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Boychenko Chariton Porfirievich

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Boychenko Chariton Porfirievich

Brigadier plastic casters, mentor youth Chisinau Experimental Mechanical Plant, Hero of Socialist Labor

Boychenko Chariton Porfirievich During the night the trees noticeably bare, and the yard is now thickly covered with yellow and purple brush strokes. Through the half-naked branches of stubbornly eager slanting rays of the sun. Fingering the silver strings, gentle rustling of the autumn morning, leaves. We stand with Khariton Porfirievich on the steps of the entrance and look to the sky. There, high up, draw a straight line toward each other two jets. It seems that just about vrezhutsya one another. Mig ... even a moment ... and they soar into the abyss, running only two "sun spot" on a lonely cloud.

Chariton Porfirievich looked at me and smacked his tongue:

- Do not say, and only master.

- In such a team would have taken - appears behind Boychenko Grigory Kotov.

- And why not.

- Do you love you, Haritosha, who is working beautifully.

- I do not know what could be more beautiful work.

- Everything is clear. Spend-ka me Haritosha to stop, not sit back on his skates. Kotov and Boychenko well understood each other behind thirty years of friendship. Almost at the same time took to the highway of life, not stamped on the side, where the softer, less risk, but by the Seredka, for all to see.

- Chariton! - Stops suddenly Kotov.-long wanted to ask, it's all forgotten. Do you remember the letter you sent me to the North, has a brigade of all painted. I keep it. Is there these words:

"Happiness in the labor and difficulty of ultimate happiness."

I look at Chariton Porfirievich and see how the paint fills his face bronzed by the sun.

- What to do with us?, Trying to hide his embarrassment Boichenko.

- And with that ... that it was time to come. People at the time I stopped believing in what we did. At each step, a failure. Another devoured every midge. Drilling knocks, the earnings-shish. People are tired, exasperated. Well, I think, all run away. And then your letter. Describes: you are not a team-tale. And that guy who does not believe you, you fool ...

- This "idiot", then came back - 'easy call-notes Boychenko. Of Ivan Matroya out of gold. At the factory he was nicknamed "tail." Not a step away from me where I was-there he is. I have done something he did.

- It is clear ... And I have your letter about his people on the rig. And you know what effect you want-not be represented: alive, too, began to devise how best to organize the work then it went. A very important time to push.

- It can not be surprised, Chariton Porfirievich.

- Can ... No wonder I was thirty years ago saved you, did not give drown!. future hero - a fun and laughs Grigory parting with us at the bus stop, strongly invites to your holiday in October ... Bender

- In fact, he saved you - I'm interested in when we were alone.

- It was business, Chariton Porfirievich-grins, 'I did not know how to swim, but wanted to jump over the Dniester. On the dispute. So let the bubbles ... Through the entire city ... we go to the military. In the courtyard of the military commissariat Chariton Porfirievich immediately surround the youth of premilitary age. Six years Boychenko MP and member of the executive committee of the October district. All these years he was military conscription office helps prepare young people for service in the Soviet Army

You feel all this Chariton Porfirievich on good terms. A small smart fellow, pointing to the Gold Star of Hero of Socialist Labor, loudly asking,

- Uncle Chariton, and take me to the team as a return from the army? Father says you are all like you. I want to be a hero. The yard explodes with a loud laugh. I'm trying to find out who it is.

- Matryona-meets Chariton Porfirievich and catching my questioning look, says: - No, not that just a namesake. I already had some recording conversations with Khariton Porfirievich, and I thought he was talking about and Matroya. These stories are revealed as a man of extraordinary Boychenko the soul of generosity and tact. It is therefore imagine a mentor.

And the memory has not deceived me-leaf through my notes, I read some interesting details about Ivan matra.

Boychenko ... Met with him by accident. Seven years ago, Ivan left the factory in the midst of construction. At such a moment to lose other than concreter-fitter was a blow sensitive. And here, met on the street. Chariton said first Porfirievich matra. Congratulated the Red Banner of Labor-

Boychenko just got it for success in the seventh five-year period. Chariton Porfirievich thought that Ivan is working on a construction site somewhere, and was surprised to learn that he was caretaker at the school.

