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Ivan Liashenko Nikiforovich

Fitter Severodonetsk Severodonetsk Instrument Plant Science and Production Association "Impulse" name XXV Congress of the CPSU, the Hero of Socialist Labor

Ivan Liashenko Nikiforovich Coming to his parents on vacation, Sasha Shemekeev on the second day came to the plant. And immediately, at the site where his team worked. The boys excitedly asked, as he served in the Army, where was able to visit. Ivan Liashenko Nikiforovich in the first few minutes remarked year and a half boy grew up, came in the shoulders. Soldiers form, seemed to him even more to a person other than a civil suit. And what had become of his manipulative mischievous grin, which before could often be seen!

- Oh, how interesting would be a machine! Shemekeev-examined the pattern of new equipment and has already collected blocks.

- Do not forget, Sasha? Maybe try?-Ivan Nikiforovich nodded at the assembly-stol. We now just have a free place ...

- However, it is possible?-Paren. happy-I am ready to work all day though. You know, so want to get back to the factory!

When he was wearing a coat over his tunic and took tools, bent over the scheme, its neighbor on the table Ostroverkhov Boris said:

- And we, Sasha, received a letter from your commander. Who will show, taking a leaf out of the closet, he began to read: "The command of the heart to thank you, dear comrades, for the education of Alexander Shemekeeva. You helped him find the willpower, perseverance, hard work, camaraderie, character traits, it is necessary for every Soviet soldier. Now an ordinary Shemekeev - Excellent combat and political training ... "

Ivan Alexander Nikiforovich looked into his face. Listening to the letter, he was troubled, even blushed. Seen, felt uncomfortable in front of his friends for such flattering words about him. "Oh, Sasha, Sasha, thought suddenly Lyashenko.-And how many had worried, nervous, through bitter moments, until you become our own, working man!"

It remains in the memory of almost every detail. His first introduction to this workshop with Sasha Shemekeevym-haired, mischievous teenager. Ivan Nikiforovich then was not a foreman, and an ordinary turner. On the eve of his father came to the factory-worker Sasha neighboring businesses. He spoke with bitterness that his son was quite out of hand, dropped out of school, all the time around lost with such as myself, the guys on the street. I wanted to, they say, have a son;! in one of the shops of the plant, but he flatly refused.

- Please take Alexander to his brigade, asked Ivan Nikiforovicha.-I heard you know how to get along with such a bad egg ...

- The fact that he, like say, unlucky, first of all your fault, 'said reproachfully Lyashenko.-How so? Working-class family, and his son shun labor ... Now the hope that it senses the factory team - then more calmly explained: We have a work-a thin, delicate, not to anyone under the force. We need the ability and love for her. Yes and no, I decide who to take ...

Yet Liashenko intercede to Sasha enrolled student to him. After learning about the adventures of a boy, he could not remain indifferent to his fate. On the first day of his Popel of the Czechs. Shown as born electronic computers. Acquainting him with the young workers of their own and neighboring brigades, in passing, said that almost \ of each high school education, some go to school or college. Otherwise, they say, is impossible: to create such a technique, we need knowledge of mathematics, physics and other sciences.

- Would you like Sasha, we operate? Asked bluntly.

- I want to ... Do you wonder - he replied.

However, this initial spark was enough Shemekeevu not for long. He could not wait to sit at the timeline, to take up the "real" job, and Ivan Nikiforovich instructed cut out and sanded unpretentious detail. "We have, in the area of Precision Mechanics, working as a jeweler. Even the breeze Circuits require micron accuracy ", he explained, showing the student how to do this or that operation. Sasha as if he had not heard those words: that in a hurry, you do sloppy, sloppy. And almost every day, many a marriage. Once Liashenko, seeing that his advice does not help, could not resist - reprimanded the student for

the whole team. Anyone, even without hearing it, ran out of the shop. After the change of Ivan Nikiforovich went to his home. Blamed himself for the short temper, lack of restraint:

"What do you mentor, if not even know that guy at heart, treated him sharp?" At home, he did not find Sasha.

- He is a very touchy - lamented mat.-I do not say the word in defiance, at least to be clearly wrong. One day my husband scolded him, was the reason. So Sasha ran away from home all day and did not show ...

