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Baltabayev Shakir

Driller Almalyk geological expedition association "Tashkentgeologiya" Hero of Socialist Labor

Baltabayev Shakir A man goes on the road. In meditation asks:

- How many times I pass on to you?

- For the first time! ..

Again the man was on the same road. Again asks:

- How many times I pass on to you?

- First time!

The years passed. Again led the fate of the traveler on the long-familiar road. Again he took her in conversation asked the same question. Followed the same answer:

- Passage for the first time you were here.

Since then, the man in the riddle: "Surely I am always the first? Unexplored and mysterious you are, the road. Friends and strangers ... "

In Kurama Shakir returned home after a long separation. It's no joke, for ten years he lived away from his father's house. In the border patrol on the slopes of the Altai night long he was transferred to the mental cliff native chickens. Overcome by his longing: getting up before the eyes of the picture of blooming meadows Intermountain, cheerful noise of mountain streams Almalyksaya, brisk roll songbirds. Similar to what you have, the Altai and Kurama! The slopes are similar to the slopes, ravines, gorges and rivers, like the twins. Just as in Almalyksae, Shakir loved the Altai splash in the icy water of a rivulet. Here he met a wonderful miracle: a girl riding a horse in the rays of the rising sun. Do not believe your eyes: dream or reality?

What possessed Shakir in these moments: the charm and delight? No. He led a strict duty to guard the border. He cut off the path jumping rider and detained her. Requested to produce documents. The girl was only a Komsomol card: P. Oshlakova Capitolina. Zaisan student teacher's college.

She looked up from their friends, compete on the racetrack. Hot horse girl carried on a river bank.

And the mountain stream joined two hearts.

In autumn 1949, Shakir returned to the chickens. Of course, not one-to Capitolina. Do not have time to have rest in his father's house, as rumor has it that the slopes of the Kurama raised some troops. Shakir soon learned that this geological reconnaissance of the earth's interior.

- By profession I am also a ranger, I remember the first path that led me to the tents so memorable - told thirty years later, Shakir Baltabaev. She was the fork "a hundred roads" on which all these years I had a chance to wander.

From that height, housed at the time the center of the expedition, showed me the guys at lying at the foot of a narrow valley Almalyksaya:

"This is our city. While he was in the drawings, and without a name ... "

- In place of tents housed one hundred thousandth Almalik. Handsome. Watch and enjoy. Mountain tale, otherwise you will not tell. Known Almalyk untold wealth, giant combines, unique beauty. And most importantly, people.

Although the border was known as Shakir seasoned scout and tracker, here in the Kurama expedition, at first he had to work as a laborer. Soon, however, geologists have found that Shakir indispensable guide who knows every mountain path and izvilinku. He knew his father and grandfather on the tales of the mysterious history of this region, once called the ILAC. Twelve fortresses stood on the crest of the mountains, inaccessible and unconquered. Every resident of a skilled craftsman, capable of extracting the magic of the mountains of precious stones and metals, manufactured all kinds of wonderful crafts. But most of all was famous weapon of the local craftsmen. He was bought by merchants from all countries of the Middle East.

Here are the names of these fortresses: Ahangaran-smiths, Balgaly-striker, Altyn-Topkan - who found gold-silver mine Kumishkan, Kurgashinkan-lead mine ... Olalmadyk, could not take it. So call one of the fortresses of Cumans, who had failed and failing to take it. Hence, perhaps, was the name of the city. That's what was in the fortress of chickens.

Over time, on-site once formidable forts and mines were small, abandoned villages. The specificity of their names attracted the attention of geologists. Scientists have raised in archives and libraries, hundreds of antique books, maps and manuscripts. All indications are that in the ancient state of ILAC mountain craft was developed as anywhere else in Central Asia. Dirhams, coins minted from the local silver, and reached up to Novgorod, and to the Scandinavian countries, and even distant Iceland. Hence, there should have been, and deposits of metals ...

Find forgotten for many centuries underground wealth took in the late twenties and early thirties, a large group of Soviet geologists, led by Boris Yeltsin Legacy. For months they examined dozens of ancient mines, pits, adits. The risk to life climbed into the old mines, built by slaves. Turn over thousands of cubic meters of old dumps, and looked in a long-cooled furnace and forges. Scientists confirmed the assumption. The old development have been found rich reserves of underground mining. In his academic monograph "Karamazar" (as it was called the place of the ancient developments because there have found their death thousands of slaves. Karamazar - it means "black cemetery") B. Nasledov described and mapped the 393 most valuable deposits of the periodic table of elements. In the mountains of Kurama found copper, zinc, lead, gold ...