- Not for me it's lesson, Chariton. Realized too late. Maybe take in a team?

- Take no problem, I need the adjusters, but that to get something going? Student? Family, child ...

- Do not worry, Ivan-assured - to learn from good teachers have not sorry.

Boychenko knew Matroya FZO still on, and decided. A hand came out with the director of a misfire.

- Over my dead body, 'he snapped, deserters, no return ...

Three days went but the heels of director Chariton Porfirievich three days and heard a sharp no. On the fourth day Isaak Ants silent, looking at Boichenko. It is hard to say what he thought. It is possible, provided the early postwar years. Boys from FZO. Among them is that Chariton Boychenko ...

Where is now outside of the buildings is seen experimentally and mechanical plant, did not 'have anything. Immediately after the bomb destroyed the houses loomed ugly fences, began a huge dump. On the outskirts serel squat shed. In it, sawmill. That's all the production.

Perhaps he remembered the director the months when the daily hand-demolished ruins. And how could not resist and Chariton, falling off the wall, broke his leg. No one trusted the director a boy, he drove to the hospital. Leaving, encouraged: "From you, Boychenko, get a real person. Take care of the honor of working youth. I believe in you. "

In the next room ... a loud snap machines. Near the hostess walks naparnitsa Chariton Porfirievich Galina Kilimar. For a thick glass wall shop darkness. Clock said half the night shift. We smoke with Khariton Porfirievich in the packaging, sitting on a long wooden bench. I listen to his story leisurely. He has a little oval face, straight nose, a slightly raised eyebrow. Quick, tenacious eyes that change color surprising the mood and lighting.

- Usually asked why I received the Gold Star. Easier, perhaps, answer for the work. But apart from the work of the machine, I still have a team. So, I not only live their lives, but also the lives of them all. It turns out that the work is expressed not only in production. And I understand Boichenko. Who but he, first of all answer for everyone in equal measure to his own conscience, without discount, no excuses. While no one do not obligated Chariton Porfirievich be a mentor. And he began it, without thinking. Heart ordered. My heart told and labor pedagogy.

- For some reason, continues to Chariton Porfirievich,-yet there is a perception: it is said, the instructor must teach the profession, prepare yourself to replace such as myself, a specialist. And I do not cook their own kind. Insisted that a student is based on my experience, my knowledge learned to approach the matter intelligently and creatively, then he can learn from the best that I have, and get around.

- Consequently, the self - to be confirmed for myself.

- That's it, 'emphasizes the Chariton Porfirevich.-And then everything will fall into place. Of the people "will master. No micromanagement, or grow up dependent. for all sorts of little things will start to consult.

Of course, not to be confused with the aid care. My principle is, trust. Chariton Porfirievich Kilimar calls in the computer room. I was flipping through "notepad and find another record. ... I do not agree to anyone hired until the person talk in the personnel department have long joked: Boychenko have a flair for good people. Although it is still no one is refused.

Boychenko Chariton Porfirievich Just do not divide into good and bad. For me, it is important to first understand what he wants people crossing the checkpoint of the plant. There is no "troubled teens", not "difficult people" is sometimes misunderstood and has found himself a personality.

Many, for example, did not advise me to take a team of Ivan Burke. The guy was not a week has worked in the stamping shop Extruders, and the glory of it is already on the plant was thin, he liked "having fun" with buddies.

Head shops and with kindness, and in severe-to no avail. Deprived of Ivan Prize, and the fact though that. Strayed entirely from the hands, gathered to expel.

We have at this time was not enough adjusters. I thought and thought and decided to take Ivan's assistants. I asked, "Why are you drinking?" - "Why, 'he says,' I do not drink, I get sixty - seventy rubles, and at home, and not a lot in my pocket is empty." - "And you must work better, get more." - " Yes, I do not believe, admitted Ivan.-Who will give it to me, a good job? "-" I will. "

Eighteen months stayed guy. And then fell off, well and ran away. Ashamed. And in fact intelligent, with a consideration. It is a pity to lose such, I think. And then there's left us to brigadier Ivan Matryona, I was left completely without adjusters. It is necessary to me in two shifts to spin-spin. But all is not out of my head goes: as Burke would attach to their faith. I met him on purpose, and the mind is not showing. "Well, - interested, great, you have earnings?" - "No, the same" - lowers his head.

