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Kirillov Vladimir A.

Captain of diesel-electric "Lenin" Volga Joint Shipping Company, Hero of Socialist Labor

Kirillov Vladimir A. The flight took place peacefully. Taking on board the barge in Saratov tanks, guns, ammunition boxes, captain tug boat "Ordzhonikidze" Leonid Zagryadtsev now for two days did not leave wheelhouse. Along with him was carrying a vigil third mate, just a little boy, Vladimir Kirillov. The captain did not let him go to sleep at least an hour or two.

- You know, shturmanok, you and I are native boatman, reach by heart know, 'said the captain, crew and the rest of us just recently came to the river. I can not take risks, have no right to the cargo we have already very serious.

But Volodya Kirillov thought it was a normal flight, Let it such during his voyage in the summer of Stalingrad made, probably, twenty times. Everything has been tested and bombing and shelling and firing test: when burning oil escaped from the ruptured tanks of coastal and terrible flow, sweeping away everything in its path, rushed from the slope of the Volga. Their boat is just the place, kept crossing. Under the bombs and shells are transported from one coast to the city of soldiers and ammunition, and dragged back through the burning river overloaded "to the eyeballs" barges with women, little children, wounded, and even with some rigs evacuated Stalingrad plants.

In the ruins of the battle raged on stretches rumbled in the sky tightened stinking clouds. And on the bridge of an old Volga steamer, armed with two anti-aircraft machine guns and small pushchonkoy stood calm focused person Leonid Zagryadtsev, slow, clear instructions, and intern-student College of Astrakhan river seventeen boy Vladimir Kirillov. Captain, a mean to praise people, only used to closely look at the guy, let him say:

- Stick to your guns! Your father is more difficult ...

Volodya knew, somewhere in these ruins now, kept the defense of his father, a machine gunner Andrey Kirillov. At Voronezh beat the enemy with his older brother, Anatoly, the commander of an infantry platoon leader, yesterday Astrakhan River College graduate who has not had time to become a skipper.

Captain once per minute lull Kirillov said Volodya story that recently occurred in the upper reaches of the Volga, from its source in the village Volgoverhove. At the end of September 1941 there broke the enemy intelligence. Six German cavalry came to a log chapel, drink from a light-Volga fontanelle their horses, and then nailed to the roof of a log house with a swastika flag. At night, some of the villagers broke the Nazi flag. The next morning the Germans rounded up all of a chapel, a long time wanted to know: "Who?" They threatened to shoot them all. But the people were silent. Then set fire to the chapel leggings, showered embers fontanelle, but he was murmuring, murmuring, even in severe frosts ...

- That this flight in Stalingrad was over. Brought the barge to the pier. Very close to the city thundered battle, black smoke shrouded the river, the roar was terrible. But Vladimir Kirillov forgotten young sleep leaning against the cold wall wheelhouse.

Just shut your eyes, and once-pure rill, blue comb distant forests and a huge bright orange ball of sun.

- Yes, you wake up, Volodya, - shook his shoulder. - I know that he was tired, my son, 'said the captain Zagryadtsev, only a dream, you and I now canceled. Now a flight leave, should the barge with the wounded under fire display. Look at what is on the river ...

Volodya came out of the cabin. In the tightened sky with black smoke from the West went on a link enemy bombers and left and right, and on the horizon.

- Air!, The cry seemed to shut off the howling engines. Hit the ship's machine guns and cannon. Extremely low with oppressive howling "twirling carousel" Junkers They swooped down on the boat, the barge with the wounded. One puffed and walked toward the shore, then another Junkers crashed into the river. Inky black with a sharp drop bombs flew to howl the river rose above the fountains of the explosions.

Suddenly something heavy hit Volodya Kirillov, some invisible force lifted him and threw it overboard. He lost consciousness and when he opened his eyes, he saw a greenish-blue mist of water, thousands of bubbles went up. Volodya good swimmer, he made an effort, and pushed him up the river. Severe pain racked his head, his eyes flooded with blood, smelled sour smell of burnt pyroxylin, right arm hung a whip. But Volodya saw the depth of the river is slowly rising to captain. He was covered in blood. Vladimir swam up to him and he heard the command:

- I order you to swim to shore, I, myself ...

Volodya took up the captain and swam to shore. They have hastened to the boat, and the last thing the captain said:

- If the ship afloat, thou shalt command, Vladimir ...