This was the first major discovery of Soviet geologists, which undermined the view prevailed before that spurs Tien Shan ridges as hopeless in geological terms, as the Alps or the Carpathians.

After Kurama priceless in terms of mining has been proved, it took a careful survey of the geological deposits. At that time in the mountains and there were numerous tents, which once came Baltabaev Shakir.

Man by nature is very inquisitive and meticulous, he is one step does not depart from the drillers. The heart felt a kinship with Shakir mind those people who were engaged in life, you were looking for a new, exploring the unknown, unknown. There were scouts. It's an intoxicating feeling of belonging to the discoverers, explorers overwhelmed guy. He did the hardest work, and she was happy. Being an assistant driller, so from morning to night, roll the tube, to drag heavy drilling tools, do not forget about the diesel fuel for the engine, in time to lubricate the cables, make mud. In short, always be waiting in the wings. "One day, happened because Nama-Shakir says, 'that sit around the campfire at night and hand or foot is you can not move. The whole body hurts. But in my heart with joy. After all my work, I thought, just a little, but will help to decorate their home Kurama cities, roads, power lines, turn it from a backwater into one of the suburbs developed economic centers of the country. "

In those nights around the campfire Shakir especially like it when guys are geologists began to dream. All of their convenience, a bucket of water so wet mattress in a tent, and they talk about how planning should be flat in the city, which will be built on the site that need to be citizens, tram or trolleybus, which should give the names of avenues and streets.

Often these fires, and sat. Capitolina. Enjoyed it Kurama. No less native Altai it. Hospitality of the people, the generosity of the land, water and kindness of the sun-all had a fantastic rider for the soul. She, like Shakir, quickly found it here on the heart: the school was to teach the Russian language Uzbek children.

Early in the morning when the sun was just beginning to appear over the tops of the mountains, when a ringing chorus of birds sang a concert, drillers have already set about the next change. On the first days of initiation to the working professional Shakir Baltabaevich remembers only the most high, beautiful and even poetic words.

And now for the first time Shakira entrusted themselves to remove the core from the borehole. He kept his hands on the small, but still warm the earth's warmth stacked rocks and had a great surprise, a great joy. Yes, that's joy. The secret here, in all probability, that the blue-collar occupations, perhaps more than any other, allow people to immediately see the concrete fruits of their labor.

Baltabayev Shakir Shakir Baltabaevich now lives in the city, built on his card on his eyes. More tangible results of their work is hard to imagine.

Remembering his first working years Baltabaev comes to the conclusion that the quenching of the working group should take every young person. Particularly valuable in this case is that at the crucial moment of identity formation in humans can not work alone, and elbow to elbow with fellow staff. This sharpens a healthy outlook on life, develops in the minds of the unwritten laws of the special honor of the working man. This honor is based on self-esteem, intolerance to any evil, unacceptable hypocrisy. It is this honor helps to live a life full of useful, interesting.

His thoughts Shakir Baltabaevich divided slowly, gradually. Every word he said carefully weighed, checked. However, he and Shakir aka the exact same as his words: the staid, deliberate, thorough. Time and mountain winds have silvered his once jet-black hair, the face covered with wrinkles. But in a low, trim, weight has a slender figure driller can still see the former border guard, a clever, snorovistogo who knew how to gallop to get out of his name to hide on the rifle in the pine squirrel. Until now, keenly, in the very soul of the interlocutor's eyes look, still hand poured Shakira strength: his friendly handshake so firmly that after he did not once lift a finger. Why not brave! . Under a Baltabaevichu Shakir and his wife, P. Capitolina. Stately, bright. About it and now we can say, "this Russian beauty." We're sitting in a spacious, bright home Baltabaev built on one of the shady streets Almalyk. The setting evening sun pierces through him, through the open doors, open windows, curtains parted. In this house everything in sight, all uncovered, anywhere any locks and bolts. However, what surprised ... After all, the house always remind the soul of his masters. Maybe that's why here, even on weekdays feel somehow elated, festive.

Slowly drinking strong green tea. Shakir Baltabaevich asks his wife to bring a photo album. The huge covered with red velvet book, we discover at random. 11ervy caught a picture dated 1952. It is a young Shakir smiling all over his face into the lens. In the hands-dirty rag and a bucket of diesel fuel. In the background you can see the drilling machine.

- That I am glad that I finally made a driller, - says Shakir Baltabaevich.