After talking with parents, Liashenko discovered some features of the nature of their son, his inclinations, habits, the serious gaps in his education, which now had to fill. Visit the family of each of his students, not even once, this does not regret Ivan Nikiforovich time. "Who else but the father or mother may know best their son? - Looks on.-They must be sure to consult. To avoid breaking anything. " So he tells the experience, work pedagogy. At that time, leaving the apartment Shemekeevyh, he asked me to tell Alex that the team is waiting for him, and he ... ready to apologize if offended! The next day the boy came, with a guilty look. But neither Liashenko, no team did not reproach him for gross misconduct. Decided, feels guilty, so let him appreciate his act. After a fortnight after the case came in the shop "lightning." It was reported that their team has shown great skill, ingenuity in the development of a new car. Seeing his name and the list of those praised for their excellent work, Shemekeev ran to Ivan Nikiforovich.

- I must have mistakenly written down?

- No, the team decided, - said tot.-All we had a rule:

one for all and all for one. But if you think that this praise is in error, okay, let him be to you as a front. We hope that it will soon be justified. Is it not so?

- I'll try, 'replied excitedly Sasha.-Honest! .. How could he know that this is Liashenko persuaded his comrades to include in the list, and his ne'er-do students. But the opponents were the team of his proposal. They can understand. They argued that since you can only spoil the beginner. "Otherwise, more of his turn away from him, stood his ground, Ivan Nikiforovich.-And I hope that Alexander will be able to recognize their involvement in the affairs and concerns of the brigade." And he was right. Nominal order of the day was felt that grows stronger thread that connects him with his mentor, with a team of teams. True, not after everything went smoothly. Misconduct, and other "sprains." However, Ivan Nikiforovich saw that Alexander is recovering mentally, looking for himself, seeks to determine the nature of a working man, a citizen. And he tried to be on the way next to the kid as a sensitive, sympathetic older friend. On the advice of Liashenko Shemekeev graduated ten classes in the school for working youth. Rose on a par with other jewelry craftsmanship, showing curiosity and ingenuity.

With warmth speaks about Ivan Nikiforovich and Andriy Shevchenko, the same age Shemekeeva. He is also experienced in the brigade as it were, my second birth. Guys remember what it was useless character. Not only is the work of a cool attitude, truant, but even went to the police for their participation and fight. His distrust of neighbors in the brigade reserve, hairy does seem to be insurmountable. Dismantled his misdeeds and the workers' meeting, and in a friendly court, nothing helped. Then they took patronage over Ivan Nikiforovich, although he worked in the other team. On the debt partgruporga which he was then. And where were powerless to "cool" action, an effect good mental word. Liashenko often talked to fellow. Unobtrusively helped Andrew get rid of bad habits, to evaluate their behavior as if from outside, to feel himself the equal of others in the group and rights and responsibilities. And the ice, as they say, began to move.

Ivan Liashenko Nikiforovich One morning, work crews gathered in front of the change in the political information. Some surprised to learn that it will carry out Andriy Shevchenko. Say, have found an agitator! Ivan Nikiforovich worried for him, seeing as he is worried, speaking in the red corner. Before Liashenko learned that the boy is fond of literature on international themes, following the events in the world in newspaper reports, television and radio. It was he who asked Andrew to prepare this political information. Advised on what to pay more attention to how to build a story. The result was he, though not entirely successful. For the first time since, without the habit. But felt: Andrew "aware" of international news, comment on them properly. From the day he became a regular, every week, to conduct such interviews in the area. As his face lit up when on my own without the help of Ivan Nikiforovich, answering questions from experienced workers! Over time, Liashenko found him yet another lesson to be soul-shop worker reporter wall newspaper. And somehow, right in front of Shevchenko quickly "grew up" was the way to look at life. Pleased with him, Ivan Nikiforovich, when he was among the foremost of the site and when he entered to study the correspondence department of mechanical engineering institute.

... In the hall of the Palace of Culture gathered several senior-Severodonetsk schools to meet the advanced workers. Liashenko considerably worried. He was used to interpret the guys are not from the podium, but just in a small circle when your interlocutors there. It also had to find a common language with all at once. And then he handed a note to the podium: "Do not you think, Ivan Nikiforovich, like a failure?-Ran it through the eyes of the words on a sheet torn from student-tetradi. Could probably finish the institute to become an artist. And since you have to work hard in the factory. " Just before the city opened an exhibition of amateur artists. Liashenko show there and the pictures drawn in recent years. The jury found the best show of all that were on display. Probably, the author notes saw his picture. How can he now say? How do you explain to all those sitting in the room got it right?