In the hospital bandaged Volodya, the wounds were deep. A young nurse reported:

- All otplavalsya, morjachok, two months in hospital, lie down, and the captain of yours died on the operating table.

The same day, Vladimir Kirillov left. from the hospital. Overcoming the urban rubble, often coming under attack, he hurried to the river, where the ship was waiting for him, "Ordzhonikidze". It was necessary to carry out the last order of Captain Zagryadtseva. All perepoyasanny bandages got to the wheel seventeen-year-boatman, Vladimir Kirillov.

And then there were new fire flights, enemy air raids, artillery fire, terrible crossing Stalingrad. There were fights and on the Volga, and the distant Barents Sea. In 1944, encouraged him to serve in the Navy. Sailed on a submarine-steering. From those early years, fire has remained faithful to his memory of the man's duty, the captain and three Zagryadtseve-medal "For Military Merit", "For defense of Stalingrad," "For the Defense of Soviet Arctic." In the fighting near Voronezh lost older brother, Anatoly, and father of soldiers, Stalingrad and Kursk Bulge returned to his native village after the Volga battle of Prokhorovka with severe concussion. He did not hear anything and could not speak ...

Volga-flowing running and there is no beginning or end of its run immemorial. Flows of human life, and many of her days, and beautiful as the river here, and many of her worries and sorrows. Yes, in the end everyone's life comes to its watershed, beyond which lie lived through and experienced, childhood, adolescence, adulthood.

Immediately after demobilization from the Northern Fleet Vladimir Kirillov returned to the Volga. He Pining for the river that was done on even position for transfer to the reserve day, he came to the department of personnel Company. Strong, handsome, broad-shouldered sailor raznotsvetem-winning ribbons at the dark-blue uniforms.

- The time is now hot-navigate, said the head of his training, go-navigator in the passenger ship "Turgenev"?

And everything went from Vladimir A. Kirillov continue: Endless Night Watch, a familiar hand wheel wheel, the team rush jobs. On the white ship sailed past the time it is not his native village Nikolsky. Rural streets ran from top to bottom. Mighty House (rebuilt-after the villagers) looked a steep slope.

And now, a quarter-century stretch is his watch commander Vladimir A. Kirillov. Over the years much has happened, and many of the bridge he had to stand. "Turgenev", "Volodarsky", "Nikitich" is all the names of his ships. But the most important of them is the diesel-electric "Lenin."

In the ship's safe next to the most important documents carefully stored Whatman sheet. At the top of his clear handwriting displayed "Passport." This document is made shipping Komsomol diesel - electric ship "Lenin" in the twentieth anniversary date of the vessel. Brief questions and answers.

"Name: diesel-electric" Lenin. " Hometown: city of Gorky, the plant "Red Sormovo". Data recording: the project number twenty, the ship's number one. Parents: Sormovo shipbuilding group. Tutors: The team, led by captains of SA Napituhinym (1958 - 1964 years), VA Kirillov (from 1964 to present). Honours: Order of Lenin, the leader of the Volga Joint Shipping Company, the first on the Volga, the crew of communist labor, fourteen consecutive navigations rewarded pennant of the Ministry of River Fleet of the RSFSR and the Central Workers' Union of Maritime and River Fleet. Special features: each year on the birthday of Vladimir Lenin, whose name it bears, opens navigate to the "Main Street of Russia", the Volga.

The flagship of the best-means. So everything on the ship should be at the highest level and work, and discipline, and open, responsive heart.

Yes, probably, thought about the old Volga shipbuilder Professor VM Kericho, bending over the sheet of drawing paper, when he created the world's first project, the first on the main Russian river passenger liner, which is navigable for its quality and comfort while had no equal.

At the high mast diesel-electric "Lenin" raised the flag of the USSR State its first captain Sergei Napituhin. He was the receiver of the ship, he learned from the keel to the truck, he knew where lies every rivet, every spare nut, carefully and rigorously conducted the case. He created many naval traditions, such as, for example, grand opening of navigation on the Volga.

Kirillov Vladimir A. Each year, twenty-second of April, the birthday of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, Gorky, the city is going on the waterfront at the river station. In a clear company ranks freeze Gorky River School. And over the wide stretches sound team: "The flag of navigation up!" In the blue spring sky rocketing rises slowly scarlet cloth g silver star in the middle of a pennant-Volga Joint Shipping Company. And by the solemn sounds of the march "Farewell of Slav" departs from. landing stage the first ship with passengers on board, diesel-electric "Lenin." It always has been, so two and twenty navigation in a row. And six of them stood on the bridge Sergey A. Napituhin, and sixteen-Vladimir A. Kirillov.

