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Brigadier Ivan Ivanovich

Minin Ivan

Boilermakers foreman of the Ural Chemical Engineering Plant named after the 50th anniversary of the USSR, Hero of Socialist Labor

Minin Ivan He goes on your site in shabby overalls, a cap, which should have been called cap, such wear-once upon a time human self-respecting metal, regular shoes on him by "Uralobuv," but throughout his small, fine figure, which a fresh naval daring.

Its movements are slow, but energetic, he walks as if his legs under the deck, and not the shop floor, and at first glance determines that it has a happy day today, waiting for his luck, or just a pleasant meeting, waiting for sure, he knows This and restrains their impatience.

Just finished lunch, his children returned to their places in the plumbing and welding gnashing roar is a normal working day, time of Ivan Ivanovich Minin, boilermakers foreman of the Ural Plant of Chemical Engineering.

- That's right, a normal day. Tuesday today - he agrees. - And in the Navy I served, it was not necessary. He studied at the aviation expert.

- We flew?

- No luck. Although regarded as a ... 'Provide a link to the ground.

He smoothed his hair, too, something very clever, some unique soft movements, slightly lifting his cap. And then he thought he understood why I asked him if he served at sea, and he nodded in the direction of the unit, which gathers his team, smiled

- It is true to the submarine look like? And so you look like a blimp, ...

The unit length is twenty-seven feet lay before us like the stocks, he dimly gleamed, solid and heavy, and has most of its value instilled a sense of respect. There is in our nature-Russian Tsar Bell, Tsar Cannon, well, it was none other than King-unit.

In the bowels of his metal was welded. In the round hole that looked like a porthole on the spacecraft hatch, at the mouth of a fantastic tool, with the hiss and crackle flashed a blue smoky flame. Uneven reflections flew to the ceiling fell on our faces.

The team completed the production of hydrolytic Minin apparatus. That was the name of all that multiton machine designed for the production of fodder yeast waste timber. It sounds mundane and dull production of fodder yeast prodigy Also, in our space age some yeast, and even feed. But how necessary they are, what good are they, Mr. Smith can read the whole lecture - with quotes like, want not. read, he had to, and the figures quoted for memory savings, proved how profitable this business from the recycled wood shavings, sawdust and twigs substandard produce a valuable, nutritious product. Last time, he often has to act. Especially the youth. Once a teacher, bringing it to the stage in the school auditorium, hot whispered in his ear:

- Ivan Ivanovich, you tell them about their work go on, creative search of romance ...

Ivan nodded and went up to the rickety podium, started just with fodder yeast, what good are they.

He is particularly clear. It is, incidentally, by birth a peasant's son. My father plowed the land and grandfather and great grandfather. His village was not metal, but the area was called Kotelnichesky, as if his family was scheduled to do this difficult metal boiler craft. Now come to him in the team guys from vocational school and returned after serving active military service, or for whatever reason guys go to other companies, heard about the history of his works, wanting, so to speak, enter into the glorious family himmashevtsev. Literate children, tenacious. Twenty years ago there went a completion. He likes to newcomers. What passed through his hands of students, and always it is very interesting, when your eyes on the child in a production sense, or just an ordinary wingless hard worker becomes a real master of his craft.

Many times he saw it. And he respects. He did not immediately found work in the soul. After the army wanted to be a lathe, metallurgy, railway arranged for the calculation of the four factories took on their own until they determined his point. And how are all defined.

Almost thirty years, he settled in Chemical Engineering. In the first workshop of twenty-eight years he worked, and now he was transferred to the fifteenth workshop, but this is a special story about that later.

He goes on your site. Clean it exemplary. There is nothing superfluous. As in a good surgical. Just rolls on top of the multi-ton craft crane rang. He looks, with his head, and probably offers him some disarray, his jaw trembling.

- What is it?

- It's OK, 'he replied at once, and this sudden transition from quiet conversation to acute tensions surprising. Like this it is soft, so calm, Ivan Ivanovich, but no. Not so easy, it turns out.

His brigade fifteen boilermakers and fitters, integrated his team. To this we must add another ten welders, which are particularly accurate welding job, adding that everyone in their team character traits, hobbies, passions, so that the foreman Minin have to deal not only to production problems.