'Vanya,' I said, 'You know my requirements: I see you try to throw you out of the past, present your adjuster. "-" Really all believe again? "-" I tell you. "-" Well, okay ... Okay!, At the very voice trembling with volneniya.-giving Word. "

What's that, and Chariton Porfirievich able to "grind" of specialists. No wonder the fifteen years in a row the team Boychenko stretch holds first place in the factory. No wonder the challenge Red Banner of the company are kept forever.

Do not ... Within two weeks, as the night shift came again Ivan, pretty drunk. "What are you, when I was broke, all-men and even gave the word." And off it went ... I blurted out, he is not happy. Looks like I got it a little from the director. For short temper, used to scolding me Ants. He thought: "humiliate himself. In the East they say: if you shout you can build a house, you would build a long-ass city. "

Yes, and then Burke-hop, I packed up after a runaway sleeping in a closet.

He wakes at daybreak, sees in his place I work, and realized that I did not go home. And after an hour or intrude myself to change.

"Ruga, the foreman, asks Ivan, almost in tears. - Statement by writing or he will drive!" Do not know how to approach and to me, and I am silent. I see a man tormented. Well, I think, therefore, not all is lost. Another rotation for you, John Burke. The next day brought no Ivan and his offer:

- Let's give Burke earned. We just moved to brigade labor. Our people are friendly, everyone understood and supported me ...

And Burke has received salary and did not believe the two hundred and forty rubles! Stunned, just not jumping for joy 'to the ceiling.

- Sroda not get that kind of money, - he repeated.

Penny in the penny had brought his wife. Stopped drinking, work was pleasure to! And the other is ready to help, will do as expected, the machines are always in order.

But at this Chariton Porfirievich not stop there. Often, the plant came the wife of Ivan Ljuba. In the team knew it. Once Boychenko take Ivan and tell them all,

"Looks like Luba enjoy with us? Do not take her to him "-" Take! "- Replied in unison brigade.

Do not believe my ears Burke, and Chariton Porfirievich not only invited the Luba in a brigade, but did so to both husband and wife were working in one shift.

I asked ... Chariton Porfirievich:

- How to live now John and Luba?

- Well, in unison. Together earn about four hundred. Ivan does not know: watching each other, are tastefully dressed. And recently met him at the store, picks up some tubes.

"Why are you?" - "Colour TV bought, I want to adjust the antenna."

There is nothing surprising in the fact that Boychenko not mistaken 'in humans.

Yes, he's observant, a good psychologist. It combines the charm and 1tsedrost. Heart Chariton Porfirievich open. And those who are with him, feel it. They pay Boychenko the same faith.

I look at Chariton Porfirievich and his companion on the shift, which runs smoothly running machine, and ask myself: well, what the fate of stanochnitsy Galina Kilimar that is not proof!? Fifteen years ago a girl from a vocational school for the first time came to plant, to practice.

Noticed it immediately Porfirievich Chariton: a large group of guys, a girl. The look shy, quiet, suddenly transformed in to the machine. Wit might envy her kids.

After college he sent it to the injection molding. She married, had a baby and became hard to ask for Khariton Porfirievich. ... "How did you dare it to take the baby?, Greeted me with bewilderment at the Department kadrov.-You have the same shift work?" - "Do not worry, it will create the conditions. She is industrious, will not remain in debt ... " For two months I taught her all the tricks. So, please ... I can not get enough: no marriage for her, no downtime. In no way inferior to "old men". And what a social worker! And all in time. Even her husband is studying in graduate school, can not always help with the housework.

A year later, Galina was elected to the works committee. Kilimar gave a recommendation to the party.

Ninth Five-Year Plan ahead of schedule completed, with excellent performance. And Galina, our already-Commander of the Order of Labor Glory III degree.