Captain ... As a matter of had the idea of the people in this profession: a man stands on the bridge or in the chart house. gives a soft voice commands and obedient to the will of all and sundry. But this is not so! Riverboat captain, three times the working people. In the winter - it fitter repairers, in the spring-house painter and carpenter, in the fall - an electrician.

However, when winter comes repair, the captain turns and an engineer-economist, and the superintendent - the builder, and business executive - a supply, and yet you never know at whom. Behind the veneer of the Captain - it ironed trousers and dazzling snow-white shirt - are impeccable discipline and order in everything. After all, with the appearance of the naval commander begins accuracy. Newbie, who came to the diesel-electric, always sees the tightened captain, and with even greater ferocity tert paste medyashku rail, mop up the dazzling brightness of the deck, proud of his commander, his tutor, to those who teach a boy to love and understand the difficult profession riverman.

Boatswain diesel-electric Vladimir Moiseev likes to recall a long history that has happened to him in the spring of 1964. The old captain passed Napituhin watch the young captain Kirillov. The first flight was for Vladimir A. ordeal. From Gorky left the tourists at low tide. In Kazan, the duty manager warned: "Stay in the city, in the mouth of the Kama-break-up! Large traffic jams. The fleet is now six days. "

Of course, you could take something tourists, organize trips to museums, book theater tickets, to introduce the work of the chemical industry of the city. But the captain had seen the faces of his passengers: they were waiting for a meeting with the Volga, with its carpet sunset, with its picturesque beaches. In theaters they can go in their home cities - Moscow, Leningrad, Gorky, Kuibyshev.

The captain brought the whole crew. The team had expected that the report of the commander of what he decides. A Kirillov in no hurry with the order. He listened attentively to what the mechanic says Andrew P. Spirin, which will advise navigators. He listened to the stewardess and senior Nina Mikhailovna Vakhromeeva. And after weighing all the "pros" and "against", Kirilov decided, "Let's go." When A is repeated aloud the word, he saw how his eyes twinkled with approval of people. . Captain realized that the crew will support him in every way!

Since they began skating this flight. Yes, it was a risk but reasonable risk. In addition, the young captain has checked himself and his crew in difficult conditions of a busy campaign. He was not mistaken in people, they immediately carried out his orders. If it was necessary, the clock did not depart from the arrangements were on the alert, ready at any moment to help each other.

And the ice, such insidious, made way for the ship. And after the diesel-electric was great and the whole convoy, for several days standing at the mouths of the Kama.

Broke. Gone. The crew of "Lenin" honorably fulfilled his task. And in Moscow, the capital of the North river piers station arrived on schedule, without losing an hour on the road.

This is just one episode, who came to remember, and their sixteen navigations the captain had accumulated a great variety of Kirillov.

Well, now, perhaps, we should mention some figures. They most eloquently speak about working rotations of Vladimir Andreevich. Sixteen years ago, when there was only the first of his captain's navigation, the crew of the Volga diesel-electric work at a loss to the shipping company. That's what the plan was lowered Kirillov, such as navigation in 1965, "Income-354 000 rubles. Expenses 423,000 rubles. " Or, in other words, the navigation plan of the diesel-electric deliberately "mortgaged" 69,000 rubles loss.

How could Captain Communist Vladimir A. Kirillov put up with this "arithmetic"? It was then sounded his call to the crew: "More work with a pencil!" Captain, navigators, mechanics have settled for economic calculations. Analysis of the entire economy was held naistrozhayshy. Together, together, the whole team diesel-electric start to look for ways to improve the operational efficiency of the ship. "Pretended to be" different versions of how and by what means can reduce the costs of maintenance of the vessel? How do I increase profits?

Offers crew members were different. Some offered to make some alterations to marine facilities.

Did it. Received an additional four double cabins. Others suggested that long-term parking in places to make pleasure trips. We tried, too, turned out. There have been many proposals and small. Implemented everything, and got a new thousand rubles of revenue.

However, the captain was found by Kirillov and another, the principal article of economy. The staffing diesel-electric crews consisted of 57 people. But a lot of work could be combined. So it will be possible to work a reduced staff, as do Shchekinsky chemists. Reviewed the staff, and eleven people went to work on other ships. Immediately almost doubled production of transportation of products per crew member.