He is foreman of the sixtieth year. And in this post has got restless, we can say with harsh circumstances. Suddenly it happened, without any delay.

Now it seems, at one point.

It was winter, a typical day, the Urals, where the night and sweeps in the morning seems a long time it was evening, and in the shop windows lit in full light. That's a chilly, gray day, and summoned him Alexander T. Zavyalov, deputy head of department. Is not that where he works recently, and that the mother, where he started when he came out of the army, shook his previously working in different positions.

Minin went upstairs to Zavyalovsky office, sat down in front of Alexander Kalashnikov, and because they do not know what it is, said sadly:

for your call.

- That was for your call. Hello ...

Ruefully said, because the happy-it was nothing. The shop did not carry out the plan, the team too, not all is well evolved, and now the weather has acted in full accordance with the circumstances.

Alexander T. began to distance. Interested in it, whether Fitter Kotelschik be trained, how long it will take time, what conditions are needed and what savings can provide a combination of these two professions in the same hands.

Anything without knowing it, Mr. Smith is quite innocently replied that it boilermaker boilermaker, a fitter, he is a mechanic, is another specialty. Both are working with metal, but a tool for boilermakers and work, and measuring, methods, tolerances others, and drawings from boilermakers read differently from their brigade-shop mechanic schooling is not easy to master.

- I understand, easy, Zavialov, agreed, but he can see, Vanya, he-he was always called Vanya, you see-it-yourself, that we break, and help us to be only a comprehensive approach. We make a comprehensive team, see what happens ...

- Easy to say, it vozrazil. Minin, a good master should teach for years, and the poor who need it. I personally do not really trust those who can do anything. It's mostly talk. It turns out that not all ...

Thus he spoke and his words were sure. Of course, if you pick up a special team from the curious, perhaps, of those who wish to work and to re-learn another profession, then it is possible. But this is not day or two leaves. Then it seemed to him that there is willing to re-learn a little of this cadre. If a person boilermaker, why, they ask, it is another profession?

On that memorable day, he did not keep in mind that he will be retrained twice, will receive the highest boiler and the highest qualified locksmith.

- Boiler, 'he said Zavyalov is the same musician. He knows the sound of metal. He can say, a sledgehammer, a rough tool, this makes sure the other devices will not jewelry.

One saw Ivan film. There's an argument for his blacksmith mnogopudovym steam hammer the lid shut with vintage pocket watches. All of Mr. Hall were very surprised, but he was not surprised: a boilermaker mechanical softness is understandable. It's only from a distance seems like a boilermaker blacksmith.

Minin Ivan He said Zavyalov that an integrated approach downtime can, and come to an end, the team will not wait for a suitable job, and the whole cycle is complete on its own, but maybe more-in this fall and will make the quality of this method is untenable. In addition, at the head of the brigade should be a person who would have worked equally well for one, on the other, as necessary, and in the third degree, or where the authority of the brigadier.

- Task, Alexander T.,! or what?-asked on.-task, and is very easy.

Zavyalov all fears seemed justified Minin. He has already made some calculations. Took out a notebook, opened it. And with the experts consulted, and about the experiences of others wondered prepared for the answers, so that his arguments sounded convincing.

- But the foreman of the new integrated brigades, said the Zavialov, in conclusion,-appointed you. You're just right for this position, Vanya, the most suitable candidate. So that was the Minin and thirty-third year of life brigadier integrated team.

He is now fifty-two. Its no longer called Vanya, Ivan Ivanovich, he and a comprehensive approach gave them time to achieve high performance. They have increased the productivity of the forty-six per cent in five years and completed more than six annual norms. But as time goes on. Times require new solutions.

His brigadier gold accumulated experience difficult and not immediately. But one thing he has set for itself from day one. He realized that the key to the team, aimed at solving a common problem is the human relationships.

It is not necessary to be friends with those with whom you work side by side. It would be nice, but friendship is like love. A certain emotional satisfaction. To do the calculation for the most favorable circumstances it is not necessary, and it is impossible. But there is more even and in a sense a more permanent sense, such as respect for the person who does one thing with you.

Minin in his team first and foremost tried to create an atmosphere of mutual respect. And he created. You can visit each other's homes. Teas to drive up a sweat. You can make forays into the autumn forest to pick mushrooms. Good collectively, to visit museums, sit in the theater of the whole brigade, but it's all rallies.