And it was so. Usually at night the machine serves two people:

driller and his assistant. Less than an hour after the start of the shift, as a driller fell ill. Well, that by this time riding a random machine. It Shakir sent the patient into the city, and he was the first one on one with the working equipment. That's when a guy of his stead skill, curiosity, meticulousness. Thanks to them, he knew the work of each node of each unit. When the diesel engine suddenly banged on the high speed, Shakir soon realized that under the ground was something wrong. Increased consumption of flushing fluid confirmed the hunch: broken drill bit, got, apparently, in some cavern. Stopping the machine, Shakir for a moment: what to do? Wait, it requires a statement that the morning shift and work together to deal with the accident or to try to eliminate the problem on their own? Of course, the young worker has chosen the second path. Only the mountains know how difficult it was Shakira alone to raise from the depth of the well pipe string, change the crown, as even more difficult to lower it back. In the morning the machine working. The master, who had come with the morning shift, said:

- 'How long were drilled for the night?

- Yes, almost not at all, quietly said Shakir.

- How so?-Troubled artist. Shakir only a hand stretched out to the side lying on the ground broken crowns and slowly walked to the trailer. Lay in the grass and fell asleep in a second, overwhelmed by fatigue. A change at this time examining the traces of the accident.

- Well, the guy kept repeating, without end the wizard. And then, as it were summed up: - This driller from his work.

The next day, Shakir was back at work change is already a senior. Driller.

That's a difficult, but at the same time was a glorious one of the first roads traversed Baltabaev nearly thirty years of his work. The second is a road-led him to the Order "Badge of Honor." He flashed on his chest Shakira in 1957. The next award was the Order of October Revolution, was handed to him in 1970. By this time Shakir was already a master of Baltabaevich best drill teams in the entire Almalyk geological expedition.

Why the best? Yes, because the quality of work of this team is a step up compared to many other quality teams. Rahubenkov, Chief Geologist Akchikinskoy party, which employs Baltabaev, explains what this means:

- The problem's not to simply drill a well, and to vyburit Cairn column of rock with a total length of the entire hole. But it is almost impossible ideal, because the drilling column collapses. Typically, teams given the task to retrieve at least 70 - 75 percent of the core. And Shakir Baltabaevich able to take up to 90-95 percent undefeated column. It is natural that the more cores, the more visible the structure of the deposit. Fully collected information about him can be calculated more accurately the prospects of industrial development of mineral resources. In this regard, we are geologists, never doubt the accuracy of the results obtained from the wells Baltabaev. The work of his team is in our party well, whether that benchmark.

- This team always gets the most difficult mining conditions at the well - the story continues to Chief Geologist Chief of Party-Hasanov. When I send a brigade Baltabaev exploratory drilling, they often promise to himself: "The next hole will give them necessarily better. Let the little guys some rest. " But when it comes time to give a new order with again is such a well, which can handle only Shakir. And so we almost always get: Baltabaev team is constantly working in the toughest conditions.

And how it works! Specifying, for example, the Ninth Five staff completed in 4 years and 8 months. Tenth Five Year Plan have decided to conquer and overcome since!, For 4 years and 5 months. The question arises: do we need for the planned economy, such over-fulfillment? I answer, even as the need! After drilling crews Almalyk geological expedition are committed to find out the exact inventories of raw materials needed for such a giant of Soviet ferrous metallurgy, which is the Almalyk Mining and Metallurgical Plant named after VI Lenin. Here are the words from the speech of a candidate member of Politburo of the CPSU, the first secretary of the Communist Party of Uzbekistan Sh R. Rashidov at the XXV Congress of the CPSU: "We have explored and confirmed the unique deposits of copper, lead, zinc, through the use of which it is necessary to double the capacity of Almalyk Mining Iron and Steel Works. "

Double the ... These ambitious plans are already being implemented. Reconstruction is in full swing AMMC. There are new shops, replaced the old equipment, expand existing and new mines are laid. For this purpose, allocated hundreds of millions of rubles. The purpose of a great work: to have a double in the next five years to increase production at the company's largest non-ferrous metals.

The fact that the work was such a huge scale, much of the credit team Almalyk geological exploration expedition. And at the forefront of this great team is a team Baltabaev.

Having risen because of the generous dostarkhan who according to tradition, and Uzbekistan met the guests, we all headed for a stroll in the garden, Autumn Indian summer cobwebs gently enfolded the branches of trees. Even with the slight movement of the air disrupted white thread from the branches and began to slowly drift along the garden path. P. Capitolina held up his hand toward a floating gossamer.

- That's you and I, Shakir, now Indian summer, she said, smiling, soon the rains, and then winter comes.