Once a student Kilimar even joked that overtake me on the awards. I am sure, no kidding overtake. The only thing I am unhappy with what is not in school. In all my arguments, one answer: no one to leave Slavik. And yet, even persuaded himself did not believe it, went to the tenth grade. But after a month or a storm lifted. We sit in the packaging, just going for lunch, flies Galina in tears.

"What happened to you, worry, girls - who are offended?" - "Yes, - sobs - you are well, and I learned many years, have had to obey me." Trying to calm him, but nothing happens. So frustrated and left. Of course, it is hard to her husband on business trips often, trouble at home does not diminish, the son is growing, and now school.

But what can you do, remember, he's been through it. Just re-started to learn in sixth grade, and my secretary of the Komsomol committee chose.

Moved to the eighth grade, plans began to build-in college. And then, a new shop. Causes director, has to learn a new profession-presser plastics. And pick up a combat brigade. I had to sit for the professional literature and school textbooks to be postponed.

But when he graduated eleven classes and received a certificate, this was a holiday. In addition, before I was given the Order of Lenin for success in the Eighth Five-Year Plan.

I think I went to the side. Since then, Galya Kilimar after day is not long before I met. They called me as a member of the Central Auditing Commission of the All to Moscow and from there went on a business trip.

- Do not quit, Kilimar, to learn?

- What are you? Was involved, 'came to us, smiled, Galina. Outside the window, dawn, suits by the end of shift. In the courtyard of the factory gradually revives life. Through the window I see:

workers export their products, brand-new Anti-hail installation. ZIL traveled with containers. Yesterday, I saw how they packed machines for bottling fruit juices.

On the fence clings sun, spreading light. Glass with gold flash. Chariton Porfirievich, wiping his greasy hands with a rag, sits wearily at the window. But I see the face, happy, glowing eyes from the sun Zelentsov.

- Torture me this machine - recalls the night Boychenko smenu.-Do not have time to adjust, again knocks. Tears wire and all. I wanted to make out Ivan, but could not restrain himself vlez.-Boychenko Listens-feel, how beautiful is ticking, what is not music. I confess Khariton Porfirievich that to me all the machines rumble on a way ...

- Without a habit with you. Here is the "torment" I still have a few changes, learn to understand. At the very entrance we stop young woman with sad eyes. She apologizes and asks Chariton Porfirievich give it a few minutes. Leave them alone and go out into the street, and from the factory gate, one after another leave loaded cars. I looked into the opening of the valves open, hoping to see Chariton Porfirievich and stranger, but they are in the yard anymore. It takes twenty minutes. Then, thirty, forty.

- Something serious has happened?-Seeing Boychenko Finally, I come to meet him.

- This is Tamara Dyulberg from our brigady.-Boychenko suddenly laughs-A is also called a mentor ... The very little bobble is not given. Brand new it is, with the child. In the garden carries through the entire city. Once late, two, and I asked her recently come on time. Looks like Tamara was uncomfortable to say what was going on, here and think up an application to write "on their own."

- So what?

- Got to rewrite, but not in frames, and in the works committee. While you're waiting for me, I had to agree: give her a place in our garden. In the meantime, let-let an hour later comes and goes later. And she's comfortable, and work is not worth it.

- Support the team, then?

- Get more, that he did not realize that to do. By the way mentoring is a living art. And the man in it is of the essence. That's often talk of the country, two million teachers. Is it much or little?

- It depends on how you look ...

- That's right, 'he interrupted, - enough, certainly not enough when you consider how great is the completion of the young. And perhaps those who are already working, do not need mentors?

- So, I'm trying to sum up, starting with the foreman, director of the company, ending all be mentors?

- They can not, and should. Want to know my mentor was a former plant manager Ants. All indebted to him for good. I'm working and stay them, but Ants taught me a lot of small to see, to know not only your machine, and the entire plant. Here is what is needed now to achieve from each! Under the wing of an airplane ... floats Chisinau, the garden city. There was Boychenko, farmer's son, who once sent "to the city to find himself in the work community, and now helps to find a young ...

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