- You know, 'he said once,' I realized that my team was formed, when it went with us.

- There is a precise date?

- No, he said, thought, and smiled vinovato.-the exact date I can not name. We all like to work, as always, but, look - another job. Or I was the other ... Different jobs have been integrated to the brigade, the different terms. They collected the equipment for oil, drying machines for the production of synthetic rubber, welding, and passed on to a long life for the complex design of nuclear power plants, desalination plants were built for the sea salt water ...

Once Minin was invited to the flourishing southern city on the sea shore, where she worked as a plant collected by his team.

Ivan went there on a business trip. In Sverdlovsk, chalk blizzard, crash the plane on the weather conditions postponed three times. And then he woke up in a white hotel. In the wide window through the palm leaves the sun was shining. The room was bright shade. Barefoot on the soft carpet he walked to the balcony door, opened wide and inhaled the morning air, infused with the aroma of bright flowers that grew at the bottom. On the road in front of the hotel was Watering machine, in its water mustache played a rainbow.

"That would stay in this fantastic city, thought to carry on.-The family and children ..."

And during the day, as if realizing his dream of morning, the chairman of executive committee said:

- Ivan, your stills works well, but there is nothing eternal, alas. They need to be repaired, will need profilaktik.1. We would like to take care of personnel. Would you work here? Flats give. Minin said:

- I should think.

Two days later the express train was carrying it in the snowy whirlwind. He stood at the window, remembering the morning, palm trees, warm sea, watering the car and was thinking about a new life in a quiet southern town.

Then he was not a hero nor labor, nor the deputy, his fame was just working to spread its wings in order to catch his name and to make known far outside his factory.

He returned home to his Khimmash, determined to become a happy resident of the south. But strange to say, as the train approached the Sverdlovsk, his determination to somehow faded and faded.

The first morning after returning home at seven o'clock in fifteen minutes he was on a snow-covered central square in front of the factory entrance. He looked at his watch. Weight for sure! Fired habit from the first day he set a brigadier's a tight schedule, under which he should be in the shop on your site for at least half an hour before the start of the day. And now, like deciding to leave his factory, he still came well before the change and realized, it will not work, it will not go anywhere from here. A warm memory of the southern city for a long time disturbed him in the evenings. A couple of times he dreamed of surf and palm trees in front of the hotel window. An interesting mechanic, he thought, a strange force Ural land. Plant Khimmash arose early in the war, as there were then many industries.

Evacuated to Sverdlovsk factory "Bolshevik." Evacuated from Kiev under bombardment.

On the platforms, supply trucks near the dismantled machines were going the Urals himmashevtsy first.

They just unloaded in the open field. Put the equipment on the ground under the open sky, summed up the current and severe frosts, when the metal is not pritroneshsya hand, gave the first military production-mortars.

Ivan did not find him this time. But they told him that the favorite topic in the new plant Khimmash were at that time talking about the beauty of Kiev, about how "Wonderful Dnepr in calm weather ..."

But then the war ended, fireworks died down, many have returned home, but many remained in the Urals. Left on their own because they stick with this harsh land, its people, customs and peculiarities. Minin And now, too, with no one asking advice, I decided that the southern city will do without him.

So, he comes to your site most often at seven fifteen. The first step is to subcontractors, to those on whom the mechanical part, figuring out how to move processing of the necessary parts and assemblies, who should hasten to whom to help and what changes should be made to Brigadier schedule.

After all that's standing on his site hydrolysis apparatus for the production of fodder yeast from wood waste, and it seems, the entire boiler and plumbing work is behind us. But no. The plan team within a few hours the unit should raise tridtsatitonnym crane to move through the air at the end of the shop, they cautiously loaded on rail transporter and delivered to the heat treatment.

Then, ultrasound, x-ray all-seeing and other ways once again, which is already!-Check the quality of welds, and then prepare a hydraulic unit, all openings closed with plugs, tighten the steel bolts on gidrostende flooded into it a little over one hundred cubic meters of water, put the pressure gauges, will pressure in the twenty-three atmospheres.

These rigorous tests are needed, because in their workplace have this machine to work and hydrolysis at high temperatures and high pressures. Otherwise, they feed the yeast can not be obtained. That is because what a deal. Just think, a simple yeast, nonsense. And it turns out that this is a complex and serious production, production of yeast.