Captain Vladimir A. Kirillov was enthusiastic in promoting cost-effective experience of a passenger vessel in all river basins.

Economists Volga steamship association normally do this calculation: the tourist route from Moscow to Astrakhan to Moscow, diesel-electric should work exactly 140 days, or less than five months. It always has been, and neither the captain did not dare to "wipe" on those notorious 140 days. Yes he do, he simply would have raised the fun of. - Grandparents, great-grandparents worked so from time immemorial, but what are you, smarter than them?

Vladimir A. Kirillov made a "first step", extended the first voyage of 160 days. Or, in other words, made for navigation, one additional flight from the capital to Astrakhan. After a year of diesel-electric "Lenin" was to swim the full 180 days.

But the captain Kirillov immediately found "opponents". They argued: operation of such vessel, the diesel-electric, early spring and late autumn - folly, and even fraught with much trouble. Skeptics led a seemingly good reasons: in the spring and fall on the Volga frequent storms and fog, then, poor visibility and heavy river ice can damage the vessel.

The captain led his Kirillov good reasons: the risk is justified because it was not and never will be on their ship is no state of emergency and security services they have delivered a clear, and additional flights will bring thousands of rubles, and additional income, then the work will be cost-effective fleet of passenger . You just need to boldly take the first step to break the old rules and outdated views.

Vladimir A. Kirillov proved his innocence cases. His speech in defense of the hottest new method of work many times and listened to the shipping company at the meetings and meetings of board of the Ministry of River Fleet RSFSR. He believed he was allowed to work in new ways. First diesel-electric crews sailed the full six months. Then he went on, 190, 195, 200 days, and finally in 1977 was 204 days at sea!

It was a great labor victory, it was tens of thousands of rubles, the savings for the state. Revenue per navigating exceeded half a million rubles, grew steadily above-profit. Let's just say, for only three years Tenth Five diesel-electric super job carried 3515 passengers. Sixteen consecutive navigations on a high mast, "Lenin," the wind straightens the folds of honor pennant of the Ministry of River Fleet of the RSFSR and the Central Workers' Union of Maritime and River Fleet. However, what is a "rolling" pennant, if it is as if nailed to the mast. He was always handed crew, "Lenin" and the crew gave all his strength, knowledge and experience to work with the greatest efficiency.

Every sailor knows, the shock of his work on achieving the highest productivity of the entire crew.

A sample of all gives the captain. For him there is never "own" and "foreign" work. It is necessary, and the captain goes to where the more difficult it becomes the head of all beginnings, show and tell, so much so that the boys did not hesitate to go with him on any difficult part, on any task. This prompted the captain of the ship's mechanic Andrei Pavlovich Spirin calculate the optimal operation of engines for the entire long-range flight. What does this mean? For each transition is necessary to set the speed of the vessel and the normal operation of the engine to arrive on schedule at your destination. This tactic is based on the navigation laws of fluid dynamics, reducing the rate of, say, twice the results in a decrease in engine power, and hence the fuel consumption of six or eight times. So, you can save tens of thousands of rubles. And here is the digital expression of the optimal operation of engines. More recently, the entire flight from Astrakhan to Moscow spent 140 tons of fuel, now it takes only 95 tons. Fuel savings is enough to make two long-distance flight

The ship began to be used instead of diesel, gas turbine however, had to install filters on main engines of the new design. Search resulted in a very tangible results. A ton of diesel fuel costs 75 rubles, and the turbine-only 38 rubles. And if you take into account that diesel-electric worked for four navigation on the cheap gas turbine fuel, it immediately becomes clear what kind of cost savings was the crew.

They say that the good ship on a good river is best for her jewelry. Our Volga lot of jewelry. And yet the most comfortable, most hospitable, the most popular on the great Russian river is diesel-electric "Lenin." This is the initiative of Captain Vladimir A. Kirillov began the competition of all passenger ships of the country under the slogan "Every flight, high efficiency, each passenger is the maximum attention!". And if the first part of the formula for themselves say the numbers: navigation period extended from 140 days to 204, three years tenth five-year transported 30,465 passengers in terms of 26,950, the income of 1.427 million rubles at the annual setting 1.397 million rubles the second part of the formula stands for the so-passenger will not let the guest and the owner of the vessel.