I dreamed there in his high school years Ivan Liashenko, a village boy to become an artist? Perhaps he was over it and not thought about it. Just loved to draw. Sometimes, the neighborhood boys and girls called him to play on the street to the river, and he is one to do. Sometimes he even forgot to learn the lessons. Then got it on the teachers' to nuts. " Only the teacher could not draw them praise enough. Times were hard, the first years after the war. Even notebooks, textbooks are not enough, not to mention paint and drawing paper. How big holiday, remember to Ivan the day when her mother brought from Severodonetsk box of oil paints, they traded in the market for lard.

In Epifanovke, where their family lived was only a primary school, so the fifth grade, he had to go to the neighboring village Novoastrahan foot-seven miles. But what was possible to see the scenery on the way! And the gentle sky above the horizon at sunrise, and a scattering of flowers in the meadows, and "weeping" willow on the quiet river reaches Borovoy. Later, he deftly moved the beauty of what he saw on the canvas, and these paintings adorned the walls of his father's house. The neighbors-farmers, admiring them, advised parents to Ivan: "Your son's talent. Let him go to learn ... ". But Dad, a grower-great-grandfather's grandfather, thought otherwise: "This bread is not the craft malyarskoe feed. Other business-to become an agronomist or a teacher ... ". And yet he let his son when he graduated from the ten-year, enter the Kharkov Art Institute. Ivan brought back his best paintings and sketches. After seeing them, the members of the selection committee praised him for his originality, a keen eye for his ability to paint nature. And immediately disappointed. It turned out, the reception at the Institute is completed, it is too late. Wait a year to the next set? But at home, except it has a younger brother, who also need to learn. And Dad in poor health. Weighing all the "pros" and "against", he decided not to wait another year and go to technical school. By next summer, Liashenko mastered a specialty mechanic repair industrial equipment.

Work at the factory, where he settled after college, had a chance to last long. Walked over a period of military service. For three years a sailor Ivan Liashenko seen a lot. Military Profession a radio, which has acquired, he liked. However, he did not part with a small easel march - some free time sketching, sketches. The competition of artistic creativity sailors of the Baltic Fleet presented the letter to him of the Central Committee of Youth of Latvia. Ivan brought back voluminous drawings seascapes folder. He did not leave the dream of the Art Institute ...

Who knows what fate would go on to Liashenko, does not it appear next to the Communist Yuri Kulakov Mitrofanovich-turner, a great enthusiast of the new technology. They met in the workshops of the Institute, where Ivan came back in the form of a sailor looking for a job. When he learned that he had radio mechanic, mechanic but still knows how to draw, Yuri Mitrofanovich happy:

- You're the guy, who is a treasure for us! You know, there are cases plotted, which is where the artist put his hands ...

Yuri has taught Mitrofanovich Ivan Liashenko for as long as they worked in a team. At first the samples were mounted computers that are on the drawing paper, the drawings were produced in laboratories and in the design office of the institute. Fists are usually chose a more difficult matter, put his heart and soul into it. Sometimes for days did not leave the studio, if something went wrong. He studied his Liashenko of principle and integrity, ability to share the warmth and intolerance of all deficiencies.

When he was preparing to join the party, the first recommendation given Yuri Mitrofanovich. Forever remembered Liashenko words Kulakov used to say:

- Oh man, we are judged not by what his profession, which occupies the position, but by how it relates to their work ...

It seems it was all that long ago, but, look, flew past two decades. At first glance it seems, and had Ivan Liashenko Nikiforovich quite a bit from an ordinary mechanic to foreman.

But no, this is not true. Not for nothing at the factory call him "professor" of the business. He himself, remembering the past, notes with hints of pride:

- Once we were given quite a hard unpretentious machine CM-1

Counselor, master blast furnace. The current machine does not compare with that complexity. As they say, heaven and earth. And each new model is a step up. Not to say that all can be easily obtained, but very interesting work.

Plenty of room for creativity was opened to him and his co-workers, when in the early seventies was created Severodonetsk Research and Production Association "Impulse."