And at that time, speaking to students at the school, telling them about his work, he began with a unit that, like a dirigible. Described how they were welded metal. It's not just steel. Steel of pressure and temperature can not stand. Mininskaya team is working with titanium and titanium metal is capricious and wayward, it has to be welded, the seam filed an inert argon or helium, solar gas that scientists discovered the first on the sun, and then on Earth.

He told me it's all sitting in the auditorium of students, and they popritihli. And the smile was not condescending. Just think, yeast ...

And the teacher, who brought him to the scene and at first gave him advice, it was interesting.

And Ivan said, as they have trimmed edges ready for welding, first with acetone, then with alcohol, told how they wipe the metal white napkins, because purity is quality. And a tiny speck of dust remaining randomly where it should not be, could be the cause of much trouble.

Their offspring multi-ton work in difficult conditions, and no chance should not be. The team ensures the quality of Minin. A few years ago, this kind of work done in laboratories. Academics, doctors conjured over the seams, they learned to weld, developed the methods. Today, integrated team of Ivan cope with all these academic niceties, and claims to their work there. Mastered the process.

It was not easy. Not a day went on it and not two. And if we talk about the merits of the foreman and crew, it is necessary to mention that they have tried in my practice a curious novelty. They were the first in the Chemical Engineering have signed an agreement on creative collaboration with the design engineers. Why is his team?

This question seems natural to Minin and the answer he had formulated a long time.

- You see, 'he says, - our team typically produces a new and much of the sophisticated equipment. Small things we do not. But we understand that the shop is not always possible to perform accurate in every detail Design plan. Also extend to the whole of his mind, by trial and error is too luxurious in our time. Titan-road stuff, and our time is expensive, its nothing to lose.

And the sooner the designers and engineers of the departments have been in the brigade. Veli. Supervision. But the work was kind of like a split. It is written: "To collect on the drawing," but as-guess himself. Good guess, when, first, time suffers, not running out and, secondly, there is a strong belief that the correct guess.

Now its time to craft such speculation is over, now requires a strict, strict observance of the author's intention. And how to observe if the one who translates it into practice, it is sometimes not clear?

And now they have arisen in the team the idea to combine into a single engineering knowledge and work experience.

First there was the idea, then they drew up her contract, because the two contracting parties understand that such cooperation to the common good.

First, they signed a contract with the team at the Commonwealth Bureau of Boiler and assembly work of main welder. Then another contract with chemical machinery design bureau.

Each product-labor warranty, this is understandable. But each article also requires engineering safeguards, guarantees not only workmanship, but the quality of design, quality of the main ideas, which brings every machine, every machine that is sent to the great life of the site, which employs a team of Ivan Ivanovich.

Some have tried to immediately calculate the direct economic effect of such a community, but this naive desire, of course, nothing happened.

How to calculate what can not be either accounting or how other count? Count is not counted, but the "neighbors" immediately noticed that the team Minin decreased complexity and manufacturing cost, increased quality and productivity. And six months later hundreds of other teams followed suit.

Then Ivan Ivanovich Minin for their success in performing tasks, and five-year period was awarded the title Hero.

He learned about it in his shop. Is not this where they are collected and hydrolysis unit, like a submarine, and is the first for which he longs today. I called my wife. She also works at the Chemical Engineering in the pass office. They've got the radio turned, and she heard.

- Ivan, congratulations, 'said my wife,' Vanya, the radio has just passed ...

He was congratulated. Came from the photographer, "Ural worker". Someone brought flowers ...

He goes on your site, where there is nothing superfluous, where all placed in its proper place safely and securely, and remembers the words of his mother, an old peasant woman. He has achieved a lot, became a respected plant. person. The team had selected a one to one, the Eagles. But then summoned him, the Hero of Labor, and his entire team for a Makarov, director of the plant and asked for help.

- Of course, you have the right to refuse, - said the director, 'but we must help the plant. In the fifteenth workshop with a bad plan. Help?

All agreed. What else? We must, therefore it is necessary.

At the new site Minin and his team for the second year running. He goes to his new area energetic gait, a business person. And sure enough, he now a happy day and tomorrow will be happy. He knows about it. He is confident.

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