- What is still winter! What more rain!-Jokingly angry Baltabaevich Shakir,-we have with you, my dear Rana, in front of a lot of cases. So do not get ready to relax. In this humorous grumbling was heard clear golden melody close attention to one person to another. Even from the way these people together slowly walked down the garden path, it was evident that his whole life they lived, caring for each other.

We came to a large vineyard. I've heard that the garden grows Baltabaev almost the best in grapes. Shakir Baltabaevich when the crop matures, leaves a tiny little bit, but everything else is giving away a neighbor's children, let postrelyata eat.

- Do you know what I love and why it went after him to distant lands? Capitolina, P., and asks herself immediately answers: Because-oh, what a daring guy! And above all, courageous. One day I decided to make a gift. But it went for him not to shop, and in the taiga. Two days later, brought out a huge, of enormous bear. I saw him, I almost burst into tears. So I was scared for Shakira. One by one came out in the forest at this beast! For a long time I kept skin. But then we gave her. A neighbor asked very much about it.

Yes, the examples of generosity may be found in this house almost at every step. Here are the fence a dozen beehives. Shakir Baltabaevich apiary started when her daughter was seriously ill. To cure it, we had a lot of good honey. This healing nectar of mountain meadows helped restore the health of girls. But the apiary Shakir aka then did not sell. Decided to let the house will always be a honey. And to the delight of himself and friends in favor. Since then, anyone who needs a good honey, hurry to the house Baltabaev. People know that failure will never happen.

When we were on the rig, we were approached by an assistant driller Sergey Bondarenko.

- Are you doing the right thing that going to write about Shakir aka, - said the worker, as he is man of gold, so he and the golden coach. I myself his disciple.

Good mentors are never bad, shallow, insecure people. These concepts are simply incompatible. That's why having a little bit acquainted with Baltabaevichem Shakir, I was not surprised when he learned that Shakir aka trained professional driller thirty young men. None of them over the years has not changed to the selected case. Everyone works on the conscience, in shock. The brigade itself Baltabaev small-only eight people. But all the disciples of the master. The team constantly performs monthly jobs 130-135 percent.

For several years, the percentage of turnover is equal to zero in the team, "This contributes to a smooth, sustained, strong character of the foreman. The main laws in the group "are the justice and fairness.

The association "Tashkentgeologiya" has become a tradition to send for testing new equipment in the Akchikinskuyu party, the brigade Baltabaev. In recent years drillers have changed a lot in technology and drilling techniques. If before the performance of drilling rigs was 140 meters of drifting over the last month, but now this figure had risen to 350-370 meters. There were diamond crown, smooth tubes, shells with a removable core receivers. Introduced small diameter drilling, new washing liquid lubricant ...

The very first set of equipment tested Baltabaev removable core receivers CCK-59. In a nutshell this is what it is: in the past to raise the core top, it was necessary to pull the whole pipe string, and now only a sample of rock was removed. As a result, the performance of drilling rigs has increased by half. But these estimates have people believe only when Shakir aka proved by example that the work on the new equipment profitable.

For any innovation people are different: one, with interest, others with doubt. There are also those drillers who are afraid of any innovation: how would an hour, wages are not reduced. Almost always when introducing new has to overcome certain psychological barrier. So here Baltabaev he is one of the lowest. So easy to work with him and his subordinates, and superiors.

Met with unanimous approval in the team published in the newspapers of the Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR on the award Baltabaev Hero of Socialist Labor. The same day, Shakira Baltabaevicha summoned to the office head of the party.

- Moscow is calling you, Shakir, the Kremlin stars, he said the master with undisguised joy - now you own a star. She is waiting for you there.

For life memorable Shakira Baltabaevichu this trip. The capital was struck by its scale, beauty avenues, monumental space. In the endless trips a day passed, two, three. And Shakir aka bored. With irresistible force pulled him back to his native chickens. To test your patience notable driller did not. Then I bought a ticket and for nine days before the end of trips back to Almalyk. First of all went to the rig. When satisfied that no state of emergency during his absence has not happened, calm down, breath ...

Catching up on 30 years of the same thing, Shakir Baltabaev always been able to breathe into his soul, to put the heart, to spark the creative search.

Walks ... joyful people on the road. And think what account is it? As long as I passed them? He asks:

- How many times I pass on to you?

- For the first time.

- Is it possible for the first time is always on you?

- Yes, Shakir, you're always a pioneer.

- Hundreds of times, probably, I walked to you, wondering Shakir.

- Do not know: The road is always familiar and unfamiliar. Many still find the unknown, stepping on me. Come on. Not tired, Shakir. Waiting for you a hundred roads. Such as the mysterious and alluring, what you have already passed.

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