Then, of course, much more active, with greater impact was the act of his "think tank" - a team of scientists and engineers. In a few times down the cycle of 'the development of machines to their production. New computing systems and devices with the logo "Impulse", which provide the labor and the particle Ivan Nikiforovich with his team, are now firmly metallurgists and mechanical engineers, power engineers and chemists, aviators and explorers of the cosmos. They have gained a good reputation, and in several foreign countries, which are exported. How can this not be proud of!

A stage of the career path of Ivan Nikiforovich reflect high government awards, which he won. When the holidays, he puts on his full dress, sparkle on the breast of the Order of Lenin, the October Revolution. Red Banner of Labor, and Gold Star of Hero of Socialist Labor. The Communists Voroshilovgradschiny gave him great confidence in electing a delegate at the XXV Congress of the CPSU.

- Ivan Nikiforovich in the business a true artist - told me the head of department of the Institute Victor G. resin, one of the founders of the new tehniki.-By profession he is an ordinary worker. However, we, designers, and consider it a full-fledged member of its creative team. Why not? Usually, passing cars on the development of a new experimental plot, we require that they did not allow the slightest deviation from the drawings. And now and then Liashenko brings back his "corrections". Of course, not without the consent of the designers. And they forgive him the "freedom". Moreover, sometimes come to him for advice even if only the idea of new looms. Because he always tells something sensible, reasonable. And the whole gang had stolen up the same, with a creative streak. Since much of that came from, so make the conscience.

Yes, the guys in his team to become the most under-foreman. Little to say about them, first-class masters. They are versed in electronics and precision mechanics better than any other specialist with the institute diploma. And most importantly, are imbued with an inexhaustible thirst to create, to look for. And how could it be otherwise? After all, they were "school Lyashenko." It is quite natural that the team entrusted to the most "delicate" operation, the most sophisticated systems and units of machines. Ten people in a group and seven of them-innovators. But what! For example, Paul Akimovich Gashkov, a veteran team, has made the original coordinate-boring machine for small parts up to tens of microns. And without the help of designers, in his own drawings. The machine was highly praised in Moscow at the Exhibition of Economic Achievements. The shop is already working his new, improved copy. To see it in action, here come Krasnorechensk Machine Tool Specialists. They intend to establish in their own mass production of such units. Or the most recent example: Ivan Nikiforovich with a group of workers decided to make a plotter-unit, very necessary for them to mark the exact details. Already tried a few options, but still not quite happy with them. So, still have to think, to look into the manuals, technical literature ...

- What are the character traits Liashenko you think the most important and valuable to the modern foreman? I asked the Deputy Secretary of Party Committee of the association "Momentum" by Yuri Fyodorovich Hodosova. After some thought, he replied:

- The party of principle. High sense of responsibility. Humanity. Ability to work with young people. Dedication. Collectivism. Engineering thinking, and, barely perceptible smile, asked: 'What, too much for one person? For Ivan Nikiforovich-low. In our industry, on the crest of technological advances such people as he is, if you will, intelligence, followed by the others are confident.

Back at home ..., Liashenko sometimes gets out of his desk a thick notebook. On its red cover the inscription: "Diary of a member of the Bureau of the Communist Party of Ukraine Severodonetsk City Committee." He writes here about the burning, painful problems. Some notes are very concise.

"Why in the prospectus" the Guards' line for bread? "This entry in the diary appeared in the night when Ivan Nikiforovich went to a new residential neighborhood on the outskirts of the city. The store, he saw people crowding. From there, heard the angry shouts of Say, look to the city authorities, why not bring more than an hour in the sale of bread? He waited until the van pulled up with fresh loaves, Liashenko forwarder asked, why the delay? He said lack of transport. The next day, Liashenko went back in a few shops located on the outskirts of the city. Interview with buyers and sellers. It turned out that there is one place disruptions delivery of bread in the other times he goes stale. Liashenko to come back and bakery. Gradually the true reason for all ills. Vans something missing, but there was no control over their routes, time and again violated the schedule razvozok. Some persons in the trade show of indifference \ and these shortcomings. Ivan Nikiforovich notified the leaders of City Council. Soon, the situation of trade in grain was discussed at the meeting of the City Committee. Liashenko firmly in the working propesochil "while the perpetrators of turmoil. With the benefit of the business.

