. The MP mandate fulfilled, although there were moments when it was ready to sign for his impotence. Managers dorstroya cited the lack of a curb stone and concrete slabs, then the excessive workload of other important orders. But Chuikov did not depart, bother, dorstroevtsev, and once even "threatened", which asks for a meeting to discuss the City Council. Now the street Popov did not know. What had happened to erstwhile mud!

The principle of "word-for cause" Nikolai Pavlovich Chuikov adheres to the fact that concerns him personally.

One day in the smoking room shop were talking about the dangers of nicotine. Many lamented that end the bad habit is not easy, need special treatment.

- The treatment here is one, joined in the conversation, Chuikov, is the force of will. No, it does not help any medication. Want to be and everything.

- And you try.

- And what to try? From tomorrow, no cigarettes. And do not smoke for five years. The plant used to the fact that if Chuikov promised, by all means carry out. For this and respect him, respected even by those whom he criticized for laziness and carelessness, that are assigned to work in a slipshod manner. His authority in the team high. But here's one detail I was puzzled.

Speaking on the Nicholas I to the heads of the plant, pipe plant, I was surprised to learn that he has no innovations. Almost the entire life of the machine-pipe and no creative discovery, no improvement of the process? What he has not made for so many years in improving its nothing concrete?

- A performance indicators - in turn surprised the head pipe factory Viktor 11chkolaevich Matveev.-Oh, where specifically. Just last year he gave one-third over the plan that our factory produced, in addition to the task. So those high yields, which are on irrigated land, and he was involved. Next. Of marriage with him, said to be no - 0.15 percent. It does not improve the process?

Viktor called away on the phone and asked him to bring the data on the expenditure of raw materials.

- Please, he continued, getting the right svedeniya.-headed in the Ninth Five-Year Chuikov band production line has saved 147 pounds of technical cloth, 74 tonnes of asbestos and 237 tonnes of cement. In the four years of the current five-year results even better. How it works? Do you think that Secrets? What sort of secrets, all in the mind, everything is accessible to everyone. Try to avoid Chuikov offer preventative maintenance - sorry. Insist that the car was stopped on schedule outage and have done all that is necessary.

Some machinists come to the workplace on the nose. Laid on the half-hour inspection of the equipment is not used to think: "It will cost, why waste time in vain, better a few extra pipes are made," and then replace all suffer. That one node fails, then the other. Chuikov appears at the car long before the watch, figure out a replacement, which was the problem, immediately pretend that we should take. Every minute, uses rational. Be sure to promoet mesh cylinder, adjust the course of leaf to tilt did not happen. After all, to the pipe wall thickness were formed in four inches, you need to "put" almost a hundred layers of film. It is not easy. Its width or length of pipe or four meters, the slightest failure and has folds and wrinkles. Nikolai Pavlovich every time like clockwork, who intercedes for the post, all the instructions to do so, without the slightest deviation. Although no innovations, but what a result! That is why the fifth (the number of machines Chuikov) cases of damage negated, but marriage is a phenomenon of emergency, unless something has happened, the driver does not depend on.

When we walked past stacks of finished products, Nikolai Pavlovich pointed to lay aside the pipe, the ends of which were not cylindrical, and egg-shape.

These will not go into it. Few there are only a few pieces, but still not bad. Although the quality we have are excellent, though the best in the industry, the ability to issue one hundred percent defect-free products have not been exhausted. First of all, very unsettling unevenly delivery Belgorod cement plant. Comes to the cars still hot, literally "from the wheels." Sometimes unknown or fineness of grind or chemical composition. But it is risky to work blindly. Active cement requires a single technology, inactive or two, just the opposite. Try to adjust to this "cat in a bag!" Sometimes fuss-fuss isprobuesh a dozen options, and no good there, not the tubes are obtained. A week later, plant laboratory will give the desired response, issue a "cat" at will, but, sorry, is that the dead poultice: raw materials, then at the end, not today or tomorrow will come a new party, and again the "magic" is necessary. In general, factory supplier, according to my notion, must have additional silage, which would cement cooled, kept for some time, but their out there that is in short supply.

Nicholas is not only concerned with their results, the fifth line. Note that in the next goes wrong, always fit, helps.

Direct, frank, he closes his eyes to the shortcomings will not be whispering in the corners, say so explicitly. But the person in trouble will not leave, will defend the interests of the fellow, when he sees injustice, or simply indifferent attitude toward it. On raising the question whether the discharge or the improvement of living conditions. And as a professional for help and nothing to interpret.

One memorable night watch shift foreman Kostyuk, the former, the engineer. It is not a machine, and everything. He runs around, nervous, and what it does not understand. Views: next Nikolai Pavlovich is in the eyes of-concern. "The pressure on the cylinders, you say no?" - He said, and again nothing. Then he went to the bath with asbestos-cement slurry, the level of normal. Checked the hoses to the pumps, in order. Probing the entire production chain, quickly got to a fault: seal broke, hence the leakage of oil. Replaced it, and the pressure rose.

As he left, Nikolai Pavlovich advised: "For the mass of bucket mixer track, it is necessary that it is always fresh was not set. Himself at this time and again stumbled. I think, why is it on the tube cracks, scratches ... "

Chuikov taught to work hard if not hot, look for problems in his method. Only in the last eight years through his hands, rather, a school, it took eighteen. It's official. And how like Kostyuk, the current master of change, those who believe their veteran mentor ...

Nikolai Pavlovich one of the first factory team assessed the importance of the initiative first pipe machine, which has decided to run a single crew. Mutual assistance, which grew responsibility, leadership Brigadier Vorzhevitina led to what is no more backward links, dramatically decreased the percentage of marriage. Council team decides all matters relating to the production of labor discipline, moral and material incentives for workers.

- It is the first positive results in the production of slate - satisfaction Chuikov says - it supported the initiative of two of the crew now they are working an outfit. I am sure that such an organization of labor and production in which the principle of soup for all and all for one ", will be used not only for our company. At the next City Council meeting to tell about it. So, in the state thinks it is, Nikolay Pavlovich Chuikov. What could be more important in a person of such an approach?

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