Recently, one often hears such a fashionable foreign word 'service'. In Russian, it corresponds to the word "service", friendly, hospitable and friendly. Yes, that's the whole crew meets a diesel-electric of its passengers. There is always impeccably clean and 'order. The vessel became law, for each fixed co-driver "their cabins," and he, along with the flight attendants monitoring their purity. Before the next flight cabin bypasses all the captain himself, and puts in a special assessment. These estimates are then taken into account when summing up the individual socialist competition. A deck? Here tourists have returned to "green park" and the polished floor, traces of sand and dust. But after half an hour all again shines pristine purity. If a team has spared no effort, then do the passengers begin to thoroughly dry the shoes.

Or another example. In summer, the coastal sites of shops and markets are full of vegetables and fruits. And be sure each of the four hundred and fifty and tourists back to the ship with a bag filled to the brim full of apples, tomatoes, plums. Immediately there is a problem, where everything is clean? On the advice of the captain on the diesel-electric set aside for this special room set up convenient sink, placed metal baskets. In the cooled boiled water taps. Quite simply no problem!

The subject of constant attention and Vladimir A. Kirillov has always been the overriding aspect of the Volga-hosting a rich and varied catering table. In fact, this is no laughing matter: both to feed 450 people. And then there's the personal request of tourists: "You know, tomorrow is my neighbor's cabin on the day of birth, and so I would like to ..." And always in the morning on a table name-is a delicious cake, baked ship cooks, and congratulations on the radio and concert sound.

There are also her vessel. Holidays, such as, for example, "Volga light" or "Russian tea from a samovar." But there is a special ritual on the ship, which is permanently stored tourists.

Each time the approach to Mamaev Kurgan diesel zlektrohod reduces speed. Above the Volga reach mournful melody of sounds, "Requiem." The ship departs from the boat. In her gray-haired veterans of the war veterans, they are always among the passengers. At the stern of the boat with a red cloth wreath. Sounds a team captain:

- Wreath in the lower Volga! And, slowly swaying in the waves, floating wreath, and on the decks of a ship flying the flowers into the river. A voice is heard over the Kirillov stretches:

- Defenders of the hero-city Volgograd, eternal glory and everlasting love!

Over the river the ship's whistle sounded solemn, and there comes a moment of silence.

Perhaps, in those few seconds, Vladimir A. Kirillov says gray skies, the boiling of the Volga and the tears of the heroic captain of the steamer "Ordzhonikidze" Leonid Andreevich Zagryadtseva. He enlisted in the crew ever diesel-electric "Lenin."

And once again comes to mind that short sleep, dreamed that his terrible morning of September 23, 1942 fire at the crossing of Stalingrad. Net fontanelle, blue comb distant forests and a huge orange ball of the sun. This dream dreamed it three times already. For the first time, in Stalingrad, the second twenty years later, just prior to the day when his father, a soldier, a German shell-shocked shell of Prokhorovka after 18 hours of complete silence, found his voice and heard the noise foliage and singing birds. And the third time I saw that Kirilov sleep short hours of rest after a hard night watch, in May 1977. He saw the fontanelle, and the wood and the ball of the sun and felt the wonderful feeling of great happiness.

And at the door of his cabin was a knock, and the excited voice of ship radio operator Paul Talishevskogo said Vladimir Andreyevich, radio! You named a Hero of Socialist Labor ...

... Kirillov was the captain and the journey is across the seas and oceans. By request of the U.S. National Geographic Society in our country was filmed a TV movie, "Volga". At the premiere he was invited to America, the native boatman Vladimir A. Kirillov. Two weeks of endless trips to the country two weeks of continuous press conferences. American journalists down on the captain Kirillov this hail of questions.

- Captain Kirilov, if you have students?

- More than thirty. They include Aleksandr Loktionov and Alexander Demidov, now they are captains of ships of the Volga.

- Your social activities?

- Alternate member of the All, the governing body of our union, the largest mass organization in the country.

- Captain Kirilov, why, when it comes to the Volga, you are talking about it as a living person?

- Volga-my life! On its shores I was born, raised, educated engineer who became a Communist. On the slopes of the Volga met and fell in love with his future wife. She now works as a doctor in the hospital conductors. My two daughters are also boatman engineers. This river has saved me when I was wounded by Nazi bombs in a burning Stalingrad, Volga wave carried me to shore. This river is everything to me, friend, friend, sister ...

Murmurs, sparkles with a tiny trickle. Distant blue comb forests, steaming dew and fog. A ball of fire above them the sun. Thus begins his Volga and its river.

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