"Many city residents are late for work, leads transport" - described on the next page. this question is seriously disturbed Lyashenko. Severodonetsk in recent years has almost doubled in high-rise buildings on the new arrays received mostly flat mechanical engineers and chemists. To get from there to the center, especially in the morning - before it was very difficult. Buses were overcrowded, not enough of them. Anxiously said Ivan Nikiforovich of transport difficulties, speaking at the plenary session of the city committee. Production from them considerable damage, and what people? At the same time, it was decided to accelerate the laying of two trolley lines. To help builders, many factory teams took to the Saturdays and Sundays. He worked there and Lyashenko and his team. Now, in any city can be reached by the end of the trolley route, fast, a pleasure.

"For the money, the answer everyone" - this phrase appeared in the diary, when Ivan Nikiforovich along with other members of the city committee studied how the enterprises of the city guard the honor of their brand. The picture then opened disappointing. Liashenko particularly surprised contrasts: why two plants, while in the neighborhood, working almost in the same conditions, the results are different? For a lag of one undertaking from another should be more strictly with the communists, with each worker, thought Lyashenko. At his suggestion, at City Committee was established Public Council for the quality of products. It consists of the heads and specialists of enterprises, production innovators and party workers. The Council set a goal to spread best practice, to bring to the enterprise all the progressive innovations. I must say he played a significant role in the fact that in Severodonetsk almost half of all products manufactured with the honorary pentagon.

Yes, many different things have to deal with Ivan Nikiforovich office as a member of the City Committee. And he always tries to understand the very essence of the question, find the right way to resolve it.

In the local newspaper ... I came across a small article "Who junction forest?". It said that two unidentified citizens, with the risk to themselves, saved from the fire pine forest near the Severodonetsk. They were asked to respond, to give their names. Maybe I'm on the message and did not pay attention to if the day before, when the evening we sat down with Ivan Nikiforovich and his family at their home for tea, I heard a curious story of his wife.

- Oh, and frightened us as Ivan the day before!, Said Valentine Petrovna.-morning, intending to go to work in their farm mentoring, promised to return before dark. We are waiting, waiting, night came, and its all there. My daughter and son, too, do not sleep, look out the window. I do not think what happened is in trouble. At the same bike rode with a neighbor ... And then, sometime after midnight already, there is. All black, smelling of smoke. Jacket on it sometimes came to grief. I was horrified: "What's the matter?" And he soothes: "Oh, nothing. Fire extinguished ... "

And that's what happened. When they returned home that evening, Ivan Nikiforovich noticed over wood smoke. Rushed to the spot. It turned out that there is one of the wires broke off high-voltage line. The forest in those days of June was dry as powder. They kept up a miracle there. A little more, and the flames would cover a large area. Liashenko immediately sent to the neighbor's motorcycle back on the road: "Stop all those who can." And he took off his jacket and began to shoot down their flames. He saw one, it can hardly cope. The fire covered more pine. Seemed long minutes before help arrived, the drivers stopped by a neighbor machines. And then it all together saved the forest through the night until the fire is not retreated.

However, this act of Ivan Nikiforovich considers it his duty, the duty of every honest, healthy and strong man. There was another occasion when he saw the evening on the street thugs that beat an elderly man, Liashenko rushed to defend him. One-against several. And they are not expecting such a desperate resistance of the enemy, cowards, fled. Ivan Nikiforovich one even managed to win. Then there was the People's Court: the criminals got what they deserved. Their civic duty, and he performs duty during a voluntary national guard, when he went to patrol the streets of the city ... On the last day of stay in Severodonetsk Ivan Nikiforovich invited me to accompany him to the places where the rest of the plant workers and their families. "Volga" quickly passed the streets, and we were on the paved road lined with trees. Factory recreation center located in a picturesque location on the edge of the forest. Beside a narrow creek flows. But more tourists attracted a pond with sandy beach and a convenient boat station. When we arrived, the sun had already sunk to the horizon. Under his slanting rays of the forest seemed fabulous.

- Oh, what a pity that there is no paint and a brush!, Smiled Ivan Nikiforovich, looking vdal.-What would have been a picture ...-some thought, he went on: I love this way in the evening or morning to paint, or simply observe the beauty of nature. The Best Vacation! Your holiday, we usually spend in his native village, the whole family ...

Of a sudden came the gazebo near the song to the sound of the accordion. Resounding echoes the words:

I do not want the fate of another.

I do nothing on exchange

Tu factory gates,

What led me into the world ...

- I love this song, - confessed to Ivan Nikiforovich. You listen to - and directly to the heart takes. Though to myself said ...

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